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 — acrylic 70cm x 80 cm by Marguerite0108/09/11

"Simply Waiting II" acrylic 50 x 70

 — A variation on a previous theme by Marguerite0101/26/12

10 X 5 Drawings

 —  by pilip08/12/11

3 some

 —  by pilip08/15/11

4x Fan

 — A woman holds a folding fan. by THROBBS08/03/12

50ft Lea

 — crazy 50ft rip off by Leanights01/10/14

A Beautiful Backside

 — White opaqoe on black, Watercolor paper by Agedfinewine08/01/14

A bikini too tight

 — Facesitting in the sun by sarkasex01/15/15

a bit of narcissism

 —  by JumpinJakes08/11/14

A break in Proceedings

 — acrylic 60x80 centimetres by Marguerite0107/27/11

A Daring Escape

 — An unwilling concubine escapes the Underking's Palace. by jimmy_james08/18/11

A Day in My Life

 — If my characters could live in the "real world..." by Wyldefantasy05/01/13

A desperate housewive

 — A desperate housewive that I met on the Internet. by KrystanX09/28/13

A Gentle Punishment

 — Girl Hog-Tied Over a Chair in a Hayloft by inkyscandal04/08/14

A Heavenly Fantasy

 — An angel takes what she wants. by Maddiegirl04/18/13

A Private Tryst

 — Can we go somewhere private? by The Soulful Bard10/06/14

A Sketch of Intimacy

 — This is how I want him to take me. by Vyenna_12/24/14

A Star is Born

 — An aspiring young amateur slut on camera by SheriffBart05/13/14

A Taste

 — Grace reaches for a taste by LittleOne1438504/08/14

A Valentines Gift

 — Gynni straddles her lover by Gynni03/02/15

A webcam moment

 — A couple revealing a tender moment on webcam by tortillion12/11/14

A Woman's Centre

 — The sexual energy centre I have so often experienced. by LangeloMysterioso06/19/14

Adri's Return

 — Not erotic, but cute! Inspired by Her First Encounter by Guinahart08/31/14

After sex

 — A woman having a cigarette after having sex by luv2taste06/26/13

After the Dance

 — An exhausted dancer sprawls after giving herself a workout. by LargoKitt02/20/13

After the Garden Party

 — what Holden saw by Holden8906/24/13

after the wind died down

 — hand sketch photoshop color by beachsf104/13/13


 —  by theoncomingstorm01/31/14


 — Proof of Passion by ilikeithot630809/22/14

Alisha is Sent to the Farm

 — From Law Intern to Beast of Burdern by LorenzoMarks02/05/15

Alluring Charm

 — photo sketch by Jasmynn_Brown02/02/13

Almost Caught

 — Partial nude by TJSkywind04/08/14


 — She needs some company. by BBW Fan07/05/11


 — Fetish by feliciacosmina02/14/13


 — Alyce the succubus by Maddiegirl01/31/14

An Almost Troilism

 — Pen & Ink Guardrail Parking by Emmsigh001/23/14

an Empty promise

 —  by The3rdType02/27/15

An Interstellar Departure

 — A reimagined version of someone else's character by lckscknfck704/12/14

Anal Toying

 — A girl's experience ass penetrated by a butt plug by LittleOne1438508/22/13

Angel At Sunset

 — Angel At Suset by Angelscuck05/25/13

Anne is spanked

 — spanking girls by feliciacosmina03/31/13

Armour? What armour?

 — "Armoured" orc. by jimmy_james08/19/13

Art Deco Pussy

 —  by ilikeithot630811/11/14

artistic nude

 — a artistic nude drawing by rogerio0707/02/14

artistic nude on beach

 — draw with sanguine pastel by rogerio0709/02/14


 — Astos based on princess and the minotaur thread. by milkmaiden3811/08/11

Astos 1

 — Astos by milkmaiden3812/30/11

Backdoor man

 — Checking the backdoor by Alaska712/11/14

Banana Girl

 — BBW and a banana peel by Bivouac04/08/14

Bashful Unveiling

 — Shy beauty reluctantly agrees to intimate photoshoot by OBXromance06/19/14

BBW Big Boobed Spooky Female I

 — Pen & Ink Erotic Full Figured drawing. by DrakoDarkSyde04/19/13

BBW Big Boobed Spooky Female II

 — Voluptuous Fantasy Big Boobed woman by DrakoDarkSyde04/19/13

BBW Dark Plumper Goth Demonatrix

 — BBW Dark Plumper Goth Chick by DrakoDarkSyde04/22/13

BBW Dark Queen

 — Dark Fantasy Erotic BBW Big Boobed Goth Babe by DrakoDarkSyde04/18/13

BBW Goddess

 — BBW Big Boobed Fantasy Pencil Drawing by DrakoDarkSyde04/18/13

BBW w/ Book

 — A BBW laying in bed with a book by BBW Fan07/05/11

Beach babe

 — Topless gal on the beach by Bivouac04/08/14

Beach Couple

 — Topless Couple on some Beach by livingforfun07/16/11

Beach Stroll

 — A new character, walking on the beach by lckscknfck704/16/13

Beanie girl

 — One of my characters. by Intorsus02/05/15


 — A beautiful woman sitting idly. by crazyniks11/25/14

Beauty on Fire

 — Oil on canvas. by javawarrior01/08/14


 — New Character Becca in various poses by lckscknfck705/07/13


 —  by ilikeithot630811/17/14

Bedroom Girl

 — Water Color by milkmaiden3810/11/11

Before the storm

 — Calm pose before being fucked by Roger_Ramjet01/27/14


 — A busty medival barkeep (PG rating) by BBW Fan07/05/11

Big Boobed Plumper Goth Girl

 — Dark Fantasy Erotic BBW Big Boobed Goth Babe by DrakoDarkSyde04/18/13

big tits

 — nude by footsy11/03/13

Black cock effects

 — This is what happens when you're blacked by sarkasex01/22/15

Black Panties

 — Topless woman in black panties by tytus12/03/13

Black Wings

 — Pencil Illustration by THROBBS11/02/10

Blaizing Hot

 — Naked, hot male fae in his well-hung glory. Oh baby! by Wyldefantasy04/20/13

blindfold facial

 — girl receives facial by footsy11/03/13


 —  by Maddiegirl04/05/13

Blondie & Cookie diner

 — Blondie bossing Cookie around at work by SheriffBart04/28/14

blow job

 — Doing my son's college friends. by beachsf103/23/13


 — beautiful asian sucking cock by BritGuy7503/31/13


 — Sexy redhead swallows by ilikeithot630802/27/15

Blue Veil

 — An intimate portrait of a woman in a blue veil. by LargoKitt07/31/13


 — A woman shows off her ample calypigian assets by LargoKitt05/17/13


 — An unwanted buyer. by Lucita03/27/15NEW

Bound and Waiting

 — A submissive kneels in wait for her Master by LittleOne1438502/25/13

Bound Submission

 — Graphite sketch... by HiddenPain10505/25/13

Breast is Best

 — From 'An Aunt's Embrace' by Corpse_rider04/15/13

Butthole Bitch

 —  by dontblink8805/16/13

By the window

 — Beautiful lady facing the window by XaviRod08/19/13

Cabin Delights

 — Bring you're friends, the girls are ready by ScarlettKisses01/05/15

Cabin Fever

 — Two women making love by Jdeau12/02/14

Cafe Girls

 —  by pilip08/26/11

Camilla Gives Me a Table Dance

 — She shows me everything. by MawrGorshin08/14/11


 — Two female soldiers - one captured by lisaEllyn03/23/13

Castle Girl

 — Water color castle girl by milkmaiden3810/11/11

Casual Friday

 — Getting comfortable at work by Holden8901/10/14

Cat lady

 — A cat influenced fantasy character by jimmy_james08/03/12

Catrin and Aedan

 — CGI of Girl and Dragon by FaeLissa02/03/14

Catrin At The Tavern

 — Catrin's father watches Paul fondle his adult daughter. CGI by FaeLissa02/24/14

CatRus Doodles

 — This is a series of drawings done for fun. by CatRus04/08/14


 — somone's been caught on Literotica by JonRogue04/08/14


 — Couple are found naked in bed by ScarlettKisses09/13/14


 — A voodoo hottie with sinister plans. by BlackMadonna01/01/15

Centaur and Linda

 — Centaur and Linda having fun. by milkmaiden3810/21/11

Chaos Knight

 — A fore to be reckoned with, and drooled over. by BlackMadonna01/01/15


 — SandyWho Self-Portrait Charcoal by SandyWho01/23/14

Cheeky Peek

 — A profile look at a yummy male behind. by Cherry_Rose08/21/11

Chloe study

 — Pencil and Ink Study by tangentjoker09/28/13

Chubby Nymph

 — A chubby masturbating nymphette by Kriegsmesser05/25/13

City Cat

 — An animorphic feline on a rooftop in the city. by BBW Fan11/05/11


 — A character from my story. by The Soulful Bard08/01/14

Classroom Ripper

 — Teacher Farting for her students by sarkasex01/15/15

Clear the Desk

 — Man takes woman from behind. by THROBBS04/19/12


 — water color by milkmaiden3811/08/11


 —  by Maddiegirl04/08/14

Close and Intimate

 — Master and Grace and a very intimate encounter. by LittleOne1438504/08/14


 — portrait by gabriel199701/16/14


 — portraits by gabriel199701/23/14

Cock & Lace

 — Veranon cross-dresses in exchange for a HUGE dick by Wyldefantasy04/27/13

Coffee, Tea, or Tentacles

 — Nude with alien tentacles by VWSinger07/14/14

Coin girl picture

 — A working coin girl by Mischiana08/19/14

College Days

 — Saturday relaxing while the roomate is gone. by Maddiegirl04/18/13

Come Here.

 — Don't Just Stare. Come here and do whatever you want. by crazyniks11/29/14

Contact Sheets

 —  by pilip07/30/11

Content Brunette

 — Brown haired girl provacatively posed by Maddiegirl03/31/13

Couch Couple

 — Naked Couple Laying Together by livingforfun12/30/11


 —  by Bivouac04/08/14

Country Cutie

 —  by theoncomingstorm11/03/13


 —  by pilip07/23/11


 — Sketch by Jasmynn_Brown01/26/13


 — lonely cowgirl pleasures herself by DriftWood7512/03/13


 — Dee likes cream by Deepseer01/10/14

Crouching Nude

 — Nude crouching by mirror by BlkaznQueen11/17/14


 — digital painting by ClosetQuean02/27/15

D's art.

 — A few of my drawings. by D200011/03/13


 — that sudden realisation youve run out of wine by coralsandsmu06/30/13


 — She dances in the palace by THROBBS08/03/12


 — It's a dancer with a ribbon by Maddiegirl03/31/13

dangerous angel

 — An erotic fantasy original character. by feliciacosmina02/04/13

Dark and white

 — Dark skinned man fills girlfriend with cum by ScarlettKisses04/19/14

Dark Eyes

 — Watching you by ArtyArsGratia09/28/13

Dark Tangiers

 — Illustration for a friend's Lit story. by BBW Fan07/25/11

Dark Travelers II

 — The Fey surprise Anya by Dixiedevil6707/05/11

Day Dream Believer

 — A woman sunning on the deck dreams up her lover. by THROBBS04/19/12

Days in Rodanthe Book Cover

 — Pulp fiction paperback cover by mindingutter12/03/13

Demon's Slave

 — Oil on canvas by Corpse_rider04/15/13

Devnikolus and Alarial

 — Devnikolus and Alarial drawn by a fan and friend. by Noble_Truth08/31/14

Diana on the stairs

 — Swordmistress at home by JumpinJakes08/11/14

Digital Pinup

 — Topless pinup digital art. by tytus01/05/15

Dildo Fun

 — Pencil drawing. by gripman01/10/14

Dinner is served.

 — Sketch from picture seen in add. by KISAPrince05/10/13


 — Girl sick of painting provides a distraction. by livingforfun07/10/11

Djinn Rising

 — A Djinn catches planet-rise on her home moon. by jimmy_james08/09/11

Do you like my ear rings?

 — White opaque on Black. Watercolor paper by Agedfinewine08/01/14

Doberman Clan Bitch

 — A canine anthro original character. by jimmy_james08/29/12

Down the Hatch

 — Young Woman taking it all by Hardcase1234501/06/15

Dragon lust

 — Female nude and dragon CGI by VWSinger06/19/14

Drawing of Mitzi Owens

 — In pencil by Tcs195602/05/15


 —  by pilip07/31/11

Driven to the edge

 — A man pleases his woman orally by LittleOne1438502/25/13


 — A young woman reclines in sensual comfort by LargoKitt05/20/13


 — graphite sketch of blow job by WhisperNShout01/09/14

Elise and Dr. Peters

 — Preview of Tease to Please Ch. 9 by inkyscandal02/05/14


 —  by Holden8904/08/14

Elsanna BDSM

 — Elsa and Anna play with dominance and submission. by Scarl3tt312/16/14

Elven Woman and Orc Lover

 — elven woman takes here Orc lover by DriftWood7512/03/13


 — Graphite sketch - Not one of my best, I must say by HiddenPain10506/01/13

Enjoying sunlight

 — A woman enjoying the sunlight by qualjyn05/25/13

erotic nude

 — a artistic nude drawing more focus in eroticism by rogerio0708/01/14


 — I want them all to know what I'm doing. by Maddiegirl03/31/13

Eyes down

 — acrylic 53 x 71 centimetres by Marguerite0107/25/11

FaeLissa - Self Portrait

 — This is me. by FaeLissa02/01/14


 — kneeling fairy by n2mischief12/03/13


 — A woman, hot with passion, rides a giant phallus. by LargoKitt02/16/13

Feeding her slave

 — Scat and prolapse fetish by sarkasex01/22/15

Fellow Litster

 — Profile of a mature Litster. by BBW Fan07/30/11

Female Lovers

 — Two women pleasure each other - Pencil Sketch by Dougnlaura05/20/14

Female Orc

 — Mila the Orc in a different light. by jimmy_james08/10/11

Fetish backdrops

 — fetish pictures painted with u.v paints by Bodyartist08/11/13

Fetish Pix

 —  by Bodyartist07/02/13

Fiery Redhead

 —  by ilikeithot630805/20/14

Fifty-foot Camilla

 — Camilla dreams she is fifty feet tall. by MawrGorshin10/21/11

First actual erotic art. Ever.

 — A cute female with fluffy ears and tail presents for /him/ by Fluffeh01/08/14

First mission

 — Blundering would be superheroine has bad first mission by Hbcg01/09/14

First submissions

 —  by mzrex205/10/13


 — Fisting my beautiful BBW by Roger_Ramjet01/08/14

Flesh and Stone

 — Very Soft, Very Hard by riverrust09/13/14

Focus, Grace

 — An illustration to accompany Grace's Release Chapter 6 by LittleOne1438504/08/14

Forced Orgasms

 — Grace is forced to orgasm while kneeling by LittleOne1438503/08/14

Forced to Tug Them Down

 — Topless girl has to tug her jeans real low by wunderjeans05/22/14

From behind

 — Taking my love deeply from behind - by Roger_Ramjet01/08/14

From Her First Encounter

 — Dark-Elf and High-Elf Drawings by Guinahart08/12/14

From her window

 — Beautiful nude lady exposed to the world by XaviRod08/31/13

Fucking Woman!

 — Dominance is all about who's on top! by Wyldefantasy05/01/13

Full Briefs

 — Housewife in vest and panties. by KristyLeigh07/05/11

Full Press

 — Young woman squeezes her generous endowments by LargoKitt09/28/13

Futa Kiss

 — A futanari and her girlfriend share a kiss by RyddleMeDicks08/01/14

Gentle Birthday Card

 — Cards for her male by NastyPierre01/08/15

Gillian Anderson

 — close up portrait by DriftWood7501/09/14


 —  by pilip07/27/11

Girl with candle

 — This is a commission work for a costumer of my site by eerrrrrrr07/17/13

Girlfriends in Love

 — Roommates get amorous one evening. by Jdeau12/16/14

Girls Night Out

 — Mystery gals have some fun by Bivouac05/20/14

Going to Bed with Camilla

 — She's waiting for me. by MawrGorshin08/14/11

Goliath 5

 — Goliath 5 and one of the primitive natives by Dixiedevil6707/05/11

Grace In Waiting

 — Drawing to accompany Grace's Sweet Release Story by LittleOne1438501/10/14

Grace's Sweet Release Illustrated

 — An illustration to accompany a previously submitted story by LittleOne1438508/23/13

greedy seductress

 — hot babe draining a cock and looking for more by SheriffBart11/11/14

Group Shot

 — Mila and friends by jimmy_james08/03/12

Gypsy red and blue variants

 — A gypsy dances provocatively. by THROBBS08/03/12


 — Handheld experience by qualjyn05/17/13

Hang em'

 — 4 girls naked and tied. by ScarlettKisses04/12/14

Hanging Out

 — Will just having fun. by SillyBilly199304/05/13

Happy Thalidays

 — Gift For a friend: Thal gets wrapped up. by Wyldefantasy04/23/13

Happy Valentine's Day

 — The message is clear by Bivouac04/28/14

Hard Armbinder

 — A very tight armbinder by coax02/28/13

Hard at Work... Time to Get Off

 — He gets a hand job in his office chair. by THROBBS08/03/12

Hardcore Fantasy

 — Mila the Orc in a comprimising position. by jimmy_james12/30/11

Hat Fetish

 — coloring pencils by weepingangel8804/05/13


 — line drawing by thevirgin4702/05/15

Her First Anal Sex

 — A girl takes her lover into her virgin ass by LittleOne1438508/22/13

Her First Time

 — Shy blonde virgin planned to keep her jeans on! by wunderjeans02/27/15

Her Own Touch

 — A girl spends a moment in pleasuring herself. by LittleOne1438501/10/14

Hersilia & Romolus

 — Love between the Roman King and his Sabine by ShyneLC01/28/13

His Hands Guide me

 — A submissive is masturbated by her Master by LittleOne1438508/22/13


 — acrylic 82x70 centimetres. by Marguerite0107/25/11

Horse and Girl

 — Girl riding a horse. by milkmaiden3810/11/11

Hot Wax and Rope

 —  by Maddiegirl04/25/13

Hubby's Surprise

 — Pencil drawing by gripman01/09/14

I Cream on Jeannie

 — 60s Tv icon by Bivouac04/28/14

I fancy Nancy

 — Pensil drawing by vuuduu2102/27/15

I stand before you.

 — Frontal nude. by AmberElizabeth07/21/11

I'm Not Taking My Jeans Off!

 — Reluctant Blonde is Already Topless by wunderjeans01/13/15

I'm thinking.

 — Let me think! by crazyniks12/16/14

In My Ass

 — Drawing of some intense anal sex by stanleythepowerdrill01/23/14

In repose

 — My love waiting for me to fill her by Roger_Ramjet01/10/14

In the darkroom

 —  by Jorism11/11/14

In the mirror!

 — The benefits off a well-positioned mirror! by Roger_Ramjet01/16/14

Interacial BJ

 — Female gives BBC a BJ! by NINER696909/28/13

Intimate close up

 — lonely lady uses her purple viberator by DriftWood7512/03/13

Intimate Close Up 2

 —  by DriftWood7505/22/14

Intrusion: Roleplay v. Reality

 — Taylor Cole; the masochist from my story. by Allivrain05/07/13


 — Pregnant woman's home invaded by tentacles by ScarlettKisses07/14/14

Jeannie and her twin have fun

 — 60s TV Babe by Bivouac05/20/14

Jeans Divestment in Progress

 — Blushing Blonde Knows Whats Coming! by wunderjeans11/17/14

Jessica Rabbit

 — Fanart by CandiCame12/03/13

Jill Illustration

 — Jill Illustration by lckscknfck704/16/13


 — Two woman entwined in a french poster style. by stephenchapman02/17/13

Just Friends

 — FF - Pencil by Holden8905/25/13

Just Friends 2

 — Karen and Elizabeth by Holden8905/20/14

Just Her Jeans

 — woman topless in low-tugged jeans by wunderjeans04/08/14

JustinAme arse

 — arse and thighs by Cherry_Rose08/28/11

JustinAme Butterfly

 — Justin spreads his wings... by Cherry_Rose08/28/11

JustinAme curved

 — Justin gave me permission to sketch some of his photos. by Cherry_Rose08/28/11

JustinAme shoulder

 — close up of Justin's shoulder by Cherry_Rose08/28/11


 — Pin-Up by SuperVC1008/01/14

Kate from the Finding Love series

 — This character, Kate, is copyrighted © by Dru_Druthers by tangentjoker10/20/13

Kate Upton

 — The SI covergirl...No swimsuit edition by ilikeithot630805/20/14

Kathryn Sinclair

 — In the bath by TJSkywind04/08/14

Kelly 'semi' hard at work

 — A lovely pick of Kelly from MilkTitty farms by BlackMadonna12/24/14

King Midas' Cock

 —  by dontblink8805/17/13


 — A5 pencil drawing by peezedgee02/25/13


 — Kyle from Anathema II Pt. 2 by lckscknfck711/03/13

laying on the beach

 — nude on sanguine by rogerio0707/02/14

Leather couch

 — Nude on couch by stephenchapman02/26/13

Leia meets Rancor

 — Leia's slave girl costume has its downside by Bikerbloke01/22/15

Lesbian lovers

 — Two girls naked and naughty by ScarlettKisses04/12/14

Let's Play

 — submissive awaiting her Master by theoncomingstorm11/03/13

Letter for Daddy

 — In conjunction with 'Happy Birthday, Cum Slut' audio by spurious05/01/13

Lick it up

 — Pencil illustration by Corpse_rider06/16/13


 — girl using her tongue by footsy11/03/13

Licking Lesbians

 — hot girls licking pussy by Starraider01/06/15

Life size drawings

 —  by pilip08/08/11


 — Lily showing her ass. by cobalt5807/04/13


 — TV MOM by Bivouac05/20/14

Linda and Lianna

 — From the princess and the minotaur thread by milkmaiden3810/21/11

Linda and Truvaris making love

 — Linda and Truvaris making love by milkmaiden3810/21/11


 — Lindie Illustrations by lckscknfck704/16/13

Lindie in Wireframe

 — Removes doubt as to whether these are photos. by lckscknfck704/17/13


 — Lionman by milkmaiden3812/30/11


 — pin-up by feliciacosmina06/01/13

Little Red

 — Busty version of a classic fairytale. by BBW Fan08/09/11

live tantodori

 — an ex-special forces soldier on pilgrimage fights vigilantes by rondori08/27/13

Lois Cheating 1

 — Lois from Family Guy by Lussone03/23/13

Lois Cheating 2

 — Lois cheating with Plumber by Lussone03/23/13


 — Licking a Lollypop by Wyldefantasy05/07/13

Look Into my Eyes

 —  by DriftWood7505/13/14

Looking Back

 — Girl turns her head looking back seductively. by livingforfun07/13/11

lounging on the sofa

 — fuller figured woman relaxes on the sofa. by Cherry_Rose07/06/13

Lovers: Embrace (alt)

 — Lovers Embracing by FaeLissa01/23/14

loving couple

 — a couple lay intertwined on their bed. by Cherry_Rose08/03/12

Lt. Uhura

 — U.S.S. Enterprise communications officer by Bivouac04/28/14

Lt. Uhura #2

 — Lt. Uhura from Classic Star Trek by Bivouac05/20/14

Lust of Medusa

 — Oil on canvas by Corpse_rider04/15/13

Madam of Pearl

 —  by HelloKiittii04/15/13

Madame Noel - Christmas Card -

 — A funny and sexy Christmas Card by coax01/08/14

Male Assets

 —  by wahlan11/03/13

Male back

 — Playing with poses with a friend by Cherry_Rose01/16/13

Male nude

 — Bare essentials of male nudity by Jorism08/01/14

Male stretching arm

 —  by Cherry_Rose01/17/13

Mandy Ch 1 Wordcloud

 — Mandy Ch 1 Wordcloud by AlexisMontage11/05/13

Mandy Ch 2 Wordcloud

 — Mandy Ch 2 Wordcloud by AlexisMontage11/05/13

Mandy Ch 3 Wordcloud

 — Mandy Ch 3 Wordcloud by AlexisMontage11/05/13

Mandy Ch 4 Wordcloud

 — Mandy Ch 4 Wordcloud by AlexisMontage11/05/13


 — A naughty white housewife character of mine. by BlackMadonna12/24/14

Mary Ann and Ginger

 — Lonely Nights on a deserted island by Bivouac04/28/14


 — The Master is coming for you by lisaEllyn03/23/13

mature nude

 — naked older woman by footsy11/03/13


 — girl jerking off a strap on by jansen_jan03/04/14


 — Queen of the Gorgons awakens for the night. by jimmy_james10/26/11


 — Slowly melting with desire by NaiveRomantic1902/27/15

Memories from Barracuda beach

 — Big butt fetish by sarkasex01/22/15


 — Pencil Drawn Mermaid by HelloKiittii04/16/13


 — Mermaid Beckoning Ship by Angelscuck05/16/13

Mermaid Queen

 —  by Angelscuck06/01/13

Mermaid Through A Porthole

 — A sailor sees a mermaid while looking out a porthole. by Angelscuck06/08/13


 —  by HelloKiittii04/16/13


 — Just something I am working on making a story with by DurangoDrop03/08/14

Mia 1

 — Some more of Mia by DurangoDrop04/08/14

mighty undressing

 — graphite sketch by Cherry_Rose08/03/12

Mila and Balthazar

 — Orc and Minotaur caught in the act. by jimmy_james08/12/11

Mila Relaxing

 — Mila relaxes at the end of a long day by jimmy_james04/19/12

Mila the Orc

 — A series of an Orcish character named Mila. by jimmy_james08/09/11

Mila the Orc, Series 2

 — Mila's second series by jimmy_james08/03/12


 — MILF by feliciacosmina07/08/14

Mink Coat and Leather Boots

 — Beautiful lady with mink coat and boots spread on her bed. by XaviRod04/18/13

Minotaur in heat

 — Female minotaur looking for a stud by jimmy_james08/29/12

Minotaur Truvaris

 — Minotaur Truvaris by milkmaiden3810/11/11

Mirian, Sweet Mirian

 — Sexy, naked Fire fae with big boobies! by Wyldefantasy04/20/13

Mirror Image

 — What would happen if Veranon met himself? by Wyldefantasy04/18/13

Mirror Mirror... is the Wall

 — Girl with her tits pressed to a mirror. by livingforfun07/13/11

Missionary Stew

 — Missionary work can be perilous by Bivouac04/28/14

Mister Cane

 — Mister Cane's cane can be very useful indeed! by Flowsnake02/19/14

Mistresses man pet

 — male sub charcoal drawing by CoroinPeacach08/31/14

Mitzi Owens

 — Mitzi Owens, the subject of several of my recollections by Tcs195601/05/15

Models in T-Shirts

 — Models in T-Shirts by lckscknfck701/23/14Editor's Pick


 — hand sketch with photoshop color by beachsf103/15/13


 — Mom busy getting ready - see "Starting Out" by TALANA4312/28/14

Mom at Picnic

 —  by beachsf104/18/13

Moments Like These

 — A very tame sketch of a sweet hug. by UnknownPath02/27/15

Moral support

 — Playing toesies by luv2taste06/26/13

More 3 somes

 —  by pilip08/21/11

Moriya Tribute

 — A tribute to an erotic artist by CorbinBlues10/06/14

Morning Moment

 — A painting of a straight couple in a old fashion bed. by alupine06/21/13

Morticia Addams

 — Morticia from "The Addams Family". by Bivouac07/08/14

Mother in law sucks cock

 — Blowjob picture by feliciacosmina03/20/13

Mounting Dante

 — It's romantic butt sex. Dante style. by Wyldefantasy04/22/13


 — Lindie uses her mouth by lckscknfck701/23/14

Ms. Paragon at Mount Olympus-Live!

 — Ms. Paragon - the hottest stripper in Vegas! by Big_Kahuna_6902/03/14

My beauty open for me

 — My beautiful BBW wide open, voluptuous and in ecstasy by Roger_Ramjet01/08/14

My birthday

 — A special guest and her present by sarkasex01/15/15

My Garden

 — My parents and Sister out with their pets. by NastyPierre01/06/15

My Slave

 — My sweet Slavegirl is going outside by KrystanX09/28/13


 — Myrina - Amazon Queen - taking a breather by sbaggyblurb04/28/14

Mystery Girl

 — Familiar young lady with glasses by Bivouac05/20/14


 — Pin-up Painting by SuperVC1002/02/13

Nasty Office Furniture

 — For the CEO who wants more by NastyPierre01/22/15


 — Femtenderness by NastyPierre01/15/15


 — Making out in elevator by BlkaznQueen11/17/14

Naughty Drs. and Nurses

 — Pencil drawing by gripman01/10/14

Naughty Fairy

 — bound fairy by theoncomingstorm11/03/13

Naughty tasting

 — Young woman shows her desire to taste a mans cock by ScarlettKisses08/19/14

naughty yogina

 — a view from the back of a naked yogina. by tortillion12/04/14

Necromica BBW Huge Tits

 — Necromica BBW Huge Tits by DrakoDarkSyde04/22/13

Neptune & His Mermaid Queen

 — Neptune & Queen imerging from the sea by Angelscuck05/16/13

Nervous Virgin

 — A good girl not sure if she wants to go naughty by wunderjeans05/06/14

New Slave

 —  by eiram11/20/14

New Year Surprise

 — A surprise for her man. by The Soulful Bard01/05/15


 — digital drawing by coralsandsmu07/06/13

Nic sucking cock

 — Nic sucking cock by coralsandsmu07/06/13

Nic Tied

 — Digital drawing by coralsandsmu07/06/13

No Peeking

 —  by Maddiegirl11/10/13

Nothing Special, Too

 —  by pilip07/30/11

Nude females

 — Watercolor and sketches by mikee_4302/27/15

Nude line drawing

 — Line drawing of nude by amalcolm12/03/13

Nude line drawing from behind

 — Line drawing of nude from behind by amalcolm12/03/13

Nude males

 — Naked with hard ons by mikee_4302/27/15

Nude on the couch

 —  by BlkaznQueen11/17/14

O Face

 — Mila can't stop smiling by jimmy_james08/18/11

On her back

 — Hot girl on her back. by Hsedo01/27/13

On the couch

 — My beautiful BBW on the couch by Roger_Ramjet02/19/14

on the sofa

 —  by beachsf103/13/13

One Last One

 — For Awhile... by pilip09/03/11

Owning Grace's Ass

 — Grace's ass is completely taken by her Master. by LittleOne1438501/10/14

Panty Exctasy

 — Just a quick sketch after by cottonsocks06/30/13


 — Passion between lovers. by AmberElizabeth07/21/11


 — A couple embrace by jimmy_james11/25/12


 — A woman has a surprise for her lover by ScarlettKisses09/13/14

Pedestal Girl

 — Sketch of nude leaning on a pedestal by Aussiescribe3806/01/13


 — Suspension Art drawn in Graphite and White Charcoal. by RheannonDawn05/07/13

Pen drawings

 — Nude female pen drawings by fotonic07/31/13


 —  by theoncomingstorm11/03/13

Personal Assistant

 — Nude on table with coffee cup by VWSinger08/01/14

Piercing Gaze

 — A simple nude drawing. by jimmy_james10/21/11

Pink Lady

 —  by hunterdonmale08/27/13

Pipe Dream

 — A man smoking a pipe by Alaska711/29/14

Pirate Girl

 — Pirate Girl. by milkmaiden3810/11/11


 — A moment of self pleasure by LittleOne1438503/04/14

Please Let Me Be-Tess

 — New Collar and Cuffs for Tess by xattackx88803/20/15

Pleasures of Loving

 — Two Stone Age women sharing Pleasures of Loving by Jdeau12/10/14


 — mom beside the pool by beachsf103/04/13


 — women poop too by NastyPierre03/15/15

Posing on lingerie

 — amateur model by rogerio0711/11/14


 — A girl pouting by jimmy_james11/25/12


 — Powergirl from DC Comics by Bivouac11/11/14

Pregnant Pegging

 — A pregnant Domme using a submissive man by Jamline01/27/14

Pregnant Slut want you take a look!

 — My memory of my friend when she was pregnant it was so hot by xXxAnnaFelacticXxX01/23/14

Pretty Brunette

 —  by ilikeithot630805/20/14


 — Fantasy male captures a female by Aussiescribe3806/01/13

Princess Castle Girl

 — Princess by milkmaiden3810/11/11

Princess of Misrule

 — A naughty knight is disciplined by his lady by Jdeau02/27/15

Proud BBW

 — She stands proud in all her glory. by Cherry_Rose07/09/11

Punk Demon Girl

 — done with inkpen in a notebook by Felix92108/02/14

Purple Panties

 — purple panties by NPH78610/18/13

pussy licking lesbians

 — hot lesbians in 69 licking pussy by Starraider12/28/14

pussy on pussy

 — Sketch of a pussy on pussy by Starraider12/28/14

Qualurian Morph

 — an alien shape shifter by cutup01/01/15

Quick Sketch: female

 —  by CandiCame12/03/13

Quiet Indulgence

 — A Beautiful girl is shown in a moment of pleasure by LittleOne1438502/25/13

Rabbit Hole

 — Adult Alice at the rabbit hole by stephenchapman02/16/13

Race Relations

 — Digital painting of interracial couple having sex. by ClosetQuean01/15/15

Rage Against the Minotaur Promo

 — Promotional Illustration for my story. by SSX198802/05/15


 — She IS the rainbow by Maddiegirl05/07/13

Rebuking the Demon

 — Pen drawing by TJSkywind04/08/14

Reclining Medusa

 — Medusa relaxing by jimmy_james11/25/12


 — Girl wearing only red knickers by ScarlettKisses04/12/14


 — The power of touch by Bad_Mazza04/06/13


 — Something I felt compelled to draw by Bad_Mazza04/06/13

Resting and lusting

 — she's resting and making him hard by NPH78610/18/13

Reverse Predator attacks Lilia

 — Tentacle parasite attempts to possess military girl. by Intorsus02/05/15

Riding into the sunset

 — He grabs a handful while she rides Him by LittleOne1438503/08/14


 — Main character from Michael & I by undead_grrl11/11/14


 — A couple in sensual love. by BBW Fan07/05/11


 — A young woman taking herself to the height of ecstacy by LargoKitt02/07/13

rough love

 — female on female domination by talon7401/08/14

Roxie Character Sheet

 — Roxie Character Sheet by AwkwardMD08/31/14

Royal Head

 — A beautiful POV by ArtyArsGratia09/28/13

Russian Beauty

 — Artwork in Pencil by vampking12/10/14

Sad Succubus

 —  by theoncomingstorm11/03/13

Sampling it new

 — Girl tastes a guys dick. by ScarlettKisses08/19/14

SandyWho - Yellow Door

 — Pastel self portrait by SandyWho02/03/14

Sarah and RV

 — Sarah at the campsite by lckscknfck710/18/13

Sarah in her LBD

 — Sarah in her Little Black Dress by lckscknfck711/03/13

Seated BBW

 — Beauty comes in all sizes - this is the one I love by Roger_Ramjet02/22/14

Seated nude portrait

 — a long slender body by electricblue6605/29/14


 — Behold the sheer power of the female body. by Cain18711/11/14

Seduction on the Beach

 — pastel and ink by SandyWho02/12/14

Self portrait (2013)

 — The art of fellatio by theDragnet02/08/13

senasual nude

 — drawing of a naked woman by rogerio0709/02/14


 — Sensory Deprivation by RheannonDawn05/20/14

Sexnovella's Poetical Love

 — The cover of my ebook. by sexnovella01/13/15

Sexnovella's Teenage Love

 — The cover of my ebook. by sexnovella01/13/15

Sexy in leather

 — Sexy girl in leather outfit by Mister_H12/16/14

Sexy redhead

 —  by feliciacosmina12/03/13

Shadow Demon Illustration

 — Promotional Illustration for by story. by SSX198802/05/15


 — Abstract illustration of girl forced into sex for her master by Lucita03/15/15

Shara Dayanna Sorena Moramorian

 — simple color illustration by TJSkywind04/08/14


 — Two girls share a dildo. by ScarlettKisses07/14/14


 —  by mzrex205/16/13

She was a Dirty Girl

 — charcoal naughtyness by CoroinPeacach08/31/14

sheer gown

 —  by beachsf102/26/13

Shibari Love

 — A beautiful bondage by xattackx88803/20/15

Shirtless Male

 — Ink by WhisperNShout01/10/14

Show Me

 — Grace is poised to display her full ass to her Master by LittleOne1438503/08/14


 — Seductive smile and see through shirt. by livingforfun07/10/11

Shy About Getting Bottomless

 — Blonde girl wants to go no further! by wunderjeans04/19/14

Simply Waiting

 — Acrylic 70 x 82 centimetres by Marguerite0107/23/11

Sipping on Wine

 — Lady in a chair sipping on a glass of wine by XaviRod06/19/14


 —  by jailbate06/16/13


 — Charlotte and Becca from Anathema II by lckscknfck704/12/14


 — Grace sits bound by LittleOne1438504/08/14

Sitting Pretty

 — Another BBW sitting on her bed by BBW Fan09/27/11

Sketch Nude Squatting

 — This is a sketch I did of a nude model squatting by Aussiescribe3806/02/13

Slave at Auction

 — A slave before auction. by jimmy_james10/21/11

sleeping nude

 —  Freshly fucked . by devilstallion01/05/15

Smokin and the rear bandit

 — relaxing in the country by sarkasex01/15/15


 — My muse being sexy by NPH78603/13/15

So Nice

 — pencil sketch by slimslam33506/01/13

Something to deny

 —  by pilip08/10/11

Sophie's orange knickers

 — a young woman's orange knickers by electricblue6605/20/14

Sophie's red chair

 — a portrait of a girl with a camera by electricblue6605/20/14

Sophie's red fingernails

 — woman with a finger between her lips by electricblue6605/20/14

Spray it all over me

 — Anime girl for you pleasure by bloodsun02/27/15

Spread in a chair

 — Beautiful lady sitting a chair by XaviRod08/31/13

Spread wide open

 — My love spread open for me by Roger_Ramjet12/03/13

Spurting Cock

 —  by DriftWood7502/01/14

Squatting Girl

 — Colour Pencil by arriflex10/06/14

Standing Nude Woman

 — Standing nude - pencil sketch by Dougnlaura05/20/14

standing nudes

 — charcoal drawing of a tall, elegant woman by electricblue6605/29/14

Starlight Tattoo Sketch

 — Another sketch from a tee shirt reference by Aussiescribe3806/16/13


 — To be used in submitted story by Fact_or_Fiction06/26/13

Stepdaughter - Part 2

 — Encouraging an incorrigible - Part 2 by Fact_or_Fiction11/03/13


 — 80 x 100 centimetres acrylic by Marguerite0108/18/11


 — A young woman sprawls ecstacy-drunk by LargoKitt02/28/13

Study in Nude

 — This is a piece of artwork I did with a new set of pencils. by Jonathan_Koss04/19/14

Study of The Stevens Sisters

 — A quick sketch of Ree and Jenn by tangentjoker09/17/13

Submassiv housewive

 — Sometimes housewives like to be submassiv by KrystanX09/28/13

Submissive Bitch

 — color digital drawing of deep throat blowjob by SheriffBart04/28/14

Submissive Orgasm

 — A submissive accepting his master's present. by Laurielle04/15/13

Such a tight pussy

 — Tight pussy, needing cock by crazyhotlove04/08/14

Sucking cock

 —  by feliciacosmina03/23/13

Summer Poison

 — Fart fetish erotica by sarkasex01/22/15


 — A bad girl, with a nice pair,,,, of guns.... and pistols too by BlackMadonna12/24/14

Sunset Sweetie

 —  by ilikeithot630811/17/14

Surrender to the Beast Illustration

 — Promotional Illustration for my story. by SSX198802/05/15

Susan Jill Parker

 — the famous Literotica Writer by feliciacosmina12/03/13

Sw ALL ow

 — Erotic Couple by arttiefishshell02/28/13

Swallowing Master

 — Grace obediently takes her Master's cock deep by LittleOne1438504/08/14

Symphony No 40 in G Minor K. 550

 — Illustration for unpublished story by Holden8905/25/13

Table & Chair

 — Naked woman give blowjob to naked man sitting on a chair. by THROBBS04/19/12

Taking Her Seat

 — The moment before a girl's ass is filled by her Masters cock by LittleOne1438503/04/14

Tales from The Bad Girl Bar scene 4

 — Emily/Lashley is told how much she can make by LWulf06/16/13

Tan Line

 — Tan lines. by beachsf102/17/13


 — Beautiful Face, leaves much to the imagination. by livingforfun07/10/11

Tank Girl and Booga

 — When Tank Girl and Booga get Drunk.... by NPH78603/13/15

Tattoo Lady

 — Tattoo'd female with bird sketch by Aussiescribe3805/25/13


 — A temptress in partial nudity by RheannonDawn05/20/14

tender nude

 — artistic nude with wife by rogerio0707/02/14

Tentacle Lover

 — woman helps her tentacled friend fit in. by DriftWood7511/11/14


 — Dragoness in Human Form by The_Misplaced_Gypsy06/01/13

Testing her Limits

 — A girl limits are testing with a new experience. by LittleOne1438503/04/14

thanks, whoever you are

 — pencil drawing of a woman's finger between her lips by electricblue6605/20/14

The Artist's Studio - a portrait

 — a portrait of a woman sitting on a wooden chair by electricblue6602/05/15

The Ass-tronaut

 — Suspension Art by RheannonDawn05/12/13

The Bad Girl Bar

 — Street scene outside of The Bad Girl Bar by LWulf05/25/13

The Birth of Aphrodite

 — The love-goddess of Greek myth is alive! by MawrGorshin08/12/11

The bite of the crop

 — My love taking the crop by Roger_Ramjet11/03/13

The colour of love

 — Couple embracing by AmberElizabeth07/21/11

The Fluid Form

 —  by theoncomingstorm01/31/14

The Gorgon Queen

 — Medusa character study. by jimmy_james08/29/12

The Hotel Penland Word Cloud

 — The Hotel Penland Word Cloud by AlexisMontage11/03/13

The Making of a Cuck

 — old Erikur is turn into a cuckold by his young wife. by bootzboy11/11/14

The Making of a Cuck (2)

 — continuation of a nine part illustration by bootzboy11/17/14

The Minotaur

 — A series about a female minotaur by jimmy_james08/03/12

The Selfie

 — Its a woman, taking a sexy photo of herself! by saintchristopher05/20/14

The Surfer

 — Picture of a relaxed surfer by qualjyn06/16/13

The Taste of Her Submission

 — A submissive is bound and tasted by her Master by LittleOne1438508/23/13

The Turquoise Goddess

 — The Turquoise Goddess by NPH78603/13/15

Thin lines

 — Sexy girl wearing very little by ScarlettKisses04/12/14

Thinking About It

 — obscure pen drawing of woman in thought by WhisperNShout01/09/14


 — The god of thunder hurls lightning by THROBBS08/03/12

Thought She Heard a Noise

 — A ghostly encounter of the intimate kind. by stephenchapman03/04/13

three muses

 — inspiration for erotic creation by Master6xwords11/10/13

Tied for Mistresses pleasure

 — bound male slave charcoal drawing by CoroinPeacach08/30/14

tied up

 — hand sketch photoshop color by beachsf106/01/13

Tiffany Topper

 —  by inkyscandal12/16/14

Tiger in the glade.

 — Tiger in pastel chalk. by KISAPrince05/08/13


 — The moment she comes. by LargoKitt02/20/13

To Kneel for Him

 — Grace kneels for her Master by LittleOne1438501/10/14


 — woman tongueing some balls. by footsy12/03/13


 — Used, abused, and loving it - a submissive giving in. by Laurielle05/12/13

Trio of Trouble

 — Dante and Blaize get it on under the gaze of Nyssa, the Niad by Wyldefantasy04/20/13

True Love

 —  by BlkaznQueen12/02/14

Truvaris Centaur Linda

 — From the princess and the minotaur thread by milkmaiden3810/21/11

Tube Girl

 —  by Bivouac04/08/14


 — A woman with beautiful skin twists to reveal her thighs by LargoKitt03/23/13

Two Lovers

 —  by BlkaznQueen12/02/14

two piece suit

 —  by beachsf102/24/13

Two Places

 — A woman takes two men. by THROBBS08/03/12

Two Smoking Barrels

 — Spy girl by Bivouac04/08/14

Undraped on the pier

 — A nude woman sitting on the pier... by LadyNoctem02/05/15


 — woman by pilip07/19/11

Untitled (couple)

 —  by pilip07/19/11

Untitled (Eros)

 —  by pilip07/22/11

Untitled (Girl w/ hat)

 —  by pilip07/20/11

Untitled (Red Hair)

 —  by pilip07/22/11

Up to no good

 — This girl is trouble by jimmy_james04/19/12

Updated Becca

 — Updated the character Becca with slightly larger tits. by lckscknfck705/25/13

Upskirt (Ahem- KILT)

 — What we see when Blaize forgets to close his legs... by Wyldefantasy04/26/13


 — a little present for my wife. by beachsf102/11/13

Vampire Bitch

 — Vampire lair, leave by Aussiescribe3805/25/13


 — Beautiful lady undressing by qualjyn06/08/13

virgin fawn

 — a young female fawn by n2mischief12/03/13

Virgin Wood

 — Entering the Forest by riverrust09/13/14

Vital signs

 — A nurse taken from behind by a paramedic by sheepyboy06/30/13


 — What's not to like about a babe with a chainsaw? by riverrust09/24/14

Voluptuous Ladies

 — Oil sketches of plump, curvy female torsos. by KierHardy08/01/14


 — Beautiful girl with a distant gaze by livingforfun07/10/11


 — A5 pencil drawing. by peezedgee02/25/13

Waiting for the "Gang"

 — She's patiently waiting her turn by gripman01/23/14


 — Detail of Custom Sculpture/Statue by SuperVC1009/13/14

Warm Body

 — Female torso in warm colours by Meelah08/07/13

Warm Embrace

 — Kiss Collection #11 by Jasmynn_Brown01/29/13

watching mother(watching me?)

 — Mother knows son is watching.He is soon to become her lover by devilstallion12/10/14

Water Bondage

 — Bondage, Naiad Style by Wyldefantasy04/26/13

Well Held

 —  by AIMEEJAI10/18/13

Well Rounded

 — Just about says it all by BBW Fan01/27/12


 — Shower scene by jailbate06/16/13


 — Hot chick in the shower by ScarlettKisses04/12/14

Wet Hair

 — A Girl with Wet Hair by lckscknfck701/16/14

What do you think?

 —  by crazyniks12/28/14

When I think about you...

 — digitally drawn woman masturbating by DriftWood7511/10/13

Who wins this game

 — Another way to play pool by sarkasex01/22/15

Wild West

 — Annie knows how to give you both barrels. by BlackMadonna12/24/14


 — A satisfied man by Maddiegirl03/31/13

Wind in my hair

 — pencil sketch by mlove9506/16/13

windy day

 — hand sketch with photoshop color by beachsf104/09/13

wine glass

 — wine glass by XaviRod06/19/14


 —  Man pulls the chain on his woman's nipple clips. by THROBBS04/19/12

Woman 01

 — Woman from the side by tytus12/03/13

woman 2

 —  by thevirgin4702/27/15

Woman Undressed

 — A quick sketch of a woman being undressed by tangentjoker10/18/13

Woman Undressing

 — A quick sketch of a woman by tangentjoker10/18/13

Woman's torso wrapped in tentacles

 — Broken sculpture from a forgotten temple by stephenchapman05/20/13

Working Girl

 — High Class prostitute by eiram11/11/14

Working Girl 2

 — High Class prostitute by eiram11/11/14

Wrangler Jane

 — Wrangler Jane fro "F TROOP". by Bivouac11/11/14

Wrangler Jane In the Barn

 — Wrangler Jane from "F TROOP". by Bivouac11/11/14

xxjessica on her bed

 — Naked Blonde Poses for Lit. by livingforfun12/30/11

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