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Men Like You (click title to hear audio poem)
by Lybbe

Men like you are poison for women like me.

Older than the usual, more sure of yourself
You sit in the front row listening to me speak.

You spread your legs and aim your crotch
In my direction - knowing I can't help but notice.

You tease the swollen head of your cock
With the eraser of your pencil - subtle - not.

The faded outline on your jeans
Tells me you've played this game before.

You know I'm watching you - you know me
Though we've never met.

If I challenge you with questions
You smirk and feign ignorance

But later, when the rest are gone, you smile;
Brush my hand and suggest, 'Barney's - 5 o'clock.'

My swollen cunt says 'yes' - but I never go.
Men like you are poison for women like me.

(c) Lybbe, March 2000
No reprints without written permission


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