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WOW! My kinda story! It would have been just as good without the sex! Did a hitch betwixt WWII and Korea so have been through the era. Freakin' country is always at war, huh? Cheers!


Very well described emotion without excess.

You are tackling a sensation subject

And doing a great job! Abuse cannot be tolerated.

I am so glad you are giving Sadie the power to release herself from an abusive relationship and showing people how a good support system will help.

Great job!


This is the best story I have read on this site.I am constantly grinning while reading their playful banter.Now,I have to read the next chapter.


There has to be another one I want to know what happens next!

Not romance

Just a word of warning to all unsuspecting readers (like I was). This is not a romance. The theme of rape, control, and abuse continues through the final chapter. Having the author say that people are in love despite every action they take throughout the story does not make it romance. I'll have more specifics in a comment on the final chapter.

One other note: the protagonist would have been better off if he had been forced to give blowjobs to those men instead of being "rescued" by Jake.

Heart Melting

Absolutely amazing. As the title says, heart melting. This story captured the meaning of love.
The only thing that I found wrong with it, the fact I can't rate it higher than 5 stars.
Keep up the beautiful work.

Yet again! A cracking good story. Keep them coming.

Truly a pleasure

Perhaps if the first husband had abused her instead of her abusing herself she would have had a harder time accepting him. But Emma's stepfather in this case was worse and I am sure that if she had not been conscious she would have fled him.
Great story and I am looking forward to more.

A must read!!!!!

Incredibly well written, and what a story line. Not a dry eye in the house.


Strongly disagree with AMerryMan. I think the story is very well thought out and executed. Special kudos to the editor. I'm a real stickler for things like language mechanics and story continuity, and I only noticed two minor errors in the whole story. Good job!

*mmmrrrrrrr*. ^_^

Aged like a fine wine is Mr. John. He did it right to pave the way for asking reciprocation later...or maybe the when will be her idea.

Honey on nipples takes forever to suck entirely clean. ;). Yummy.

I still seemed like

someone with power using it to overwhelm a junior.
and, since you brought it up, his is one of those. . . . .

Nothing to add except....

I Wish I could think of something catchy to say but I can't. It's already been stated far better than I ever could. I don't know where you found this story but go back and find some more, NOW!!! Thanks to you for a fine read and to those before me for your all your kind words!

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