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what's with the dom/sub nonsense?

As a committed watcher of NCIS,I can state that NO WAY is Gibbs into that crap. Otherwise, I'd have given it a 5 instead of a 3.


Just stumbled on this series and it's been great so far. Well written and a fun scenario celebrity scenario. Keep up the great work.


Such a fun story so far. I enjoy the developing story and characters. So well written and very well done. The progression has been great so far. Hope it continues.


This story is incredibly fucking hot! I'd love to see more female celebs grow big fat cocks!


More more more more more more more more

hot story

very sexy, i would like to see more domination of felicity as well.


Nice ending. Oliver was very Ollie to Tess. Tess is a redhead, though, not a brunette.

Oh, yeah.

This should've been used, man. Marvel and DC now have one thing in common :retaining every couple of years.


Keep them coming! Great work.
*Small editing note, you called Harley, Riley in the first part of this chapter.

Love this series so far

If I could name a few I'd like to see it would be these;
Kate Upton, Salma Hayek, Britney Spears, Kelly Brook

Love this series

I love the cheeky, campy fun. And the author puts out regular chapters on a regular basis to boot! That is very hard to do, believe me I know.

Can't wait

I really can't wait for the next chapter! I hope Clara has some fun with Amy (please make that happen) but I really hope that it doesn't take until the next series of Doctor who to come out until we get the next chapter.

when is the nxt part?.............upload soon...........

awesome series

Can't wait to what you have cooked up next

i am a big hillary fan,i jack off to her all the time,she is so fucking hot

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