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"Death Wish" Daniel

 — A young man beds women that he really, really shouldn't. by CAP81109/18/144.27

"Desperately Seeking Wee Wee"

 — Big-boobed Harriet sings naughty show tunes. by MeetTheHumpers08/15/143.50

"Harriet Gets Her Wee Wee Juice"

 — Busty Harriet sucks the principal and then a classmate. by MeetTheHumpers08/15/144.28

"Humper In A Hurry"

 — Big-boobed Hilda pleasures her favorite student. by MeetTheHumpers08/22/133.91

"It's Brubeck"

 — Actually, it's your new daughter in law... by mhs266412/10/124.17Editor's Pick

"The Draculas on Dracula"

 — Interview with Elizabeth Báthory and Vlad the Impaler. by DeniseNoe11/16/084.15


 — Not enough room for two? Sandie has a unique solution. by SandieQUK09/06/093.46

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

 — A visit from St. Nick. by No Panty Girl11/26/063.71

*$$$ (Starbucks)

 — A short satire. by Krenna Smart02/13/053.62

...And Then, I Met Her Mother

 — A man falls for a supermodel, until he meets her mother. by SuperHeroRalph10/07/113.20

00066 The LGBT Alternative Ch. 01

 — An LGBT-Catholic Utopia. by Tarbut07/12/113.40

00067 A Queer Don Carlo Ch. 01

 — Between Lesbianism and Zionism, against the Mob. by Tarbut07/18/113.50

1,001 Nights

 — A fairytale starring Queen Goldicocks. by the brothers cum10/28/034.05

115 Minutes to Midnight

 — A very short story, hopefully silly enough for a laugh. by SummerMorning01/21/043.25

12 Days of Christmas

 — A task, a jar of peanut butter and a diary. by vampanya12/17/094.18

2012@Post Presidential Hi-Jinks

 — A satirical look at the current Presidential race. by Everettcb11/12/111.88

365 Days Ch. 01

 — Introduction: how Roger got his money. by Dear_Dora03/21/094.20

365 Days Ch. 02

 — Dale gets his present. by Dear_Dora03/22/094.55HOT

365 Days Ch. 03

 — Cyndi starts Dale's education by Dear_Dora03/23/094.78HOT

365 Days Ch. 04

 — A trip through the Grand Canyon. by Dear_Dora03/24/094.59HOT

365 Days Ch. 05

 — Dale gets an oily start. by Dear_Dora03/26/094.54HOT

365 Days Ch. 06

 — In which Cyndi and Dale's time together sadly ends. by Dear_Dora03/27/094.52HOT

365 Days Ch. 07

 — In which Dale works out with a gymnast. by Dear_Dora03/28/094.21

365 Days Ch. 08

 — Italian lessons, and weird thoughts about his mother. by Dear_Dora03/29/094.54HOT

365 Days Ch. 09

 — Dale's four lady friends make him much more popular at work. by Dear_Dora03/30/094.58HOT

365 Days Ch. 10

 — Dale's party explodes, he meets his neighbors, and a cop by Dear_Dora03/31/094.68HOT

365 Days Ch. 11

 — Mistress Samantha and her bottomless carry-on of pain. by Dear_Dora04/12/094.10

7 Signs That He’s Cheating On You

 — Is he being faithful? Learn the signs to look out for. by Corpse_rider07/11/114.20

7 Signs That She’s Cheating On You

 — Is she being faithful to you? Learn the signs to look for. by Corpse_rider07/10/113.59

89.9% Sex

 — Your never too dream. by *Snatch02/15/064.22

99 First Dates Ch. 01

 — He thinks it's time to date again, but can he find true love? by Stultus01/21/104.40

99 First Dates Ch. 02

 — Our hero finds only misery while in search of Ms. Right. by Stultus01/22/104.66HOT

99 First Dates Ch. 03

 — After pain and perseverance, our hero finds True Love by Stultus01/23/104.74HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 25

 — Four new lovers share a little fun. by Wm_Sexspear10/25/024.51HOT

A Back Passage in India

 — A parody of E. M. Forster's classic novel. by estragon06/05/124.00

A Bacon & Peanut Butter Sandwich

 — About the mourning--I mean, morning after. by D Fiant04/24/024.21Editor's Pick

A Bedtime Story

 — Sweet little virgin meets a big, bad wolf. by chocolatecherry06/26/064.11

A Beginner's Guide to Not Gettin' Any

 — Humorous look at how an evening can go wrong. by unclej06/20/024.48

A Bit of Surprise

 — He pleases her, she pleases him... and her. by 68niou101/10/034.38

A Bitch in Heat Gets Mounted Ch. 02

 — The full story. by smy3th10/31/054.02

A Boy Named Samantha

 — Girl with dick is drop-dead gorgeous by Deborah12/10/004.14

A Boy's First Time

 — You never forget your first. by Bert_Fegg04/19/143.25

A Brief History of Johnson

 — A look into a man's relationship with his Johnson. by tcoop4512/24/074.14

A Cat, a Girl and a Window

 — Getting Lacy back would be harder than expected. by TantraDiaries06/02/143.81

A Cautionary Tale

 — He decides to stop masturbating for a week. by Juggling Fool12/10/074.40

A Change of Heart

 — Poly - or just whoring around? He finds out the hard way. by ShadowWhisper07/19/084.07

A Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 01

 — Neighborhood ladies organize a swap party. by aimztoplz01/07/103.64

A Christmas Tail

 — Anal adventure ends in disaster. by REDWAVE09/27/012.22

A Civilized Cuckold,The Cunning Cad

 — Dealing with greed, money, infidelity — so politely! by SoCalOvid06/02/084.59HOT

A Computer Guide for Men

 — Signs that you are too attached to your PC. by AnAmericanDarling02/01/084.08

A Coupling Divine

 — She finds true love and spiritual fulfillment. by vulvalvotary05/14/053.69

A Cyber Affair

 — Cyber affair goes wrong. by cleos_double05/30/023.89

A Day In The Life

 — A look at life from a different view point. by Ed061304/18/023.87

A Day In The Life Of A Sex Addict

 — A middle aged man trys to go all day without masturbating. by zenblue01/19/154.21

A Day in the Life of Angeline, 34

 — Moment-by-moment description of a young woman's day. by Edwarlife11/17/054.38

A Day in the Life of Julius

 — What my cat does with her day while I'm gone. by leejames08/15/104.30Editor's Pick

A Day In The Life Of Natasha

 — Her special view of her day. by draculess06/25/043.69

A Day in the Life: Penis Penisovich

 — One day's worth of adventures for a Londoner penis. by yowser03/14/154.54HOT

A Day To Forget Ch. 1

 — A day in the life of Clarisse and Brett. by Octavian09/26/023.41

A Day To Forget Ch. 2

 — Brett's afternoon. by Octavian04/08/034.05

A Dollar's Worth of Erotic Story (For Free)

 — Late night conversation becomes an erotic story. by FulBak4105/22/012.77

A Family of Love

 — An anorexic girl tries to live in a bulemic's world. by poontangpatty05/08/114.50HOT

A Farewell to Alms

 — A story of the whore to end all whores. by bwilson03/16/044.51HOTEditor's Pick

A Fat Fuck Named Sue

 — He describes his experience with Sue. by enfantterrible05/27/062.80

A Few Good Pointy Nipples

 — A hot nude babe on trial? WTF? by GratefulFred06/21/083.00

A Fistful Of Sense

 — But it was stuck. by sadistic_prick09/23/134.34

A Flaming Pile of Christmas

 — Naked might be a bad first impression. by luvthedesserts11/22/124.59HOT

A Free Night Out

 — Two young women suck their way through a night on the town. by seth_perm09/22/064.44

A Fun Beastiality Tale

 — Well not exactly... by GratefulFred01/18/062.74

A Game Of 20 Questions #1-4

 — Her answers became erotic stories. by ladyraeharrison01/05/022.82

A Game Of 20 Questions #5

 — She's laid twice in one day, with company. by ladyraeharrison01/06/023.56

A Ghost's Story for Halloween

 — A writer gets an unexpected interview with a ghost. by The_Technician10/07/114.53HOT

A Grave Matter

 — Robbing for research goes awry. by duddle14610/02/06HOT

A Halloween Legend is Born

 — Sex moans in graveyard are mistaken for ghosts. by ainu10/03/054.41

A Happy Ending

 — A rather silly story with plenty of deus ex machina. by avalonia06/20/023.33

A Happy Howling Hallo'weeny

 — A special invitation for games, lust, fantasy & toys. by sexygodess0610/01/064.00

A Heavenly Dream

 — I see nude people in heaven. by YoursSINSerely06/24/104.30

A Hero Who Shrunk For His Cause

 — Alien meets his match. by p_p_man04/07/013.50

A How-To Guide for the Aging Male

 — Do not read unless you are over 50 & male. by Dinsmore12/13/054.62HOT

A Huge One Could Be Yours

 — He enlarges his penis... with tragic results. by jazm4903/31/03

A Lamp

 — A twist to an old tale of a Magic Lamp. by litdave10/18/023.71

A Legal Romance

 — Two lawyers discuss romance and sex. by Decayed Angel04/09/064.20

A Letter to Willy

 — Woman writes to a former lover. by gandrol11/05/073.55

A Literary Chestnut (2)

 — The diary pages Ken Burns didn't read you! by heckles02/16/033.80

A little Lena Goes a Long Way

 — Lena loves it...too much? by Emmah06/23/013.92

A Look Through Her Eyes

 — The world according to the perfect sexual creature. by TheWriter01/02/023.15

A Man Averse to Insertion

 — Thomas regards his genitals as inviolate. by Egmont Grigor08/20/064.22

A Moment

 — A chance moment caught in a glance between myself and a lady. by sirsemega02/25/123.88

A Moral Story

 — ...with respect for the real ones. by elbiscayne01/18/083.37

A Morning in London

 — Use of food turns sexy, then downright gross. by Undiluted07/27/043.59

A New World Record

 — Just what was the record they were setting? by Tx Tall Tales07/12/134.14

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