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Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Movie Ch. 01

 — Create your own story! by Porn_Pendulum10/01/084.30

Buffy vs. Dracula

 — A re-write of B.V.S. season 5. No sex. by BlissfulZimZum66605/28/033.00

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 01

 — Dawn plans to save her sister from a loveless marriage. by MTL1711/25/094.39

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 02

 — Dawn massages her sister's body. by MTL1701/04/104.44

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 03

 — Dawn punishes her sister. by MTL1704/21/104.38

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 04

 — Dawn literally enslaves her big sister's ass. by MTL1709/16/104.53HOT

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 05

 — Dawn has some more fun with her sister's ass. by MTL1705/02/114.68HOT

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 06

 — Buffy and Dawn are caught by Willow and Tara. by MTL1710/23/134.64HOT

Buffy's Gang Bang

 — Angel, Spike and Gunn have some fun with the slayer. by Sir_gawain07/20/063.95

Buffy: Lust for a Slayer

 — Buffy & Faith discover passion for each other. by 200Strokes12/31/044.34

Buffy: Lust For The Slayer

 — Buffy & Faith realise passion for each other. by 200Strokes12/24/044.47

Buffy: The End Of The World (again)

 — A celestial aphrodisiac is just the beginning. by TheEarl07/19/034.39

Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 1

 — Buffy's sex life takes unexpected turns. by FictionFem04/16/024.22

Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 2

 — Buffy's sex life takes an unexpected turn. by FictionFem05/04/024.26

Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 3

 — Buffy's sex life takes an unexpected turn. by FictionFem05/08/024.16

Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 4

 — Buffy tries to forget her feelings. by FictionFem05/20/023.68

Buffy:The Cast Meeting

 — The Buffy girls meet up During some off time. by CrazyBlade07/14/034.52HOT

Buffy; The Final Fanfic

 — How all Buffy/Angel darkfics ever end, happily and sexily. by CrystalDecanter06/06/133.62

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 01

 — Alternate Buffyverse set post-season 7. by unrepentant105/12/074.38

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 02

 — The gang continue to face the depredations of Quetzonatl. by unrepentant105/13/074.25

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 04

 — Quetzonanacatl continues to feed on the energies of the gang. by unrepentant110/12/075.00

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 05

 — Unexpected allies appear and Illyria strikes at Quetzonatl. by unrepentant112/19/074.78

Bulmas Lust

 — Bulma lusts for Trunks. by GeilerTypo09/14/063.84

Bundy Family Bonding

 — The Bundys get together in an amazing sex-fest. by hotxpress04/19/014.39


 — Meeting Leland Chapman doesn't go as expected. by touche02/20/064.32

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 16

 — Brittany goes on a long bus ride in Paris. by kimberlykitten10/12/064.20

Busty Mariah Carey

 — Madonna helps Mariah get satisfied. by bdhotguy200010/31/023.87

Busy on the Creek

 — The ladies of 'Dawson's Creek' have fun together by AchtungNight10/18/08

Butcher Babies and the X-Rated Show

 — Female-led metal group embodies the term of "slut metal". by metron1803/08/134.64HOT

By Morning Light

 — Ardeth & Angelina Series #3 by Ariane11/17/045.00

Cabin Paradise

 — Two hot couples experiences cabin paradise. by HarlemKnight03/06/133.69

Calculated Risk Ch. 01

 — A young Vulcan needs her help to survive Pon Farr. by Etaski02/08/124.67HOT

Calculated Risk Ch. 02

 — They must work together to survive the desert. by Etaski02/08/124.69HOT

Calendar Art Ch. 07

 — Chris finally chooses. by irishlass10103/24/034.35

Calendar Art Ch. 1

 — Heath gets friendly with a photographer. by irishlass10105/19/024.14

Calendar Art Ch. 2

 — Chris meets Orlando Bloom. by irishlass10106/11/024.34

Calendar Art Ch. 3

 — Chris is introduced to 'down-under' hospitality. by irishlass10106/14/024.41

Calendar Art Ch. 4

 — Threesome gets heated up. by irishlass10106/17/024.45

Calendar Art Ch. 5

 — Actor Colin Farrell gets his chance. by irishlass10109/08/024.64HOT

Calendar Art Ch. 6

 — Heath finds he has a new rival. by irishlass10111/18/024.50HOT

Calendar Meeting with Robin/Juliet

 — Planning of two calendars with female news anchors. by baranbrat03/08/064.74HOT

Calendar Shoot April

 — Fox News Harris Faulkner fulfills her fantasy. by baranbrat09/05/064.54HOT

Calendar Shoot April MILF

 — Paige Hopkins and friends have sex toy party. by baranbrat07/11/064.79HOT

Calendar Shoot August

 — Carol Lin from CNN in the shower. by baranbrat11/14/064.80HOT

Calendar Shoot August MILF

 — Linda Stouffer as Door to Door Cosmetic saleslady. by baranbrat11/21/064.65HOT

Calendar Shoot December

 — Christmas with Robin Meade and Family. by baranbrat06/11/074.73HOT

Calendar Shoot December MILF

 — Sharon Resultan & friends play truth or dare. by baranbrat04/25/074.69HOT

Calendar Shoot February

 — Betty Nguyen & Bonnie Schneider get it on with Tony Harris. by baranbrat06/02/064.59HOT

Calendar Shoot February MILF

 — Carrie Lee from Headline News & CNN. by baranbrat05/04/064.58HOT

Calendar Shoot July

 — Erica Hill's fantasy with Carol Costello & brother. by baranbrat10/30/064.75HOT

Calendar Shoot July MILF

 — Christi Paul meets Bob Van Dillon. by baranbrat11/07/064.74HOT

Calendar Shoot June

 — Juliet Huddy's Wedding Night. by baranbrat11/05/064.55HOT

Calendar Shoot June MILF

 — Kiran Chetry throws Juliet Huddy a Bachlorette Party. by baranbrat10/05/064.56HOT

Calendar Shoot March

 — Kristina Abernathy and co-anchor Kevin Robinson. by baranbrat07/03/064.67HOT

Calendar Shoot March MILF

 — Gerri Willis shows Uma Perraraju Real Estate and more. by baranbrat06/09/064.16

Calendar Shoot May MILF

 — Heather Tesch throws an orgy. by baranbrat09/22/064.54HOT

Calendar Shoot November

 — Adrianna Costas, Shanon Cook & Veronica De La Cruz. by baranbrat03/14/074.53HOT

Calendar Shoot November MILF

 — Dana Jacobson & Friends put on X-rated fashion show. by baranbrat04/04/074.20

Calendar Shoot October

 — Tropical Storm with Stephanie Abrams and Fredricka Whitfield. by baranbrat12/19/064.45

Calendar Shoot October MILF

 — Soledad O'Brien & Susan Hendricks meet Bob Van Dillon. by baranbrat12/20/064.35

Calendar Shoot September

 — Alexandra Steele Meets cast of How I Met Your Mother. by baranbrat12/13/064.59HOT

Calendar Shoot September MILF

 — Catherine Callaway & two unruly students. by baranbrat11/27/064.35

Calendar Shoot Unveiling

 — Unveiling of calendars. by baranbrat09/27/073.88

Calendar Shoot Vol 1 January Pt. 1

 — Anchors decided on and January's shoot with Hillary. by baranbrat04/03/064.47

Calendar Shoot Vol. 2 January Pt. 2

 — Amy Robach with three porn stars. by baranbrat04/11/064.80HOT


 — Stranded Cameron Diaz gets boinked by a mechanic. by Rockwell09/12/043.82

Calista Does the NBA

 — Shaq helps find a new side of Calista Flockheart. by Greg Lee Hunt06/16/014.64HOT

Call It What You Want

 — New Kids on the Block get lonely on road. by twostepsback07/16/044.62

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 01

 — Pitbull x Me/Sagia Castaneda, all getting clean! by Nizhnaya06/11/094.00

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 02

 — Pitbull x Me/Sagia Castaneda, starting the cleansing process. by Nizhnaya06/12/094.25

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 03

 — Pitbull x Me/Sagia Castaneda, trying a soapy experiment. by Nizhnaya06/13/092.67

Camelot Ch. 01

 — A night of forbidden anal passion. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat09/07/044.52HOT

Camelot...More Like Cumalot

 — Having fun on the set of Camelot. by AngelE04/09/123.86

Camera Happy in New Zealand

 — My night with Legolas & Aragorn. by RykaDawn7302/18/09

Cameron & the Rock Show

 — Cameron Diaz sees a good band & a lot more. by Shatterpoint10/05/014.16

Cameron Gets Her Man

 — A stressful day leads to a big surprise. by naked52008/22/082.74

Camilla Ch. 061

 — Camilla dreams she fucks Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'. by MawrGorshin02/18/124.89

Camp Swampy Sexcapades

 — Miss Buxley shows off her assets. by old_n_dirrty10/31/124.39

Can I Have Your Autograph, Please?!

 — Danish tourist enjoys nature with Kiefer. by Evita10/29/033.92

Can You Dance The Fandango

 — How WWE's Fandango picked Summer Rae as his dance partner. by wwekiller12/16/144.00NEW

Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind

 — A JAG Story: Webb's back, and Mac's thinking about him. by deweycat06/02/044.25

Can't Let Things Go

 — Denny treats his wife wrong. by sex_kitten1610/03/114.00

Can't Let You Go Ch. 01

 — A Modern Day Dragon Age AU. by audjenn9805/29/125.00

Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass

 — Candice Michelle makes Mickie James her bitch. by MTL1710/31/144.39

Candy For Everyone

 — Chris gets inaugurated into the band. by SexyJennaInk07/04/034.60

Candy Holes

 — Candice has her way with Victoria's ass. by MTL1705/25/144.25

Candy Holes Ch. 02

 — Candice has her way with Torrie's ass. by MTL1706/17/144.43

Candy Holes Ch. 03

 — Candice has her way with Trish's ass. by MTL1707/24/144.67HOT

Candy Holes Ch. 04

 — Candice has a surprise for Lita. by MTL1710/01/143.67

Candy Loving

 — Candy makes the grade. by hopeolsonfan05/17/054.67HOT

Candy Loving in White

 — The playmate models a sheer white outfit. by hopeolsonfan05/27/054.67HOT


 — She's kidnapped by 3 of the Backstreet Boys. by Chel-Belle02/23/024.45

Captive Hearts

 — Victor takes Tea to his castle to his way with her. by ImmortalRomance09/15/114.00

Captured Ep. 01

 — Amy Pond and the Doctor find an unconscious woman. by JJfantasy06/07/112.80

Car Repairs

 — Who knew the car dealership could be so much fun! by helensghostwriter03/11/134.19

Carey Mulligan Takes It Rough

 — Carey Mulligan gets it on with a stagehand with monster cock. by Pussyman503/20/143.63

Carmella Decesare

 — At a family retreat two unknowing cousins start kissing... by Primer_Cord07/09/074.22

Carol Burnett & Friends

 — Reminiscing about banging a couple of TV stars. by Irish Moss08/12/094.43

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