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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Gynecologist at Play Ch. 02

 — He fondled and fingered her to orgasm; she reciprocated. by Dr. Clam09/07/054.35

Gynecologist at Play Ch. 03

 — Nurse flashed her tits and asked him to take her. by Dr. Clam02/02/064.39


 — Your sudden desire fulfilled. by LaPlume03/07/124.06

Gypsy Dancer

 — Spirit Lover joins her in an erotic dance. by spiritlover05/27/014.00

Gypsy Princess

 — She spread love in her world. by No Panty Girl11/26/053.85


 — Couple gyrates into ecstasy. by IndiaAfrica104/08/083.83

H is for Hotel

 — Her first love remains her true love. by Many Feathers05/31/054.41

H.E.N.s and a Lamp

 — A cool wife gets hot in a hurry by D-Cutter02/16/033.89

Habitat Ch. 01

 — Met a coworker at a Habitat build. by VictorBlum05/30/124.63HOT

Habitat for Humanity Ch. 01

 — We meet a sexy co-worker at a Habitat build. by VictorBlum07/11/124.46

Had a Bad Day

 — Boss helps her through a storm. by IaNrWyTiA02/24/083.57

Hail To Whatever You Found

 — She her job and rediscovers her youth. by HarryC09/28/054.23

Hair Makes the Man

 — He finds hair no longer cross to bear. by seatraveller12/04/024.69HOT


 — One thing leads to another. by wishful101/19/054.03

Haircut Deluxe

 — Cutting the hair on his head is only the beginning. by Dancing Sprite11/24/024.63HOT


 — A man gets more then just a haircut. by Bob Waters01/20/014.32Editor's Pick

Haitian Dominatrix on Vacation

 — Haitian dominatrix strapons Haitian guy in St. Lucia. by Samuelx01/11/121.45

Haitian Man Marries Somali Woman

 — Sexual encounter in university library changes them. by Samuelx11/30/121.93

Haitian Men Love Somali Women

 — Roger Etienne sighed deeply. by Samuelx12/14/112.20

Haitian MILF Adventures

 — Haitian student seduces sexy Black female professor. by Samuelx06/30/093.65

Haitian Pussy is Awesome

 — Haitian MILF seduces Black Canadian stud. by Samuelx09/12/102.62

Haitian Women Are All That!!!

 — Bad boy meets church-going girl at bus stop. by Samuelx08/01/131.78

Haitian Women are Goddesses

 — Boston Haitian guy meets Haitian goddess in Montreal. by Samuelx11/12/101.67

Haitians & Ethiopians At Carleton U

 — Haitian man meets Ethiopian woman at Canadian school. by Samuelx02/06/121.50

Hal and Daly Get Sorted

 — Mom brings her victim and daughter together. by Egmont040904/28/094.27

Hal's Women

 — A potion and positive results leave Hal with questions. by magicwill02/27/144.58HOT


 — He's loved her forever. by Charmed2672602/03/044.03

Half of What You Expect

 — A beautiful night's sleep, interrupted. by l0st03/13/144.42

Halfway House

 — Husband and wife run a halfway house for girls. by dondi14703/10/133.59

Hall Lust

 — Coed & her flirty neighbor turn things up. by LolitaBonita06/05/044.29

Hallowe'en Party

 — You find more than you expect at a party. by majik13den07/15/124.11

Halloween - Two Wizards

 — Even very young wizards may have amazing powers. by TonyDowse10/10/064.53HOT

Halloween 1991

 — A memorable encounter with Joan. by Theeeeee110/29/104.17

Halloween 365 Days a Year

 — Getting lost in haunted house can have a happy ending. by PDeanMurphy10/24/144.33

Halloween Aboard The Interloper

 — Pirates and boats and damsels in distress, oh my. by Mark_Ilaan10/13/084.67HOT

Halloween Affair

 — Married woman comes over on Halloween night. by Boobert10/11/044.07

Halloween Airlines

 — Party-goers dressed as pilot and flight attendant take off. by mwsd85810/12/114.25

Halloween Angel

 — Father Mitchell gets a heavenly visitor. by hroy210/07/043.93

Halloween At St. Etienne

 — An angel is seduced at a haunted cathedral. by agezinder10/13/014.08

Halloween Birthday Treat

 — Man 'born' on Halloween gets a treat. by lilymay10/15/014.24

Halloween Celebration

 — Sex on Halloween. by sexnovella12/17/134.00

Halloween Cums Once A Year

 — Michelle dances with a stranger. by Stillgettingitup11/10/124.12

Halloween Cups

 — Halloween isn't just about candy and partying. by TheJohnsonator0504/13/124.34

Halloween Dare Ch. 01

 — Dave visits haunted house on Halloween on a dare. by n2anal7810/06/054.31

Halloween Dare Ch. 02

 — Jennie encounters father ghost at Haunted House. by n2anal7810/07/054.53HOT

Halloween Dare Ch. 03

 — Jennie and Dave Discover each other by n2anal7810/08/054.75HOT

Halloween Date

 — He lusts after a ghost. by StormHeart10/31/004.10

Halloween Favor

 — Helping out on a Halloween photo shoot. by Quince10/17/114.79HOTContest Winner

Halloween Fun

 — Mother returns to thank him for scaring her kid. by nephewjerry10/15/014.32

Halloween Fun

 — How many guys are enough for a night? by cindy_4u11/04/114.04

Halloween Hayride

 — Scary hayride provides perfect cover for a lovers' reunion. by ABradleyLewis10/11/064.45

Halloween Heat

 — She prowls the party looking for prey. by lstorywriter10/06/114.01

Halloween Help Earns Second Chance

 — Man receives a second chance at love for a good deed done. by PositiveThinker10/02/09HOT

Halloween Hooker

 — She dresses for tricks and get treats. by windwriter10/17/064.12

Halloween Love Story

 — Man gets a surprise visit on All Saints Eve. by themosnar10/23/024.11

Halloween Masquerade

 — She always wanted to be taken by a pirate. by Awful Arthur10/12/114.40

Halloween Mistake...

 — Sex at a costume party can be confusing. by satinlvr_mwf10/23/034.23

Halloween Night

 — It was dark and eerie night. by lickablenipsddd10/24/043.59

Halloween Night

 — A chance encounter on the streetcar leads to a lot more. by shadowblind11/11/104.27

Halloween Party

 — Dressing up & undressing ignites the imagination. by intriguess03/22/013.71

Halloween Party

 — What happened on Halloween Night. by KingDiamond7410/15/013.41

Halloween Party

 — Internet couple meets for the first time at a party. by bindmetotruth10/05/054.11

Halloween Party

 — Hunky Fireman meats a Hottie Doggie Gurl. by vulpis05/28/073.66

Halloween Party

 — A wild night at a Halloween Party. by Drakon6612/04/144.42

Halloween Party at Bennett's

 — It's treat with a few tricks at the boss's party. by Slickman10/24/044.63HOT

Halloween Rendezvous

 — Couple meet at a Halloween Party. by Rocket101010/23/024.65HOT

Halloween Role-play with Work Wife

 — Halloween costumes lead to role-play for co-workers. by hermes2510/17/124.38

Halloween Surprise...Ch. 02

 — Wife caned for Husband's mistake... by JOHNKEY222202/10/154.29

Halloween Surprises

 — Plans goes awry, party orgy, everyone surprised. by LitEroCat10/06/104.02

Halloween Surprises

 — Parties and preparation can get interesting. by EmeraldKitten10/14/104.32

Halloween Swap

 — Mr. Marcus sends Zeke as substitute to party in costume. by HarveyMarcus10/10/124.29

Halloween Swing

 — Halloween brought plenty of tricks, but the treat came later. by DG Hear10/01/114.50HOT

Halloween Treat

 — Man and wife discover love in costumes. by feverkiss10/28/01

Halloween Treat

 — My son's girlfriend was my fantasy. by Kent10011/21/084.65HOT

Halloween Treats

 — A Halloween vacationer finds tricks and treats. by SonoraSnow10/08/094.03

Halloween Tryst

 — A chance meeting turns a regular party into something more. by serenitychick11/13/093.32

Halloween Wish

 — A girl becomes a woman when a wish for big boobs comes true! by PrincessS8510/13/124.34

Halloween Wishes

 — Mike receives a visit from a beautiful Genie. by NerfHerder10/19/014.45

Halloween with the Boss

 — It's Trick or treat time. by Aries7710/10/054.28

Halloween with Tygre Ch. 01

 — Nice quiet Halloween cheating with Tygre. by Laetor12/12/034.52HOT

Halloween with Tygre Ch. 02

 — His Halloween cheating continues. by Laetor12/13/034.62HOT

Halloween! Let's Pick a Pumpkin

 — David and Jill go to the Pumpkin Farm. by OneMansFantasies10/05/093.86


 — A moment in the hall leads to pure sex. by huppenkothen03/22/043.96

Hallway Desires

 — His endless desires are finally the hallway. by full_pink_lips04/30/033.88

Hammer Time! Ch. 02

 — There's lots of nailing left to do. by gotwood4911/08/044.61HOT

Hammer Time! Ch. 03

 — Brad scores again, with surprising results. by gotwood4912/09/064.51HOT

Hanah the RA

 — A girl opens my eyes sexually one night in the dorms. by lifesabeach8408/11/083.58

Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer

 — He was invited to a co-worker's party. by Toolmo09/29/074.37

Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer Ch. 02

 — Secretary doing boss and his wife. by Toolmo11/22/074.41

Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer Ch. 03

 — Secrets are revealed. by Toolmo12/01/074.52HOT

Hand in Glove

 — A chance encounter on a train by Duffymor12/14/034.31

Hand Jobs 101 Ch. 01

 — Junior college girls learn the art from stud & his wife. by sleakstryder12/10/084.05

Hand Jobs 101 Ch. 02

 — First day of class, he meets hand job angel Jody. by sleakstryder12/20/084.43

Hand Me A Towel Dear?

 — A shocked desire. by individuality03/12/033.81


 — She's accidentally handcuffed and needs help removing them. by Elusive_Mind06/10/094.20

Handcuffed at Dawn

 — Stag & Hen find themselves unwillingly chained together. by mpqm196809/02/064.56HOT

Handcuffs and Iced Water

 — What fun you have with water and cuffs. by Sexysmith7609/09/073.83


 — A guy likes a woman with handholds. by LynnGKS02/22/104.27

Handi-Horny, for Sacralagenee

 — Mom helps handicapped son score with pretty neighbor. by Phallux09/01/004.45


 — A handjob taken to extremes. by lewisbishop08/16/084.03

Handjob Amy

 — Three hot dates with a babe I met on an online dating site. by Jack_Love05/07/124.37

Handjob Delight

 — Loving wife welcomes hubby home. by peterstories10/09/044.52HOT

Handjob on the Road

 — Lonely businessman finds love in lady's talented hands. by Carnevil905/15/074.65HOT

Handlebars and Hand Holds

 — Sometimes a machine can melt the heart of a woman. by techsan07/10/064.61HOT

Handling the Roommate

 — She didn't exactly tell the truth. by magmaman01/13/074.42


 — I'm such a bad girl. by emma57905/07/104.30


 — She is pleasured by countless hands. by T_fit03/12/144.68HOT

Hands & Lips

 — Coed follows her nose to one-night-stand. by GoddessKaren02/20/023.77

Hands of Love

 — His turn to serve, hers to receive. by ljplay08/27/093.67

Hands Off

 — Monica meets Mr. Average at a housewarming party. by Texguy8403/02/054.43

Hands on the Wall Ch. 02

 — Things heat up on the way home. by Daflinger02/17/134.19

Hands on Training

 — Foray into mutual masturbation leads to hot encounter. by Toyman03/03/084.34

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