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That was actually one of the best fantasy stories Ive read in a long time. :-)

I plan to

I really plan on it. Didn't want to have too much sex in the first so I could set up the story before I go crazy with it. Glad you enjoyed it!



Fucking hot

Britney getting double cock, and then that titty fuck to finish her off, that was hot. Black cock in Britney for the win +1

Perfect idea for you

I see people requestinga story between Donna and Kitty so here's the perfect idea for you. In season 3 romantic weekend there is a scene where kitty and Donna are in the same bed together and donnas really drunk while kitty's drinking too. The story practically writes itself! I don't know what else we can do to get a story out of you! Please write this one and soon. You are the only one who still writes these great stories for shows like this.

Mila Kunis

Sorry if you get this twice I thought I left a comment here but it's not here. Idk.

Can you do a celebrity story of Mila Kunis? There are so few for this beauty and you have some great stories here so far. I don't know if you need it to be from a show but she was on the 70s show playing Jackie and she did guest star in lots a other stuff too. Please consider it, thanks

Not a bad start at all. I hope you continue this series.

Why So Long!

Candice/Torrie together now that was outstanding ! Torrie giving into Candice desires and willing to become her bitch. This was a great mastetpiece of a great story. It must continue !!

Victoria Gets FUCKED By Candice !

Wow ! Great story ! Candice making Victoria her bitch ! Candice taking control of one's great ASS ! Making Victoria a bottom GREAT !!

Hottest Women Ever !!

Angelina/Velvet together has to be the hottest pairing ever. Would like to see more with these two hotties. You gave up way to early on these two !!

Max/Caroline what a pair !! Great story, with all the action. Max giving in to all of Caroline's needs. Please have more with this pairing !!

Really Hot ! Can't wait to see what's next with this pairing. One of your best stories to date. Candice/Trish a dream come true for us all !!

You know these stories aren't true

i think the ultimate prize should be next....

after ivy eventually conquers for all time batman, i think she should go after the ULTIMATE prize, the ULTIMATE stud, that being SUPERMAN, the most powerful, strongest, musclebound handsomest moral male in all the universe.. now THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE POWER CONTROL POWER TRIP FOR POISON IVY!....

"Blood of the Dragon: The Last Crusader Book 1" is now up on Amazon. Check my bio page for the link if interested. Thanks for reading! :)


Thank you very much for your praise. I am happy you liked my story and I hope your fantasy was as pleasurable to you as writing this was for me.

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