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Hit Men Need Love Too

 — Doing your job can lead to wonderful rewards. by cuddlydbear07/13/053.58

Ho, Ho, Ho

 — Six years in Russia, Don comes home to his ex-wife. by TxRad11/11/134.43

Hog Wild Ch. 01

 — She's a wild one - and so is he. by oohsexypenguin08/09/074.65HOT

Hog Wild Ch. 02

 — Holly survives; but after what happened, will Alex? by oohsexypenguin08/14/074.68HOT

Hog Wild Ch. 03

 — Alex fights his feelings. by oohsexypenguin08/20/074.76HOT

Hog Wild Ch. 04

 — A fight ignites a flame. by oohsexypenguin08/28/074.74HOT

Holiday Fling

 — Sex with a stranger. by Graduategirl04/30/054.44

Holiday for 2

 — You and I have a week away together. by katybaby0908/25/104.50

Holiday Heat

 — Desert of love is watered at last – but at a price. by greystardust01/28/103.33

Holiday Homebound

 — College student gets a nice reunion while visiting home. by HeatherMarie2311/18/114.01

Holiday Romance

 — Is this the start of something special? by Redrosesx04/25/034.21

Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind

 — Grieving heart finds comfort in a horse, healing in wishes. by LunaEroticaMystica12/04/114.74HOT

Holly Jones is Rescued

 — Prince Charming is not what Holly found in the wilderness. by Egmont Grigor01/02/094.56HOT

Holly Woode

 — Sexy coed and crusty professor fight feminist inquisition. by gushogan05/01/034.14

Holy Fuck... Ch. 01

 — Melanie's enchanted holiday, and sex, on a Scottish island. by Scotsman6905/26/114.10

Holy Fuck... Ch. 02

 — Melanie and Sandy find sex in unusual places. by Scotsman6905/27/114.12


 — Missed chances and regrets flow freely when she remembers. by secondskin12/12/024.47


 — The dick she can't live without. by ivyjameson04/19/083.89


 — A girl gives in to her desires after being driven home. by Alveron08/14/103.78


 — Helen has her son home and now the trouble starts. by Nephylim06/22/124.64HOT


 — Coming home to him makes up for time away. by HHB73307/29/134.26

Home Alone

 — Two friends finally get together. by Tiggles0709/18/034.52HOT

Home Alone For The First Time.

 — Beth & Luc get what they have always wanted. by Bethiee04/05/113.90

Home Alone, The First Time

 — Two lovers, taken in the heat of passion. by thephoenix2k00501/06/064.29

Home At Last

 — She finds relief at the end of a long, stressful week. by kamala07/22/084.43

Home at Last

 — The internet...great for finding lost lovers. by Bethyboo02/03/114.39

Home at Last

 — He brings a sensuous end to her day. by QuietSurprise07/13/114.00

Home Away From Home

 — Jilted man finds love in hotel. by Jade10/14/004.61HOT

Home By Eight

 — Fuck a duck, the prom sure did suck. by Lothario the Great08/23/034.36

Home Ch. 02

 — You continue to give in to your desires. by Alveron09/06/103.67

Home for the Holidays

 — A one-night stand and an unexpected reunion. by honey2811/14/114.58HOT

Home for the Weekend

 — He comes home to a surprise. by redheadgoddess2907/01/06HOT

Home from Work

 — How to make the tired man relax. by Kirini09/15/074.11

Home in Her Arms

 — Soldier returns to his wife after deployment in Iraq. by SouthernAphrodite07/20/074.61HOT

Home Shopping

 — Couple finds time during the everyday. by wordspiph10/08/104.45

Home Time

 — Consensual sex. by MysteryEd07/08/093.75

Home-Town Hero Ch. 01

 — Lifelong friends make a discovery... by patnutt02/26/154.46

Home-Town Hero Ch. 02

 — Lifelong friends make a discovery... by patnutt03/05/154.31

Home...with Him

 — Trip 'home' shows her what is important. by sensual_lyric01/19/024.41


 — A man comes home to his lover. by fantasyhunter212/05/014.30


 — Husband comes home after business trip overseas. by PS04/09/024.50HOT


 — Your long awaited arrival. by EnchantingBlueAngel11/11/023.75


 — Just wait & see what is waiting after your business trip. by Ms_Lissa01/06/054.30


 — Brothel owner & Charlie may find true love. by Egmont Grigor10/31/054.57HOT


 — After a long time away, childhood sweetheart returns. by Darlantan10/07/064.65HOTContest Winner


 — She's missing you, but you have a surprise for she. by Loving52212/18/064.44


 — She makes his return home great. by ImperfectBiAngel05/28/044.27


 — A soldier comes home. by Gracie_Buckingham08/14/094.44


 — He finally returns home. by AngelMei01/12/094.14


 — He's been working away, but he's home soon. by qingming01/24/133.71

Homecoming Ch. 02

 — The next day, Mary & Alec start a new life. by Darlantan02/15/074.75HOT

Homecoming Ch. 06

 — A near tragedy and a new beginning with an old adversary. by Frinkles09/07/074.76HOT

Homecoming Ch. 07

 — Loving the one you're with. by Frinkles09/14/074.71HOT

Homecoming Ch. 08

 — Unexpected company, unweclome discoveries and galant knights. by Frinkles09/22/074.75HOT

Homecoming Ch. 09

 — Enter the calvary, mixed message a clash of titans. by Frinkles10/06/074.78HOT

Homecoming Ch. 10

 — Bargains questioned, a search for contentment, the next step. by Frinkles10/13/074.80HOT

Hometown Hero

 — Hero comes home to his new life. by DG Hear10/11/064.73HOT

Hommes et Femmes

 — Have you ever fallen in love with a Parisian whore? by dankshwag03/06/084.13


 — Famous people don’t play by our rules. by markelly04/29/124.74HOT

Honey B

 — Wife is rescued from an abusive marriage. by Wasted_Raven10/25/144.67HOT

Honey Dippers

 — People made fun of my job, but I got the last laugh. by DG Hear03/28/114.65HOT

Honey Goes Down Under

 — One murder becomes two but marriage remains on track. by Egmont Grigor08/06/084.56HOT

Honey Trap

 — Two high school friends meet and fun times await. by frozenleaf05/28/123.88

Honeymoon at the Cabin Ch. 01

 — Their wedding night begins. by LMP_Jessilin11/26/093.79

Honeymoon at the Cabin Ch. 02

 — The wedding night continues. by LMP_Jessilin12/20/093.96

Honeymoon at the Cabin Ch. 03

 — Snacks anyone? by LMP_Jessilin06/18/104.47

Honeymoon Cruise

 — Two lovers from different countries go on a cruise together. by Luhy04/08/083.77

Honeymoon Inn

 — Quiet couple must find solution to their love problem. by clinton0910/12/10

Honeymoon Is Over

 — Newly married husband discovers his wife cheating by curious2c08/10/043.99

Honeymoon Pt. 01

 — A wedding night is described, complete with flashback. by deedeefree10/04/144.64HOT

Honor's Folly

 — She just wanted to be someone else and ended up in a bind. by knitedreams05/13/074.70HOT

Honor's Folly Ch. 02

 — Dinner theater and fun with food. by knitedreams05/20/074.65HOT

Honor's Folly Ch. 03

 — Fingers, toys, and dicks conspire against her will. by knitedreams12/24/074.53HOT

Hooters Pool: A Love Story

 — From anger and fear to love and acceptance. by satyricon.2106/29/064.75HOT

Hope Ch. 01

 — She was aptly named. by rachlou03/02/084.71HOT

Hope Ch. 02

 — The conclusion. by rachlou03/03/084.79HOT

Hope in Heaven

 — His life ended in a tragedy - but was it really the end? by Purr_Alaina05/16/094.00

Hope, I

 — Nymphomania lurks beneath her pure skin. by Ryth03/03/132.93

Horace and Billie

 — A Construction Worker falls for a half-woman. by teddy2horse04/06/104.50HOT

Horner Springs Retirees #01

 — Taking It Easy. by JackLuis02/16/114.15

Horner Springs Retirees #02

 — The Policeman's Progress. by JackLuis02/17/114.33

Horner Springs Retirees #06

 — Lester's Loft. by JackLuis01/16/134.65HOT

Horny Housework Surprise Husband

 — Star and her husband Chuck had the house to themselves. by methere12/26/103.82

Horse Play

 — A 'Scarlet O'Hara' gets her comeuppance. by MrVid06/18/024.44

Horses in the City

 — Christmas is a time for starting over. by PennLady12/18/104.80HOT

Hot Cannons & Warm Lovers Ch. 01

 — Tempestuous times & free-running blood on three fronts. by Dont_Move_the_Rabbit_Ears08/09/13HOT

Hot Cannons & Warm Lovers Ch. 02

 — Friends find themselves needing to rely on each other. by Dont_Move_the_Rabbit_Ears08/30/13

Hot Chocolate

 — A couple discovers just how hot chocolate can be. by deecee112/02/024.39

Hot Day

 — The two of you heat of already warm day. by eddybro05/30/023.38

Hot Embers

 — Erotic encounter in a cabin in the woods. by aryelofthenight02/22/094.12

Hot Evening Hike

 — An evening hike in July leads to some fireworks. by jthserra11/13/033.25

Hot for Teacher Ch. 01

 — Jess has an after-school encounter with her English teacher. by justjenni06/09/124.37

Hot Hot Hot

 — A visitor at the hospital gets steamy. by IreneXXX09/07/053.47

Hot Night

 — Summer night gets steamy for a hot couple. by Leah Bordello10/20/003.85

Hot Rod Ch. 01

 — Friends become more. by sharona08/25/074.45

Hot Rod Ch. 02

 — Mike's turn. by sharona09/02/074.65HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 03

 — Alyssa reaches her limit. by sharona09/11/074.61HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 04

 — Mike's decision. by sharona09/20/074.49

Hot Rod Ch. 05

 — fantasy fulfilled or mistake? by sharona10/01/074.59HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 06-07

 — Wrapping up. by sharona10/16/074.70HOT

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 05

 — She loves him. Tiffany loves him and he loves her too. by SusanJillParker12/03/14HOT

Hot Summer Nights

 — Couple finds hot Cajun love. by puffadder04/16/044.36

Hot Summer's Night

 — Amy & I visit the Drive-In. by AmysOwner06/10/073.93

Hot Summers Night Erotica Ch. 01

 — He's away, but his letter fuels her desire. by Unsung12/17/064.50

Hot Tub

 — The perfect way to make a bath erotic. by sugarsback02/19/013.92

Hot Tub Fun

 — In a public outdoor hot tub having fun. by johnnyblm112/13/133.79

Hot Tub Fun Revisited

 — Lynn brings two co-workers to try out tub and more. by baranbrat09/07/134.58HOT

Hot Tub Pleasures

 — Couple escapes to a cabin & enjoys a hot tub. by Windswept01/13/013.87


 — A night of passion ahead of you. by WriterPhotographer03/09/034.13

Hotel by the Lake

 — A couple who fell in love online meet for the first time. by Lulu6404/08/114.25

Hotel Champagne

 — Sexy glances at the hotel bar turn into sooo much more... by Thricetimes6907/26/113.48

Hotel Delight

 — An after-work encounter with your lover. by Hunter_Johnson04/22/143.92

Hotel Encounter Fantasy

 — Hotel encounter fantasy. by darkerimpulses07/27/114.58HOT

Hotel Fantasy

 — An internet romance finally becomes real. by jam79ie04/30/094.25

Hotel Fantasy

 — A first person romantic story of a hotel seduction. by ahriman7710/06/113.78

Hotel Rendezvous

 — Internet lovers meet for the first time. by moonandstars197111/18/144.26

Hotel Room Treat

 — Wife gives husband a Valentines Day treat. by vitesse01/27/074.24

House Guest

 — She moved into his guest room, then his heart. by Member38906/19/144.87HOTContest Winner

Housemate Wanted / Room for Rent

 — An advertisement with a difference. by PnkOcelot03/31/103.75

Housesitter Ch. 01

 — Charlotte begins her story. by Isabella_R06/11/064.00

Housing A Dragon

 — She lets a ballplayer into her life. by Tony15505/19/054.81HOT

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