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Absolutely amazing

Woah, Daddy, your grunts and whispers drove me up a wall. This audio turned me on and lead to multiple orgasms before it was even finished. Your moans were authentic. (Which is sooo much better than half these men on literotica with their fake moaning.)

You should do an audio of nothing but whispers. I would be in heaven.

-Your Kitty Kat

Thank you

Omg that was amazing to listen to!!! Wish I could have been there to see just how wet you were!!! Absolutely the best audio I've ever heard! I love all your audios. You are by far the best there is!!!! So hot so sexy!!! Thank you

Had me rivetted

Thanks for the story. I thought you structured and delivered it very well, and I'd certainly listen to others from you.

Love your ad lib. Your voice is extremely sexy - you can make me cum any day you want. ;)

dear Gael Force, your accent is seductively sexy

"you tell me that you love it, you tell me you need, you tell me you want it, and I obliged" the way you said it made me almost moan in class. Felt like you're beside me and whispering it, your breath sending hot shivers everywhere. Coming from someone who had a not so good experience with sex, what you do is heavenly. thank you...thank you for giving me this feeling back.
- 19 year old writer

Thank you

This audio made me get on my hands and knees and grind against my fingers untill I came so hard thinking about grinding on you. Thank you so so much for the endless fun this gives me, and thank you for aiming an audio at us younger listeners! Love from me and my 18 year old pussy x

Please, we need more o

I love your voice and delivery
Please record more, maybe a story, maybe about getting picked up in a bar, then what happens next.
I use these stories to go to sleep, so I'll be dreaming of you all night- Thanks.
Can't wait.

Holy shit

Holy fucking shit. You are so sexy, demanding and I love your hidden tenderness as it was supposed to be a punishment. And your accent too. Oh my gawd is all I have to say, you're just soo fucking sexy.

This. I am for everything about this.

This. Was. Awesome. So fucking hilarious! I died. I mean, everything from the commands to that sweet laugh... it was SUUUUUPER sexy and perfect! I could not stop grinning. You really should consider pursuing professional voice acting because more women neeed to know about this!!! *High five* If anyone is reading and considering not clicking this, DO IT. It will definitely make your night better!

... Has a Strong Urge To Be Collared...

Everything from the collaring, to the oral stimulation was absolutely perfect. I could listen to you tell stories all night! (In fact I think I will) You must have a number of girls clambering to call you Master!


...fuck me now! This is so damn hot. Really looking forward to others in this series.

my perfect fantasy... thank you :*

the outdoors and a very sexy man doing very dirty things..damn am i in heaven ?
you're such a tease and i love it!

oh my fuck

that giggle at the end oh my god *o*
i would totally fuck you every morning if it were like that
hearing that rugged breathy grunts and your accent makes me wet and shiver without touching myself... sigh so sexy and sensual to my ears. Keep up the yummy work you oh so sexy man.


I plan to use my fleshlight to edge as I listen to you ;)

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