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I hope your husband finds out

And sues you. You cheating bitches need punishment. No woman that respects her husband would ever do such a thing. Men, wise up. No such thing as love. If your woman doesn't respect you, you've got nothing. You're better off paying a hooker for sex. Waaaay less drama.

Anonous comments are totally spineless.

It was a decent story. I've nothing derogerty to
Say. Good effort. Thank you.
Anons should have the bollocks to put your email
address. Spineless, mindless twats!!!

Keep it up

I like this story a lot i hope you keep going with it.

Stupid story with a heartless CUNT fiance

but then the boyfriend is a world class loser. What kind of guy would be that much of a mindless fucking loser. oh ya, the writer is one. or is it a CUNT writer, no difference, same result. Fucking pathetic!



come on. was poorly written, no buildup, hardly rape. nothing says she was a bitch in school.

2 school mates who didn't have the balls to ask her out. Big deal.

she did break the rule

she promised him her virgin ass, she lied and therefore broke the promise. The wedding is off. Finished.

Turn on

It was such a turn on, now I wanna get fucked in the ass just from reading this


This is not a nice or erotic story


The ATM action was totally unexpected and quite a turn on. It is truly fascinating how depraved and submissive Katie has become. Phil forcing Katie to suck her own ass juices 5 times is a phenomenal twist that was quite unforeseen. Usually a guy just has his slut clean his dick after finishing in her asshole. But digging out his spunk TWICE and having Katie swallow it after already cleaning his prick was quite the turn on. This may be the most gripping and depraved chapter of this series so far. Keep it cumming!


Thank u for the wonderful series, love the story line and of course the lovely sex....waiting for more....

sweet story

That was pretty hot. I know I love sucking on my girlfriends sewer hole too. I could do it all day long.

Never read the first story but was able to get the gist of it. Don't care how the author ended his because I can't imagine a more perfect ending than this. You are an exceptional writer and I loved how you handled all the details of this story. It would have been very easy to keep the 'rich' girls total bitches and the 'hero' a whiny, angry complainer. You resisted and wove a fascinating tale. Very well done

This was so hot!

I loved this story. The author was very imaginative.

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