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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Lucky Man

 — He marries the perfect girl. by jax09/01/003.46

Lucky Man

 — Woman alone at home gives visitor a treat. by TripleXSexzKitty11/12/024.05

Lucky Man Ch. 01

 — It's his first time. by auzzy01/04/034.00

Lucky Number Seven

 — Sensual dance turns into an erotic mind blowing night. by WildNightOwl09/16/134.17

Lucky Panties

 — Young woman receives a gift. by xtcnymphette05/11/054.68HOT

Lucky Penny

 — Bit of brass brings her luck. by Water_Melanie11/04/074.47

Lucky Santa

 — Santa gets Lucky. by Sven the Elder12/25/014.22

Lucky Traveler

 — Following a hobby evolves into a fruitful relationship. by techsan04/17/064.47

Lucky with the Landlords

 — His landlord is smokin hot! by X-Factor06/10/044.63HOT


 — He doesn't feel it from the accident, but afterwards... by RejectReality01/07/094.75HOT

Lucy Ch. 01

 — Lucy was one of the highest paid escorts. by MistressMerry10/20/074.40

Lucy Ch. 02 (Corrected)

 — After the reunion. by MistressMerry10/24/074.67HOT

Lucy Gets a Surprise "Encounter"

 — There's nothing quite like bath time passion and pleasure... by LikeItLots06/14/143.93

Lucy in Jamaica Ch. 01

 — Married woman has erotic adventure in the Caribbean. by mrj99906/02/124.20

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

 — A little wager up in the clouds over a game of chess by Beatle Bum03/04/034.72HOT

Lucy's First

 — Girl discovers her Mr. Wright. by Paradox02/02/014.54HOT

Lucy's Spare Half Hour

 — Lucy gets intimate with a stranger in Starbucks, by knownobounds05/31/074.26

Lucy's Story Ch. 01

 — Adventures of a Young Lady. by erosdreamer08/09/063.75

Lucy's Story Ch. 04

 — Lucy gets it good. by erosdreamer10/03/064.36

Lucy, Again

 — I wake Lucy up in the nicest way possible. by Chaingun02/17/104.47

Lucy, Anticipating

 — Our heroine's day just keeps getting better! by Chaingun09/01/103.89

LucyBeth AnaMarie

 — He met her on a hot flight. by StarGlyderz07/11/044.08


 — Taking from behind. by spattjack10/16/144.41

Luka On The Second Floor

 — What can be heard. by Kinky Rachel11/07/044.53HOT

Luke and Leah Ch. 02

 — Giving oral sex at work. by TessMackenzie01/07/154.41

Luke's New Babysitter

 — 19 year-old Logan has to stay the night. by coloradosfinest09/17/124.42

Luminous Night

 — How one man elevates her from grief & ignites a fire. by jennah06/06/064.70HOT


 — Man gets a surprise in a bar, and an unbelieveable night. by MysteryStar05/27/104.00

Lunatic Luau Ch. 01

 — A free ticket to a concert got her fucked by her friend. by TitianaPeaks01/29/084.22

Lunatic Luau Ch. 02

 — The concert wasn't the only she thing got. by TitianaPeaks04/27/083.57


 — She gives you a healthy meal. by Marezmare10/29/003.55


 — You find something better than food to eat. by Elizabeth Brandon03/16/013.77


 — She takes the lead & gives him an encounter to remember. by voyman09/11/013.81


 — You meet for lunch...and more. by haircutter12/09/013.43


 — David and Kate share lunch together. by ABNSmith08/06/053.67


 — I'd rather have you for lunch... by ms_magdalene05/26/084.20


 — Sex in the Office. by CathyO195503/18/104.24

Lunch and a Hot Tub

 — Sex in and around a hot tub with an older athletic woman. by jarocklover3410/28/133.82

Lunch at CPK

 — Joe and Cyndie meet for a little lunchtime fun. by JoeMonroe07/03/094.25

Lunch at His Office

 — Lunch, snack, treat with a dash of sex. by Shadow_Kyss05/22/074.26

Lunch at the Office

 — Surprise fuck for friend's husband. by que_calor07/23/113.80

Lunch Break

 — She needed him, so she dropped by his office. by not_so_innocent_flirting03/04/034.15

Lunch Break

 — A man and a woman have a quickie. by x and x11/07/024.24

Lunch Break

 — Real life or ...? by CaterinaM06/02/044.06

Lunch Break

 — Best friends take their relationship to a new level. by celticlass06/09/084.44

Lunch Break

 — Two film students find a better way to spend their lunch. by loveinavoid06/14/054.33

Lunch Break

 — Sexily clad woman surprises you at the office. by SoCalNaughtyHottie03/19/134.35

Lunch Break Dessert

 — The best way to release stress after a hard morning at work. by TheTranscontinental12/08/134.15

Lunch Buds: All Chapters

 — Can a man and woman go to lunch and not cross the line? by Slickman05/24/084.71HOT

Lunch Ch. 2

 — He returns the favour with a wank to remember. by voyman09/14/014.09

Lunch Date

 — She shares her lunch time with a stranger. by summaswine08/19/064.00

Lunch Date

 — He wanted her to pleasure him, she was eager to oblige. by RudeGrl07/26/104.29

Lunch Date

 — She's out to eat with a man who's not her husband. by SJZ7609/07/093.76

Lunch Date

 — A shop owner has something new for lunch. by GypsyMind07/14/134.18

Lunch Date Ch. 02

 — He wanted her to pleasure him, she was eager to oblige. by RudeGrl08/23/104.52HOT

Lunch for Two

 — One way to sooth a ragged temper. by dirtymary08/06/124.08

Lunch Hour

 — Co-workers flash & tease before a lunch break rendezvous. by obscured03/25/144.22

Lunch Hour Lust

 — Lovers exchanging passion through an IM chat. by TP_Lentz11/23/073.75

Lunch in the Office

 — It's lunch, you're alone, time to make my move! by TJGI07/31/103.89

Lunch In The Park

 — Giving in to passion is not without risks. by lennythelion12/06/093.46

Lunch on Friday

 — Foreplay goes too far. by Cinner08/04/123.87

Lunch or Sex?

 — What to eat for lunch? by SexKitten91905/29/064.52HOT

Lunch Surprise

 — A sticky situation awaits sleepy boyfriend. by phoneguy11/02/044.15

Lunch Tease

 — A dreamy lunch date is a delicious tease. by ProperlyHandled03/04/153.89

Lunch Time

 — fFirst date happens on your lunch hour. by cincy2904/20/034.12

Lunch Time

 — Harried, horny husband gets wife relief. by JeffersonPierce10/12/024.39

Lunch Time

 — A lunch time suprise office visit you will never forget. by TheOnlyTigerGirl06/14/124.19

Lunch Time Quickie!

 — Quickie under the freeway overpass. by delectableflesh02/17/153.74

Lunch Time Special

 — Businesswoman meets a very interesting lunch mate. by coqhngry09/04/093.93

Lunch Visit

 — Kalie gives husband a nice lunch at work. by R U Ready 4 Me Baby02/20/024.44

Lunch With Benefits

 — Spending the afternoon pleasing a beautiful blonde. by johnnieblue4401/24/104.52HOT

Lunch with Christine

 — Online lunch meeting leads to a sexy matinee. by Dtcexec02/25/144.29

Lunch With Dave

 — They enjoy a sexual appetizer. by firemoon03/17/034.29

Lunch With Laura

 — A shy man's lunch turns erotic. by ccnyman07/25/074.31

Lunch With Lena

 — Lunch with an old lover brings excitement flooding back. by JudeWrites01/08/134.57HOT

Lunch With Rita

 — Older man's life takes a detour. by Mike Tauron10/28/004.26

Lunch With The Boss

 — Secretary has more than lunch with her boss. by Rontonia02/16/023.63


 — She surprises him at his office. by Sarraphin03/31/044.42

Lunchtime Distraction

 — Lonely husband is intrigued by stranger. by Shamus O Duffie10/15/004.30

Lunchtime Drive

 — Quick oral during a car ride, may continue soon. by Nightwolf12/11/054.34

Lunchtime Picnic

 — She brings lunch for you, and more. by Lorelei C.09/01/004.08

Lunchtime Pranks

 — Mellissa meets new friends. by LeopoldNicholas02/21/14

Lunchtime Quickie

 — They find sweet relief in the midday. by fannyanny01/18/063.74

Lunchtime Rendezvous

 — Innocent lunch turns into an adventure. by Arianna Lee01/11/054.11

Lunchtime Surprise

 — Eating lunch in the office is fun. by Abby_Normal_710/02/034.39

Lunchtime Surprise

 — Just when I thought it was another boring day at the office. by TheMysteryWriter12/03/11

Lunchtime Treats

 — Quickie in his office. by Nefatiri08/27/094.20

Lunchtime Tryst

 — She gets him for lunch. by cattitude196508/19/024.28

Lunchtime with Keller and Lovey

 — Love in the Afternoon Re-visited. by LoveBeauregarde1611/24/133.75

Lunchtime with Lauren

 — Lunchtime ends with a bit of fun with Lauren... by oh_hey_there11/26/143.96

Lured by Luxury

 — Young lady is saved from sexual enslavement. by Rex Siter03/24/154.70HOT

Luscious Laura Dream

 — Injured man gets relief. by stewman12105601/01/063.58

Luscious Lesia

 — A former crush looking hot in a bikini. by Irish Moss11/04/104.45


 — A girl's fantasy over the pool boy comes true. by Dbaker02/26/034.23


 — Sophie likes a good time. by captivate11/10/044.33


 — She waits for his return. by laurambell01/21/094.10


 — Strangers meeting in a bar becomes a raunchy night of lust. by peacekeeper2512/08/084.58HOT


 — I enjoyed her visit. by MasterMagus12/29/123.75

Lust & Passion

 — The passion that boiled over after flirting with another... by heatseekher0101/27/154.59HOT

Lust After Work

 — A husband and a wife with a little naughty side. by dasbehim11/14/143.55

Lust and First Encounters

 — Two strangers meet and cannot control their desire. by roughlife06/07/134.17

Lust and Lingerie

 — The combination is too hot to handle. by InnocentLover05/03/094.57HOT

Lust and Longing

 — Trenton and Cassidy continue their passion. by Highspeed051602/13/104.47

Lust and Love

 — Lusty, passionate one night stand becomes so much more. by peacekeeper2512/14/084.65HOT

Lust and Marriage

 — An engaged woman meeting up with a past lover. by LustNdesire04/19/113.46

Lust and Passion

 — Two lovers share a hot night. by knightangel09/11/062.91

Lust As First Sight

 — She gets releived by a sexy man with ropes. by Littlegirl4205/12/104.05

Lust at an Italian Dinner

 — Old lovers contemplate having an affair. by Deb Aryon10/01/024.11

Lust at First Sight

 — Internet lovers meet for a layover. by jaguarspot02/27/044.30

Lust At First Sight

 — Remebering the first time with his wife. by upforalmostanything04/14/044.47

Lust At First Sight

 — One look was enough for him. by SimonSays108/17/044.43

Lust at First Sight Ch. 02

 — Suzie gets what she asked for. Twice. by JackBeHuge10/11/144.54HOT

Lust by E-mail

 — Real e-mails from lovers far, far away. by Ydnar444410/07/023.55

Lust Comes Quickly

 — Yvette has a thing for plain Joes, so she always scores. by danielblue02/06/053.75

Lust Driven Tammy

 — Tammy takes her best friend's boyfriend to her room. by Agony10/03/013.85

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