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Nothing funny here

And you posted it in the wrong category. UGH!

finish the story

Seriously???? She needs to pay for her crimes, and big time. You have a good story started here but it needs a real ending. Stop half assing and finish it like a real writer.

No it don't prove a damn thing -

But you gotta love a woman who knows her man and still stays with him LOL

And let's see how he feels after the Rolaids - sometimes that feeling in your gut is just acid heh.

the backhand to God

Never gets old...LOL!

I know I'm late.

Just discovered your tale and nearly laughed myself off the chair.
Tell me is it true the District Attorney is considering an indictment for cruelty to bananas AND phones?
As someone else said, 5* are not enough.

Still laughing - what a dream !! did it again !!!!

Useless garbage. Besides, University of William Shatner doesn't even exist. No wonder you are such a feeble writer.

Sounds about right.

Well-written and entertaining.

so many funny lines

and yes, far above the comprehension level of those it makes fun of. truly a 5 :) effort

Hahahaha ! You want kill me with laugh ?

A galaxy of stars

extremely funny

This would be eviscerated in Loving Wives due to the closet cuckolds furiously commenting over there but a most enjoyable read here in H & S.

The lesson?

If you cheat, don't get caught. And if your wife starts to behave like this, kick the shit out of her, take all the pictures and tapes and pack them up with whatever else you want and leave the crazy bitch. Humor? I don't see it. I do see an implausible pile of crap. Is Mistress going to earn enough money to pay for everything after he quits his job? His friends and family are never going to come around looking for him? What a crock of shit.

envy and jealousy

estagon, I wanted to say that I am as pleased as Punch & Judy while reading such a delightful and deloverly parody of a totally overblown genre of meritless literature. Truly scrumptious parody of the pompous and circumstantial of impaired imperials.


I've read this story again and again. Your pacing and build up is spot on. Most stories try and rush to the sex....or take too long to get there. This is just right. And you wrote the girls well. Yes, this is fantasy but they didn't just jump in. The guys chipped away at them and it worked.

It's excellent and try as I might, I can't find anything similar. There arent many sexy D&D stories out there and the ones that are, arent written this well. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Humor and satire?

More like garbage and manure. I'm sure someone (Mstarot) thought this was either clever or funny or something. I just seemed ridiculous to me.

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