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Under My Thumb Ch. 5

 — Angelus stops Miss Calender from restoring his soul. by badgirl29807/19/024.11

Under My Thumb Ch. 6

 — Willow performs the spell. by badgirl29807/20/024.40

Under My Thumb Ch. 7

 — Angel is back...but is he also interested in Willow? by badgirl29807/21/024.27

Under My Thumb Ch. 8

 — Angel & Willow get closer. by badgirl29807/22/024.50HOT

Under My Thumb Ch. 9

 — Angel & Willow grow closer. by badgirl29807/25/024.38

Under The Covers with Sunny

 — Sunny brings Val Venis under the covers. by Dice_Casden01/14/103.33

Under The Mistletoe

 — Mickie James was Trish Stratus' biggest fan and Trish's opponent. by CharlesLawson04/06/11

Under The SmackDown Covers

 — Maryse brings Matt Hardy under the covers... by Dice_Casden01/14/103.38

Under The Stars

 — Jane showing Darcy the stars takes an unexpected turn. by MTL1707/26/134.57HOT

Under The Stars Ch. 02

 — Darcy convinces Jane to do a little more experimentation. by MTL1709/29/134.68HOT

Under The Stars Ch. 03

 — Darcy pushes Jane further. by MTL1711/27/134.75HOT

Under The Stars Ch. 04

 — Darcy and Jane have make up sex. by MTL1702/27/144.71HOT

Undercover Bad Girls

 — Two women have a hot threesome with Randy Orton. by justboycrazy10/10/104.00

Undercover Fantasy

 — Two undercover cops are forced to perform. by cynsex08/05/053.78

Underneath Your Clothes

 — He interviews Latin Princess Shakira. by Luxano08/02/023.61

Undertaker and Mickie James

 — The Phenom visits the psycho in her dressing room. by Venus_in_Furs08/07/064.28

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 01

 — Undertaker finds a new "bride". by lonewolfsmate05/08/044.19

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 02

 — He sees the awe in her face. by lonewolfsmate05/09/044.00

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 03

 — She was sliding down his body. by lonewolfsmate05/10/043.73

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 04-06

 — The next morning. by lonewolfsmate05/20/044.17

Undertaker's Loving Pet Ch. 07-11

 — The second call from Undertaker. by lonewolfsmate05/21/044.80HOT

Underworld: King of the Undead

 — Young man discovers his special destiny. by BlackKing209905/01/063.20

Underworld: Queen of the Undead

 — Young woman becomes queen of all vampires. by BlackKing209905/01/063.64


 — Argentina & Yvonne Strahovski. by B5900101/25/134.05

Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Hong Kong & Yvonne Strahovski. by B5900105/29/134.55HOT

Unexpected Ch. 03

 — Mauritius & Yvonne Strahovski. by B5900106/07/134.40

Unexpected Relief

 — Kate receives help from Martha in a surprising way. by SDLRob08/14/144.41

Unfinished Business

 — The Dark Lady Sylvanas gets a visit. by ItsJessy11/17/104.45

Unforgettable Trip

 — She meets the her dream Heath Ledger while on vacation. by jewel040411/30/014.44

Unforgettable Trip Ch. 2

 — Continuation of her Heath Ledger fantasy. by jewel040402/13/024.12

Unforgettable Trip Ch. 3

 — Heath savors her. by jewel040402/15/024.31

Unforgettable Trip Ch. 4

 — He pampers her out of the shower. by jewel040402/16/024.92HOT

Unforgettable Trip: Final Chapter

 — The trip comes to an end. by jewel040404/03/024.50HOT

Unfullfilled Desires

 — An alternate reality based on the show Smallville. by LuckyVic03/04/104.16

University Life Ch. 06

 — Stud students meet hot adult actresses. by blindjack11/13/064.55HOT

Unleashing Passion

 — Sasha, a Human Sith Warrior, must learn about passion. by Dondinas07/28/134.21


 — A masked ball ends in steamy sex with a famous actress. by B5900109/30/113.94


 — Carmen has a one night stand with a porn star. by BlaqueDiamond05/21/104.40


 — Grissom & Sara are in NYC. Sara indulges in an old fantasy. by cclarkgo01/19/094.56

Unsatiable Asa Akira

 — Short pornstar fantasy. by sexnovella07/29/143.50

Unseen at Britney's Concert

 — Sneaky fan gets a special surprise. by wwekiller12/19/073.18

Untamable Hearts Ch. 1

 — For those who wanted Jubilee & Wolverine to fall in love. by PamperedSteel04/04/024.55HOT

Untamable Hearts Ch. 2

 — Jubilee's love for Logan has been noticed. by PamperedSteel12/29/034.55HOT

Untouched Love

 — The story of the rise of Rogue the pornstar! by Lithium_hobo09/01/114.56

Usher's Revenge

 — Erotic/comedy satire about the celebrity couple. by griffiev06/24/023.21

USS Dreadnought Ch. 01

 — The CMO seduces the Admiral away from his wife. by JubeCube07/13/094.20

USS Dreadnought Ch. 02

 — The CMO and Admiral in the Holodeck. by JubeCube07/22/094.71

Utah Is So Sweet Ch. 01

 — Body worshipping body builder Utah Sweet. by adoration12/18/053.50

V.I.T. Ch. 1

 — Spike kidnaps Willow for a spell. by badgirl29808/26/024.00

V.I.T. Ch. 2

 — What snack food do you eat when vampires kidnap you? by badgirl29808/27/024.22


 — Angelina Jolie in wild midnight run at Tattoo Dig. by Rockwell11/11/043.78

Val Kilmer Suprises You

 — You come home to an intruder. by VinnyGirl2506/15/033.72

Val Venis Presents

 — Daddy's Little Girl: Stephanie McMahon by Dice_Casden01/13/104.11

Val Venis Presents Christy Hemme

 — Val Venis presents his latest video featuring Christy Hemme. by Dice_Casden01/14/104.67HOT

Valentine Fantasy Contest

 — Robin Meade's Valentine Day Fantasy week-end in NY. by baranbrat01/30/094.68HOT

Valentine's Day

 — A celebration of Romance. by Lux Necronis04/11/034.25

Valentines Day Virus

 — Trish Stratus is Agent Slut, undercover as school nurse. by GeorgeTasker01/21/044.51HOT

Valerie - A Deep and Dark December

 — Valerie and Sally want a baby. by estragon01/02/114.04

Valerie's Chyna Fantasy

 — Her Joanie "Chyna" Laurer sex fantasy. by Buzzboy11/27/054.10

Vamp of the Night

 — What if Kevin Thorn and Ariel were really Vampires? by Dice_Casden01/13/102.50

Van Helsing's Bride

 — An alternative ending to the film. by Trawler06/15/044.64HOT

Vanyel and Jonne

 — The short interlude with the shy Guardsman. by TimothyM07/18/124.11

Vanyel and Stefen Ch. 01

 — Herald Vanyel finally realizes his feelings for Stefen. by TimothyM07/23/123.75

Vanyel and Stefen Ch. 02

 — Stefen does his best to fullfil Vanyel's needs. by TimothyM09/18/124.67

Velma And The Spirit Of Women Miners

 — The adventure of the Scooby-Doo gang in a Silver Mine by Richard96305/10/123.88

Velma Dinkley: Sexual Dynamo

 — It's no mystery why Velma was better than Daphne. by Irish Moss10/14/074.53HOT

Velma's Sweater Meats

 — Ever wondered what's under Velma's sweater? by kimberlykitten01/18/054.49

Velvet Sky, TNA's Slut

 — Velvet Sky takes on the X-Divison Champ. by Wwetnaxxx04/13/123.71

Vengeance is Mine Ch. 01

 — Rock's two hottest guitarists fall for each other. by sugarandspiders07/02/064.82HOT

Very Happy Christmas

 — Anna Kendrick gets caught in a snowstorm before Christmas. by TheBigLove12612/21/144.31

Vibe On

 — Dannii Minogue gets a technical tune-up. by Noj12/02/054.70HOT

Viciously Dykstra

 — Victoria knows how to please her boytoy, Kenny Dykstra. by Dice_Casden01/13/103.00

Vin Diesel Ch. 1

 — Azrial meets the man of her dreams by Destiny Fantasia09/26/022.73

Vin Diesel Ch. 2

 — Vin and Destiny meet in the alleyway. by Destiny Fantasia10/05/023.44

Vin Diesel Ch. 3

 — Azrial finally makes it back to her apartment. by Destiny Fantasia10/10/023.39

Vince's Devil's Slaves

 — Vince's Devils want to enslave Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL1709/29/094.72HOT

Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02

 — Vince's Devils continue enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL1710/25/094.75HOT

Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03

 — Vince's Devils finish enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL1703/28/104.58HOT

Vince's Twisted Fantasies

 — Vince acts out his wildest fantaies on Maria. by showtime167305/13/094.00

Virgin Goddess No More

 — Athena wants to kill Eve, & Xena makes an offer. by JasperMan10/27/013.80

Virgin Goddess No More Ch. 2

 — Athena learns more, and falls in love. by JasperMan10/29/013.73

Virginal Vixen

 — Alicia Keys & Tex are music lovers. by Rockwell09/12/044.00

Virtua Mischief v.0 v.1

 — Future video games exploited for sex (v.1=Beach Spikers) by Akito0110/13/024.39

Virtua Mischief v.2

 — He enjoys a virtual sleeping princess. by Akito0110/31/024.55HOT

Virtual Reality

 — Mike gets a shot at June Cleaver . . . by ms72vt12/31/094.55HOT

Virtual Reality Ch. 02

 — Mike gets a second chance with June Cleaver . . . by ms72vt03/18/104.67HOT

Visage Ch. 01

 — Shapeshifting Tina is after Lana Lang. by danwoodsversion108/31/053.06

Vongformed Jedi

 — Jaina and Alema Rar get into some Yuuzhan Vong bondage! by HandcuffGirl08/20/114.50HOT

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 02

 — Jaina Solo becomes a Yuuzhan Vong slave. by HandcuffGirl08/24/114.45

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 03

 — Jaina and Alema Rar are trained as Yuuzhan Vong Ponygirls! by HandcuffGirl08/28/114.44

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 04

 — Jaina learns to love being a ponygirl for the Yuuzhan Vong. by HandcuffGirl09/04/114.57HOT

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 01-02

 — A seriously kinky look at Star Trek: Voyager. by scatwoman07/01/044.45

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 03

 — Janeway, Kes & 7 of 9 get down & dirty. by scatwoman07/07/044.23

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 04

 — Kes' animalism, Harry's ordeal, Seven's intestinal problems. by scatwoman10/11/064.50HOT

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 05

 — Young Sabine is assigned to be Seven's toilet slave! by scatwoman09/29/114.58HOT

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 06

 — Sabine's toilet slavery for Seven intensifies unimaginably! by scatwoman09/30/114.11

Voyager Uncensored Ch. 07

 — Seven's toilet slavery model changes everything! by scatwoman10/01/114.45

Voyager: Seven Explores

 — Seven of Nine wishes to learn about her humanity. by theslutbunny08/01/134.50HOT

Voyeuristic Intention

 — Kevin Nash watches, but is he hidden? by LilithBathory12/13/013.93

Voyslash Ch. 01

 — Startrek Voyager. In German. by cptkonga03/18/033.97

Wa'DIch Ghom

 — A ST:TNG tale of Worf & Troi; 1996. by Sabledrake01/15/034.57HOT

Waiting For This

 — Mindy finally gets the rock star of her dreams. by Lost Vampyress03/18/014.13

Waking up with Abbie Clancy

 — Abbie enjoys my girlfriend as I'm tied up watching. by sure_will98703/01/113.31

Wally's Day

 — Wally gets his first lesson from June. by iamno1too10/20/144.21

Wanna Play?

 — TVD: Elena has a problem and Damon's ready to fix it. by NykkiLeigh03/11/155.00


 — Scott Steiner wants a new freak. by Dice_Casden01/11/103.50

Want B, Take B, Have B

 — Faith finally gets what she wants. by MTL1706/12/094.70HOT


 — Joan Severance gets off big with mystery man. by Rockwell12/10/043.40

War Of Awkwardness

 — Star Trek Deep Space Nine alternate universe story. by MultiFan02/19/092.73

War Of Lust - France vs Italy

 — Trinity takes on La Resistance. by Dice_Casden01/07/105.00

War Wounds

 — Not only drivers get war wounds at Talladega. by FirefightinAngel06/05/062.90

Warehouse 13/OUAT: Double Date

 — Myka and HG investigate Helena and Emma. by Zev9509/14/144.00

Warehouse 13: Endless Wonder

 — (In My Pants) Claudia and HG settle a bet. by Zev9505/20/144.35

Warehouse 13: Kiss The Fist

 — Myka and HG experiment with bondage and talk about feelings. by Zev9502/06/143.67

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 01

 — Pete unwittingly brings back an artifact that wreaks havoc. by thepleasuremachine07/20/104.38

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 02

 — Pete spies Mykah, as she loses control. by thepleasuremachine07/21/104.39

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 03

 — Mykah sneaks in on Artie, taking advantage. by thepleasuremachine07/22/104.26

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 04

 — Pete takes Claudia's ass, for the first time. by thepleasuremachine07/23/104.35

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 05

 — Pete figures out that he has full control. by thepleasuremachine07/24/104.41

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 01

 — The fall of Phoebe. by sycksycko04/08/134.28

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 02

 — The Fall of Paige. by sycksycko04/14/134.50HOT

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 03

 — The Fall of Prudence. by sycksycko04/17/134.47

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 04

 — The Fall of Piper. by sycksycko05/24/134.32

Warming Up The Lakers

 — The Bellas warm up the WWE's Lakers: Cena, Batista & MVP. by Dice_Casden01/10/104.15


 — Pete Wentz/Ryan Ross. by druscilla_nesser01/24/094.33

Watching Her Play

 — Rick Castle watches how his daughter masturbates. by alwayswild08/22/144.17

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