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I've never done the ass thing but am curious.

Go away


Another disrespectful heteronormative scenario. Disregarding lesbians and putting them in the role as willing sex toys for men. Lesbians have a hard enough time being taken seriously without straight guys making them the focus of their male power fantasies like this. Bah.

And as for the person who dragged out that old "manhater" thing to disparage the other commenter: screw you.

Also, this character did not identify as a bisexual and respect for how people identify themselves is at the core of being a decent human being. I suspect you realize the whole "but she might be bisexual!" argument is bullshit. Because then she wouldn't have been the "forbidden fruit" as the "author" described it. Which takes us back to heternormative male power fantasies about how their cock is the magic key to converting lesbians.

Yes, like the other comment said: PATHETIC

Ive got to say, it was a really,really good story! I was delightfully surprised by not seeing the typically expected and somewhat cliche plot bits that get used a lot and you just hate reading because of the conflict; you expected the brother or parents to surely walk in on them as many times as they had sex in her house, the panties under his pillow, you expected his mom to find them and go off on him, and a few others. Even the best friends not coming to blows,you expected a fight or Jeanie accidentally getting hit by her brother. So I'm honestly thrilled that we made it through the story without all the twisting conflicts that would drag it down into mediocrity.

Even the ending was something that we sort of expected and dreaded, but I almost expected him to find a school close to hers and move out of state. ...but at least we know the story doesnt end here and that there is more to it, even if we don't get to read it :). A story well done, thanks for writing it for us!

Too unattractive

Sorry, but I stopped reading when you talked about how downright ugly your wife was. Not every story needs to have a porn-star perfect female in it, but I might have kept going if you'd described her as "plump and on the plain side," or something similar.


Sounds to me like you had nine holes in ones! Time for the back nine?


Made me hard reading that. Wishing it was me with your 10 inch monster in my ass


brilliant plot damn hot, nicely written - thanks :)

Dick length

It's always bullshit.


A pleasured bit of passion and love
Soft..just like the wings of a dove
So sublime...so sweet...so elegant all
Imaginings...to be the belle of this ball!

Daddy's kitten

That was pretty hot just work on stretching the sex ''scene'' out

Keeps getting better and better

This series is so warm and romantic! You keep surprising with each new twist and it keeps getting better and better. Cannot wait till the next chapter and the deepening love for all of the women in Carl's life.

Good story and writing

Not exactly "my cup of tea" but it was well executed. Thanks


A great reading right up my street made me so hard. I could picture it all. Love how dirty it was

return the favor

Get a extension for his own and take her as a continuing story line or use the same strap on

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