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Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 01

 — Buffy meets Angelus in the dark. by Aingeal_leannan02/10/034.35

Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 02

 — Fully and completely. by Aingeal_leannan02/11/034.38

Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 03

 — Only Buffy and Angelus knew the hunger. by Aingeal_leannan02/12/034.07

Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 04

 — Everyone searches for Buffy. Including Angelus. by Aingeal_leannan02/23/034.27

Who I Am Before I Was Ch. 06

 — The standoff. by Aingeal_leannan05/25/034.50

Who I Am is A Slut Ch. 1

 — Interview gets hot with Jessica Andrews. by nasty105/07/012.84

Who I Am, Before I Was Ch. 05

 — Where do they go from here? by Aingeal_leannan04/27/033.75

Who I Am, Before I Was Ch. 06

 — The next step. by Aingeal_leannan01/18/042.00

Who I Am, Before I Was Ch. 07

 — Enter Giles, stage right. by Aingeal_leannan01/19/044.38

Who Watches the Watchers?

 — Troi and Riker are forced to perform ancient sex ritual. by lirpa11/04/063.78

Who Would've Thought It

 — One rainy night, a good deed introduces him to Eliza Dushku. by FallenAngel122703/30/034.65HOT

Who Would've Thought It Ch. 02

 — Eliza and Corey share a truly wild night together... by FallenAngel122704/17/034.75HOT

Who's Tough Enough

 — Who's the best winner of WWE Tough Enough? by Dice_Casden12/24/093.00

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

 — Lauren gets it on with Greg Proops. by xlilkittenx07/13/084.00

Why George Slew the Dragon

 — The truth behind the legend. by Nakod Apa04/26/064.07

Why I Never Stalked Tatiana Maslany

 — Just a little Orphan Black fan friction with the series star. by smutnut07/09/144.25

Wicked Game Ch. 03

 — Task Number Two. by velvetpie05/30/044.53HOTContest Winner

Wicked Game Ch. 10

 — Task Number Nine. by velvetpie06/06/044.57HOT

Wie Sara Lumholdt in die Band kam

 — Die Schwarzhaarige von den A-Teens. by Starsucker04/13/064.02

Wild Beach Party

 — Katherine McPhee attends a late-night beach party. by TheBigLove12602/07/123.86

Wild Night Ch. 01

 — Young man meets Neve Campbell. by Nerfstar04/09/064.35

Wild Night Ch. 02

 — Neve and Patrick return to the club. by Nerfstar04/16/064.56HOT

Wild Night Ch. 03

 — The guys hang with JLH and LC. by Nerfstar03/15/084.18

Wild Night in the ER Ch. 01

 — The ER staff livens up a rough night. by sohowanderer04/27/034.32

Wild Night in the ER Ch. 02

 — Lewis and Gallant come to an agreement. by sohowanderer06/02/034.26

Wild Night in the ER Ch. 03

 — Weaver knows. Does she care? by sohowanderer06/23/034.12

Wild On Brooke Burke

 — Young man enjoys night out with Ms. Burke. by gdavis08/27/044.72HOT

Wild On Jules

 — A wild one night stand for Jules Asner. by Rockwell12/09/044.75

Wild Ride

 — Patty meets Kiefer. by Katzasingin04/27/084.00

Wilde Debut

 — Male escort's first gig is threesome with Olivia Wilde by Robertdoc10/01/134.68HOT

Wildest Dreams

 — Queen of country explores her bi-curious side. by MISTANG06/14/103.75

Will of the Force

 — A Twi'lek police officer seduces a Jedi on Corellia. by Loqutor07/10/114.64HOT

William & Mary: A Royal Tryst

 — Mary Talbot finds herself at the mercy of the prince. by gorgeousgypsygirl11/27/03

Willow and Kennedy do Rio

 — Characters from Buffy the Vamp Slayer get nasty. by Don Omni11/04/053.31

Willow Palin's Birthday Party Ch. 01

 — Willow's Party is Prepared and things heat up early. by baranbrat07/16/134.35

Willow Palin's Birthday Party Ch. 02

 — Willow finally gets her birthday present at oily party. by baranbrat07/17/134.42

Willow Palin's Birthday Party Ch. 03

 — They celebrate Willow’s birthday at Country Club. by baranbrat07/19/134.19

Willow Palin's Birthday Party Ch. 04

 — Lingerie show, Willow’s gang bang & the family’s love fest. by baranbrat07/21/134.31

Willow Seduces Buffy

 — Willow puts the moves on our favorite slayer. by bigdickno104/13/012.92

Willow's Wedding Night

 — So PWP the plot's in the title. by LL7203/25/114.66HOT

Wind Beneath Her Wings

 — Danica Patrick finds true love with a young lesbian artist. by DAB3269707/09/104.76HOT

Window Washer

 — Tokers watch Grace Jones in action. by Hornyman69WithU05/24/074.20

Winona Does Her Duty Ch. 01

 — Winona finds salvation from criminal charges. by Kettle Corn04/13/053.93

Winter Wonderland

 — Wintry night in Chicago turns into hot sex with Megan Fox. by B5900103/07/113.59

Wintersprings Adventure

 — Will & Cambria have some fun in the snow. by humbelle06/09/084.50

Wintersprings Encounter

 — Further adventures with Khalia. by humbelle06/16/074.44

With Matt Away...

 — With Matt away, Lita and Edge will play. by Dice_Casden01/07/104.33

With Us, Or Against Us!

 — The nWo's Miss Elizabeth has an offer for Chris Jericho. by Dice_Casden01/06/104.33

Without Shepard Ch. 01

 — The Mass Effect crew continues in a post-Shepard galaxy. by BlueOpticNerve01/30/144.64HOT

Without Shepard Ch. 02

 — Miranda & Jack continue to have difficulty working together. by BlueOpticNerve02/14/144.53HOT

Without Shepard Ch. 03

 — EDI & Traynor test a new device. by BlueOpticNerve04/14/144.34

Without Shepard Ch. 04

 — A recount of Shepard's encounter with Morinth. by BlueOpticNerve04/23/144.54HOT

Without Shepard Ch. 05

 — Miranda & Jack struggle to play well together. by BlueOpticNerve05/21/144.29

Without Shepard Ch. 06

 — An overstressed Liara dreams and reminisces. by BlueOpticNerve07/20/144.71HOT

Wolverine Confidential

 — Wolverine romance. by 2052Dreams12/03/054.66HOT

Wolverine Gets a Little Upset

 — Logan gets more involved. by 2052Dreams03/16/064.79HOT

Wolverine's Desire

 — Logan lets go of the past. by 2052Dreams01/21/064.82HOT

Wolverine's Enchantment

 — Logan succumbs to the Aura. by 2052Dreams05/06/064.68HOT

Woman from the Pit

 — Romana is bound, left to Lady Adrasta's mercies. by Doc Redfield10/29/054.24

Wonder Ch. 01

 — A normal man meets Wonder Woman - and much more. by Dave93310/31/144.61HOT

Wonder Woman - New Reign Ch. 01

 — Wonder Woman tries out her new powers on Power Girl. by sghoul04/26/084.47

Wonder Woman Becoming Pregnant

 — She gets pregnant after an adventure. by Space_X04/23/033.29

Wonder Woman Beginnings: The Alpha

 — A look at the debut of Princess Diana in Man's World. by Ksennin05/05/144.63HOT

Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure

 — A l village isn't what it seems. by vargas11107/26/044.38

Wonder Woman: The Beastmistress

 — Diana's first encounter with the sorceress Circe. by Ksennin05/10/144.60HOT

Wonder Woman: The Order of Demeter

 — Wonder Woman battles the fertility goddes Demeter. by inyotefi06/24/104.24

Wonder Woman: Truth or Dare

 — A training session with Batman takes an unexpected turn. by JTCIII07/30/114.68HOT

Wonder-Full Tonight

 — The Wrestling With Celebrity guy meets Wonder Woman. by crow7630802/18/094.18

Wonderful Stranger

 — Chance encounter with Wincott becomes memorable. by chrisa07905/19/024.15

Word Fucking Life

 — John Cena with Jackie Gayda after WM XX by Dice_Casden12/25/093.92

Worgen's Dream

 — A former Gilnean noble enjoys a serving girl in his employ. by SaucyEroticProductions09/23/124.62HOT

Workin' Junior's Driveshaft

 — Pizza driver gets BIG tip from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. by rerunroid07/07/083.94

Working 9 to 5

 — A sexist revision of a satire on sexism. by Charles Petersunn07/19/064.65HOT

Working It All Out

 — Network axe man fires Denise Austin; they have encounter. by clinton0908/30/10

Working With Mario

 — A screenwriter and an actress work with Mario Lopez. by justboycrazy12/28/083.67

Workout For Jennifer Ellison

 — Jennifer Ellison goes to the gym and gets a better workout. by wwekiller03/02/083.95

Workout with Lara

 — Angelina Jolie gets some training support. by Noj05/04/044.52HOT

Workout with Lara Ch. 02

 — Angelina gets another good, hard workout. by Noj11/27/044.71HOT

World Champion! Yes! Yes! Yes!

 — D.Bryan has it all, the World Title and the adorable AJ. by Dice_Casden04/13/124.07

World Turned Upside Down

 — The world without Wonder Woman. by vargas11107/27/043.94

World's Greatest Reunion

 — The World's Greatest Tag Team reunites. by Dice_Casden01/05/10

Worth a Thousand Words

 — Tequila, desert heat, Angelina Jolie...anything's possible. by MWG04/09/014.49

WrestleMania 29: Backstage Pass

 — Backstage action at the WWE's biggest event of the year. by Dice_Casden06/05/133.89

WrestleMania Fantasies Ch. 01

 — How one fan spends the week leading up to the Main Event. by LilithBathory05/28/074.29

WrestleMania Fantasies Ch. 02

 — How one fan spends the week leading up to the Main Event. by LilithBathory05/29/074.45

WrestleMania Fantasies Ch. 03

 — How one fan spends the week leading up to the Main Event. by LilithBathory05/30/074.40


 — The first ever mom-son pro-wrestling based story! by Surt10/27/094.06

WrestleMom Ch. 02

 — Introducing the first MILF of professional wrestling! by Surt07/23/104.43

WrestleMom Ch. 03

 — Bigger! Better! Badder! The penultimate WrestleMom! by Surt08/24/114.25

Wrestling Fantasy Ch. 1

 — All she wanted was a chance to meet them. by Melacynthe08/24/023.85

Wrestling Fantasy Ch. 2

 — This was her chance to live out a fantasy life. by Melacynthe08/25/024.69HOT

Wrestling Fantasy Ch. 3

 — Red tries her luck with the Rock by Melacynthe09/08/024.72HOT

Wrestling with Celebrity Ch. 01

 — Lucky mug gets a contract & meets Danielle Fishel. by crow7630811/06/073.92

Wrestling with Celebrity Ch. 02

 — More character driven than plot driven. by crow7630811/07/074.75

Wrestling with Celebrity Ch. 03

 — Getting it on with the au pair. by crow7630811/09/073.44

Wrong Aim

 — Frances of Venus, Episode One. by HumanEndeavor08/24/053.20

Wrongs Darker Still

 — Star Trek Deep Space Nine alternate universe story. by MultiFan04/05/094.50

Wrongs Deeper

 — Star Trek Deep Space Nine alternate universe story. by MultiFan04/30/094.40

WS1: Kimberly Gets Satisfied

 — UPS driver really delivers. by stephfan2k212/24/014.16

WS2: Kimberly...

 — Kimberly gets satisfied. by stephfan2k212/25/014.00

WS3: Day Three

 — Kim & Teri Byrne. by stephfan2k212/26/014.00

WWE - In The Boiler Room

 — Kane makes his move on Lita. by Dice_Casden07/30/073.77


 — Ashley and Trish find Mickie online. by Dice_Casden09/16/074.15

WWE Divas Gone Wild

 — Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson have exciting match. by stunner_inc04/10/044.33

WWE Euro Tour with the Divas Ch. 01

 — He drives Layla and Maryse around London. by TheBigLove12611/09/104.19

WWE First Cum Match

 — Trish and Lita end their feud in a new match type. by wwekiller09/27/084.47

WWE Writer: Completely Stratusfied

 — New hire in WWE meets the Women's Champ. by dfg198004/16/064.61HOT

WWE Writer: Debra Comes Home

 — Former WWE employee looks for work. by dfg198005/16/064.46

WWE Writer: Good Morning Melina

 — Competition heats up among the women in WWE. by dfg198005/15/064.21

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