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Dude awesome story. There was something going on with Kitty and all the guys in the basement, heck the whole town, but especially Hyde. Did you know there's an episode where Hyde actually walks in catching Kitty watching porn?

Second part submitted

Just informing you guys, the second part is (finally) submitted.

The point?

Clearly, you missed the point.


What's the point of reporting a same story??


Dude you should have made one where chichi bulma and android 18 where giving out blowjobs and stuff

as anonymous

The best I have read on this site, PERIOD! Keep up the good work.

My Mistake

I originally had it as just his mom with "called" in there. Then I added "one other person" to show that Starfire thinks of him as Richard, not Dick, and that's why she misunderstand Tommy. I guess when I did that it changed to "call."

I'm happy that at least one person isn't just scrolling down to the sex part!

5 stars

Great job dude hope you keep making me more. Pam is like the perfect girl next door type who you know is a secret slut. Really like your writing style

One error

I have been reading your series and I think it's very good. How ever I find your referring to Dick's mother disturbing. According to how he became Robin, both Dick's parents died in a circus "accident". Bruce took him in and made him his partner. Yes I read comics and still do.
Otherwise keep up the great work.

OG Link here I got permission from the author
https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9629534/1/I cha-Icha-Paradise-The-Jinchuuriki-and-the-Cherry-B lossom

I love a good Manga

Good Job killing off Sasuke that prick always was in the way
Next episode: Naruto uses his Shadow clone to DP Sakura :D

Another masterpiece

Once again well done on an awesome piece of work. While I just love your Alba stories I have to say adding Rosario Dawson was great. Great story and great sex scene equal great writing. 5/5

celeb 3sum

how about Lorraine Kelly interviewing Holly & Fearne and then having a 3way!! or Fearne & Holly both using strap-ons on Emma Watson!

more please

Please do more of these, you capture the pacing of the dialogue and the characters perfectly. I have not read a better fan fiction that weaves in so much great sex.

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