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Romance Stories

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Run Ch. 07

 — Love and life - some things go on. by Evil Alpaca12/29/054.79HOT

Run for Love

 — Man runs for love after being deserted by wife. by JakeRivers02/04/064.71HOT


 — She wants to feel all of him. by n_sue08/30/054.27

Running Alone

 — Morning Run turns into something totally unexpected. by cutting44110/10/053.97

Running for Her Ch. 01

 — Tale of a youthful college-student's love. by Zachary5005/19/103.86

Running into Coverage

 — A new girl in town and a confident player in the NFL collide. by ILmonamour02/18/124.54HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 02

 — Fashionably late and a party can only lead to flirtation. by ILmonamour02/26/124.80HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 03

 — Morning bed hair was never sexier, Hadley and Marcus take it. by ILmonamour05/16/124.85HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 04

 — A heated night and the walk of shame. by ILmonamour05/20/124.82HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 05

 — Marcus and Hadley make it official yet very unofficial. by ILmonamour05/27/124.78HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 06

 — He can score for his team, but can he score for his heart. by ILmonamour06/09/124.86HOT

Running Into Trouble

 — An assault, a helpful policeman and a romance! by mattwatt4303/01/114.52HOT


 — A midday rendezvous bakes the Big Apple. by avasogently09/06/072.33

Rush Ch. 02

 — Reunited lovers whet their appetites at a seedy city diner. by avasogently01/27/084.67

Rush Ch. 03

 — Antoine & Inez get it on at the diner. Janice watches. by avasogently12/30/083.25

Rush Ch. 04

 — Antoine and Inez's affair ends on a bumpy note. by avasogently08/20/131.00

Russ - The Beginning

 — Co-workers find romance in the workplace. by DevilTemptress12/03/093.13

Ruth Ann and the Doctor

 — A romance begins with an unintended flash. by mattwatt4308/09/104.73HOT

Ryan & Michelle - The Good Elf

 — A mall elf gets a special Christmas gift. by Chiara2311/21/114.71HOT

SA E02v2: A Romantic Night

 — Part two of couple's adventures. by OmegaZone03/15/034.63HOT

Saba My Luv

 — A red hot mating after class. by RundiRona09/23/024.38

Sabine Draws Gun on Walker

 — Ex-army guy with heroic qualities melts a fiery woman. by Egmont Grigor04/13/094.66HOT

Sad Lisa

 — College student helps girl rediscover trust in men. by Dar_Jisbo07/14/07

Sadie Ch. 01

 — What happens when Sadie attracts Gale. by WonnderWoman07/18/104.31


 — A divorced woman breaks her rules. by Badwolf12309/27/134.33

Sage and Sea

 — A journey into the sensual pleasures of the body and soul. by matachick07/08/124.40

Sagging Boobs, Ugly Nipples Ch. 01

 — A belly roll and a flat ass! by qhml112/11/124.74HOT

Sagging Boobs, Ugly Nipples Ch. 02

 — Norma and Charley sat comfortable in the backseat. by qhml112/22/124.77HOT

Sagging Boobs, Ugly Nipples Ch. 03

 — Beauty, and the eye of the beholder. by qhml101/26/134.73HOT


 — Three people set off on a sailing adventure. by cyanskye11/08/114.55HOT

Saint Barnabas Started It

 — Incident at school leads to great love. by Moondrift01/20/054.80HOTContest Winner

Saint Ch. 01

 — More than his PA. by Kitlekyana05/12/114.59HOT

Saint Ch. 02

 — Friends with benefits. by Kitlekyana05/16/114.65HOT

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

 — The love story behind the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. by andtheend01/31/104.45

Sal Ch. 01

 — Meet Sal, she loves to fuck, but will she ever find love? by Kitty_Cat_Meow07/28/094.30

Sales Team

 — Desperate woman tries to pay back man who saves her. by Cat505/03/054.84HOTContest Winner

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 18

 — Sally spends July 4 with Kyle and his kids. by Susie_O04/29/124.60HOT

Sally-Ann’s Rain Man

 — A waitress learns there are never too many kisses. by beagle969010/11/124.68HOT

Salvation in the Sargasso Sea

 — A widower and a bisexual woman make music together. by Dual_Triode02/15/104.71HOT

Salvation in the Sargasso Sea Ch. 02

 — Marla makes a big decision. by Dual_Triode05/07/104.83HOT

Salvation in the Sargasso Sea Ch. 03

 — A flaming three-way leaves Jon no leeway. by Dual_Triode09/28/104.81HOT

Salvation in the Sargasso Sea Ch. 04

 — Attempted murder, erotic dessert, and a happy ending. by Dual_Triode10/02/104.86HOT


 — The girl of my wet dreams. by seanpitters06/12/133.11

Sam and Amy

 — Uninsured and dependant on her neighbor. by thornapple04/30/094.65HOT

Sam and Lara - Interlude

 — Lara gets the phone call she's been waiting all week for. by stalford02/18/104.25

Sam and Lindsay

 — Lindsay seduces her hot boss. by VixxieMars03/25/14

Sam Taylor's Odyssey

 — Sam meets Sarah and the fun begins - or does it? by A.W. Root08/08/064.72HOT

Sam's Love Pt. 01

 — A college student busts loose. by _Bob_10/13/044.26


 — A happy love story. by jjcolejr05/02/144.75HOT

Samantha Ch. 01

 — Henry VIII falls for a young peasant girl. by mcfbridge08/16/044.25

Samantha Ch. 02

 — The Italian Lady. by mcfbridge08/20/044.42

Samantha Ch. 03

 — The Queen discovers them in the act. by mcfbridge08/26/044.14

Same Name

 — It was a minor little mistake. by magmaman03/05/124.58HOT

Samhain, A Love Through Time

 — A Halloween love story, through the ages. by Junudi10/17/084.75HOT

Sammy, Tammy, and Me

 — Can softball solve the world's problems? by HansTrimble07/23/144.63HOT

San Fermín

 — Meeting at the Running of the Bulls in Spain. by TessMackenzie03/01/154.43NEW

San Francisco Rendezvous

 — Couple meets by chance for magic night in The City. by obscured11/17/014.78HOT


 — Her husband leaves; she turns to an online frirend. by mattwatt4307/21/104.00

Sand Dreams

 — Passionate night on the beach. by sxysouthernwriter09/30/033.60

Sandra, My Love Ch. 1

 — Two people with special needs find each other. by L.A. Wicker02/20/014.45

Sandra, My Love Ch. 2

 — Sandra and Lee find lust and passion. by L.A. Wicker02/21/014.45

Sandy and Brad Ch. 01

 — Begining of the Story Series "Sandy and Brad". by Rugrat6009/30/144.65HOT

Sandy's Seduction Ch. 04

 — Leaving the bar, the stranger begins to wonder... by LexiRoseLexi05/24/124.35

Sandy's Seduction Ch. 07

 — The aftermath of their night together. by LexiRoseLexi07/28/123.86

Sandy's Seduction Ch. 08

 — A good deed goes unnoticed. by LexiRoseLexi07/29/124.09

Santa Baby

 — Santa finds a new love after Mrs. Claus leaves. by ramcca12/29/054.25

Santa Baby

 — Poor Santa's feeling blue until a song changes everything. by tickledkitty12/05/084.80HOT

Santa Baby

 — A sexy dance and more for Christmas. by DSnow71312/25/123.89

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

 — A mall visit to Santa changes Kat's Christmas. by lordursous12/08/024.25

Santa Pays A Visit

 — Santa gets the woman of his dreams. by ShyGuy6812/03/014.08

Santa Specials

 — Jilted fiancee unexpectedly finds love and lust for life. by steamoil11/14/094.37

Santa Specials: Mirror Image

 — Finding unexpected love for Christmas. by steamoil11/15/094.19

Santa Was A Lady!

 — One minute a sexy dancer; the next she's Santa. by Erotica_Writings11/23/044.18

Santa's Help

 — She gets some help on Christmas Eve. by SeaCat12/14/034.48

Santa's Wish

 — Store Santa gets a new wife... & his wildest fantasy. by cheshirewatcher01/04/024.39


 — She was a real man-hater, right? Well... by GToast04/05/084.68HOT

Sara and Tom

 — Fun in the tub. by likmhard205/24/113.50

Sara Finds Him Once Again

 — Sara renews relationship with her former teacher. by jim1kp05/11/103.95


 — Can a chance meeting and an old poem change Sara's life? by PlayJett08/17/124.61HOT


 — His night of love making with her. by SweetSammie1904/06/063.56

Sarah & the Train

 — He finds a gorgeous brunette on the train. by espeteroh03/25/054.08

Sarah's Aspiration Ch. 01

 — What does she aspire to be in life? by kaylacakes02/16/074.56HOT

Sarah's Aspiration Ch. 02

 — Where will the kiss take them? by kaylacakes03/24/074.47

Sarah's Ride Home Ch. 01

 — Biking home, Sarah is offered a ride. by sarahsmith198905/13/144.00


 — A wonderful fantasy weekend with a remarkable woman. by FreakingFoolish04/12/123.88


 — Japan as a Third World Country. by duffiedawg11/15/063.77

Satisfied Sex At Last

 — After a long time, she finally enjoyed sex. by Ranimadam02/15/033.89


 — A story about my overall sexual fantasy. by Darkhawk9310/10/125.00


 — We finally figure it out. by jjcole03/14/134.32

Saturday Arrives

 — Continued from 'Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead'. by Steelhand10/07/02HOT

Saturday Morning

 — Two lovers sleep in. by cashcrunch12/17/054.66HOT

Saturday Morning

 — They agree. by jjcole03/04/134.36

Saturday Night Thoughts

 — He looks forward to seeing Sara. by Wolf10/20/004.32

Saturday Overtime

 — You give your frustrated wife an afternoon surprise. by Goddess_Sarah12/06/114.44

Saturday's Aren't All That Bad

 — Adultery, divorce, then rebuilding lives. by Enamored05/31/064.71HOT

Savannah Ch. 01

 — Romance blossoms between two teens from different worlds. by frozenhero104/19/124.68HOT

Save the Diner

 — A guy fight to save historic diner from council cupidity. by EgmontGrigor201106/01/114.63HOT

Save The Girl

 — Michael helps a young lady & ends up in love. by Black_Bird01/03/024.09Editor's Pick


 — Saved from an attacker, she finds romance. by emoguise07/14/054.49


 — She saved more than one life that day. by zouzouni03/31/104.75HOT

Saved by My Best Friend

 — A young woman is attacked, and then saved. by lonie6910/03/094.35

Saved By The Belle

 — A rescue leads to meeting life-long love. by hollyh07/07/064.82HOT

Saved by the Law

 — Sadness turn to joy. by madengineer303/24/094.28

Saved for Another Day

 — An intense, romantic first encounter at a table for two. by bawidgetcoms05/06/134.13

Saving Geri

 — In her loss, she finds so much more. by hollyh01/07/064.72HOT

Saving Gina Ch. 12

 — Someone to clean the fish ponds. by LaPatitMort09/11/074.63HOT

Saving Lindy Ashley

 — During murder threats, two laid-back romances occur. by Egmont040906/13/094.47

Savory, Sweet Sex

 —  Her boyfriend's sweetest career came in handy one night. by MysticIrishEyes10/27/054.68HOT

Say My Name

 — He won't say 'I love you.' He won't even say my name. by rjordan06/19/124.17

Saying Goodbye

 — Sometimes saying goodbye to a lover means something more. by emptyness12/20/024.62HOT

Saying Thank You

 — A woman wakes her lover with a bit of oral pleasure. by sassybrat8003/07/134.42

Scared Sara

 — She was afraid to let down her defences. by MarsAres09/09/044.56HOT

Scared Sara Ch. 02

 — Run-in with Blake brings Lucien & Sara closer. by MarsAres09/24/044.70HOT

Scared Sara Ch. 03

 — Sara keeps testing Lucien's love. by MarsAres09/29/044.61HOT

Scared Sara Ch. 04

 — Sara & Lucien finally get together. by MarsAres10/14/044.73HOT

Scarf Dance

 — Sheila wants to repay a public humiliation - on stage. by oggbashan10/17/043.60


 — An after college visit to his family and his best friend. by BrokenGrace04/08/114.60HOT


 — College students find tender healing. by WhispersInTheNight10/19/074.68HOT

School Love

 — In the worst time, Brenda finds the greatest thing. by DJTM09/30/034.64HOT

School Love

 — A teacher grows close to her star pupil. by Pussyrider10/18/074.66HOT

School Love Ch. 02

 — Will the love bear the light of morning? by DJTM10/09/034.57HOT

Schooling for Valentines

 — My high school romance with my science teacher, Mr. Haines. by AnAmericanDarling01/21/103.99

Scott & Holly

 — Online lovers make love for the first time. by PlayfulRomantic06/25/054.52HOT

Scott and Kerry Go Camping

 — A couple make love beside the campfire. by sws65005/06/094.54HOT

Scott's Letter to Jen

 — An Internet romance. by scottca7412/13/053.89


 — She comes West, and I go to meet Her. by dharma_bum12/23/034.43

Screaming His Name

 — Falling asleep hating him waking up loving him. by momma196812/18/064.19

Scribble 01

 — Theresa paused in the doorway of her apartment... by Damana12/11/134.00

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Ch. 01

 — After a romantic dinner, Tom interrupts Alice's shower. by Akanzi07/24/124.08

Sculptural Seduction

 — Sculpture has a surprise for virgin museum worker. by super6405/27/02

Sealed Like Envelopes

 — Past love brings back secrets. by fictionality04/18/054.33

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