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Wish you were my professor!

I love your voice. You made me cum so hard. Thank you Sir, may I have another?

Pure Bliss!!

16 minutes of pure bliss what more can I say,
Keep it up...... pun intended.

The most.......

Sexy, erotic, intimate, arousing thing you have ever recorded. And the best lit audio ever. Thank you wonderful man. Please never stop doing this. You make so many women happy and give them unforgettable orgasms x

Made it to 7

I loved the kissing sounds it just added an extra boost for me. You're so hot. Your voice and breathe and kissing made it sound real to me very real. Thank you for that. Keep it up!

Heavy breathing*

I climaxed at the same time you did in your audio.... Saying you were going to cum made me lose it....😍


this was hot...but...
has anyone ever told you your voice sounds like Andy from Parks and Recs?

You made me cum twice!

Soooo sexy, your moans, and growls..
The contrast is so nice. I enjoyed cumming with you.

Hot damn!

The roar that erupted from you when you came was unbelievably hot, especially since it was quite different from the sounds in most of your other recordings and therefore something of a surprise. I adore the seductive tone of that deep voice and the way in which you're equally good at dirty talk or sweet talk, kink or romance, dominance or submission. If you have a specific woman in mind when you make these recordings of yours (and something tells me that you do), she's one very lucky lady. I just wish I could find a man like you on this side of the pond!

Claire, I love you talking about your cunt.

I love women saying Cunt . You are the best on the web for it. I have wanked my self raw listening to you say cum in my cunt. Thank you


OMG just the perrrrrfect thing to say. Anytime anywhere I'll cum for you


You win. Everything. Whatever the contest may be. You win.

Okay so first off you are amazing. You made me cum twice and I don't think I've ever done that before. Your breathing made me turned on even more, haha. This was amazing, I'm still shaking.

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