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Justice sisters together please!

Great story, a follow up would be both sisters together before both in a 3way of any combination! They could go to a gym during the day & pick up a couple of guys AND girls (possibly 1 older woman) & have a group session back at the hotel!

Devirginizing Sabrina

I missed Jenny when she moved away,nice to see she came back as a big titted bisexual slut. Please more Sabrina.

I'd prefer Buffy as Faith's bitch, but this is pretty hot.

Sorry I didn't reply to these earlier - there was a problem with my account and I couldn't log on. (All fixed now - big thanks to the admins!)

Anyway, I have started a fourth story, although I can't say when it will be finished. As with the others, it's all-new characters, so no T'Pol. Nor, I'm afraid, do I have any plans to return to pairings I've already done, although you will be seeing characters from earlier stories re-surfacing in the background. And I do have ideas beyond the present one, so hopefully I'll get there eventually...


On behalf of hockey fan everywhere, YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!

Oh boy

Well it seems like things only have a band aid on them for now. Stamp is clearly trash, but I guess Victoria has to learn it on her own. I like the pairing, but they clearly rushed moving in together.

The way I see it, Duncan should break it off with her. If not, this is all just going to get worse. If you love a bird, set it free and all that. Go on and do his other show with Kanye West. The fact is, he's in a toxic work environment now and it's getting worse. He shouldn't have to be forced to go through that just because he wants to lose access to sex with Victoria. He shouldn't have to be the one doing everything for her career. He's hit a ceiling now, and it's time for him to move on.

Ultimately not my call, just my assessment of what's been presented.

Interesting, But What Happened To The Sex?!

Technically sound, but a lot more details about the uniforms would be appreciated. Speaking of which, I was hoping for a throwback to the original uniform from the original series. Also, and getting back to the subject at hand, they were so much sexier!

Hot With A Capital H!

The only thing missing, per se', for us pantyhose fans, is that she loves to wear them! In your version, especially if you're not a fan, they would have probably be ripped off and snorted before being discarded. No problem, all's well that ends well!

Not believable

You lost me at the Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup finals haha

merry Monk!

We need pt2, julie helps get mom and monk off the next morning,


Its average , try to move it a bit slowly

Please don't leave us hanging! Update quickly please!

I see where she is coming from

Honestly, I think Victoria is kind of in the right here. I figured this would come back at Duncan just like this later on. The manager might very well be shady, however he really should have brought it to Victoria first. Maybe it would've caused a rift, but it still would've been the right thing to do because if he didn't tell her it would've come back at him later and now it has. The thing is, he's not her manager.

I mean I hope it ultimately works out in terms of the story, but whatever. Not surprised by this outcome.

"The League" is my favorite show! Seriously.

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