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Hollywood and Kate

Count me in, would love to see you revisit her.

for the win

We need more Kate stories with epic tit fucks

Robin in this story would still make a better Batman than Ben Affleck

Jamie needs to make up with Superman and Lois and they should accept Jamie too so Jamie can get out of this lifestyle.

More plz

Please do more with the idea of Mystique's "multiple people" trick, or tell me if there's something else with that idea, because I absolutely love it!


Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino, Megan Kelly, Greta VanSusteren VS Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, Tamron Hall, Alex Wagner with B Clinton, G Bush, B Obama as judges
Condi VS Michelle--same judges

Thanks for the comments

This first chapter is by far the shortest, meant just to be an quick introduction.

good story

Hi! Love your story. Maybe combine a few of the chapters? That is all.


I've just read all your 'Castle' stories for the first time, and found them very erotic. I like the way you write, conjuring up very vivid pictures.


Interesting take on this pairing, and a hot read. Keep it up.

love it

Can't wait for more of this story

Hot story. I personally don't want to see Beth turn the tables here. I'm enjoying her growing submission too much.

I love this story please write more.

More to come soon.

Many more chapters waiting in the chute

So glad you are back, I love your JAG stories.
Definitely needs Harm/Skates in this.

More please!

Would love more scenes with some of the new girls like Maddie or Steph. Also wouldn't complain if a couple of former residents like Sian or Rosie made a guest appearance.

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