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"Arresting" Officer

 — She carries a gun, but he is willing to risk it. by ilikeithot630804/26/144.71HOT

"F" Is For Female

 — A man's response to an unusual request. by Phrenetic_Ice11/11/044.05

"Fifty Shades of Grey" Encounter

 — Seduced by hygienist after I realized she had read "Fifty". by lkg4funherenow08/28/123.84

"Green Eye Monster"

 —  by Ivandavon06/07/142.97

"I'm Not Bad, Just Drawn That Way"

 — He couldn't stop undressing her with his pencil by MalePatternBoldness02/05/114.28

"Poodle Girl" and the Rainstorm

 — I love running. It's the endorphins, really. by JuanVato09/01/104.04

"Rio" Grande

 — A cop busts up a party and gets rewarded. by cntry_chick0903/19/104.08

"The truth is rarely pure..."

 — Dressed to meet her. by KierHardy12/28/143.97

"Yum Yum" (An Ode to Oral Sex)

 — A twosome turn lesbian. by mikerol6911/03/133.18

#1 Whiskey and a Massage

 — Only one thing tops a whiskey and massage to relax. by 49rldy07/04/083.90

$ Shortage

 — Young woman needs some extra cash. by Ashson08/19/144.47

'Bored' Meeting

 — It starts in a stuffy meeting & ends in a coat closet. by ImpossibleFind01/11/013.80


 — A luxurious nightclub, a sexy stranger, and wild sex. by rush4torque09/30/123.81

(Just a) Kiss

 — That was all it was supposed to be. by Lucy1970Harker01/17/134.65HOT

(Let's Get Down to) BUSINESS Trip

 — Mature Exec gets real ROOM SERVICE on a trip. by robertjones08/05/083.74

... for her ART's sake Ch. 01-02

 — In praise of larger women. by TonyDowse06/24/093.80

... for her ART's sake Ch. 03-04

 — In praise of larger women. by TonyDowse06/27/094.34

... for her ART's sake Ch. 05-06

 — In praise of larger women. by TonyDowse06/30/094.42

... for her ART's sake Ch. 07-08

 — In praise of larger women. by TonyDowse07/03/094.55HOT

...And Then, I Met Her Sister

 — A Valentine's man finds love online but falls for her sister. by SuperHeroRalph01/22/114.02

01 Encounters with "M"

 — Fucking a complete stranger has never been so hot. by pagangirl01/28/113.54

01.00 Victoria to Brighton Train

 — Last weeks train journey from London to Brighton. by kirstymia07/31/113.68

02-03 Encounters with "M"

 — Fucking a stranger has never been so hot. by pagangirl02/04/113.80

04-05 Encounters with "M"

 — Fucking a stranger has never been so hot. by pagangirl02/05/114.05

06 Encounters with "M"

 — Fucking a stranger has never been so hot. by pagangirl02/06/114.16

1,001 Nights: Day 01

 — Sara kicks her plan off at work. by sensualwriter06/09/063.51

1,001 Nights: Day 02

 — Sara enlists help and falls for a stranger. by sensualwriter06/20/063.94


 — She has hot sex with boyfriend, then dreams about colleague. by pickle_sexness07/30/134.17

1-on-1 In the Room

 — She overcomes an obstacle to living out a fantasy. by WVCpl4fun08/28/114.08

10 Days

 — There's just ten days. by StephenEMeyer12/26/103.48

10 Days Ch. 01

 — Days become hours. by StephenEMeyer12/30/104.25

10 Days Ch. 02

 — Life's little stumble. by StephenEMeyer01/04/114.42

10 Days Ch. 03

 — Grand babies. by StephenEMeyer01/18/114.27

10 Minute Window

 — A Couple Needs Alone Time. by readcarefully09/17/143.72

10 Minutes

 — Afternoon delight. by BenLong05/09/124.05

10 Stages... 01-03

 — Gary and Sarah enjoy more text flirting. by dk2k110/21/123.46

10 Year Anniversary Gift

 — What do you give to the woman you have given everything to? by ice533512/10/143.81

10-7 Again: Due Care and Attention

 — She gets in trouble with the law again. by TheHotJD09/29/074.52HOT

10-7, Part Three: Habitual Offender

 — Her need for him is a force of nature. by TheHotJD10/07/084.63HOT

10-7: Field Sobriety Test

 — She was all work & no play, until he pulled her over. by TheHotJD06/01/074.39

100 For a Face Fuck at Stone Court

 — A gentleman visits an internet escort for some oral fun. by MonsieurMaster07/01/144.58HOT

100% Perfect

 — It was over before he knew it. by HipRoller8801/13/103.82

1001 Texas Nights

 — This is a homecoming tale Scheherazade would have told. by Sarah_Mystery06/05/074.29

10:30 a.m. Come On Over

 — Sarah betrays her boyfriend & submits to her ex. by Farcar01/24/013.61

10E Ch. 02

 — You can't resist 10E. by Phoner12/15/023.51

10E Ch. 03

 — Corner booth. by Phoner03/23/033.76

10E Ch. 04

 — You lean into him and kiss him hard. by Phoner03/20/073.94

12 Hours in New York

 — A crazy night seven years in the making. by ManUnited108602/23/154.24

15 Rue de l'Ascension Pt. 01

 — Lonely soldier experiences unique night of passion. by aubmat0512/08/084.54HOT

15 Minutes

 — Wandering thoughts during a late night at work. by Lady_Murasaki08/06/083.28


 — Fabrice and Christina: their story begins. by Magda01/08/06HOT

18 and Lusting for Lover's Dad

 — Tracy offers relief to him. by bbw4youngercocks111/27/054.26

18 yo Schoolgirl Gets a Mouthful

 — You're given a private lesson. by tallguy220@hotm09/20/063.30

18, Dumb & Wanting Cum Ch. 01

 — He has a plan to make her a slut. by mr_fred_flinta03/25/053.94

18, Dumb & Wanting Cum Ch. 02

 — Louise starts turning into a slut. by mr_fred_flinta11/25/054.22


 — A shy cowboy meets a not-so-shy female rancher. by The Bard12/07/014.44

19 & Pregnant

 — Hooking up with an old crush who is currently pregnant. by Irish Moss01/18/134.47

1920s Ink

 — Alone in a newspaper press, couple inks up. by geishafruit09/05/033.67


 — Her breasts were small. But what an ass on this girl. by cerection07/06/093.65


 — Alex was like Blaise, like Cary, like Aubrey... by MlledeLaPlumeBleu07/15/034.66HOT

19th Century Facial

 — Miss Watson wishes to be covered in the good Lt.'s semen by Stout chap02/16/034.08

1st Submission

 — Ellen & Jeff make a strange new friend. by English Bob12/13/003.94

2 Erotic Scenes, A Night of Passion

 — Portions of an erotic story, written in 2000. by bmsmuse10/15/093.73

2 Moving Day

 — Tempers flare among the unpacked boxes. by Cactus3411/11/124.56HOT

2 Weeks in Heaven Pt. 01

 — 2 weeks away with your partner's consent - what happens? by Digital_Penman01/17/153.67

20 Years In The Making

 — A guy finally gets with his first crush 20 years later. by ItNeverHappens03/10/094.42

20,000 Feet, 2 Hands

 — Kindness of strangers on display on a late-night flight. by justjohn101312/10/094.12

200 for an Hour at Paul's House

 — A gentleman has the escort visit him at his friend's house. by MonsieurMaster07/08/144.51HOT


 — A married woman reunites with a former lover. by promiscuity_of_bats03/02/103.54

23 Seconds...

 — An escort worker finds herself revirginized. by SimplyFabulous02/04/073.75


 — A day in the life of an X-rated movie director by Many Feathers01/19/094.60HOT

24 Hours

 — A sexual encounter in the gym parking lot. by rarebreed2103/28/103.98

24 Hours (2:00pm-5:15pm)

 — Afternoon movie becomes quiet place for fun. by RedHairedandFriendly08/25/054.07

24 Hours (5:30am-8:30am)

 — Lots of loving in this 24 hour session. by RedHairedandFriendly06/06/054.58HOT

24 Hours (8:30am - 9:30am)

 — This shower will last a lifetime in their memory. by RedHairedandFriendly06/17/054.57HOT

24 Hours (9:30am-11:00am)

 — Breakfast will never be the same for these lovers. by RedHairedandFriendly06/22/054.49

24 Hours Ch. 02

 — The beach. by Girls_cum_first02/13/084.58HOT

24 Hours Ch. 03

 — Sue. by Girls_cum_first02/15/084.55HOT

24-Hour Anniversary

 — A first date that lasts all weekend. by twogat12306/30/084.07

24-Hour Record

 — They were late for the wedding. by Fable01/31/044.61HOT

25 and Doing Lauri and Kelsey

 — Mike gets Lauri and then her daughter. by bbw4youngercocks109/12/074.33

25 Pictures

 — Taking pictures. by TheChameleon01/17/133.81

25th Wedding Anniversary

 — A sensual wedding anniversary celebration. by Glenalk03/14/034.04

2:06 am

 — She answers his call, out of fear and desire. by Scarlett4Him10/24/094.27

2:30 AM Wake Up Call

 — He wakes up to his roommate having fun. by themarquise10/26/064.15

3 Day Weekend Ch. 01

 — A meeting on a website turns into a hot holiday weekend. by agentmom12/26/103.93

3 Day Weekend Ch. 02

 — Joan leaves Neal Friday night, and Neal wakes up Joan. by agentmom12/30/104.23

3 Fucks and Out

 — How I fuck my way to a divorce. by Catmoore06/20/134.35

3 Men & a Lady

 — She has all 4, in one night. by CanaryUK12/12/053.73

3...2...1 Happy New Year!

 — Strangers share the change from one year to the next. by Addyson01/01/073.81

30 Days or Bust: Day 16

 — Can't keep a good man down. by l8bloom07/27/094.61HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 17

 — Lisa discovers voyeuristic pleasure. by l8bloom07/28/094.49

30 Love Ch. 01

 — Tennis anyone? by Member38912/26/124.76HOT

30 Minute Lecture

 — The sweeter side to education. by GrnEyedLucky03/20/044.05

30 Minutes with Ray

 — Leslie's married lover makes a night call. by LeslieBlue03/28/053.52

30 Years in the Making Ch. 01

 — After 30 years the dreams and fantasies were coming true. by just_doc09/20/124.40

30 Years in the Making Ch. 02

 — Fantasy meets reality for the first time. by just_doc09/26/124.66HOT

30 Years of Love 90 days of Lies

 — Her cheating tore our family apart. by StangStar0610/11/123.98

36 Hours Of Pleasure

 — Post coital follow up sex. by bee-ess01/31/064.16

36-24-36 / 38

 — A slow dance leads to hot sex. by Chris Cross07/07/044.40


 — He finally lucks out with pleasant company on flight. by Vincent8311/13/044.24

39 Hours Ch. 01

 — First time meeting leads to weekend fuckfest. by nikkijames02/11/053.75

39 Hours Ch. 02

 — The weekend fest continues to build. by nikkijames02/14/054.30


 — Convenience store clerk seduces her favorite customer. by Raw_sugar08/08/094.06

3:16 A.M.

 — My vanilla fantasy about sucking Gavin off. by ArabicPrincess10/08/114.30

3rd Act

 — He was working a show and you were enjoying it. by warped605/15/104.00

3rd Affair (3 Too Many)

 — Jason is doing Erin when Randy comes home early. by X-Factor04/08/024.29

3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 2

 — Erin has more than lunch with classmate. by X-Factor04/10/024.26

3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 3

 — Erin opens her legs for the day's second man. by X-Factor04/12/024.24

3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 4

 — Erin takes on guy #3. by X-Factor04/15/024.33

3rd Rendezvous

 — The third encounter with Kat's Secret Lover Clyde. by panther_girl12/09/084.33

4 Corners: Listen

 — Interracial couple enjoy listening to others. by TrueNorth196903/07/094.49

4 Moments with 2 Lovers

 — Hot flashes between two loving exchanges. by thecrafty03/15/063.56

4-4-1 Guys at a Bar

 — Derrick's friends put ideas in his head, party ensues. by CopperSkink01/10/104.33

4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar

 — Derrick returns to Rotterdale, halls are decked. by CopperSkink02/02/104.45

4-4-5 Christmas at the Bar Ch. 02

 — Derrick finally gets his, but will his sister let him? by CopperSkink02/04/104.48

40 Years On

 — There are reunions - and then there are reunions. by SamScribble10/31/094.51HOT

4620 Main Street

 — A surprising reunion at the coffee shop. by JudeWrites03/31/094.55HOT

48 Hours in Glasgow

 — A chance airport encounter leads to two fun-filled days. by AlexPal08/25/114.75HOT

4:30 AM

 — Between the couch and back to sleep. by Merlinslair02/06/094.26

4:41 AM

 — She tried to be good, she really did. by MaxwellHawthorne12/20/123.86

4th Step Pt. 02: Cougar

 — My moral inventory as a recovering sex addict. by DressedAtoZ07/04/144.21

4th Step Pt. 03: The Professional

 — My moral inventory as a recovering sex addict. by DressedAtoZ07/05/143.30

4th Step Pt. 04: Liar

 — My moral inventory as a recovering sex addict. by DressedAtoZ07/06/143.10

4th Step Pt. 05: The Painful Truth

 — My moral inventory as a recovering sex addict. by DressedAtoZ07/08/143.80


 — Lila takes a muddy ride with Jason. by hot_sexy_cowgirl03/26/074.21

5 Mile High Fun

 — Sex while flying. by flydawg4306/25/053.56

50th Birthday Present Ch. 01

 — A special birthday - first from his viewpoint, then hers. by kittykatbc11/09/083.90

56K Love Connection

 — Two internet lovers meet for a day of passion. by Elfstone08/01/013.81

57 Chevy Moves Ch. 02

 — I like it when men do things to my breasts. by sdsioux07/02/104.09

5:00 A.M.

 — Early morning sex. by Msbubbly01/11/093.99

5pm Fantasy

 — We finally get a moment alone in the office. by sunshineandstars07/07/134.00

63 for a Handjob in the Garage

 — The Gentleman has the escort meet at a parking garage. by MonsieurMaster08/01/144.44


 — A mutually oral orgasm. by MissAthena08/09/103.85

69 REALLY is a Classic

 — Car trouble CAN be a VERY good thing. by liquidheat07/10/013.72

69 Ways to Enjoy the Gym

 — This is about a prank, that results in an erotic exchange. by sweet_lusciousdesire03/04/123.87

6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 03

 — She suprises him with an afternoon quickie at his job. by Angel Undercover03/09/034.36

6AM Conference Call

 — My demanding job doesn't stop you OR your cock. by eLLEXa01/04/144.26

7 Brides For 7 Brothers: Mitz & Joy

 — At the cave, after Mitz rescues joy. by sammies_place05/30/083.88

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