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Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Ch. 02

 — Further escapades in house buying & romance. by manfromvenus01/08/034.50HOT

Fantasy Sex Cruise 02

 — Kealani teaches Eddy about anal sex. by mountaincat412/06/134.73HOT

Fantasy Sex Cruise 04

 — Fun in Jamaica. Lauren learns some new games. by mountaincat412/31/134.72HOT

Farm House

 — Submissive & mysterious get-together in darkness. by kittymailman04/05/033.66

Farting During Anal Sex

 — A woman's guide to anal sex etiquette. by Samuelx08/28/073.16


 — A man finds himself obsessed with his friend's fiancee. by cactusjuggler10/11/114.20

Fat And Ugly Chick Does Anal

 — More proof that everybody loves anal! by Samuelx01/17/072.83

Fat Black Anal Queen

 — Fat black chick becomes addicted to butt fucking. by Samuelx01/27/093.38

Fat Black Bitches Need Anal

 — He finds BBWs who like getting fucked in the ass. by Samuelx08/07/063.00

Fat Chick Does Anal

 — Black man talks BBW into night of fun. by Samuelx12/11/062.39

Fat Chick Who Likes Anal Sex

 — Black man meets a very sexy BBW. by Samuelx12/20/063.14

Fat Chicks Crave Anal Sex Too

 — BBW seduces police officer. by Samuelx05/23/073.02

Fat Girls Can Be Sluts Too!

 — Big woman wrestler sleeps with lots of men. by Samuelx02/08/093.31

Fat Men Love Anal Sex Too

 — Some big men like it in the butt. by Samuelx05/22/073.49

Fat White Girls Need Anal, Too

 — A story that lives up to its title. by Samuelx09/01/083.98

Fat Woman Gets Anal Love

 — Chubby prostitute meets client with special interests. by Samuelx12/09/062.81

Fat Woman Gets Done Anally

 — She takes it up the butt. by Samuelx12/21/062.94

Fat Women Love Anal

 — The title says it all. by Samuelx12/14/062.96


 — Two workmates have a date with fate. by gregsticle05/14/034.08

Feeling Adventurous

 — Figuring he would never be this way again, he took a chance. by jthserra07/28/044.17

Feels Like the First Time

 — She finds a sense of being. by clsc69vette09/26/023.98

Felicity Pt. 02

 — The fantasy is done, but the reality continues. by Gaucueret11/14/134.49

Female Athlete Addicted To Sex

 — Female college athlete becomes sex addict. by Samuelx07/31/083.15

Female Chivalry

 — Keeping and defending the man she loves. by PredatorSmile03/29/064.22

Fight Night

 — There can be only one winner. by Vertex11/16/033.66

Filled Up

 — A couple's first adventure with double penetration. by SexZee09/26/124.01

Filling All Cavities Ch. 01

 — Dentist takes wife's and mother-in-law's anal virginity. by walterio03/02/134.47

Filling All Cavities Ch. 02

 — Tom fills some new cavities and Trudy has a wild encounter. by walterio03/06/134.48

Filling All Cavities Ch. 03

 — Tom hires another hygientist & Trudy gets with Sally. by walterio03/17/134.50HOT

Filling the Position

 — A boss hires the perfect secretary. by Taxcollector02/02/144.36


 — The best meeting a couple could have. by open assed slut08/02/024.34


 — She controls her first time. by poormans03/15/143.69

Finally Full

 — Curious female finally experiences anal sex. by prettybaby12/18/024.20


 — She teaches him a thing or two with a hole or three. by luckyfucker03/07/104.63HOT


 — Wife finally fulfills his anal fantasy. by iwytfma03/01/114.23


 — Man finally gets his chance to please a lover. by alanoche12/06/013.85

Finding a Jewel

 — Jaded 22-year-old has his fantasy fulfilled. by MerryPrankster01/24/084.64HOT

Finding Jenny

 — A gay man's best girlfriend turns out to have a secret. by kleve08/08/044.54HOT

Fiona's New Desire

 — Fiona gets curious about anal sex. by tk555507/22/124.18

Fiona's Sister, Cassandra

 — Fucking my girlfriend's sister up the ass. by Jack_Love01/27/124.12

Fireman Fucks My Arse

 — Debbie's dream comes true. by Aussie_Ton01/05/114.08


 — A rekindled romance. by Shellbell122412/03/084.74HOT


 — I was the crème filling of a guy, girl, guy delight. by GreenEyesDDD06/28/063.71

First Anal

 — A new way of pleasure. by southerncaptain11/02/034.04

First Anal

 — An initial experience with anal play. by WFEATHER01/28/083.28

First Anal Encounter

 — Lovers engage in anal sex for the first time. by theeyesavit05/23/103.30

First Anal: Not Really

 — Slut takes it for money. by jasliz08/07/093.23

First Anniversary

 — Wife gives husband a gift. by ColoradoKing07/18/083.78

First Ass

 — Man finally gets anal sex - with conditions! by Tepin07/11/014.29

First Backdoor Threesome

 — He has wife while hubby watches, then gets assfucked. by LaTourEiffel02/21/114.40

First Date

 — They enjoy public sex after months of email. by *bratcat*07/01/013.81

First in the Ass

 — From an anal virgin to an anal slut. by Krazy3509/19/084.24

First Meeting

 — A man meets his sweetheart in person for the first time. by Velius10/03/022.94

First Meeting

 — Meeting in a club then fun in Taxi and back at hers! by Tallman105/06/103.21

First Night

 — A first night/weekend in a new apartment. by nuum10/26/104.69HOT

First Night Ch. 2

 — Tony and Traci try anal. by AnonSky10/08/004.47

First Night Together

 — No condom, no pill, but a very horny Indian girl. by starbelliedboy07/04/094.22

First Time

 — Wife discovers joys of backdoor love. by AXLaws10/15/003.70

First Time Anal

 — She felt like a dirty, dirty girl – and loved it. by burmohini03/03/063.29

First Time Anal by the Pool

 — A nubile visitor gets it in the butt. by quietcantor04/25/044.34

First Time Anal Fuck

 — Alice has her very first anal experience. by xxxcutiepiexxx11/24/084.43

First Time Anal Online

 — Fiancé makes her first anal an online dare. by KeKaneAnoi08/20/054.29

First Time Cheat

 — ...with a willing & wanting stranger. by DieNasty08/25/084.36

First Time For Both

 — She helps him fulfill his fantasy. by BlodSwetNTears04/25/023.67

First Time for Emma

 — Emma has a visitor. by officefella07/29/103.59

First Time For Everything

 — Girl introduces best friend to anal pleasures. by lovechild2706/05/024.44

First Time for Old Friends

 — A girl asks her best friend to take her anal virginity. by sylviamarlowe09/02/134.58HOT

First Time On Literotica

 — Wife's first time reading on Literotica. by Anothertime06/09/043.71

First Time Up The Ass Ch. 01

 — He wanted his girl's ass but she got his. by ilovepussyalot02/03/032.43

First time Watersports

 — Discovering the joys of golden showers leads to Hot Anal. by zydrateaddict06/23/124.37

First Time with Barb

 — He enjoys a first anal experience with wife Barbara. by Shoreguy07/11/014.13

First Weekend Together Alone

 — The house is empty, it's time to get it on. by bittersweetcrush11/24/053.29

Fisted and Fucked

 — Kinky wife fulfills deep secrets. by smithjon191907/17/104.27

Fit To Be Tied

 — The story of how you controlled my first anal experience. by Autarchic4Ever07/05/104.33

Five Minutes

 — Ed seemed overcome by the mere sight of such a female. by theeyesavit05/20/103.44

Flavoring Chocolate Peach

 — Darius explores Avanyah’s affinity for anal sex. by kontajiss12/22/044.03

Flavoring Chocolate Peach Ch. 02

 — Darius yearns for more of Avanyah's anal indulgence. by kontajiss03/12/054.07

Flexible Booty

 — 18 year old gives up her virgin ass. by Goldeniangel04/04/114.36

Flickering Light

 — Anal and hot wax by Roger_Ramjet01/20/143.73

Flirting with Jason Ch. 02

 — She spends a night alone with Matt. by ~Avalon~01/31/074.65HOT


 — A missed opportunity turns into a great night. by kmail09/30/074.27

Flowerless Valentine

 — Nervous first date leads to shadowy alley sexfest. by BettyBlue02/01/064.54HOT

For Claudia Ch. 03

 — Anal. by joelafayette10/02/124.66HOT

For Him I Am Always Ready

 — Lovers wake for passionate sex. by bisexy_butterfly06/12/104.62HOT

For James

 — Janet gives James a gift. by Mr James10/24/034.51HOT

For Research Purposes Only

 — A science student has a different research project. by leondreamer04/16/104.62HOT

For Those About To Rock

 — Friends with benefits have another hot night together. by xangelwings68x02/12/053.69

For Your Pleasure

 — Your pleasure is my pleasure. by samantha402/03/124.34


 — Bisexual Black man falls for bisexual woman. by Samuelx06/30/073.14

Forget Me Not

 — Stranger releases betrayed Laura's inner slut in hotel. by BeaVienne09/01/134.61HOT

Fortieth Birthday Surprise

 — He's set up by the woman he loves. by jdgreen07/14/024.59HOT

Found Out Ch. 02

 — The following day, he ate her gorgeous ass. by Jay Richards09/09/064.35

Four for the Handyman Ch. 01

 — He starts a new life with four Co-eds. by spikysex07/14/084.54HOT

Four Handed Mystery

 — John Cooper gets a 'very special' massage. by BillsTheName08/18/114.54HOT

Four Nights of Freedom: Night 01

 — Evening with Brittany is model of an old flame. by Mike Franklin10/21/054.59HOT

Fragments Ch. 02

 — Clues to his life begin to appear. by no_inhibitions01/16/044.10

Fraternity Whore

 — Fraternity president deflowers blow job queen's ass. by jonstevens02/01/064.05

Freak in the Sack

 — A brief fling I had with a co-worker. by greg_caufield07/15/104.44

Freakin' with the Enemy Ch. 04

 — Pageants, mothers, and small-town revenge. by Stardog Champion08/18/104.57HOT

Freddie Decides to Finally Try Anal

 — First time anal sex wants to experience the erotic exotic. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER09/14/072.69

Freddie Gives Gayle Anal

 — Freddie finally finds the third hole. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/03/082.52

French College Babe

 — Hot anal sex in the stairwell. by Jack_Love01/27/124.17

French Kiss

 — Lisa gets some hot French ass-loving. by saucymh03/25/144.30

French Lessons

 — A reunion with a former French teacher ends in a new lesson. by starbelliedboy04/18/054.32

Freshman Girl

 — Damon seduces an 18-year old blonde. by damonX06/08/054.46

Freyja Inc. Ch. 05

 — Shea plays the game to stay. by Texas_law_man05/06/084.65HOT

Friday Night

 — A pierced girl's Friday night adventures. by lofwyrkp08/12/094.46

Friday Night First

 — His first anal adventure. by Caravelle09/13/043.41

Friday's Pleasures

 — A horny husband got more than he thought he would. by FUNFORUS212/06/124.07

Friend With Benefits

 — Friends help each other scratch an itch. by ginslut10/24/033.80

Friendly Fantasy

 — Sexy friend does what his girlfriend won't. by Archer205002/19/094.43

Friendly Fucking

 — Man fucks his long-time friend awake doggystyle. by Plaice11/27/124.07

Friends Who Cum Together

 — Online chat turns you into one hot, sweaty mess. by gigi696902/11/104.27

Friends, Then...

 — Attraction grows between friends. by sebrina10/31/053.49

Frisky Friends!

 — Two good friends become sexually engaged. by sexymermaid707/24/083.80

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