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Sexy as hell! Nothing cute, all about I want you inside me, NOW! Lucky girl, that listener you wrote it for.

I love that voice, your breathing and how you almost made me forget this was for someone else. Since I knew that going in, I gotta tell you, it was mmmmmm lovely. I took that ride along with you and I was all wet, warm, very tingly and out of breath. More please!


So at first I thought this was absolutely adorable. Your accent, the way you sound, even your dirty talk. I'm sorry but I have to admit to I quoted Seamus Finnigan from Harry Potter once or twice. I don't mean this in a bad way. It's just that you sounded so cute! And then you started panting and it was a looot more than cute. Please make more.

Soooo fucking sexy

That was beautiful - I want you to fill my dripping pussy with cum too


Wow, this was amazing!! Love it

Oh, Gael-sama, you got me looking so crazy right now! XD

This is British filth. I'd recognize it from anywhere, you're a plagiarist

As a scottish girl this REALLY turned me on. Can't wait to hear more from you ;)


Let's hear some more audio soon ;)

Screaming Match? ;)

I love a man who can rival me with the volume of his moans! Please don't stop uploading I love your sexy voice!

Very very nice

Reminds me of an actual experience I had once...thanks for the memories and I look forward to more stuff from you!

Another one!

So hot! I love older men! Sexy voice!

very nice ...

this is the first time I've listened to you and I simply wanted to tell you it was most enjoyable to listen to you. The timbre of your voice is soft with just the underhint of excitement. Very nice, very nice indeed. Thank you for sharing.

Daddy Loves You

Daddy loves touching his warm soft tongue against your cunt, Claire. And gently tasting your slippery lips. Sucking on them softly. And then,when I can't stand it anymore, and I feel my cock is about to erupt, I stand up and put my throbbing cock in your warm loving mouth, and Daddy fills your mouth with his oozing cream. You're such a good girl for daddy.

Great to Hear You're Back

I've always loved your audio, and it's great to hear you back here again. I really get off on the daddy daughter fantasy, as you do, and your stories always make my cock so hard for you. I love your dirty nasty talk, and you make this daddy cum so hard with your erotic nature. Thanks.

I'm so happy to see you here. I used to follow you on Soundcloud. If it's not too much trouble, I'd really love to hear the office audio where you're being teased by a remote vibrator. That one was so hot.

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