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There Will Be No Chemistry!
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by A.J. Heard

You. White Man.
Looking for an Uma.
A svelte Ice Princess
to match
your aloof arrogance.
You won't find it
in my 'Black" face
or kinky,
curly hair
soft and thick.

No thin lipped
flat assed
Valkyrie here.


caramel Goddess
with fertile rounded belly
and generous thigh and hip
feminine, woman
to her fingertips

An ass that sways
an undulation
an invitation

Lips soft and lush
to kiss
sink into.

plump orbs
nipples prominent
touch me.

a slow burn
better to make love by.

A woman of endurance, earthy
full of volatility and
well seasoned longings.

A force to be reckoned with.

There will be no Chemistry here.

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