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That's all that matters, it's funny, VERY funny. Keep it up. I did have some difficulty understanding the story now and then, when I took my time and paid attention, I had not issues and/or skimmed past the difficult parts. I'm not English! I'm not expected to get EVERYTHING, nor do I demand that you cater to me. You're an awesome writer, just keep going.


You are a genius! I was partway through this story before I realized I had just read "JUST PUSSY" by YOU! Keep this up and give some serious thought to putting together all your stories (I will be reading more) in a compellation and having them legitimately published. This stuff is GOLD.

Terrifically good story

I read this and found it amusing. THEN, I get to the end and laughed like hell. Now I totally get the JUST PUSSY title. You've got a gift! This story is what humor is all about.

I couldn't agree more with ignoring the trolls. I find it amusing that the biggest critics are always anonymous. Either they are trying to tear you down to build themselves up, or they're a bit too cowardly to be upfront.

I prefer not to comment unless I like the story. I LIKE YOUR STORY! I Laughed and the writing style is quite nice, it flowed. Keep up the good work, you really do have a gift.

In what I assume was an attempt to be funny

You wrote the story using English folke that can't seem to speak English. While I got the gist of your tale of woe it missed the mark of being entertaining. I felt bad for him because he seemed to have a mental handicap and maybe the IQ of a pea. I wanted to like him and feel sorry for him but I just couldn't. I'm not sure how he got dressed in the morning. And his wife was simply another cheating slut. Sorry, while I wanted to like this I just couldn't . It was simply too convoluted to enjoy.


You got me. Hilarious tale.
Come back to LW and write BTB tales. You'll love the high scores.


amusing and personable

Big Cars, Big Women and Big Male Egos, those were the good old days!

I gave it four stars...

... This was my first read and comment in this category. Panther fan.

Ah I have just escaped those days and loving it!

That story was incredibly true, funny and hot! I was giggling the whole time except when I was getting wet reading the sex scenes.

Funny story

You seem to write some good stories. Not everybody is going to be pleased with every story, every time. As to being run out of the LW section may I suggest a couple of solutions? Don't read the comments. Or don't allow comments or voting. Most successful writers seem to ignore the trolls and the barbs they sling OR they just don't care. I think JPB said it best. He writes what he likes and offers to share. And he simply doesn't care what the commentators think. Not a bad attitude to have. Since I have trouble stringing together a coherent paragraph, I can't tell you about the satisfaction of having a story posted. But my guess would be that writers write what they like, post it and the readers be damned. Try that attitude and post in whatever section you like. And if you get bombed in the LW section remember this - they're just trolls. And since you're not getting paid for this, who cares what they say? LOL!
Keep on writing.

You might want to stop posting

Nobody is reading this drivel because you simply can't write a decent or entertaining story. No offense but your stories aren't any fun to read. Look at the scores. They tell you how bad this stuff is.

Great Fun

With a really nice twist on the end...

You don't take any chances,

Good thing you put it under humor and satire. Under LW, you would have gotten nasty comments on the characters.

Ah yes fantasy beyond fantasy

The perfect everything - no morals or integrity - but it is his world right??

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