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Touching...the Christmnas Spirit

So touching...the true spirit of Christmas..

I remember..

So true I remember my hub was in Iraq... As I spent Christmas alone with my daughter... Made me cry..

When Daddy comes home, everyone is happy

It's always tough to be deployed during the holidays. I know--been there, did that.

Thanks for pointing out the emotions of military families, whose mom or dad, husband or wife, son or daughter, are serving our country during the holidays. Yes, they volunteered for the military, but it doesn't reduce their longing to be with their families on special days.

Good luck in the contest.

very nice

good, is there part 2 ?

and this is your winner!!!!
great story beautifully written. you had me when they were standing in line

"Victoria woke to the sun on her face. She crawled out of the bed and went to the bathroom, where she discovered her missing panties."

Then later-
"It sure as fuck wasn't Santa Claus," he said as he pulled her panties from his pocket."

Continuity a problem for you?

Good story otherwise.

Awesome. Hot. Really hit home with the epilogue, a buddy of mine used to do that. Almost sad, but it worked every time.

I just LOVE this story! I wish my master would let me choose a slave


Loved the story, thanks for writing it up and poting it here.

Great story. Believable.
I write a sex blog, hot new anal story up soon.
Check it out: http://undilutedjess.blogspot.co.uk/
J ;)

The Mother? Really?

Even for fiction, that was just nasty. What a disgusting guy he was.

Not badly told but.....

Both sisters and now the Mother? EEEEwwwwwwww. This guy was a thoroughly detestable asshole. Typical lawyer. Just awful.

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