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Hot Damn ..

Yes Sergeant .. You can always come home to me .. Such delicious audio once again .. Make more ..

OMG wow this was lovely!!!!

I can't wait to hear more. I REALLy like how you lost it in an explosion near the end there. But the anticipation and the description of you build sexual longing and then let it go - and flip it on him was just gorgeous. I can't wait to listen to more of you!

Followed you here from GWA...

OMG I am going to lose the next few weeks being immersed in your lovely sounds! I hope you're doing well, and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Cumming with you was brilliant!! Your voice was amazing, what you were saying was amazing. All in all, it was amazing!


That really got me off! Such a sexy voice, is was definitely fun to close my eyes to with my rabbit ;) I'll be listening to you again

Thanks Gael

lol the end killed me

Sultry voice indeed!

And THIS is how audio stories should be done. Kingswoman might as well be reading the phone book for all the attention I paid to the meaning of the words. Oh ok, if I'm being honest, from time to time I did enjoy her saying 'sex', and the way she pronounced 'gasp' was delicious... not to mention 'ass'.... Perfect for a hot summer's night.


This was so amazing, I liked how you made it quite sweet and sensual, nice joke at the end, makes it feel personal

Hey I sent you a mail I think I still have the right email address xxx C

Wtf? ._ .

This audio had. me. rolling. ._. I died and went to Heaven from laughing so hard. xD

I agree...

I wouldn't have put it so bluntly, but I agree with the first guy. I'm sorry, but those noises just weren't sexy. You sound weird and the girl sounds like the howling noises my dog makes when I'm at work and he's home alone all day.


U were great babe...are u bi??

PBabydoll, might you be a voyeur?

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