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Great Insights.

Truly excellent insights into both Bruce and Barbara's motivations for fighting crime and how it affects their relationships.

As for WTF, can he not read taglines on the stories he clicks on? It's a submission specifically about Batman and Batgirl on a porn story site. What did he frickin' expect, Bruce helping her with her homework?

Good story and a response to your comment.

I like this story, there aren't enough stories of the good wife and your title was great! Creative but simple.

I also enjoy that 70s show, I've never read one of your stories before so I've never requested such but please feel free to take your time with the story. Some of these readers can be so frickin impatient they bug and nag until they get what they want. It caused another writer to take a break. Don't rush your writing it is an art form that takes time. These people should just be happy you are working on it period. I know I am.

Ps I gave you full stars because this story was hot and there needs to be a part two. Do watch for missing quotations tho :)

The 70's are cumming!

Okay! I'm researching Kitty & Hyde. Give me a day or so to get it together. I wanted more time for this one, but the emails and comments are getting annoying. I'm going to watch the show on Netflix to get a feel for the woman and the guy you want banging her.

Stop giving a "0" to my stories. It only lowers the rating and does nothing but piss me off. Literotica is a great sight for authors to show off their new work, The one hang up is readers who give a low score to a story for reasons other than the quality of the story. One guy told me once he gave a 0 if a story had a "To be continued" at the end. Another jerk gave me a zero because, in his words, there wasn't enough fuckin'"

When I see a 3.4 rating for my last story I know the idiot readers are at it again.

I'm doing the Kitty story as quickly as I can, Please be fair!

Please turn this into a series

Keep 'Em Fucking ... Errr Flying!

LMFAO over the speech Steve gives about women's contributions to the war effort ... while they just want him to get on with the whoopie.

Can't wait for the Agent Carter series on ABC. Maybe Gail will make an appearance.

This was good but I was hoping for the Hyde and Kitty one for That 70s Show to be the next one. It's been requested like this one maybe longer cuz I saw it on the happy days one. Good story I just hope you do your other requests soon too.

Dude come on post something new!

I was curious...

I was browsing through the new stories on here and this one caught my eye. Wasnt sure what to expect as never expected to see Mister Tumble as a story subject on here, in fact never thought of him in that way but ...it is written beautifully! Such a touching and real experience of having an autistic child. Very moving and sweet, I liked it alot! :)

Really hot!

Wonderful! Keep them cumming! The interplay between the two women is amazing and hot! My pussy was wet throughout reading. Thanks! Sally

my favourite story here on literoca!!!

is there a possibility of a sequel?

I love this story, especially this chapter. The world needs more Nyssa/Felicity/Sara so please, please continue.

Well, here I am at the end, so far. Aside from some quibbles I was probably overcritical on as compared to my enjoyment, this has been a great run, produced in an amazing amount of time, in amazing quantity. Great escalation on the League of Assassins orgy--pitched the right way between the completely ludicrous and the slightly plausible. I'm surprised you didn't have Nyssa al Ghul in there, but maybe that would be a cut too deep. Loved Talia's rationale, loved Shiva's involvement, the continuing presentation of a Batverse that is just a few inches off from canon instead of being complete porn.

Is it weird that after PG, I'm fine with Aquaman being a joke character? Maybe it's that it's at least a take-off on BatB, and not just "lol he talks to fish". Aquaman's mom being a dolphin is at least a new one on me.

Well, it's continuing the TKJ subplot, which--ya know--objection noted, but Phobia is a nice use of a D-lister with a fitting, funny, sexy sequence to fit into. Nice work.

Another good chapter and good to see a reasonable branching out from the Gotham cast, but I think Karen was a little *too* OOC. Usually, it's just exaggerated from canon for comedic effect, very well-done, but this just seems a bit like generic sluttiness. Like, Huntress could be written into this scenario, or Black Canary or Big Barda, just as easily. IMHO.

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