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Derby Day (click title to hear audio poem)
by Havocman

The sweet smells of hay
      That's waited all winter
And dark green grasses
      Freshly cut for spring
Aromas all mingled with
      Old leather and new sweat
Horses prancing in the paddock
      And suddenly I see her

She stands near the beast
      Entranced by its power
Gloved hand stroking lightly
      A vision in white linen
Eyes glazed with desire
      Backlit by bright sunlight
In an aura of lust
      Curves well defined

She feels my stare
      Like rough hands upon her
And with a glance acknowledges
      My presence in her dream
Unaware of the others
      She walks towards the stables
Her hips sway beckoning
      So I follow her inside

Entering the warm shadows
      Alone now I see her
Her back to the wall
      Astride a fresh bale
She sits quietly waiting
      For me to circle her
As the animals outside
      Are paraded for the crowd

Her eyes roaming over me
      Judging my potential
She stops me in front of her
      And loosens my belt
Her hands moving swiftly
      She takes down my trousers
Exposing me she smiles
      As my manhood stands free

I hear her breath quickening
      As I kneel down before her
I reach under her dress
      Hands stopping when they touch silk
Her hips rise up slightly
      I slide white lace down her legs
She takes the damp garment
      And ties her colors around my base

Kissing my silk clad member
      She can taste my arousal
Intrigued she now stands
      And I lie back on the bale
Grasping my hardness
      She moves to straddle me
As the horses are led in
      She guides me to her gate

She slides down so slowly
      Sweet fire engulfs me
Her skirts spread around us
      Her thighs against my hips
I feel the crowd's murmur
      The flag soon to fall
She tense but unmoving
      The bell sounds and we're off

Charging down the front stretch
      She begins rocking upon me
Sound of hooves thundering
      As I move beneath her
Around the first turn wildly
      She jockeys for position
Excited cheers in the Grandstand
      I thrust upwards against her

Backstretch along the rail
      Now finding our rhythm
A strong pace being set
      We move now in unison
Around turn three crashing
      Her hands in my mane
Our bodies slam together
      As they turn for home

Rising in the stirrups
      She squats now upon me
Like a straining thoroughbred
      I make my drive for the wire
Pounding vibration of hooves
      Pushing us to the edge and over
The crowd roars its approval
      As deep inside her I explode

She collapses against me
      Her breath slowly calming
The loudspeaker announces
      The victor is Casual Fling
Rising to leave she says smiling
      "Don't forget to check your tickets"
But I know it doesn't matter
      For I am a big winner today

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