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Not Tonight Dear...

 — A wannabe writer has a problem. by Brian G Ross02/24/033.76

NOT Waiting For Godot XXX

 — Thai Ladyboy edition, a porn parody. by eneo01/18/11

Nov 4, 2008

 — Obama wins, and two college students celebrate. by HiddenDevil_11/23/084.48

Now That Mammy's Away

 — Rowena's lust for father-figures continues. by Fridge6304/28/063.35

Nude Awakening

 — You can't hide your dick at a nudist colony. by sarahhh06/24/094.39

Nude Day Dos and Don'ts

 — Things to do and not do to help you celebrate! by BuckyDuckman07/09/144.52HOT

Nude Day, Every Day Is Nude Day

 — A man locked in an asylum since Nude Day, has a breakthrough by SuperHeroRalph06/28/113.72

Nudist Retreat for Women Only

 — Two women meet unexpected helpers. by Jayne Austin04/28/033.78

Number 1 Cliché

 — He never thought it could happen to him! by Riven___Caulfield04/11/02

Nurse Becky's Adventures

 — Newly-qualified nurse Becky starts work at a hospital. by sheepyboy06/29/134.45

Nurse Becky's Further Adventures

 — Nurse Becky discovers the delights of surgeons. by sheepyboy07/06/134.46

Nurse Becky's Latest Adventures

 — In which the buttplug owner's identity is revealed. by sheepyboy07/23/134.32

Nurse Honeydews

 — A busty nurse helps her patient out. by tomthumper01/09/134.26

Nurses and Sexual Fantasy

 — How a masturbation fantasy begins and evolves. by JohnFranks09/08/064.11

Nursing an E.M.T.

 — One night in the Emergency Room. by ZZ_Todd10/11/064.00

O Bartender!

 — Young woman tries to contain his lust for a Bartender. by I-Belong-2-Him05/20/064.46

Oasis of the Twins

 — Beaking with twins causes double trouble. by Baba811/22/072.86

Obstetricians versus Dog Breeders.

 — What's good enough for my dog should be good enough for Mom. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/29/082.50

Odour of Salmon

 — Not only fish smells fishy. by fleapit09/02/124.38

Of Aliens And Full Service Massages

 — Outer space is probably full of porn too. by Soul Janitor09/24/034.44

Of Dinosaurs and Round Bottoms

 — Wife wasn't too pleased when he brought a T-Rex home. by Majorkjm08/14/084.00

Of Milkshakes and Men

 — A humorous glance at male peculiarity. by Joshua_Woods06/05/083.90

Ogg the Caveman

 — Caveman goes for a little nookie. by PenanceS08/30/033.48

Oh Crap!

 — A troll get's his just desserts. by Zeb_Carter10/18/063.42

Oh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 01

 — How Britt gets pregnant. by britt40g07/02/064.14

Oh My God! Is it Mine? Ch. 02

 — How Erin gets pregnant. by britt40g07/03/064.31

Oh, Jeeves!

 — The ghost of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is going to haunt. by shawalphamale02/06/034.68HOTEditor's Pick

Old Guys Picking Up Texas Chicks

 — Having fun, buying 100 dollar beers. by Baba809/20/083.73

Old Year's Night to Remember

 — A hero appears when needed. by Bigred2401/04/153.00

Older Than My Mother

 — The God of success in Hollywood? by LynnGKS12/30/123.94

Ole Onebreast

 — Authors trapped in twisted tale of terror & food. by ABSTRUSE09/03/044.53HOT

On Condom Pond

 — It was a discovery of enormous magnitude. by Decayed Angel12/30/064.00

On Guilt

 — One friend's philosophy on dealing with guilt. by Divide06/14/044.20

On Jesus

 — Jesus does not visit you on your morning toast. by darkgoddess247811/29/053.67

On the Block Ch. 01

 — Adventures in Baltimore's Red Light District. by NaughtyMike01/27/014.15

On the Block Ch. 02

 — NaughtyMike encounters a Hog. by NaughtyMike02/10/014.15

On the Block Ch. 03

 — Mike & pals visit the Jewel Box. by NaughtyMike01/28/014.67HOT

On The Brink of Change

 — Leap before you look. by American_Knowbody01/29/093.94

On the Porch with Petunia

 — Interesting facts of dating in 20th & 21st centuries. by BradWriting12/14/022.67

On the Verge of an Urge

 — It's an all encompassing sensation. by namah09/29/021.82

Once in a Stall

 — The Memoirs of Frankie... Here is your warning. by scribbleskillz05/02/064.17

Once Upon a National Nude Day

 — With this title you have to ask?!? by litfan1007/08/104.04

Once Upon a Time

 — Once upon a time in a land far, far away... by MrFalkirk08/31/044.34

Once Upon a Time (Potting Shed)

 — Solomon Tree decides to write erotica on his new tablet. by Spencerfiction01/25/153.76

Once, Twice, Seven Times A Fucker

 — Big-boobed Hilda tries to be a seven fucker. by MeetTheHumpers04/25/124.47

One Day In Surewould Forest Ch. 01

 — A day in the life of a slightly smelly outlaw. by Throbbin Wood02/20/054.55HOT

One Day In Surewould Forest Ch. 02

 — The same day in the life, but later. by Throbbin Wood02/24/054.47

One Day In Surewould Forest Ch. 03

 — Even later in the same day. by Throbbin Wood03/04/054.61HOT

One Fine Day

 — A dialog only tale of seduction and...babies? by sourdough99912/17/094.22

One Mutual Happiness

 — Jill and Liza look rather alike, as do their houses. by SpaceToast07/09/114.06

One Night

 — Two neighbors getting to know each other better. by am137305/29/143.68

One Night Stand

 — You all know you have had at least one in your lifetime. by JerseygirlZ07/14/114.38

One Night Stands

 — These are the smuttiest, dirtiest, ugliest most beautiful women. by therockstarlife04/29/113.62

One of Those Days Ch. 01

 — Jenny needs an orgasm, but it's one of those days. by filmdog07/05/063.38

Opening Lecture

 — Abnormal Psychology 1A. by rdmaddog04/13/094.71

Operators Are Standing By

 — Man gets exactly what he bargained for. by GoddessKaren04/17/023.97Editor's Pick

Orgasms 101, 102, & 103

 — How to give her an orgasm. by peppermintpatty200608/22/064.04

Original Sin

 — A humorous take on the events of the Garden of Eden. by EctoJohn07/26/104.20

Oscar the Friendly Ogre

 — Gentlemanly ogre travels to Ireland. by Lord Bitememan06/05/063.86

Our Little Experiment

 — Gay couple can't take BDSM seriously. by Moosifer04/19/143.80

Out of Gas

 — A humorous tale of lust, love, and soulmates. by SenatorBlink01/08/113.74

P. O. V. in Erotica

 — What is P.O.V. and why does it matter? by bgmisfun03/02/144.48

Painting the Barn

 — Writers, beware: old gray mares need help painting the barn. by Cal Y. Pygia03/03/103.60

Pantyhose & Douche

 — She foils advance with pantyhose. by Hornyman69WithU04/17/073.75

Parody in Blue

 — Can you see which song this was? by EnglishBard07/18/014.36

Party Politics

 — MILF moves up in the political world. by kimbelina09/28/084.00

Pastor Bob

 — Pastor preaches oral sex. by Deborah12/11/003.97


 — The government has a secret program...sexual patents! by masterdavid196509/18/034.09

Paths of Glory

 — Two brave warriors and a couple fight the forces of evil. by fairy110/04/084.00

Patrolman: is it She or He?

 — Officer gets too familiar before examining all evidence. by Frenchman02/18/023.93

Patty & The Jukes Family Ch. 01

 — An incestuous parody. by DurtGurl04/30/034.26

Patty & the Teacher Ch. 01

 — Patty & Ms. Cummins in some lesbian fun. by DurtGurl04/23/034.15

Patty & the Teacher Ch. 02

 — The high school principal joins in for some B & D fun. Ouch by DurtGurl04/24/034.50HOT

Patty & the Teacher Ch. 03

 — The part that comes after the first two parts. by DurtGurl05/10/034.42

Patty Makes the Team

 — Cheerleader rewards the team by pulling a train. Choo choo by DurtGurl04/25/034.07

Paul...You Fucking Idiot

 — Paul O'Brien makes the biggest mistake of his life. by thehornyauthor04/10/123.11

Peace, At Last

 — A satirical loving wives tale. by rnumbers12308/14/133.05

Pedro: Our Marin Country Pool Guy

 — He wasn’t cleaning Al’s pool; he was fucking Al’s wife. by LynnGKS11/01/104.22

Peekaboo, I See You

 — Just another day of flashing to please the public. by LorenzoAbajos06/26/143.89

Penis Dialogues

 — Politically incorrect philosophy from an unrepentant penis. by yowser05/23/144.55HOT

Penis Envy

 — She is shocked to wake up with penis between her legs by sarahhh08/03/034.57HOTContest Winner

Penis Envy Too – Women Only

 — Let's talk about size! by peppermintpatty200608/05/064.31

Penitence, Princess Style

 — She keeps busy while waiting for his forgiveness. by Jemster11/24/053.92

Penthouse and the Space Vixens

 — A parody based on an Isaac Asimov story. by Decadent Switch07/02/034.17

People of Earth: We Are Cumming!

 — Take us to your video nasties! by Nachthexe06/26/123.45

People with Bad-ass Names

 — Mr Winterbottom meets Miss Muffi Amor. by Egmont Grigor02/13/084.43

Pepper And Tony: Sweet Dreams

 — Tony wakes up in undies next to a half naked Pepper. by Studderfish06/01/103.38

Perfect Pussy, Perfect Cock

 — A very short speculation on the subject. by leBonhomme09/16/143.71

Perky Pussy & Friends

 — A children's book for mature adults only. by peppermintpatty200609/08/063.89

Personal Jesus

 — A computer hacker tells his side of the story. by JukeboxEMCSA06/24/124.21

Personals Humorous Reply #01

 — Silly response to a girl that's out of his league. by qarlcue09/30/104.60HOT

Perverts' Anonymous Summer Session

 — Perverts hold their first support meeting but things go awry. by SusanJillParker08/29/124.26

Pervo Mutanto

 — Some poor guy gets caught up in some weird shit. by schaloc11/01/08

Pete and Joe Get Laid

 — Some guys will do anything to try to get laid. by Exakta6606/07/094.08

Pete's Potatoes

 — Learn from an ass the true meaning of "jack-off" (non-erotic). by Baba801/05/084.14Editor's Pick

Phone Calls

 — Young lady describes her sex life to a friend. by Ed061303/31/133.69

Phunny Munny

 — A plan to revitalize the American economy by Cal Y. Pygia08/01/093.06

Pi R Squared

 — Demon Pi Part Six. by ZackOShea10/15/114.47

Pierre's Peculiar Power

 — An accountant discovers something about powers. by Tio_Narratore07/09/104.25

Pig Dicks and Broomsticks

 — What to do when you fall off your broom & hurt your ass. by TxRad10/01/084.18

Pink Is the New Black

 — Not all BDSM is black latex and leather. by Noira03/07/113.71

Piss and Champagne

 — Commodity fetishism in Thatcher's Britain by Dr_Vril03/03/142.50

Piss on a Politician's Grave Day

 — A moment of genius. A holiday for the masses. by American_Knowbody02/14/094.25

Pixie Trixxx: Dirty Pig

 — When Ruby accuses Trent of being a dirty pig things get real by Sean Renaud09/03/143.69

Pixie Trixxx: King Dong

 — There's only enough blood for one head... literally. by Sean Renaud09/03/143.71

Plain Jane

 — Masturbation for the Plain. by DrFunk06/04/044.51HOT

Plastophillian Desperation

 — Sexual peak in the abstract. by ohsoverysassy14u12/21/054.60

Please Don't Eat the Apples

 — What really went down in Genesis. by dsoul01/29/102.39

Please Take Baby Steps

 — A domme wants her sub to rein in his fantasies! by bawdybloke07/06/144.41

Pleasing Traci

 — A simple "How To" on having sex with your favorite author. by eroslit03/03/034.65HOT

Pleasure Cruise

 — He shows the Games Co-ordinator a tasty new game. by ozerotika12/20/013.20

Pleasure Dome

 — Cybersex competition by oggbashan12/24/033.95

Pleasure Island

 — A pirate recalls an encounter with a beautiful woman. by MarshAlien08/30/084.55HOT

Pleasure Tax

 — The taxman intrudes on a couple's romantic evening. by ktmccoll06/18/104.04

Pledge Drive

 — Raising money using sex. by al_Ussa12/15/104.38

Pole McCoy and the Gubbins Twins

 — Sequel to Pole McCoy Fits His Name. by Uncle South Loop05/22/034.46

Pole McCoy Fits His Name

 — Backwoods man learns true value of his nickname. by Uncle South Loop05/14/034.52HOT

Polite Conversation with Neighbors

 — Unexpected fun with the hot neighbor mom! by jackvick07/03/114.40

Politics as UNusual

 — A man meets the senator from his home state and... by Humpdee8401/08/154.25

Politics as UNusual Ch. 02

 — Chet and the Senator reunite the party. by Humpdee8401/10/153.67

Polly Wants a Cracker

 — Polly takes Roger from gym to swingers party. by Lesly Sloan06/22/054.38

Pontoon Poker

 — Fred is winning at strip poker, wife breaks into game. by Baba801/15/082.74

Poodle Proof

 — Dodge the ankle biter to have sex. by My Erotic Tail02/08/044.22

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