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Essence of My Mind (click title to hear audio poem)
by Intoxyc8me

Silk, covering my eyes
Moist lips slightly parted ...escapes a sigh.
As my body is traced
with sizzling, scorching, wax

Ties that bind, as senses wind
Your hands do find
the essence of my mind
My body inclines
as you take me from behind.
Loving me in swift, smooth rhythms
Like a fine rhyme

Emotions soaring, your gaze
is searing ...boring a whole to the inner depths
of my being

Our bodies agreeing
with our passions that are freeing
No limits ...
Our ecstasy is favored
as we taste the flavor and savor
the titillating sensitivity
that only a oneness like ours
can stimulate.

Bind me, and bite me
Make me beg for more
Loving you is never a chore

Disrobe me, enfold me
Your arms do hold me

Intoxicated, elated
our lust is abated

A lifetime of
enchantment is in store.

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