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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Saturday Rushing

 — Male or female, being in a rush isn't always avoidable. by glory_first12/22/084.22

Satyr Dreams

 — A dream sequence based on a Pagan Fertility Ceremony. by mo_duinne04/14/074.30

Sauce for the Goose

 — A woman wronged gains retribution. by tantricjim12/16/114.02


 — An encounter in the sauna. by Redtulips9410/31/033.67

Sauna at the Fairmont

 — The first meeting between two people in Vancouver. by maddie0102/06/084.17

Sauna Pleasure

 — You have unexpected company. by Bulging Muscle01/17/054.37

Sauna Sensuality

 — How embarrassment became erotic. by rangitamoe12/06/133.77

Sauna Surprise

 — Student pampers and warms up his teacher. by Gutenberg12/01/054.17

Sauna With A Housewife

 — Horny young man meets Isabel. by L. Cadarn11/18/004.33

Savage Heat

 — A stripper's fantasy comes true. by midniteblueflier05/29/044.00


 — A summer evening in Savannah. by captjack05/18/024.39

Savannah 03

 — Sex and spying in the US Civil War. by georgia185705/09/124.55HOT

Savannah 07

 — Straight and anal sex as Amanda spies for both sides. by georgia185706/27/124.58HOT

Savannah 08

 — A sells her plantation but gives her body to three men. by georgia185707/12/124.23

Savannah 09

 — Straight sex with hints of bi and incest in 1859. by georgia185707/23/124.38

Savannah 11

 — More intense straight and lesbian sex in the US Civil War. by georgia185709/10/124.23

Savannah Ch. 02

 — Drama swirls around Grace as she falls in love. by frozenhero108/20/124.73HOT

Savannah Does Flint, MI

 — A bad business trip turns raunchy romp for Savannah. by _Savannah_12/24/064.30

Savannah Film Festival

 — A filmmaker scores with a sensual fan. by AfroerotiK11/18/06

Savannah Gets Steamed Up

 — She invades men's shower at a health club. by _Savannah_12/20/044.30

Savannah Sex in the Cemetery

 — She introduces him to some new scenery. by travelgal12/18/094.00

Savannah's Mystery Fuck

 — Encounter at a club leaves Savannah bemused. by _Savannah_02/11/054.46

Savannah's Second Chance

 — How To Get Laid: get your buddy drunk & do his girl. by _Savannah_06/06/084.26

Saved by the Devil

 — She almost drowns. by dixiecups07/27/064.25

Saving Bobbie

 — A eomantic and erotic relationship between young lovers. by Dinsmore05/21/054.66HOT

Saving Each Other

 — Strangers use sex as therapy by ainu11/16/054.40

Saving His Kat Ch. 02

 — Kat found a new roommate. by Lydia_Rogue07/31/094.14

Saving My Almost Fizzled Marriage

 — She puts romance back into her dying marriage. by beckamarie05/07/014.08

Saving Natasha Ch. 01

 — Liam saves his neighbor, Natasha, from her abusive husband. by DooderMcMannerson08/09/144.35

Saving on Auto Insurance

 — It took 2 days to have on my auto insurance lady. by do4ualso07/31/144.19

Saving Stacy Ch. 01

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide. by ProfesorPhate10/26/12

Saving Stacy Ch. 02

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide... by ProfesorPhate10/31/12

Saving Stacy Ch. 03

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide. by ProfesorPhate11/04/12

Saving Stacy Ch. 05

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide... by ProfesorPhate11/05/12

Saving Stacy Ch. 06

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide... by ProfesorPhate11/06/12HOT

Saving Stacy Ch. 07

 — An old flame on the verge of suicide... by ProfesorPhate11/07/12

Saving the Best for Last

 — What happens when they meet for the first time? by ejls02/29/124.77HOT

Saving the Future Ch. 02

 — Riana gets pregnant and Brian’s secret is discovered. by alan5512/24/114.11

Saving the Future Ch. 03

 — Brian’s secret is out and the wedding is off. by alan5512/25/114.05

Saving the Future Ch. 04

 — Both marriages are in trouble. by alan5512/26/114.08

Saving the World

 — A female takes the Tahitian vacation of her life. by wordmaster06/29/064.39

Saw Her in the Grocery Store

 — Unwittingly drawn into a sorority initiation. by CraigArbor02/01/144.23

Sax and Sex

 — Horny musician plays the groove of a lovely groupie. by artbrujo06/23/013.71

Say My Name

 — I tease my partner and take what I want. by ATouchofCinnamon06/26/094.77HOT

Say My Name!

 — Experimenting with bondage. by maggiemm01/20/154.53HOT

Say Softly

 — An erotic oral moment. by Michael3609/26/044.56HOT

Saying Good-bye To The Onions

 — A fresh farm country fantasy. by szuszi10/01/034.25

Saying Goodbye

 — A young man and woman meet up after a breakup to say goodbye. by Anon_E_Mous06/25/123.82

Saying Goodbye

 — My ex-fiancee's mom comes to visit. by WayneGibbous07/04/124.45

Saying Goodbye To Someone I love

 — Break up sex, memories, and confusion. by DreamOn07/15/043.88

Scandalous Polaroids

 — She meets him in a bar. His dirty pictures lead to more. by madamefielding01/26/114.26

Scanning Pics 03

 — Lovers exploring. by clownie711/09/034.60HOT

Scarf Adventure Ch. 01

 — Erotic playtime. by productionman04/12/13

Scarlet & Joe

 — Married to others coworkers find romance. by REDFOXXY195905/28/024.38

Scarlet Temptation

 — A formal party leaves the door to your temptation open. by The Moog09/28/044.69HOT


 — Two co-workers get to know each other after work. by Sstugatz05/29/054.08

Scarlett Begonias

 — She picks up guy in bar by enjuedevi8812/13/004.21

Scarlett Letters

 — She shouldn't go home with a stranger, should she? by candycurious10/21/104.42

Scarlett's Dorm Ch. 01

 — Scarlett makes a new friend on the 8th floor. by DarkArchitect09/10/094.05

Scarlett's Dorm Ch. 02

 — Scarlett gets her first orgasms in the dorm by DarkArchitect09/20/094.16

Scarlett's Dorm Ch. 03

 — Blackmailed Scarlett gets her pushup bra back. by DarkArchitect10/04/094.39


 — A depressed woman finds solace in a dream man. by CatBrown11/07/114.50HOT


 — He reveals his scars to her. by SheRemembers12/28/064.51HOT

Scavenger Hunt

 — It's amazing what you can find. by Ashson12/24/134.28

Scenarios 01-10

 — A gift for my boyfriend. by prncssbttrcp09/22/103.00

Scene from a Back Seat

 — Two twentyomething lovers rediscover their teenage years by Scarlet_Pen01/18/034.33

Scene In A Mexican Restaraunt

 — Handsome stranger puts welcome twist on reporter's routine. by mystic_rain_goddess01/12/064.53HOT

Scenes : Skirting the Issue

 — A young woman knows what she wants. by Timewell11/20/104.05

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

 — An evening out inspires you. by SarcasticSinner05/08/034.38

Scenes from the Beach

 — Getting away from it all may lead to getting in deep. by RetMarut10/09/074.00

Scent of a Gentleman

 — Remembering her soulmate after his death. by emesangels12/24/034.67

Scent of a Handyman

 — Coed meets odd repairman. by Phallux09/01/003.95

Scent of a Woman

 — Girlfriend gets an unexpected surprise. by phoneguy10/01/044.30

Scent Of A Woman

 — Lovers do the dog! by Aiden_Steele10/22/124.05

Scent of Desire

 — Two chemists hook up while working on a fragrance. by justboycrazy10/05/133.81

Scent Of Jasmine

 — How far would a man go to have her intoxicating aroma? by Green_Gem09/08/084.73HOT

Scent of Passion Ch. 1

 — Candlelight & you: who could need more? by Ignatious219704/10/024.50

Scents & Tastes of Pleasure

 — Sexy neighbor finds lusty pleasure next door. by biDotty11/26/024.47

Scents in the City

 — He finds something good in the dank city. by yellow impulse11/25/034.43


 — Busy married couple finds time for lovin'. by sycksycko04/21/134.39

Scheduling Difficulties

 — Hard day on set means the schedule needs reworking. by sharko02/02/084.00

Schenley Park

 — Diving it long on the fairway. by ShiningAndShannon06/12/044.17

School Ch. 1

 — Ted falls for teacher in his senior year. by mine09/02/013.26

School Crossing Guard

 — The school crossing guard is his sexual fantasy. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/30/074.27

School Days

 — Vanessa gets in way over her head. by hard_throb200110/14/054.00

School Days

 — A quick romp in the massage room. by MTinPA08/25/074.39

School Days

 — He scores with the prettiest cheerleader. by itisman01/31/083.86

School Days Ch. 01

 — April gets her photos done. by Navig8tor06/25/064.30

School Days Ch. 01

 — Mackenzie goes to an erotic school and starts the year off. by BellaMac11/02/084.05

School Days Ch. 01

 — College friends journey into uncharted territory. by SoftPorn4u02/23/143.41

School Days Ch. 02

 — In the darkroom something develops. by Navig8tor07/02/064.33

School Days Ch. 02

 — Mackenzie goes to an erotic school and starts the year off. by BellaMac11/27/084.25

School Days Ch. 03

 — Decisions Made, Secrets Revealed by Navig8tor07/24/064.44

School Days Ch. 04

 — April satisfies Jeff, then is satisfied by Tina. by Navig8tor08/22/064.34

School Days Ch. 05

 — Diversion during a traffic stop. by Navig8tor09/06/064.24

School Days Ch. 06

 — A plan is hatched. by Navig8tor09/30/064.32

School Days Ch. 10

 — The weekend comes to an end. by Navig8tor07/05/074.17

School Daze

 — Teacher finds himself drawn to luscious student. by Sweet Marie12/09/013.91

School Daze

 — Teacher helps with homework in a big way. by big daddy e902/20/062.81

School Detention

 — You give a pupil more than detention. by mutly23m11/24/023.11

School Disco

 — Some people won't just give it to you. by HectorsMate04/03/054.48

School for Scandal Redux: Mr White

 — A reworking of School for Scandal by jizzlober02/19/144.86HOT

School for Scandal: Diamond's Day

 — Pornstarlet Diamond Gazongas has an induction day. by jizzlober02/07/144.38

School for Scandal: Diamond's Day 02

 — Big titted pornstarlet continues her entrance exam. by jizzlober12/30/144.80HOT

School for Sluts 00

 — Prologue: an introduction to all the sluts. by TheDarkCloud09/30/093.68

School Friends Reunite

 — One evening two old high school friends passionately meet. by Joseph_Grand07/07/083.38

School Fuck

 — Geoff finds his first partner. by ButteredMarmalade05/04/133.88

School Gets Different Ch. 03

 — Ben gets a big shock from a Teachers Aide. by cool_person10/29/044.38

School Girl Ch. 1

 — He fulfills schoolgirl fantasy with 18-year-old bombshell. by SamStuart04/01/023.54

School Girl Ch. 1

 — They meet in a hotel for lust. by erotic5104/25/024.56HOT

School Girl Ch. 2

 — Couple continues their torrid rendezvous. by erotic5104/27/024.28

School Girl Charms

 — Husband and wife reunion sparked wild night. by Tavlor02/28/084.14

School Girl Rayne Ch. 03

 — Anna gets the Full Treatment a her local massage parlor. by Sean Renaud10/05/133.38

School Girl Tristan

 — Sweet Tristan gets her head around her fave teacher's. by chevy321002/26/093.74

School of Erotica

 — She goes to school to learn to joys of sex. by KarrieLee03/21/024.22

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