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Thank You, LoneGirl...

...for writing a heartwarming tale of setting priorities in our life. In some ways my wife was like your character. Always considering other people needs before her own.

The arguments we would have convincing her to accept that there were times when her needs came first, before all of the rest of us.

I am happy that you are dealing with your condition. Bealtaine Joy agus Grá a bheith ar do seoda.

A neat conclusion

I was left with mixed thoughts about Grant. His death in a road traffic accident so soon after Olivia's birth seemed a bit too contrived to be convincing. Especially with him being the innocent party. Otherwise a very enjoyable story. Thank you.

got it right

thank you for getting it right. so good to see where the person is more important than things my parents, my love I had for 56 years, my children, and grandchildren all seem to understand and practice that and pity those that never know the beauty of that kind of love. will start working on the great grandchild learning soon.

Constructive criticism

Love your stories.

Just a little note: The possessive of "it" never needs an apostrophe ("its", not "it's" or "its'"). It's (it is) an exception to the apostrophe rule that allows "John's" to mean "belonging to John" and "Smiths'" to mean "belonging to more than one Smith".)

A real strong start...

I was sucked into the story from the very first. The protagonist is a sympathetic character as is his buddy Jim. Nicely written.

I'm looking forward to the next installments with some trepidation. Fearing that somehow Erica will get her hooks in him and betray him again. Then a story of hope becomes nothing more than another Lusting Wives piece.

Ahhhh! Don't leave it there!!

Gripping read, can't wait for the final part, I have to know the outcome! Well done, excellent story that pulls at the heart strings

Fine Opener

Good story line and full of interesting detail.
Wow! Over half the comments come from a nony mouse and still no trolling.
Perhaps because you put it in Romance rather than LW where people foam at their mouths.

Did you originally write this story for a Halloween contest?

I was expecting the three witches from Macbeth, but your concept was better. Certainly more erotic.


make plans and be prepared for the deluge. TK U MLJ LV NV

very entertaining

I'm eagerly expecting more chapters...an excellent start!

@Anonymous: She doesn't die. By the way, that she is me and I suffer from that 'whatever'. And I don't want to die so soon!!!

Hell yea!!

NOW this is a great story,well worth my 5stars. Would like a ch. On her thoughts after she was found out and Brad died. Did she cheat on him in high school when they were apart.She was nothing more then a self serving whore. Does she live in fear of her life ?Hope we hear from you soon .Dagoatmandavid said it cya later!!

Did he ever receive any counseling? Being that he is still having a hard time talking or hearing about his ex I'm guessing he didn't.

How quickly did she die from whatever?

great start to the story, hope you come out with the next chapter quickly

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