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AND then what happens?

You have so deftly woven this tale that I have thrown discipline to the wind and am skipping the gym just to read this....hmmm I should probably follow Alessa's example more. Well anyway keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your talent.

This was just Chapter 1, right?

Very nice start, please continue

very good

Yep just finished reading it again. A very good story and in my favorites 5 stars plus.

Have you thought about a sequel to this story I bet it would be a good one to read one about the C C ranch.

Ron. Texas. cowboyridecc@ yahoo.com


that was how it was supposed to be and It Was. TK U MLJ LV NV

Fucking brilliant, thanks for sharing
Looking forward to more of your writings :)

bucolic bollocks

Yep, small towns we all get sentimental about, decades later, after running away as fast our feet could carry us.

Thia is what I like...

....about Cmm's stories. How he structures the first half of his creation to convince us readers to expect a certain ending.

Then suddenly, WHAM! BAHM! A completely unexpected twist in a completely unexpected direction to a dramatically satisfying ending.

Very good story

But what a downer of an ending!


ouch, just ouch...

Cmm, I loved how you built up the plot to trap the adulterer in his own web of lies.

This is a pretty good Modern Urban Fairytale. Not at all realistic or believable.

Though I am left wanting to believe that the victims of injustice could enforce their on brand of righteous justice on the fool.

It was a cute story. I liked it. I have no idea why there were a couple of hateful comments below me, especially since this story does not deserve it so I thought I'd leave you a nice one.

Excellent story!

I'm not surprised there's still a bit of a damp spot in my eye.

The story may be a bit hokey in spots and the ending 'too perfect', but it is still one of the best 'amateur' writer short stories I can recall ever reading. Perhaps the best part was that sex was part of the story instead of the whole story.

I look forward to more of your writing.

A great story . . .

. . . well conceived, well planned, and well written. The descent into insanity was very effectively conveyed. You defined your characters with only a few words but you made them believable enough so that that their acts of generosity made sense. The injured ankle and the bed pan were clever touches.

Nice work. Thank you for sharing the story with us.


Nice fun story of a bunch of fucking perverts. Dog sex would have been a nice touch.

I wish

I wish you could have finished this series. It was my favorite on the site.

heartrendering and heartwarming

Cmm, this story displays your artistic skill at writing that is both poignant and uplifting.

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