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Sensual Surrendering (click title to hear audio poem)
by Intoxyc8me

A sigh ... your fingers touch my eyes.
You take possession of my body
quite by surprise ...
Your lips tantalize and tease me.

I am caught in the beauty of your eyes
as you crawl between my thighs.
We begin a pirouette as we
dance a lovers dance.

Lips that tastes like a fine wine.
Our bodies glistening
with loves essence,
reeling our senses in time.

You tame my heart
with the heat of your flame.
Bringing me to the edge of insanity.
My soul cries out your name.

My inhibitions tear free.
Surrendering to you, the vulnerability
in me.

We dance faster and harder,
losing track of all time.
As I become yours
you become mine.

Tantalizing tastes of ecstasy,
as our bodies dance so free.

Fingers entwined as we climb,
to new heights of passion.
Losing all thoughts of ration.

Our bodies hot to the touch.
We love so much.
Over and over,
harder and harder.

My legs wrapped around you,
pulling you deeper.
Your body
Telling me
that it is my keeper.

Together we surrender
to the love and passion..
Bringing us to an erotic rapture.
For your heart has captured my soul
my soul has captured your heart.

So carry my heart safely
as I will yours
And then
nothing will tear
this love and passion apart.

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