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Smooth Sailing

You continue to move this story along, each chapter sails smoothly into the next, each one gives us more of a glimpse into both Ray and Alicia. We can see how well they are getting along, yet know that the problems both either have or had had will always be a part of their foundation. Since we see all of this from Ray, we are more aware of the transitions he is being asked to make, to grow up, take on responsibility and "man up' to quote Don. Yet Alicia remains in a shadow, so much of her life, her job, her education, even her family are not yet in the focus other then what we can see through Ray. Your writing is top notch, your words match the music of the story. Like anyone who has pledged themselves to this novel, I do await the next chapter, eager and pleased - thank you for gracing us with this! - Kevin

Anonymous-Different writers

Thank you for reading the story, but I need to clarify. The only person that has written any stores on my page is me. I have some that were collaborations, (FETISH) but the rest are all me. I am one person. I don't understand what you mean by writing style. To me the style of the story depends on the story that I am telling. So some may differ.

I certainly hope you enjoyed the story and I appreciate you for reading it. There is no WE here only I. Iread2relax

Can someone finish this?

I think its safe to say 10 years later this story will not be completed. Can someone else try please?


Size 14 is the old average, size 18 is the current average, Mal is actually small.

How many different writing styles do you have?
I don't think you wrote all these, looking at the differences in grammar, and punctuation. Some stories even change in the middle, which leads me to believe that you are not a you but a we.
Several writers writing as ir2relax.


I have to admit I got a little weirded out when it got to phone sex with her parental units, but his unconditional love was just that, unconditional.

I was afraid something would blow them up, at least temporarily, glad that it didn't.

One thing in case you ever continue this, maybe I've got a dirty mind (likely!), but when Angela mentioned owing him "BIG time", I envisioned a sexual encounter, and I sincerely hope you don't go there.

BTW, a lot of stories, including this one to a degree, make a big deal out of kissing a woman after she's sucked the guy off. Well, if she's willing to take his cum in her mouth he shouldn't be that squeamish. I'm sure he expects her to kiss HIM after he's eaten HER out!

Lost interest

I got to page three. I enjoyed the first page but then when Joe turned perfect I lost interest. Sure it's every guys fantasy but a rich high school boy with 6 girls to love him. A story has to have at least a modicum of believability to keep someone's interest. It's not the lack of sex. It's just that it isn't within the scope of the possible.


I hope you finish this story.


that is how you eliminate bad memories, overwrite them with powerfully romantic experiences.

That you received praise and the endorsement of other authors against whom you were competing just reinforces the impact of this very creative writing.

Fantastic story a 5 star story

I periodic purge my favorites,,, and this one lasted many purges... that reflective how much it touched me.

Thank you for you story


I am looking forward to it

I think u are a great writer. Also loving the maid series. I check at least once a week for the next chapter of the bank job lol. I hope you write it before September but if you don't I understand and will still be a fan of yours. I look forward to reading more of both your series :)

very good

Thank you keep them coming I am on the edge of my seat waiting.

Just Wonderful!

If I wanted to quibble, I might say something about Sandy being reluctant to the point of being nasty about accepting much-needed help, or the likelihood of a successful romance started so close to a tragic loss, but this was so beautiful, I say "Fuck it!" and just bask in the joy.

Wipes tear from eye.


You should have read it.

Yes, it STARTED tragically, but ended beautifully!


Just Wow.

Thank you....

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