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Fabulous first post! I'd help you out when you got home college! Your mentor would be proud I'm sure.

Hot change of character!

I've listened to your Vampire story and gotta say that I absolutely adore you as the sexy Russian Irina. Any chance of a comeback for this foxy minx?

to be continued... ?

Hey girl, loved the two parts of this story so far and you've definitely earned the red H. The end of pt. 2 really screams for another one, though. I agree with the previous comment and hope for a new blog entry but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you've done with the story up to this point. It's bound to get more tragic and luscious, right?


I would really love to hear more from you.

Welcome, and well done. I eagerly await your next creation.

My First

I remember the first time I clicked on this story, (back when it was still up on your old account.) It was my first time in the audio section of Lit, and this specific audio was the first I listened to. It was also the first time I fell in love with your voice! I still get the same butterflies I did the first time I listened. I love it

JUST listening?

I can guarantee you Angel, I wasn't JUST listening. ;)

Please please please do more daddy ones this is one of the few things that turns me on and you did it so perfectly

Take ME

Holy Shit Doc... I Fucking LOVED this one!!!! I absolutely need to get fucked like that. I came so hard just listening...I shudder to think what would happen if I would have touched myself too!!! I'll try that next time!

No Idea

I have no idea how you can do that. By the time you were on 3 I was at like, 6. I wanted to finish out with you, but I just couldn't take it anymore.


Christ. I have this page bookmarked. It never fails to make me cum, usually twice. This is unbelievably sexy.

Surreal.. :)

That was the first time I've ever listened to a solo guy all the way through.. Couldn't believe how immersed I was with the story and the sound if your voice.. I loved it. Looking forward to the next time I can cum with you. ;)

Worked for me

This worked for me, shot my load and everything, couldn't believe it! Went in with the premise that I wanted it to work which I think is key. Had a tiny bit of skepticism, but definitely had some belief. Very impressed with this, thank you.

Woa just woa

Man I was listening to this with my family around and man, I wanna be fucked by you so hard now. I wish you'd be here. God knows what I would do to you.

I just love how quiet you were & then the rough moans you made .. mmm (;

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