The Best Erotic Stories.

Lovers and Other Strangers
by James Cody
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I see you every day.

I know what makes you laugh;
What makes you cry;
What makes you smile, first thing in the morning;
What makes you tremble, when you wake-up,
In the middle of the night;
I know the pain in your eyes;
I know the love in your voice;
I know the smell of your orgasm;
I know the disappointment in your sigh.

But, I've never known you.

You lie next to me,
Every night.
As you sleep,
Imagine the secrets that
Escape with the
Sounds of your
Slumber. Do you dream of me,
Of running away from
The beating of my
Or the sound of a
Hammer, nailing you to my
Do you feel the manifestation
My desire, long and thick,
Gloriously only for you,
Or as a lost reflex for any shade
Of beauty?

You don't know me.

You don't know how I
Taste you when we
How I wonder, if you'd
If I would live;
How, whenever you walk out the door, I
Think you may walk out of my life;
How I feel happy, once I'm alone and the
Shackles that bind us are loosened;
How my heart fills me - in dread -- with my own life,
To be lived only for me.

When we fuck in the
Morning, your eyes twinkle
Stolen sunlight.
When we fuck in the evening,
A tremor of eternity
Twists my heart

Each new sunrise
Strangers to our
Every new moonrise inspires
To dream as lovers.

It is good to lose you, and find you,
Again, for another day.


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