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Fucking amazing

You are the best! Would love to see you write about Kate again like you do your regulars

You keep going

This is the best Britney series on this site, and easily my favorite series going on here totally.

Thank you for continuing it so much and yes it's only gotten hotter and hotter. I absolutely LOVE the interracial work here and the black titty fuck!

Love the story, please continue. Would love to have an human male and female Vulcan love story. Good job.


Again, you are one of the best if not the best writer of Dark Angel & Alba stories!!! I really hope you continue to write them!!! Thanks!!!

Excellent Star Trek

Good to see Trek erotica in the REAL Trek universe, not the JJ Abrams crap. Always thought Andorian females would be hot lovers. Maybe Blue 2 could be the Bolian gal and the medic LOL. I'm not sure I'd want to read about Lugmilla but she seems nice and I hope she finds a Tellarite soulmate. Enjoyed this much.


This is LITERALLY the best Parks and Recreation story I've ever read. Hope to see more!

Re: Hugs

I appreciate the suggestion but the main storyline of this series is the pot so for this one, the drugs are a necessity.


...NOT DRUGS!!!! Good story idea but leave out the drugs mate!!! (Ruined it for me!)


This was an awesome story MTL17. Really really well written and very hot. Loved April being dominant over Ann. That is very believable to me. And the age difference makes it even hotter.

I really hope that you do more with this story and these characters. It would be sweet to see April take full control of Ann and have her do things for her own pleasure. April could have Ann do embarrassing but sexy things with other people in order for Ann to get her pleasure from April again.

Maybe April could have her wear skimpier clothes to work and show off for people. Or maybe she would make Ann seduce Leslie. Or make Ann have sex with some she doesn't want to like Councilman Jamm.

Great story and I really hope you make it a series.


I can not wait, but I will, for the next chapter. I just love that you brought Jennifer Tilly into this story. Only in Vegas. I watch hold-em on tv and see her and Unibomber all the time. Will now look for Tatynana.


What you wrote about was it true or just a fantanzh you made up because you like them?


According to non-official sources Saavik was half Vulcan and half Romulan herself.


I'm a young girl and I was looking for something that could make me squirm and this storie did!! You should continue you wonderful work and make other feel the way I did! Very good

Janet and Chrissy got it in the end! Yeah Baby!

Good story .I always liked Threes Company !And wished I was Jack ,because in my fantasy ,the girls walked around either nude or injust skimpy towels or bathrobes and were glad glad to please me in what ever way I wanted ,without question at all.And I hope you keep the stories cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming !Because I know I did .Several times in fact ! Thanks again


Yes I obviously picked them just because they are "obviously Christian"...I did not know nor do I care what religion they are. I wrote the story because Kimberly Perry is hot and the brothers are there. I don't write with any agenda other than to put down what goes on in my mind. If you are religious or care about religion, good on you but I don't. Its not like I wrote them having sex in a church they are on a tour bus. Take your agenda somewhere else.

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