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Eyes in Rain
by James Cody
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Rain patters against
My window (dreams);
I drink a cool wind
(luscious screams).

I watch her enter
A phone booth;
To escape the rain.
With a ring,
My flesh is hers to claim.

Lightning cracks
The whip
Of desire;
Down on the rain-soaked street;
I'm naked with my fire.

She stands before
In control and free.
I beg:
Grant me ecstasy.
Breaking the barrier,
Between lover and stranger;
She surrounds me with
Wisps of thunder and

Shivering, I slip
Between her lips; she pinches
My nipples;
Pleasure comes in endless
So intense, I can't stand
Her embrace.
But she holds me tight,
In lustful grace.

She rips off her
Naked, she glistens in the
On my back, she
Owns my name.
She takes me in,
So deep…
I close my eyes,
Awash in an orgasmic
I give myself to her
In her rain, she lets
Me soar…

Eyes open.
Rain patters against the window.
In the phone booth across the
Street, there's a woman in a hat.
I look at the time.
To feed my cat.


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