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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Playing Hooky

 — Who wants to work on a sunny morning? by Sare07/05/034.06

Playing in the Morning

 — Waking up nicely. by summaswine10/10/064.61HOT

Playing in the Park

 — Hiding in the trees. by Heidi197009/04/054.52HOT

Playing in the Rain

 — You play in a thunderstorm. by Araythea06/26/054.08

Playing in the Woods Ch. 02

 — Adam comes back for more. by treegirl9204/20/124.42

Playing in the Woods Ch. 03

 — As I walked home with my hands full of groceries... by treegirl9212/07/124.31

Playing Musician

 — Shy hs guy impersonates rock star, fools classmate. by pseudonym200511/02/094.79HOT

Playing on the Red-Eye Ch. 01

 — Shy strangers find each other on plane. by veryFoxy12/31/044.54HOT

Playing on the Swing Set

 — She encourages boyfriend to relive old fun. by idyllic_thoughts02/13/043.38

Playing Piano

 — Piano teacher plays a sonata with his student. by standingstones02/19/134.45

Playing Pool

 — A day at the bar with Billie Jack. by KdDiva07/17/093.77

Playing Preying Predator

 — Predators play the field only to get played. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER08/14/074.14

Playing Santa

 — He begrudgingly agrees to play Santa. by randallangdon05/19/104.37

Playing Strip Poker

 — My girlfriend gets a stud naked and sucks his cock. by Namsbitch07/11/123.64

Playing the Hospital Santa

 — Chaplin takes place of Doc playing Santa. by ohnudeone12/15/064.43

Playing the Part Ch. 03

 — She spread my legs a little more. by kinki03/28/054.74HOT

Playing The Whore Ch. 01

 — She gives husband the Birthday treat of his life. by missey_D05/26/044.06

Playing The Whore Ch. 02

 — Husband's birthday treat only gets better. by missey_D05/27/044.42

Playing The Whore Ch. 03

 — She gives husband birthday treat. by missey_D06/03/043.77

Playing to the Audience

 — Lauren discovers her hidden talents. by Idle_Hands02/22/024.38

Playing to Win

 — Lauren finally breaks Josh's winning streak. by __Lisa__02/01/144.69HOT

Playing Up Ch. 01

 — Will she get what she wants? Will her crush notice her? by redzinger04/26/104.69HOT

Playing Up Ch. 02

 — Now they can't keep their hands off each other. by redzinger11/08/114.74HOT

Playing With A Boy

 — Girls who smell pretty get to play with boys. by TheForgottenPrincess03/23/044.35

Playing With Brittany Ch. 01

 — Two teens get intimate over a game of truth or dare. by garthburgandy07/12/144.64HOT

Playing With Brittany Ch. 03

 — On their anniversary, Nathan and Brittany replay their game. by garthburgandy08/05/144.75HOT

Playing With Doctor

 — A nurse seduce the doctor. by Blackz_Sidez05/15/054.21

Playing with Fire

 — Passionate writer gives her a night to remember. by Jenna_In_Dreamland10/09/034.50HOT

Playing with Fire

 — An illicit evening with two married colleagues. by JaneDoe3106/21/134.14

Playing with Fire

 — A couple to be married but the intended wife has a relation by be24you03/12/143.48

Playing with Fire

 — The start of an affair with my female boss. by NorCalLoki05/11/143.94

Playing with Fyre

 — My first visit to a Nevada brothel. by GC6611/10/124.35

Playing With Katie

 — Professor & female research assistant pursue affair. by realcitykid08/09/034.25

Playing With My Heart

 — The heart becomes sexual. by kynki_grrl06/06/044.49

Playing Your Part Ch. 01

 — A woman gets a strange and elaborate proposition to consider. by ZardozSays02/23/143.86

Playing Your Part Ch. 02

 — Helene lets her curiosity draw her in. by ZardozSays02/25/144.23

Playing Your Part Ch. 03

 — Let the games begin. by ZardozSays02/28/144.22

Playmates Ch. 1

 — Vicky's children lead her to a lovely acquaintance. by Bob Peale03/01/013.98


 — Two U.o.I. students take time out from coursework for recess. by eroticorgasm10/12/014.18


 — What he needs at the end of a long hard day. by AnneOR03/29/034.65HOT


 — Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, playtime! by PaulSandarac07/19/124.46

Playtime Ch. 03

 — Individual stories. by Pattie100701/29/074.00

Playtime with Nicole Ch. 01

 — Best friend's girlfriend is down for some kinky fun. by Vernon7712/22/144.16

Playtime with Sis-in-Law

 — Fun with wife's sister was a long time cumming. by Jetscreamer08/17/054.38

Pleasant Awakening

 — He wakes her up with hot sex. by Amor ad Vincula11/21/003.97

Pleasant Distractions

 — Your relaxing evening on the couch takes an erotic turn. by Abscentia06/13/044.35

Pleasant Dreams

 — Helping girlfriend's drunken friend get home leads to more! by Son_of_Hat12/14/024.34

Pleasant Dreams

 — A sexy dream becomes more. by btchypook02/19/054.14

Pleasant Evening

 — A fantasy with you. by 2sweetforu08/24/03

Pleasant Flight

 — He remembers some rough sex with his first girlfriend. by Cherry_Rose10/28/114.10

Pleasant Interruptions

 — She finds pleasure on a Saturday morning. by Dirty_Deeds06/02/064.23

Pleasant Night Out

 — A guy finds the perfect one night stand. by Thoran03/06/064.22

Pleasantly Interrupted

 — His wife interrupts his erotic tale. by Taltos166704/15/054.42

Pleasantly Surprised

 — He was different in the bed than in real life. by SouthernScribbler02/03/044.64HOT


 — Short interlude. by Ahaleya12/01/034.24


 — A mysterious, erotic encounter in the library. by thebardess09/25/024.45


 — She begs for more and more pleasure. by SweetTink06/17/114.08


 — Saying please was enough. by UnlessIfI07/04/104.21

Please and Thank You

 — Adam's comfort is tested on holiday. by telltailhart10/10/094.59HOT

Please Blow Out the Candles

 — After night out dancing with friends, things get hot. by Saoirce03/09/074.62HOT

Please Ch. 01

 — Paul and Jane stoke the old fires. by nighttimestories11/30/104.33

Please Ch. 02

 — Jane teases Paul to the best orgasm of his life. by nighttimestories12/06/104.30

Please Don't Go Emily

 — Young couple buys a haunted house by YoursSINSerely10/19/094.56HOT

Please Don't...

 — A walk in the woods. by sarge1309/24/084.23

Please Let Me Stay Dead This Time

 — Lonely seaside camper meets near-drowned woman. by Noxflute10/09/014.23

Please Pass the Pillow

 — Sex tonight was high and mighty by SouthernScribbler08/30/024.17

Please Rewind

 — She develops a crush on her local video store owner. by Sinthia300002/03/044.37

Please Spank Me Ch. 3

 — Mari has to interview with Ben again. by Spankx12/24/024.11

Please Take My Pussy!

 — Her deal may not go down, but she certainly does. by Barnaby10/10/054.44

Please Wake Up!

 — When you won't wake up, he gets what he wants. by Allwaysacutie10/12/033.90

Please, Do Not Move

 — She submits herself to him for the first time. by didijune4801/23/064.63HOT

Please, Don't

 — She's a slut, but does he care? by masterfeedlarry07/12/104.33

Please, Not Another Picnic

 — She wasn't the outdoorsy type. by CeriseNoire04/09/074.32


 — I beg hubby to mutually masturbate with me and squirt. by Mrs_Cumming03/28/114.31

Pleased To Cream You

 — He meets a cute college girl who likes dirty things. by Mercurius01/17/034.24

Pleased to Tease

 — One chair, one table, four restraints. Go figure. by chasm8404/22/054.40

Pleasing a Customer

 — The Customer is ALWAYS right. by summaswine11/19/064.48

Pleasing Angel

 — Couple enjoy each other's fantasies. by Angelscuck09/19/093.63

Pleasing Candace

 — He makes love with a stylist at his salon. by onthesideinside03/09/064.77HOT

Pleasing Heather

 — He succumbs to Heather's request. by Gentle_One02/09/074.78HOT

Pleasing Her Forever

 — Guy pleased girl to make him hers forever. by Bigchicklover05/22/104.39

Pleasing Master

 — A dom and his three subs have fun. by RDeLajour01/03/154.00

Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 01

 — Casey gets taken by her best friend's father. by Candystripper10008/08/144.39

Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 02

 — Mr. Welston takes his daughters bestie again! by Candystripper10008/15/144.40

Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 03

 — Things get hot in the shower. by Candystripper10008/25/144.77HOT

Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 04

 — Things are about to get interesting in the car! by Candystripper10008/30/144.53HOT

Pleasing Ms Lewis

 — Doing her oral bidding. by nortythorts06/26/133.89

Pleasing My Best Friend's Sister Ch. 01

 — Leann loses her virginity to her brother's friend. by Sexuallyshady09/28/04

Pleasing My Goddess Ch. 01

 — My lady teases me for her pleasure. by Elbryan137110/08/123.60

Pleasing My Husband

 — Wife fulfills husband's fantasy. by RDeLajour01/08/154.51HOT

Pleasing My King

 — A young wench demonstrates her "talent". by ImaginaryLover02/06/033.77

Pleasing Rod

 — A story of watching and wanting to please. by naughtygirl_6209/03/143.86

Pleasurable Working Environment

 — She has a fantasy at work. by anng46905/28/083.85


 — Getting ready for guests can be interesting all on its own. by dark whisper03/24/03

Pleasure & Pain

 — A couple gets rough. by Spider_Fingers11/03/064.40

Pleasure Alone, Then Together

 — You watch her, then rough sex with her. by GreenDemonGurlie03/09/034.51HOT

Pleasure at the Pool

 — Suzie rewards me for spreading lotion on her. by slowpoke254105/07/124.16

Pleasure Awaits

 — Coming home was never as pleasurable. by Hquest00709/10/094.20

Pleasure before Business

 — Lucky office worker gets what hes always wanted. by RandomStorywriter0190407/15/134.09

Pleasure By Mouth

 — She wakes him with a hunger for more. by MaxiJ03/06/044.69HOT

Pleasure by Proxy

 — Boyfriend of a paraplegic is given the offer he can't refuse. by MoeUnleashed09/02/144.36

Pleasure by Text Ch. 01

 — A late night text session. by sxy_rob07/18/073.67

Pleasure Cruise

 — You have adventures on the go. by FunLuvr24709/18/084.00

Pleasure Cruise

 — A young couple hooks up for hot sex on a cruise. by Sean Renaud02/18/103.56

Pleasure Cruise Day 01

 — A fabulous start to a coed's wonderful cruise. by TeriGirl198310/26/054.63HOT

Pleasure Flight Ch. 01

 — Off duty pilot and passenger have fun on flight. by PrettyMissM03/29/114.08

Pleasure Flight Ch. 02

 — Michael and Francesca check into a hotel. by PrettyMissM03/30/114.26

Pleasure Flight Ch. 03

 — Morning after the night before for pilot and passenger. by PrettyMissM03/31/114.19

Pleasure for a Pill

 — Hottie eager to fly at rave thanks for pill with herself. by BingoLL11/27/143.86

Pleasure For My Man

 — Wife gets pleasure from pleasing her husband. by fantasyfulfiller09/08/064.26

Pleasure for the Traffic Cop

 — a "normal" stop goes from hot to hotter. by dreammaker62309/13/104.05

Pleasure for the Traffic Cop Ch. 02

 — It's time for the cop to tell his side of the story. by blueandsilverdevil10/16/104.08

Pleasure in Sicily

 — She goes abroad to meet him. by h3lls_sweety03/05/113.86

Pleasure in the Country

 — The view wasn't the only treat. by turner_burner08/07/064.65HOT

Pleasure is What It's About

 — An intimate few minutes at the point of orgasm. by sammy 200606/30/064.48

Pleasure Me

 — Your teasing pleasures take me over the edge. by justaflirt2u11/22/10

Pleasure of the Tribes Ch. 01

 — The ugly maid seduces her young master. by imp_ian10/26/083.75

Pleasure of the Tribes Ch. 02

 — Master helps the sexy maidservant get pregnant. by imp_ian10/27/084.13

Pleasure of the Tribes Ch. 03

 — The fat tribal MILF exploits young man for her pleasure. by imp_ian10/31/084.13

Pleasure on the River

 — A sexy Asian babe has hot sex with a stranger on the river. by iggyspear01/06/144.20

Pleasure Ride

 — She gives oral ecstasy to handsome coworker. by Elizabeth Brandon03/20/014.08

Pleasure Unexpected

 — A woman starting over finds her past coming back to bite. by darkravenwolf07/26/103.00

Pleasure Unexpected Ch. 02

 — He sat down beside me and pulled my into his arms. by darkravenwolf08/08/103.67

Pleasure Upon Request

 — Man fulfills request of married friend with hot blonde wife. by pseudonym200506/18/104.77HOT

Pleasure with Driver Ch. 01

 — Indian woman satisfies desires with her driver. by sumantriguni01/04/054.18

Pleasure with Driver Ch. 02

 — Sister-in-law joins in. by sumantriguni02/21/054.12

Pleasures in the Garden Pool

 — Fun after a morning of planting flowers. by phoenix007/24/034.29

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