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What about the people who believe transsexuals are women and have both active and passive encounters with them :).


Wait a minute. This was funny?

no rating


Almost eight years since the last comment. How did I find this you say? Quite by accident is my answer. And I'm very glad 'cause this was very funny. Read it.

I relate

There were a lot of holes and such in the story which some pedantic commentors may criticise but I totally relate to the fun you had whipping off a quick raunchy tale on the backdrop of real-life craziness. I look forward to reading more of your stories. It was a fun read.


totally awesome it is difficult enough to have good sex but seriously on a fast turning falling floor ride with no one else joining in the scent of sex

Great Title

I love the title of this story. It fits so well with the contents. Good job...:-)

Absolutely hilarious

Perfect for tickling my insomniac funny bone (no, not that one, don't have one of those). Thanks for the laughs!


the winner is always the last getter. TK U MLJ LV NV


So let me see if I got this right...

Some guy has something remarkable happen to him and some publisher somewhere says that they will make him a work for hire deal for two million bucks... and then without a contract (but with a dollar amount) they supply him a ghost writer who isn't a writer but a contacts lawyer, right? And this contracts lawyer hired by the publisher to write the book is also negotiating the contract for the book with the publisher?

How many kinds of dumb is this story again?



This reminds me of many of the late night soft-core movies on Showtime and Cinemax where the woman always seemed to outsmart the men and gets what she thinks she deserves. The titillation from the sex scenes did not make up for the plot twist at the end when the men got humiliated and lost out on everything. So, I did not find this story to be humorous in the least, I'm sorry to say. Ironic, maybe, since the wife got what she deserved; but the man got screwed over, too, even though he was the one who the whole book was about. I'm just glad the story was short since it was a total waste of my time.



I believe this is my first TTS story.

Interesting, but not really Humor or Satire. Second paragraph = the word "swarthy." I love it. Why, you ask? (You'll be sorry you asked.) Reference the movie "Body Heat," starring Kathleen Turner, William Hurt, and Richard Crenna. Crenna is talking to Hurt about first meeting his (Crenna's) wife. "She was with this swarthy-looking guy." You'll know you are watching the original version if you hear that line. Later versions were dubbed with a more PC term. Not being very PC, I notice things like that.

Very Funny!

I've only been to one class reunion (my 20th) and am looking forward to the 40th coming up next year. The same pompous asses from the high school days are still pompous asses except that they now have bigger bellies, less hair, and rely on their pasts since the present doesn't do it for them anymore. The promising students never did anything or went anywhere while those not so promising are the ones who travelled the world and actually made a difference. Most of those folks who still reside in the same home town decided not to attend the reunion while those of us who lived thousands of miles away showed up eagerly. Two of us made profound impressions at the 20th reunion: Kevin, who had the long hair and beard of a biker and showed up with a scantily-clad, busty female on each arm; and I, who arrived with an African-American wife to an all-white occasion. Anyway, you get the idea. High School reunions can be fun as long as you have the right attitude.

By the bye, the letter was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Quick and to the point.


Waste of words. And I'll never get back the minutes spent rading this....whatever it is.

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