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More of this, please
! Sexy voice, too :)

my fantasy

Hey I'm jamila , I always had this fantasy of someone coming into my room in the middle of the night and eating my pussy , and just taking care of me until I squirt . I know that Sounds crazy But I've never done that before it would be awesome . I hope you still make audios .

Dirty talk

Just love your sexy dirty mouth. Would love to take you doggy style while you cry aloud for me to fuck you a bitch.


Did not expect to be panting afterwards... omg!! mmmm thank you, thank you, thank you!


I love your audios. You should do a guided masturbation audio, that'd be nice.

Thought it was gonna be romantic.. Then he said "you're the one who makes my cock hard." Haha great job tho :p

I understand

As a man I understand that desire and longing to have that special pussy that hot wet cunt pressed into my face, to smell it to taste its sweetness to hear my wife moan and to feel her body stiffin as she orgasms all over my face. Just loved your story telling and hearing you say cunt over and over, just love dirty talk from a women.


I was so skeptical, read some of the comments and thought I would give it a go and Wow! Came at zero! So hot! Thanks for the orgasm!

I was there

You make me so horny. Your sweet voice saying such fucking sexy things. You are absolutely sensational.

Thankyou again

There needs to be more like this. This made me so horny and wet

Thank you!

It's like you knew exactly what I needed to hear! Fantastic job!

best one yet

...this one was perfect. You really seem to know what a sub wants to (needs to) hear. Perfect balance between sensual and dominant and I really appreciate that you don't use verbal degradation or humiliation in yr audio recordings, which I see in a lot of the BDSM stories on Literotica... I guess that kind of thing is a turn on for some women but it's a little too much for me. So thank you for keeping it sensual and seductive, while dominant at the same time. You've quickly become my date on this saturday evening ;-)

Please make more like this!


You are so amazing.

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