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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Husband's Anniversary Surprise

 — She was too busy to plan their anniversary - so he did. by zeke8102/29/084.09

Husband's Greatest Gift

 — Like men do women also like to have sex with many. by haribasker12/14/104.13

Husband's Return

 — Medieval husband returns after a long travel. by sirsmiley10/28/083.70

Husbands on Display

 — Friends escalate revelation of their mates. by A_Little_Show09/25/134.44


 — Waking up next to a stranger. by SJ3505/30/134.66HOT

Hush, Bobby

 — Two new parents finally find time to make love. by vixxxx10/05/11HOT

Hypersex in the Hypermart

 — Horny Coed in Aisle Five. by DonElvira10/16/134.08

I Agree, It Must Have Been Love

 — A love lost. by CreativeCouple302/07/123.82

I Ain't The One

 — An affair in small town Ireland in the '80's. by GGRamone06/03/143.89

I Always Keep My Promises

 — You have fun at the movies. by Veronika09/20/034.00

I am a 'Little Nympho'

 — I discover my desires. by heatherlikesit11/23/124.16

I Am a Cock

 — Honestly, an normal, usually flaccid, sometimes erect cock. by Decayed Angel10/02/064.06

I am a Flirt

 — Flirting with a co-worker until she is drawn in. by nympho_carebear04/21/083.99

I am an Artist

 — She gives a heavenly handjob. by CafeExtreme12/18/094.30

I Am His

 — A woman's untapped caranality is released. by Eduarlo02/21/114.61HOT

I am His Whore

 — He enjoys Pooja. by pooja10/21/024.11

I am Just a Gigolo

 — A beginning. by TheChameleon11/17/124.07

I Am Really Taking a Big Risk

 — Co-worker confesses desire and follows through. by Rowol09/08/134.41

I Am So Horny

 — A night of unbridled passion. by sabrina103/10/033.80

I Am So Horny

 — Quenching my lust with my friend. by CHARLEY4U203/21/113.33

I Am So Hot For Him!

 — My first escapade with my friend turns awesome. by CHARLEY4U203/21/114.17

I Am Your Dinner

 — Wife welcomes sailor home after long trip. by returningsaiilor03/28/144.08

I Arrive Home

 — I am surprised to see you here. by Carack_in03/19/093.64

I Awake to Drift In & Out

 — Dreams or reality? by Bonkmaster00709/15/044.20

I Awaken

 — A long awaited moment in a loving relationship. by azurejade05/06/054.42

I Awoke

 — An unexpected affair. by Cadfael06/26/124.14

I Awoke Ch. 02

 — Is this an affair? by Cadfael07/08/123.71

I Awoke!

 — pleasure and pee. by Lloyd200408/23/104.16

I Believe

 — One of Santa's Elves makes dreams come true. by slyc_willie11/11/064.77HOT

I Blame It on the July Heat

 — Long time friendship leads to something more heated. by Lorelei_lite09/15/074.67HOT

I Blew Her Fucking Mind

 — A wife's fantasy. by redrocker52603/06/104.26

I Call Her L. Ch. 03

 — A culmination of erotic adventures of a editor and writer. by addictedtonylon06/08/134.67

I Call on Barbara

 — Eating her pussy & 69ing on the beach. by Boxlicker10105/07/034.38

I Call on Cherrie

 — Her pussy was badly in need of his attentions. by Boxlicker10112/01/064.45

I Call on Elizabeth

 — He makes sweet, gentle love with a BBW. by Boxlicker10101/15/044.61HOT

I Call On Heidi

 — Sex with a voluptuous woman. by Boxlicker10106/24/034.35

I Call on Julia

 — Hot sex with a proper English lady. by Boxlicker10101/17/044.41

I Call on Keelly

 — The beautiful redhead loves the way he eats her. by Boxlicker10104/15/044.51HOT

I Call on Linda

 — They fuck in the cowgirl position. by Boxlicker10105/07/034.19

I Call on Lorna

 — Making love to the singing of Barry White. by Boxlicker10102/23/044.33

I Call on Lucy

 — Affectionate sex with a horny woman. by Boxlicker10106/30/034.38

I Came Home - For You

 — Student comes home to his lonely girlfriend. by TryEverything06/19/054.36

I Can Accept No

 — Young woman turns down importunate suitor. by Ashson04/15/144.31

I Can Change That For You

 — Chance meeting leads to rewarding relationship. by Huntertheman10/05/084.42

I Can Change That For You Ch. 02

 — The education. by Huntertheman11/14/084.48

I Can Do Better Than That....

 — Couple decides they can make a better movie. by Raage12/09/104.40

I Can Explain... Pt. 01

 — Drama & secrecy follow a night with your best friend's sister. by SoftlyPressingOnward03/12/154.41

I Can Feel You Close

 — Longing for the one. by SingularThoughts03/30/123.95

I Can Only Take So Much

 — Eye fucking at the gym leads to so much more. by Candystripper10009/11/144.14

I Can See Clearly Now

 — Harried executive turns eye exam into hot afternoon. by Ebullience10/11/054.50HOT

I Can See Clearly Now

 — A reluctant Fellatrix opts for an unorthodox treatment. by gimmie_your_load11/03/124.30

I Can See Clearly Now Ch. 02

 — Dr. Benson delivers more than Rachel's new glasses. by Ebullience01/04/064.42

I Can Sign For That

 — Alone at the office, Meredith receives quite a package... by janedoesnt01/17/13

I Can't Live Without You

 — Two lovers sharing their presents on Valentine's Day. by JC10102/03/153.96

I Can't Stop

 — Teachers find another use for the classroom after hours. by skinnychic12/28/113.66

I Can't Wait Until He Gets Home!

 — A special suprise on an anniversary. by 19yroldvirgin8509/16/043.67

I Come Alive In This Place Where I Once Died

 — Three people return to places full of painful history. by cowboy10907/10/133.00

I Come with Instructions

 — A woman who comes with instructions. by Rescue32507/25/084.27

I Confess

 — You find me at work and give me a break I'll never forget! by ebunny1506/23/11

I Critique Jennifer

 — Sexy coed seduces lecturer. by Boxlicker10101/02/044.46

I Cum on Tina

 — She loved his mouth on her breasts. by Boxlicker10103/09/054.33

I Danced

 — An undercover hookup with a friend's brother. by Fan_of_Lust01/17/084.08

I Danced Ch. 02

 — Taking an undercover hookup one step further. by Fan_of_Lust01/23/084.42

I Danced Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of an undercover hookup. by Fan_of_Lust02/07/084.57HOT

I Dare You

 — An e-mail leads to hot sex with a mystery man. by emma57909/11/104.66HOT

I Dare You

 — Shelli learns to get the details before accepting dares. by pstory05/15/09

I Dare You

 — He knows she can't resist a dare. by SJZ7601/08/113.96

I Dare You... Ch. 4

 — He returns the oral favour in a swanky restaurant.. by Sare11/22/024.31

I Dare You... Ch. 5

 — He explores his submissive side as she takes control. by Sare11/23/024.52HOT

I Decide When We're Done

 — An affair with a co-worker doesn't end as planned. by mpink05/28/113.73

I Delivered More Than Pizza

 — Rebecca's Sexual Odyssey. by GC6604/10/134.27

I Did the Easter Bunny

 — A new experience for a girl on her lunchbreak. by violetbyrd304/02/034.27

I Didn't Even Know His Name

 — Strangers converse on subway without saying a word. by LoreLai04/17/064.67HOT

I Didn't Even Know His Name

 — She showed a stranger from the club a good time. by Gutterslut02/01/044.38

I Didn't Even Know His Name Ch. 02

 — LoreLai and her new boss get to know each other even better. by LoreLai02/17/074.72HOT

I Didn't Even Know His Name Ch. 03

 — LoreLai tackles new positions. by LoreLai03/19/074.58HOT

I didn't Know You Were Married

 — Work is flirtatious. by Truthbetold07/25/063.74

I Didn't Think You Liked Me...

 — Luckless guy hooks up with old high school flame. by CheezyGrin9111/24/10

I Didn't Want To

 — I didn't want to fuck my buddies ex. by Wistful103/29/094.32

I Didn’t Even Know His Name

 — He’d found exactly what he was looking for – easy pussy! by LynnGKS12/08/114.47

I Didn’t Even Know His Name Ch. 02

 — He pushed my head down. His cock hit the back of my throat. by LynnGKS12/26/114.16

I Digress.

 — A...subtle -- relationship -- . ...A release of tension...:) by Clare_Ca05/12/092.00

I Do

 — Your fantastic wedding night. by PanCakes11/09/024.58HOT

I Don't Cyber

 — Bryce surprises his girlfriend with a treat. by PrincessErin08/01/084.39

I Don't Even Know Your Name

 — A female fan pays a backstage visit to her idol. by bobsgirl06/27/074.49

I Don't Even Know Your Name

 — Two strangers, a dim room, and a creaking bed. by GoodyGoodyTwoShoes04/23/124.57HOT

I Don't Know John Humber

 — A story of getting even. by budd10001/24/053.20

I Dream of David

 — She covets your lovely manhood. by bigmikey35707/01/064.36

I Dream of Jeannie

 — An old flame is ignited when ex lovers see each other again. by sultrylove10/23/104.49

I Dream of Wahine

 — A man seeks a cure in Paradise. by nedthebundler10/08/133.14

I Dreamed About You...

 — Dreams don't get better than this. by coolpapabell2205/27/103.67

I Fall in Love!

 — I meet an old school friend. by RoseBrn07/19/113.23

I Fall To My Knees

 — His bad day at work is erased by my welcome. by Gilrabo07/28/094.57HOT

I Feel Nasty

 — A whole new side of her cums out. by nakedtypist07/07/034.12

I Feel So Used!

 — Never leave the love of your life hanging. by belted and teased09/15/074.25

I Feel The Pleasure

 — "This feeling," I moaned with my eyes shut. It was heaven. by blushingbride10/22/113.67

I Finally Get Her

 — His dreams come true from his oldest friend. by Scottish_Lust07/24/074.14

I Finally Got My Lady Boss

 — Employee lusts for female boss. by Fantasywonder10/02/012.91

I Finally Meet Mark

 — Fantasy about meeting online friend in person. by TripleXSexzKitty03/23/034.54HOT

I Find a New Friend

 — He knew Jane in high school, but never really knew her. by Jason1008/20/074.08

I Found My Sister Stripping Ch. 07

 — A trip to Vegas, and a surprise homecoming. by Dark_Brother10/11/114.70HOT

I Found Your Phone

 — 18 year old Dani discovers a phone with sexting photos on it. by MrYowman08/14/143.99

I Fuck A Family

 — He takes on a family one by one. by CalWriter11/12/034.46

I Fucked a Reader Ch. 01

 — I meet a reader of my work . . . and fuck her. by BradGarrettStories02/05/144.57HOT

I Fucked the Maid of Honour

 — I helped her out of her dress and I helped myself to her. by livdnsouth08/10/084.28

I Get My Mom a Date

 — Son gets his widowed mom a date. by Urguycliff06/23/084.27

I Get to Call Her Susie

 — He gets to call girlfriend's roommate by her pet name. by 18months08/07/024.08

I Give Laura Her Wedding Present

 — He impregnates girlfriend's best friend. by dickhurtz08/30/034.19

I Got Caught!

 — Hetero-first time May-September unexpected. by Pippopottomus07/01/034.58HOT

I Got You, Babe

 — First Time Tales: Part One. by clayboy11/16/044.53HOT

I Got You, Babe Ch. 02

 — First time experiences. by clayboy11/16/044.60HOT

I Had This Image of You

 — A trip down memory lane. by deliciousdicey06/17/114.00

I Hate Golf: A Sinner In Knickers

 — One priest, another man's wife, a whole lot of trouble. by DirkVanDyck01/29/134.48

I Hate Her

 — Mason Page's first adventure. by Mason Page02/04/054.17

I Hate Him

 — A lawyer gives her client's father a run for his money. by tonilynn06/22/113.96

I Have A Great Wife

 — A wife surprises huband when he comes home. by Cuhullian5006/20/132.47

I Have A Secret

 — Every woman has a secret desire. by alias_words08/03/084.26

I Have It All

 — My cozy bedroom was missing something. by Serenata11/24/054.27

I Have Mouse

 — A small story about phone sex. by ccnyman02/09/074.25

I Have This Dream

 — She dreams about your return home. by abbeygirl01/31/084.00

I HAVE To Tell You What Happened -

 — I stopped for a coffee...and ended up getting WAY more. by AJQuick07/29/134.47

I Hot Tub with Nancy

 — Hot, wet sex while husband is away. by Boxlicker10105/14/034.03

I Imagine...

 — Who's fantasy is it anyway? by Morgaine LaFay12/03/014.29

I Install Cable for Lynn

 — Cooble her boobles & frammiss her clammis. by Boxlicker10108/07/034.33

I Join Up!

 — My first days in the military. by RoseBrn08/12/113.07

I Just Never Expected It

 — My pregnant sister gives me a surprise. by WayneGibbous10/02/104.36

I Just Wanted A Drink, Really...

 — A quick stop at a bar yields a night to remember! by o2bsenna09/09/144.14

I Just Wanted to Read

 — Professor Speck has an unexpected encounter with Julia. by thespeck09/25/124.31

I Keep Tracy After School

 — Principal and naughty student roleplay. by Boxlicker10106/16/034.56HOT

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