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Friend story

Sorry but this was the worst.. I love the Brit makes a friend stories and was really looking forward to this. Way over the top "elephant trunks" dp Brits pussy? Cock head too big to get in her mouth? You are better than this


Adding Carrie in was good thinking. Write more of these tv show stories they are really good

Memory Lane

As a young person, I used to enjoy watching the show. Your story was a very enjoyable and light-hearted romp. Thanks!

I digress, but I had fun thinking about this ...
As a grown up, I recently purchased the first two seasons of IDOJ, and was very underwhelmed by Claudio Guzman's writing (he wrote most of the first two seasons). The master-servant relationship or even the idea of a woman who had the power and desire to make someone else happy wasn't really explored. Half of the success was all the male viewers who fantasized about what THEY would do if a genie who looked like Jeannie fell into their lap. Though those were still pretty restrictive times. The show had to fight over her costume as showing her navel was considered too scandalous; for several seasons, they had to cover it up or risk censorship of un-aired episodes.

Jeannie the character was often written as a spoiled, petulant, conniving girl-child in a woman's body with the powers to make her dangerous desires reality, while Tony was often a first-class jerk who treated her feelings like they were dirt. The cartoon aspect was all the places the two men ended up going when they made her angry, often without proper clothing or equipment for the weather extremes. No jacket on an iceberg in the Antarctic? Suddenly on skis at the top of the Swiss Alps? Funny in a "Oh my God, she really did that?" or "that's one scary bitch!" sort of way.

I still think Barbara Eden was and is incredibly sexy. For me, another Barbara (Feldon) was yet another hottie from that same time period. The IDOJ episodes where Michael Ansara guest starred were fun (as the Blue Djinn), especially knowing that at the time, Barbara and Michael were happily married, and seeing them get a chance to act in the same show together was fun, and you could see they had a great time hamming it up.

So, again, thanks for the story! Fun!

Girls of friends?

The girls from friends are always hot in a lesbian scenario. Or maybe an Emma Watson if possible? Thanks for your awesome stories

excellent side story

Great work for these chapters that don't fit the main one gives a spotlight to some celebs we might not see otherwise.

Might I suggest a pre rehab Lindsay Lohan in a threesome with the main character and Shakira breast expansion angle is prefered but optional the location if possible the dining hall


Great story, I'd deffintetly like to see one like this with Hyde and Kitty Forman from That 70s Show too


I love Sabrina/Kelly stories! I wish you'd write more about just those two!


Your writing is just astounding! Love how much detail you put into these scenes.

If you're taking requests, can I suggest Barbara watching as her Birds of Prey gang up and have their way with Nightwing? Or perhaps Batwoman having a "training session" with the younger Batgirls.

Always a Chance

Now that all the other requests from other readers have been fulfilled I will see about roughing one out and see if it works before I actually write it. Thanks for the idea and for reading my work.


oliva holt or dove cameron would be good

Oh my yes! More of this please! Fuck Victoria all night long ;)

That was hot. Always wanted to see Catwoman seduce Batgirl. Any chance to see the other Batgirls and Nightwing join in for a big orgy?

great story

Just thought you could have kelly brooke,the saturdays,cheryl cole,nicola roberts,sarah harding,kimberly walsh,michelle keegan,keeley hazell as the guests,how about putting another spell on holly and give her a dick maybe

Request Granted

Please see Gotham Girls - Chapter Eleven for the part containing the Batman / Batgirl story. There is also voyeur element of Catwoman watching included to satisfy another reader request. I do, honestly, read and appreciate every critique (good or bad) and do listen to my readers requests and ideas. If you post comment with an idea just give me a chapter - or two - to get around to implementing your idea(s). Right now I am doing more research and am thinking of adding more chapters with the Rogue's Gallery. Because even the villains deserve to get laid every once in a while.


please, tell us when will you return to write new chapters. It's the greatest BBT story ;)!

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