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This is the best ever!

5++++ stars. There is only one question that remains: when will academia start using this story in upper-division literature courses to explore the dynamics of the human condition? This is phenomenal!

I always come back to this audio

Coz it's always like a race to finish and i usually end up cumming really hard! Whoah

I love your story-based audios much better, but hearing you is a delicious treat. Thank you for your work (and play).

lovely pacing

really got off on the gradual erotic buidup to the highly charged orgasms!


Can you please a series of mummy being out. Bring the mummy role in. Mummy not knowing what is happening.

Ahh. Ahh. Ahh.

Can I be the one to masturbate you? So UHHH. YUMMY!!!

Love her!

i don't blame her for wanting more ... keep posting..

Fret Not

Fret not oop's happen even to the most tech savvy folks. :) It'll take next time I'm sure. Thank you for your past submissions and your current efforts.


I NEED MORE ;-; this little college student needs her professor


Little one, you know I'd take you anywhere. Your mind, your voice, your sexuality ... It's a devastating combination, one I treasure.

But I'm just not sure what to make of this one.


This made me sooo wet. I love listening to you.could you do a tickle torture audio? ;)


Hi, Gael. I love your audios. Do you think you could do a doctor/patient one with you as the doctor. That would be sooo sexy. Btw...I love your videos. I've downloaded most of them on my phone. You never disappoint.♡♡♡

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