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Romance Stories

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 — You're so, so pretty. by chemicalsiren09/27/084.39


 — A torrid story of erotica, romance and passion. by eroticromancestories05/16/104.37

Brenda's New Doctor

 — Doctor treats Brenda using controversial new technique. by GasPedalJoe12/27/044.17

Brennus and Victoria Ch. 02

 — He wins his princess as a prize, now he must win her heart by reluctantromance09/02/114.23

Bri's Summer

 — Bri has a romantic and exciting summer as a lifeguard. by PrincessErin09/04/114.22


 — She meets him through an online dating service. by Valeryque04/05/013.25

Brian's Crush

 — Brian's moving, & has one chance to tell Claire how he feels. by ShannonElise09/29/014.16

Bridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2

 — Matt wants to see more of Julie. by SexyJezebel08/01/024.60HOT

Bridesmaid and Bartender Part 3

 — Julie accepts Matt's invitation. by SexyJezebel08/02/024.32

Brightest Star of All

 — Best friends discover they mean more to each other. by starbelliedboy11/08/044.44

Brighton Manor Ch. 01

 — An exploration of a love/hate relationship. by Submissioness08/17/094.69HOT

Bringing Jake Home

 — A boys journey from pain and abuse to love and fulfillment. by Ronnie Wachuka02/07/064.82HOT

Bringing the Heat

 — Gentle femdom between you and a tomboyish childhood friend. by taiyakisoba12/06/144.72HOT

British Cowboy

 — What happens when a girl helps a man stranded on the highway. by KuroiOokami123410/08/113.68

Britt On The Go

 — Fired TV weather girl becomes an advertising sensation. by Egmont Grigor03/19/094.73HOT


 — Her rustling sheets broke the silence. by bleedout03/06/054.21


 — A sexy male nurse is all the medicine she needs... or is it? by Themoodyone06/19/104.43


 — Sutton has shut everyone out. Can Jace get in? by nlmcd07/09/134.62HOT

Broken and Used

 — A broken down bartender and a used up stripper fall in love. by clarkroberts01/12/144.58HOT

Broken Ch. 02

 — The past isn't even the past by bleedout03/11/054.38

Broken Ch. 03

 — A hard day's night. by bleedout03/12/054.39

Broken Ch. 04

 — Dimitri and Madi make plans. by bleedout03/13/054.51HOT

Broken Ch. 05

 — The study date. by bleedout03/15/054.50HOT

Broken Ch. 06

 — Battered. by bleedout04/02/054.60HOT

Broken Ch. 07

 — Dimitri paced in the waiting room. by bleedout04/03/054.76HOT

Broken Ch. 08

 — Monday night blurred into Tuesday morning. by bleedout04/04/054.71HOT

Broken Ch. 09

 — Days had past far too quickly. by bleedout04/05/054.79HOT

Broken Ch. 10

 — Madi stifled a giggle. by bleedout04/06/054.78HOT

Broken Ch. 11

 — Madi awoke with a smile on her face. by bleedout04/07/054.78HOT

Broken Ch. 12

 — Dimitri waited impatiently. by bleedout04/12/054.63HOT

Broken Ch. 13

 — Friday night found Dimitri at the bar. by bleedout04/13/054.67HOT

Broken Ch. 14

 — Madi promised to be back. by bleedout04/19/054.59HOT

Broken Ch. 15

 — Madi is frantically packing. by bleedout04/20/054.63HOT

Broken Ch. 16

 — Dimitri comforts Madi. by bleedout04/21/054.76HOT

Broken Ch. 17

 — Madi sighed as she looked herself over. by bleedout05/03/054.76HOT

Broken Ch. 18

 — Dimitri and Madi visit family. by bleedout05/09/054.62HOT

Broken Ch. 19

 — Dimitri sweetly wakes Madi. by bleedout05/10/054.63HOT

Broken Ch. 20

 — "This isn't a hotel, Dimitri." by bleedout05/11/054.74HOT

Broken Heart and Busted Stereos

 — Meanwhile, it starts in the pool. by bleedout07/20/054.71HOT

Broken Heart Surgery

 — A widower needs some help getting over his loss. by Storm6211/17/114.57HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 01

 — Coming home. by bleedout05/18/054.36

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 02

 — For old time's sake. by bleedout05/19/054.29

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 03

 — Something wicked this way comes. by bleedout05/26/054.52HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 04

 — Intersection. by bleedout06/14/054.58HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 05

 — You gotta just rumble on through. by bleedout06/15/054.50HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 06

 — Digging your way out. by bleedout06/30/054.58HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 07

 — Surprises. by bleedout07/20/054.45

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 08

 — Confrontation. by bleedout08/05/054.58HOT

Broken Hearts & Busted Stereos Ch. 09

 — Closure. by bleedout08/15/054.24

Broken Inside Ch. 01

 — An erotic romance novel with several chapters. by ivy9301/29/134.38

Broken, But Loveable

 — A different kind of love story. by slow_n_gentle01/08/104.64HOT

Brooke And Christy After The Movies

 — Will has lots of fun with Brooke and Christy at their place. by sexy_J07/30/072.73


 — Payback time for ex-husband of humiliated woman. by egmontgrigor201007/22/104.40

Brother's Best Friend

 — Introduction to the family and a bet is made. by explorer90040809/09/114.35

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — The outcome of the bet and arguments. by explorer90040810/12/114.44

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 03

 — The morning after. by explorer90040810/27/114.47

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 04

 — Things start to get hot. by explorer90040802/20/124.46

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 05

 — Things reach there peak and then crumble back down. by explorer90040807/04/134.55HOT

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 06

 — Things get sorted out. by explorer90040807/20/134.29

Brotherly Love

 — How could I love my brother? by Cromagnonman10/19/144.63HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile

 — That's where the heart is. by dsoul11/01/094.26

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 02

 — Last post. by dsoul11/07/094.20

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 03

 — The romance continues. by dsoul11/23/094.13

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 04

 — Shocking secrets revealed. by dsoul05/30/104.45

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 05

 — Eric confronts his ex. by dsoul08/22/104.51HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 06

 — Lincoln's case worsens... by dsoul08/23/104.55HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 07

 — Eric comes face to face with his daughter. by dsoul10/26/104.52HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 08

 — The final chapter. by dsoul11/05/104.43

Bruises Ch. 01

 — Ryn meets the new boy at Laughlin High. by Faria01/25/054.59HOT

Bruises Ch. 02

 — Ryn runs into Deryck...again. by Faria02/08/054.49

Bruises Ch. 03

 — Let the education commence. by Faria02/25/054.36

Bruises So Blue Ch. 06

 — She rewarded him for her rescue the only way he hoped. by DireLilith01/12/09


 — Painting a human canvas. by cllatm01/23/044.13

Brushstrokes and Foreplay

 — A young woman succumbs to the wily ways of an artist. by egmontgrigor201010/09/104.62HOT

Bubble Bath

 — A surprise bubble bath partner that leads to more... by kkameleon12/10/143.25

Bubblebath Heaven

 — He lures you into a scented soak. by Achilles10/20/004.43


 — Finding true love on Valentine's Day. by MagicFingers01/31/104.32

Bubbles Redux

 — Old flame gets her world turned upside down. by MagicFingers02/06/134.17


 — Buck is drifting aimlessly, then life picks up for him. by Egmont Grigor09/28/084.63HOT

Bucky: The First Time

 — She knew that she wanted him. by Wicked Kitty10/25/044.39

Bud Wilson Lands A-list Linda Ch. 01

 — Home-coming beauty relinks with old pal. by Egmont Grigor03/14/054.66HOT

Budding Crisis

 — What's Valentine's Day for a florist shop with no flowers? by sr71plt01/19/154.47

Building A Love Life

 — A Different Size Story. by qhml109/08/113.65

Building A Perfect Life

 — Man and fiancee split, he marries another, fiancee moves in. by SW_MO_Hermit09/20/114.58HOT

Building A Romance

 — Mature man finds romance on the job. by NYBoss07/14/114.56HOT

Built on Lies

 — What happens when you start a relationship on lies? by DG Hear06/23/104.65HOT

Bumped Off Course

 — Finding love when you least expect it. by berk123404/22/124.52HOT


 — King Edward and Queen Phillippa outside Calais. by jeanne_d_artois04/12/044.00

Burning Desires

 — Chance meeting leads to a burning attraction. by JulesP02/28/044.78HOT

Burning Embers

 — Two friends from across the seas meet. by cheshirewatcher01/03/023.86

Burning Flames

 — They meet in his cabin by the lake. by September Skye10/03/04

Bus Rider Ch. 01

 — Two strangers meet on the bus. by Joseki Ko12/16/043.79

Bus Rider Ch. 02

 — Mad romance on the bus. by Joseki Ko12/25/043.93

Bus Stop Romance

 — You never know who you will meet at the bus stop. by GatorRick09/13/134.77HOT

Business and Pleasure

 — She finds a new passion for business travel. by mezzmoreyes07/19/074.19

Business Bonus

 — Business project finishes with a bang. by Lia Monde05/07/074.60HOT

Business Trip Ch. 01

 — A couple's business trip together is rife with pleasure. by irishcurse10/29/114.26

Business Trip Ch. 02

 — A couple's business trip is rife with pleasure. by irishcurse11/25/114.60HOT

But I Do

 — A sweet love story. by MoogPlayer08/10/114.73HOT

But I'm Always on a Mountain When

 — A bear researcher discovers his wife is cheating on him. by Stultus01/28/124.49


 — A long awaited meeting of lovers. by anovelidea10/02/044.44

Butterflies and Kisses Ch. 01

 — A romantic midday meeting. by BlueFish1110/20/084.37

Butterfly Ch. 01

 — My wonderful English adventure. by GBwrites09/29/124.03

Butterfly Ch. 02

 — A wonderful English wedding. by GBwrites09/30/124.70HOT

Butterfly Dreams

 — The perfect lover comes to life. by jade butterfly08/21/043.92

Butterfly Kisses

 — Butterflies spark a romantic May evening. by stagemage2105/02/094.29

Butterfly Spirits

 — A melding of Halloween and other traditions. by xelliebabex10/01/134.56HOT

Butterscotch Video Fantasy

 — A sweet fantasy for his viewing pleasure. by DebraDarling08/31/014.40

By Any Other Name

 — One foot in history. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/18/09HOT

By Invitation Only

 — Discovered invitation leds to an unexpected encounter. by LadyAria07/07/084.74HOT

By Night, My Love

 — Running from the mafia, Rhea finds love with a disgraced doc by silverangel62105/05/144.25

By Night, My Love Ch. 02

 — Running from the mafia, Rhea finds love with a disgraced doc. by silverangel62105/13/144.58HOT

By Royal Command

 — A new monarch gets to know her Prime Minister. by Pussyrider10/06/074.46

By the Book

 — Online friends decide to meet for real. by ejswanson04/03/053.91

By The Fireside

 — You enjoy erotic romance, masturbation and orgasm. by here2playsumore04/06/083.00

By the Pond

 — A sensual tale of wet love. by AlexWriter02/14/103.38

By the Window

 — A morning massage. by ChiefD04/16/064.14


 — A weekend away.... by sxysouthernwriter09/23/033.38

Cabin Fever

 — A reunion on a summer's night. by PolarJuice12/05/014.06

Cabin Fever

 — You make love in a mountain cabin. by Rocket101005/26/044.47

Cabin Fever

 — A loving couple indulge in a last minute moment of passion. by J_L_Gravian01/07/11

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