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Awesome! can't wait for chapter 2!

New Chapters?

Hi, is this amazing story finished?


U wrote another great story! Maybe the first chapther could be longer and describe more specifically the sex scene. I check every day for your new stories :) and I hope to read more (please say us if u will write new bbt stories).

ps: in the next story it could be in idea write a sex scene Penny/Sheldon or Penny/her father.


This is coming along great please continue it.

Why an H symbol next to it?

Ever find it funny how despite no sex occurring in the story, it still gets that little H symbol next to it?

La Enchantdora?

Any chance we will see her?


Fuck yes! Please do Jennifer Tilly, man, you know you want to.

Fuck yeah

And now I have the biggest boner on this bus ride home. Thanks!


I'd die to be degraded by mistress rihanna. Delicious domination. Awesome stories xxxx

Game of Thrones

Could you do a chapter about the girls of GoT? Especially Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey


Lost count how many times I've read this! :D there's got to be another instalment on the horizon surely...? :D

More 70s please!

Please write more t7s show stories! You write them so well! This one with Kitty teaching sex was the best though only wish there was some girl on girl action with Donna and Kitty too. That would have made the guys really hard! Thank you for this story please write more.

Five stars!!

Great story awesome smut and characterization was spot on!

Please write more like this and soon! Thank you


Great story as always!

Another great addition to this series, can't wait for the next chapter.


I really enjoy your story, I love hollys body I think is the hottest and horny cow in the world.
Please do some more, maybe with a gang of horny Irish man fucking all her holes!

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