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Purely because you've clearly NEVER been with a virgin or researched where the hymen is. FYI its at the entrance, its not something a cock 'bumps into' or 'comes up against' when its already inside the vagina, don't believe me GOOGLE IT!

Good Read****

Very entertaining story. Thanks for the read.

My first writing

This is a taste of what I have started. Really its my first time writing this style so it's definitely "baby steps for bob"

A cute love story....

Well written with a good plot.

This was originally written and posted on another site. I wrote it in parts hence the three-part story. I suppose I could have combined it when submitting here, but I wasn't sure if it would have been too long.

What a wonderful experience

The seduction was long and your marketing was very cleaver, two tantalizers and a grand finale !

Classy is a real good way to describe this!

Great story...characters...pace...sensuality! Thanks for a Hot yarn!

Great story

So much better than the usual weird cuckold stuff on this stuff.



This is a great story. I was so happy to find and read it. Great job!!

Jill saved by good old boy

such a great love story about two people that meet by accident. Jill and Ben the story about two that fall in love and as Jill said she must have married the village idiot( she left her phone in his truck so he would have to call her) a great line at the end of the story. 5 stars plus for sure. I do hope that you write something more about the loving couple. not my first or last time to read this.


Survive, Then Fight Not To Be Alone

This is how to fight to survive. Ask for "external" help. It comes to those who ask!

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