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now your just being sarcastic.

Cute, well worded, and as always I love your voice. Nice work.



Hello, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Forgive my ignorance, I'm not positive if your question is for me, as in how do I describe it, or a basic rhetorical ponderance you'd just like to float out there. If it was for me and you'd like an answer, certainly I can give you one. Anyway, I'm glad I visited your profile because I didn't understand all the last info you provided there at first. Thanks again, Smokey.


and its dependence on the task. TK U MLJ LV NV

I'm just relieved it was LC who roped you into it! Say what you will, but you beat me and HIM!

a wonderful voice

I wonder if you are still around, I would like to hear more.

Yes, very nice. I'm a "triumph of the common man" sort of guy. I do enjoy work that, if not glorifying at least honoring the dignity of pressing on.

Ah Monday

It's not so much Monday, just the fact that every day from Tuesday to Friday afternoon is also Monday.

Good work, loved the emotional exhaustion that seems to come through.



Falls over out of my chair.

Doh! Typo.

Think, not thing. Just listen to it instead, OK? ;-)

I've been following the conversation on AH and followed your link here. It made me smile in that, "I've locked my keys in the car at the grocery store along with my phone on a hot summer day and I bought ice cream," kind of way we've all experienced.

Pretty nice

Great poem. The reading was definitely "stimulating." I think the written version would benefit from some punctuation though.

Loved it!

Little Girl Lost filled my heart with many emotions; love, joy and happiness all maneuvered to come to the forefront.
Please, may I have another?

I meant " lilting"

Tara this is more a lyric

To be set to a lilyin' beat than a poem :5-ed .

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