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It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for LOL.

I find I prefer doing the enclosed story in each chapter. None of the build up then leave you waiting for the next part. It also means that if I find myself at a bit of a block with one chapter, I've not left people with blue balls in anticipation for the fucking.

Multi Part Stories are a Pain in the Ass

People want to jerk off while they read. Leading up to another chapter is a waste of time. Let each story stand on its own. You can continue characters. I LOVE Alexis and I would love to be Rick. Even better ME! You can write about them any time and I will read it. Who knew she was a cum slut?

I just love Trish's reaction when Candice tells her she's been fucking her girlfriend. Like, what the fuck? Then the idea of Lita taking it up the ass had her cumming. So fucking hot. I can't wait for part 4.


The images that came to my mind. Wonderful.

Great Story!!

This is a wonderful story! However, Feric's failure to man-up and tell her rally irks me. Just get it over with. It really borders being cowardice and is annoying to me.

This is my only complaint, though it probably is intended this way, I feel this issue shouldn't last 5+ chapters.

I mean Inanna has risked her life countless times for him, has done everything she can to assist his and his prides survival and yet he can't do this? He keeps saying there are more pressing issues but he knows their bond only gets stronger with time, the whole failure to tell her is really perplexing and seems over done. I mean telling her would take what, 5 minutes?

That being said, the story is fantastic and the details are exquisite.

One of the Besy

One of my all time favorite stories on Literotica.

Great Stuff

Zev95 has once again showed that he is one hell of a good writer. This continuation of the "The Equilibrium Deviance" storyline is terrific. Very sexy, very hot, and a great story, too. I'm a bit unfamiliar with Cheetah, but she definitely is a nasty bitch. Watching her manipulate Garfield and Donna was as chilling as it was sexy. One of Zev95's best qualities is his ability to surprise you, to throw you for a loop.

Looking at their couplings from Donna's and Cheetah's point of view was an eye-opener. The very things that Cheetah felt were degrading, Donna thought were just plain loving.

Zev95 clearly shows here that one of the differences between evil and good is evil's essential selfishness. Good people share, help, cooperate. Evil uses.

Somehow, there is an overarching story here, but I can't see where it is going.

That's great!!

You picked the perfect actress!!

Good Story!

Love the plot and the quality of the writing. However I am always annoyed when a main character fails to do something for a few chapters...it just irks me and the story seems to lose its luster due to my annoyance. Just a pet peeve of mine. Great Story!

hot !!!

So fucking hot! Please tell me that you're gonna continue this! :)

Very well written

I loved this, would love to see a sequel.

To Anonymous

It is a shame that the delectable aroma and flavor of her pussy were washed away, But I wouldn't miss the smell of her unwashed ass and I wouldn't even try a taste.

Right now, this is a stand alone plot.

I've now got about four different stories that are multi chapter and a shit load of single chapter stories going on on my computer. I keep on saying I won't start anything new until I've got some of the unfinished plots finished, but I know I'll end up with something new tomorrow LOL.

Why the shower!?

Smelling the ass au natural is absolutely the only way to go with asses such as these. After a thorough sniffing the licking and tonguing can begin. Right out of the shower is a terrible waste of feminine perfume and taste.

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