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Sometimes, I'll be working on a document or a report or something and I'll have a moment where I'll think of this audio and I'm wet in under a second. I have to sneak in a quick rub when no one's looking just to relieve the ache in my cunt, and hold back a moan. If I could have five minutes with you in a bathroom stall, you'd sort me right out.

this is...

Still my favourite...;p

Very Sexy Voice.

Love the way you sound,and the way you say thing's. You really know how to tease. Hope to hear more.

Love a little girl who knows its all about fun!

EVERY married man needs to experience the fun of a sexy vixen like you at least once!

There's nothing better than having a playmate who will just enjoy the time together and ask for nothing else - an you remind me of one of my favorite playmates!

Always leave me wanting more.

I love your sexy voice ,The way your voice linger's on certain word's is such a tease. Thank's for making these they are all brain meltingly hot. You are unrivaled on this site.

More sugar daddy stuff, yes! :D


Your voice is so fucking hot and when you and when you told me to cum I felt like I just had to.


One of the best. I love boyfriend or husband audios.. well cos im single lol but this audio is not only erotic, it made me smile, laugh and even teared a little bit.

and wait. I think I even answered some of his qns! Lol

Loved it!!! more of your amazing stories with your dirty talk. Yummy


I LOVE being called a good girl and your accent and growls blow my mind. I'm going to have to find me a Brit now ;)

just...wow. i never get enough of your voice 'wink wink'

Stay Shiny

You had me at Firefly.

When I found this site, I honestly didn't think I'd find a story which is "Guy who sounds like Misha Collins makes Firefly reference and manages to make 'good little slut' sound like an endearment instead of something to get bitch-slapped for."

My geek heart is a-flutter.

I want to be in this cooking class sitting next to you... damn :)

I love you

I need a big cuddle from you, Daddy

Snoozefest 2014

This had promise, but ultimately went nowhere. Admittedly, I didn't bother listening to the whole thing, but what I did hear was nothing but moaning. If I wanted to listen people moaning for 20 minutes, I'd just watch some porn. That way I'd have the visual too. The whole point of erotic audio is to set the fantasy and make us feel like we're a part of it. The audio itself was boring and lacked creativity. The premise sounds hot: if you had talked us through the set up, instead of just typing it, the lead-in to the actual sex would've been much more stimulating. But even the sex was boring. Describe what they're doing and make that the focus of the story, perhaps with them moaning in the background.

So focus on the description, otherwise it's like spending 20 minutes of your day with porn on in the background.

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