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Man Alone
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by James Cody

Taste my skin;
I live a lonely, joyful
Trapped in a sensual
I feel something swell.
Blood fueling my
If you could be a part of
My sensualities…

I touch my chest;
I feel your breast;
I lick my lips;
I feel your shiver of bliss;
I caress the air;
I feel my fingers in
Your hair;
My balls tingle with delight;
Your cunt would
Be so right.

The rosetta stone of
Orgasm would decode the
Secret language of our
Could you be on
Top of me,
Moving one step beyond
This fantasy?
Would you take me in
Your mouth, while I
Kissed your lips down south?

I would hover over you,
Prey in your
Secret lair;
You'd hold me so close,
Pulsating to what we'll
We would come together,
Our bodies singing in one
Voice to the
Melody of

But, I am a
Man alone.
My flesh, for you,
Is like stone;
You would consume me
Where I stand.
Right now, pleasure
Is in the palm of my


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