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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Jenn Again -- In the Bedroom

 — This time he finally makes love to her. by WhitePython01/02/094.30

Jenn Ch. 03

 — Jenn rides punk BIG cock. by Younglover112410/06/144.13

Jenn Ch. 1

 — He notices sexy female friend. by Steve209/01/003.12

Jenn's New Job

 — Jenn's broke, so takes my money with her ass. by marquisdeslut08/07/114.48

Jenn's New Job Ch. 05

 — Jenn and I share an intimate meal. by marquisdeslut02/09/124.35

Jenn's Pregnancy

 — Sandra returns back and Jenn get crazy kinky. by eisbehr07/08/114.07

Jenna and Theodore

 — Jenna a 32 year old, has been dating Theodore aged 27. by bigboy58703/09/113.84

Jenna's Big Interview

 — Jenna tries to get herself a new job. by czar102405/13/053.48

Jenna's Trip to Pennsylvania

 — Couple meets in real life for the first time. by H0LLYW00DxWH0RE08/15/083.58

Jenna, Sophisticated Lady

 — This is the account of my first affair. by jennashoes07/19/114.41

Jenni's Senseless Delight Ch. 03

 — The wife swap continues, with other embellishments. by herrhook06/16/064.88

Jennie's "Nightmare" Ch. 04

 — Not quite the plan, but... by JoeDreamer06/13/074.75HOT


 — A woman comes home needing to relieve some tension. by Angelus12/27/014.08


 — She knows how to treat a man by Merob07/29/034.24


 — It happened long ago, but her memory still fills my dreams. by PCDonald03/16/084.10

Jennifer and Harry Pt. 01

 — Jennifer anticipates meeting her online lover. by browngrad10/08/063.60

Jennifer and Harry Pt. 02

 — Jennifer has erotic adventures on her to meet her lover. by browngrad10/08/064.50

Jennifer and Harry Pt. 03

 — A first encounter with an online lover. by browngrad10/25/064.50

Jennifer and Harry Pt. 04

 — Jennifer and Harry say goodbye for now. by browngrad10/31/065.00

Jennifer Ch. 01

 — High school guy gets a shot at his dream girl. by Mark Singer10/14/004.56HOTContest Winner

Jennifer Ch. 01

 — The first meeting for a lifetime of sexual pleasure. by I_leave_bite_marks02/18/063.80

Jennifer Ch. 01

 — A girl with attitude. by Goodtimes5203/04/084.15

Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Dan discovers Jennifer's secret. by Mark Singer10/14/004.63HOT

Jennifer Ch. 02

 — A girl with attitude. by Goodtimes5203/05/083.31

Jennifer Ch. 03

 — A girl with attitude. by Goodtimes5203/06/083.67

Jennifer Ch. 04

 — She partners with Dan in chemistry class. by Mark Singer10/14/004.60HOTContest Winner

Jennifer Ch. 05

 — She has a close encounter with Dan's dad. by Mark Singer10/14/004.64HOT

Jennifer Ch. 06

 — Jennifer and Jeff make dinner plans. by Mark Singer10/14/004.52HOT

Jennifer Ch. 07

 — Experimenting in the lab... by Mark Singer10/14/004.75HOT

Jennifer Ch. 1

 — Successful man finds a 'Supplemental Relationship'. by Steve950212/20/014.59HOT

Jennifer Ch. 2

 — Richard & Jennifer continue their affair. by Steve950212/24/014.58HOT

Jennifer Cheats Ch. 1

 — Girlfriend makes a call and books a room. by XicotencatlSmith06/20/024.33

Jennifer Loses Herself in Jamaica

 — Wife gets more than she bargained for at a resort. by maxmaypo02/25/143.63

Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 02

 — Adderall usage leads to trouble with the law. by Senzuri_Sensei10/23/143.97

Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 05

 — Adderall usage to improve presentation performance backfires. by Senzuri_Sensei11/06/144.50HOT

Jennifer Rides More than the Subway

 — On the subway ride home, Jennifer rides more. by nakedsoo09/25/144.06

Jennifer Shows Me

 — Jennifer seeks sexual revenge for my cheating. by maxmaypo12/19/123.12

Jennifer Takes Charge

 — Blindfolded man teased and taken by playful lover. by RobbWarren10/14/144.00

Jennifer Tests Her Wings Ch. 02

 — Jennifer finally hooks up with Carrie. by Reefkeeper01/23/094.72HOT

Jennifer Tests Her Wings Ch. 03

 — Jennifer dates her first love. by Reefkeeper09/17/124.80HOT

Jennifer's Blue Panties

 — A lusty Thanksgiving with his daughter's college friend. by SomeOneNew12/14/044.71HOT

Jennifer's Day Off

 — Jennifer gets a day off of work and has spends it with Ken. by eagle12299903/07/064.50HOT

Jennifer's Fire

 — Two strangers share dinner and then one another for dessert. by jandafun09/14/064.40

Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy Ch. 02

 — More goo for the girl. by 64park02/15/054.32

Jennifer's Peach

 — I wanted to see how much I could make her cum. by DeccaHojo06/01/144.22

Jennifer's Resurrection

 — Once a slut, not always a slut. by Dinsmore06/11/054.72HOT

Jennifer's Secret Ch. 01

 — Jennifer meets Mom's boyfriend. by -SADIE-05/15/054.27

Jennifer's Secret Ch. 02

 — Jennifer becomes "Daddy's little slut". by -SADIE-05/16/054.16

Jennifer's Teacher

 — Things just never appear as they seem... by exquisitelifetime07/10/113.47

Jennifer, Juniper

 — An encounter with a hot Mom. by PapaEd4u11/11/074.33

Jennifer, Juniper Ch. 02

 — The encounter continues. by PapaEd4u11/13/074.49


 — Eric goes to see Jenny, a BBW whore. by donutLover03/14/103.97


 — A girl I've met. by Scorpio5806/19/142.65

Jenny & Jamie

 — Jenny loses her cherry, in more ways than one. by muffing05/02/014.60HOT

Jenny & Phil

 — Couple gets wild on the ski slopes. by CookieClub09/01/004.07

Jenny and Emma - Jenny's Birthday

 — Mother gives daughter a birthday gift she'll never forget. by KayveeKitten09/06/134.42

Jenny and Emma - Spa Day

 — Mother and daughter get massages they won't soon forget. by KayveeKitten02/08/144.34

Jenny and Jack Pt. 01

 — Initially shy Taiwanese lady's story of sexual awakening. by loveking07/16/134.61HOT

Jenny and Me

 — Brian gets a birthday present he'll never forget. by the_caulk08/05/054.26

Jenny and Me

 — I've just had new wild experiences. by DG Hear01/30/124.05

Jenny Bangs a Wedding Pt. 02

 — Jenny and Dave reunite after engagement is announced. by mary025609/23/074.60HOT

Jenny Conjures a Fantastic Fuck

 — ...and they both bring their A-games! by rubyredgrl03/31/094.46

Jenny Plays Away - Aftermath Pt. 01

 — Jack's response to Jenny's three nights of group sex. by Woody Woodwood06/13/143.95

Jenny the Maid

 — Jenny takes bath in the mistress's rooms. by Applejuice04/17/044.65HOT

Jenny Wants to be a Millionaire Ch. 5

 — The game begins. by Capstick07/14/004.26

Jenny's Demise

 — A chance meeting on a train leads to a change of personality. by anonsipen09/01/034.31

Jenny's Diary: Babysitting Incident Ch. 02

 — Babysitter set up for erotic, fun-filled night! by pusylvr6903/20/114.46

Jenny's DVD Player

 — Installing a DVD player leads to more fun. by Foster_Kaizen10/18/094.15

Jenny's Journey Ch. 02

 — The seduction continues. by Naughtybutnice12/04/084.30

Jenny's Masked Man

 — Jenny is taken from her home by a masked stranger. by impossibleman04/19/144.00

Jenny's Mystery

 — A woman goes to a fantasy resort to get her needs met. by MisfitJoys10/18/094.16

Jenny's Needs

 — A young woman finds a man who understands what she needs. by Red Hugh08/18/024.28

Jenny's Surprise Visitor

 — Jenny's pleasant surprise might not be what it seemed to be! by impossibleman04/19/144.21

Jenny's Twin Pleasure

 — Jenny is pleasured by man & machine. by Max Darroch12/25/044.00


 — Tired of her answers, he changes some of the questions. by e-trance action09/22/084.36


 — Interlude at Sea. by mpascar3904/10/074.12

Jeremy and Me

 — Student body President needs some advising. by TashaBaby03/13/094.40

Jeremy and Me Ch. 02

 — This will BLOW you away. by TashaBaby09/07/094.20


 — A sex-crazed, bi car saleswoman's quest for true love. by GC6605/23/134.30

Jerry Gets His Chance

 — Jerry switches bodies with a co-worker. by tommcgee08/21/084.37

Jerry's Sophomore Year

 — How a sexy co-ed turned Jerry's semester around. by sextypemalheur09/04/084.13

Jersey Campsite

 — Masturbating for Jessie. by intensitymatters01/04/124.12

Jersey Gets Taken

 — Woman seduced on business trip. by Swilly11/19/133.99


 — Net lovers become lovers in life. by Jizaz_Jester06/22/03HOT


 — After a dry spell and a bad boyfriend Jess get a surprise. by DDHeaven07/13/093.71

Jess Finally Gets What She Needs...

 — Sex-starved woman gets it from a co-worker. by xxxcutiepiexxx01/11/094.34

Jess: A Closet Slut Ch. 01

 — A closet slut decides to come out. by Jessica202512/23/144.13

Jesse Cummeth

 — Nailing the sex goddess. by RomanMichael12/18/084.08


 — We took advantage of each other in a wooded park. by ThomasMagica03/05/084.21


 — My wife's little sister comes to visit and the fun begins. by Midnight_Man02/06/104.25


 — Coincidental meeting outside work. by CanisMajor07/23/143.67

Jessica & Champ

 — They meet in the usual place & have an unusual time. by JazbosDream01/31/014.44

Jessica and Jason: The Last Time

 — He hooks up with his estranged wife. by JasonMichaels09/13/07

Jessica and Mr. B

 — A May / December office flirtation finally boils over. by MrBig6Around12/05/144.08

Jessica and Mr. B Get Oral

 — Mouths only during this encounter. by MrBig6Around12/11/144.50HOT

Jessica and Mr. B Have Dinner

 — Jessica invites herself over for dinner. by MrBig6Around12/09/144.36

Jessica And The Voice

 — Student Jessica Has An Erotic Encounter by NickThePoet01/01/084.29

Jessica Ch. 02

 — Seeing Jessica on the other side of the glass. by Irish Moss04/01/054.64HOT

Jessica Comes Onboard

 — A young journalist infiltrates the Hen House Too. by reddear12/29/123.89

Jessica Rabbit Blew His Mind

 — There are two sides to every story. by JRabbit1403/01/154.40

Jessica Rabbit Blew My Mind

 — How this red haired vixen rocked my world. by JRabbit1402/15/154.26

Jessica's First

 — Girl loses virginity to brother's best friend. by Jargon09/01/002.93

Jessica's First Day

 — Nervous newcomer finds a handy way to relax. by jakkinmd09/23/024.09

Jessica's Forfeit

 — Jessica finds a new career. by taurents01/13/024.33

Jessica's Job Continues

 — Jessica gets more training. by dudewithapen203/12/123.85

Jessica's Playtime Ch. 01

 — Jessica fulfills more than a customer's order. by provolognetrout02/09/054.17

Jessica's Problem

 — Being a good neighbor has unexpected but welcome benefits... by JudeWrites11/02/094.62HOT

Jessica: I Meet a Real Ten

 — A beautiful woman seduces a man in awe. by Mycke07/19/013.84

Jessie and Billy

 — Another online relationship culminates. by Mr. FeelGood07/12/114.42

Jessie Ch. 01

 — Glen wakes to a dream. by waltermittyjr08/21/074.33

Jessie's Girl

 — Blinded by love, a man will do anything for Jessie's girl. by rocket_man11/14/093.43

Jet Lagged - The Morning After

 — Heather wakes up next to her internet lover. by french_prof05/26/134.07

Jet Lagged...

 — Being jet lagged can lead to pleasant things. by french_prof05/25/133.77

Jet Skiing Leads To....

 — Fun in the Florida Keys. by davidinwc10/08/083.67

Jewell Can't Resist

 — She schedules a follow-up massage. by knomsphere10/05/034.49

Jewell Pulls a Muscle

 — A gym mishap leads her to Brian's for a massage. by knomsphere10/13/034.33

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