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Erotic Couplings Stories

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 — They're both married and cheating. by Matahari0808/06/083.14

Affair on the 7:50 to GCT

 — Agneta had withheld love, waiting for the perfect man. by Gagamama09/09/134.20

Affair Passion Chronicles 1

 — They seek passion their spouse does not give them. by saxetman04/09/024.43

Affair with Housemaid

 — Indian man is invigorated by affair with housemaid. by Susimol12/04/003.87

Affair with My Friend's Son

 — Cassie seduces young Adam. by gentletouch196002/28/144.05

Affairs Of The Heart

 — They were best friends but then something happened. by espeteroh06/14/064.32

Affairs of the Heart

 — A story of two, sex and happiness. by devious_desires02/16/133.85

Affectionate Seduction

 — Dave and Shelly mess around on vacation. by Dave_Loves_Puss08/23/114.15

Affidha: The Fuckable Malay Babe

 — Sexy Malay chick visits her friend. by johara07/18/033.41


 — A day at the beach leads to orgasm. by da_scribe11/25/084.00

African Dance Class

 — She gets more than she bargained for. by wingwagon05/07/034.36

African-American Wedding

 — Black man decides to marry wealthy Black woman. by Samuelx05/18/091.93

After 3 Months

 — We catch up after a break. by troyatwood01/12/104.12

After 8...

 — Post dinner drinks lead to hot sex. by opqap03/20/083.06

After a Date

 — Nothing like a little relief after a bad date. by virilite11/14/024.17

After A Hard Day At The Office

 — The one he loves is asleep... by n8loi01/22/034.07

After a Hard Day's Work

 — Wife helps relieve husband's stress. by brazenblaze01/31/014.19

After a Hard Day's Work

 — Anna gets home to a relaxing treat. by Aredendra08/31/033.81

After a Long Day

 — The moment she entered in her apartment. by kypris01/09/093.83

After a Long Day

 — All she can think of is relaxing. by Madam_Butterfly03/04/073.86

After A Long Day At Work

 — Greeted with oral sex that ends with a good fucking. by kittykatbc05/23/104.21

After A Long Flight

 — Unexpected hotel company after a long flight. by just_a_horny_guy01/23/064.12

After a Long Halloween Night

 — Returning home and the treats are only just beginning. by Fairefax11/05/144.16

After a Night Out

 — He surprises her with ropes and a spanking. by Yvie09/19/014.03

After a Night with the Girls

 — She comes home in the mood. by walkthetracks11/15/034.30

After a Shower

 — You know how to heat things up. by forbidden_syn03/17/044.44

After a Workout

 — David decided to grab a beer and rest. by sallykim61102/15/103.57

After Ann

 — Sexual development begins when a marriage goes bad. by Calandria205/10/144.03

After Bathing

 — Pleasures of the flesh explored -- after bathing by gypsyred03/24/034.08

After Candlelight Dinner

 — An oral fantasy. by tederos6911/13/103.88

After Christmas in a Cold City

 — Visiting the city, she finds a partner. by efreda12/07/034.13

After Class

 — Indian professor gets to know the student body. by Serenata02/04/023.98

After Class

 — Two students stay after school to finish an assignment. by Bliss5611/24/024.11

After Class

 — Student accidently leaves note behind in class. by hafnium1002/28/093.74

After Class

 — Classmates share a moment in the restroom. by lust4her02/16/134.00

After Class

 — They knew each other from class, but both wanted more. by xbluespoonx11/14/114.20

After Class Ch. 02

 — What he really learned in class. by Bliss5612/06/024.12

After Class Ch. 02

 — They make a date, but he surprises her at work instead. by xbluespoonx02/13/124.41

After Class Ch. 03

 — Their first official date. by xbluespoonx05/06/124.32

After Class Special

 — Tracey gets a much awaited gift for her 18th birthday. by ToxicTrixie04/25/144.00

After Closing

 — A bartender shows her appreciation to a helpful customer. by pril1301/27/144.24

After Dinner

 — Part two of 'Wooded Wonderland'. by missdee196704/28/064.43

After Dinner

 — The story continues. by dreamr6608/03/074.75

After Dinner

 — A different kind of after dinner adventure. by BigTri07/28/034.13

After Dinner

 — A night of firsts. by humminbean10/10/094.59HOT

After Dinner

 — A very erotic dessert. by klbsexybiggirl04/28/124.00

After Dinner

 — Sex in an alley with pearls and stilettos. by Fanny_Bancroft09/13/123.81

After Dinner Dance

 — Some dances are more arousing than others. by not_so_innocent_flirting03/10/034.28

After Dinner Mint

 — Wound-up man gets relief from an old friend. by pocketrocket06/09/014.05

After Dinner Mints

 — She listens as friends get it on. by Carnal Syn10/20/024.40

After Dinner Sex

 — Martin and Karli skip the after dinner drinks to make love. by KarliCain10/17/094.43

After Dinner with Frank

 — She's hungry, but not for food. by Star10/08/004.33

After Dinner...

 — You enjoy your first time together. by labellasadie01/22/083.90

After Finals

 — Local businessman helps a co-ed forget finals. by DallasJackson02/25/054.71HOT

After Her Shower

 — Friend gets horny in the shower. by Dana Gallagher06/14/033.95

After His Absence

 — I miss you sex. by eroticawriter_102/04/154.07

After His Shower

 — Intimate encounter after husband's shower. by mstwistedangel11/11/083.71

After Hours

 — You can't wait to get home to do the nasty. by BunniePeaks01/31/013.72

After Hours

 — Things can happen after close up. by Maximus~the~great08/06/014.46

After Hours

 — You spend time getting know your subject well. by Ravage10/16/013.00

After Hours

 — After year of working together, they connect. by rdgnyc05/08/024.43

After Hours

 — Sex in the office brightens Richard's day. by aa2002uk05/14/024.36

After Hours

 — Boss' wife asks him to go above and beyond his job description. by partsa10/25/024.30

After Hours

 — A woman surprises her man at the office. by Natures Gift08/20/044.39

After Hours

 — They helped a client, then helped themselves – to each other. by SimonSays103/24/064.72HOT

After Hours

 — Coworkers find release at the office. by AngelwingHearts05/13/034.66HOT

After Hours

 — Young attorney comforts senior partner after office hours. by WhoRU08/20/034.33

After Hours

 — A saucy librarian gets her sexual education. by Miz Meagan12/06/044.40

After Hours

 — Gets food delivered, and gives a big tip. by snaillover6910/24/143.95

After Hours

 — A chance encounter leads to a wild evening. by Considering08/12/114.49

After Hours

 — After wining and dining clients, ladies relax. by JuliaHandel04/25/132.93

After Hours

 — A surprise after the restaurant closes. by sparkle810/18/134.08

After Hours

 — Happy hour has coworkers coming together. by SameSameButDifferent03/04/144.27

After Hours

 — Workmates become fuck buddies after hours. by bad_dave07/12/124.09

After Hours Affair

 — A woman is seduced by her sexy boss. by Puss_n_Boots03/15/134.35

After Hours Alicia Ch. 07

 — Alicia finally talks to Peter. by NewAgeErotica06/24/144.73HOT

After Hours Ch. 01

 — Adultery in the office, M/F, oral. by dirty_geezer10/14/094.12

After Hours Ch. 01

 — Coworkers have one last project to do after closing time. by LasVegasHuny08/02/084.23

After Hours Cocktale

 — She is closing up, and gets surprised by a left behind guy.. by KymmieQuinnell07/05/104.42

After Hours Girl's Locker Room

 — A teacher runs into two cheerleaders after school. by Naughty Puppy10/06/024.47

After Hours Happy Hour

 — Two friends have a post happy hour of their own. by grlnxtdoor01/22/073.90

After Hours in the Studio

 — She seduces shy art professor. by artsygrrl05/08/034.28

After Hours Party

 — Where is Kat's control when she is satisfied at work? by LaPatitMort10/13/084.24

After Hours Rendevous

 — They finally get together at the bank. by XXPINKLETTEXX11/18/074.04

After Hours Surprises

 — Someone gets the Cock Sucking and Fuck of their Life! by Penny_Ellamore01/25/114.41

After Hours With BJ

 — Hair salon customer has intimate late night encounter. by shevyone06/16/024.57HOT

After Lunch

 — New firm associate learns how dress code is enforced. by russeltrust06/23/044.23

After Mass

 — She comes home after Mass to find him ready for her. by russeltrust03/07/143.72

After Match Encounter

 — Night soccer match leads to fantasies being fulfilled. by wtdgirl112/30/064.28

After Me Ch. 01

 — A young man is pursued by a sexually aggressive co-worker. by BillyKane03/24/123.35

After Midnight

 — He awakens me in the middle of the night. by mindventure06/06/144.35

After Midnight on the Red Line

 — On way home, Spazz gets pleasantly sidetracked. by JUDO04/19/024.65HOT

After My Workout

 — She never knew a workout could lead to such good things. by XxtouchexX12/19/023.79

After Parties Ch. 02

 — Rae can't resist Spin's charms. by VioletRaes1209/24/134.12

After Party

 — The party after getting home from the party. by Kryztel07/21/103.71

After Party

 — She needs something, and he has it. by SilkBlackSin03/08/144.43

After Practice

 — Who said debate team nerds don't get nasty? by ravishingrick6903/29/024.07

After Rehearsals

 — An actress and a lighting guy after a long day of rehearsals. by psuedome05/05/123.64

After Roundtable

 — Co-workers find pleasure in the afternoon. by Eroteswhite02/03/133.50

After School

 — Beautiful schoolgirl stays after for her teacher. by Cicibabe06/10/014.21

After School

 — Joanna acts out fantasies with her professor. by schoolgrrl02/06/064.55HOT

After School

 — A new teacher is welcomed to the staff. by pagrl02/01/074.45

After School

 — Coed solves her chronic cash shortage problems. by fin04/05/044.75HOT

After School Adventures Ch. 01

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change... by Slash_Raptor08/15/114.16

After School Adventures Ch. 02

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change. by Slash_Raptor08/16/114.25

After School Adventures Ch. 04

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change... by Slash_Raptor09/06/114.35

After School Affair

 — Art student & teacher enjoy lusty encounter. by catastrophe05/16/034.55HOT

After School Aquatics

 — Miss Stevens teaches a swimming class. by zaxxon05/02/044.54HOT

After School Aquatics: Next Year

 — Sarah teaches another swimming class and Tina returns. by Leon2208/09/054.71HOT

After School Club Ch. 01

 — First day of a new school is very good. by Mirari03/20/064.13

After School Help

 — Teacher Seth can't resist Jadyn. by DarkPhoenixxx08/21/044.45

After School in the Chemistry Room

 — Student finds teacher in a compromising position. by zeke8103/21/104.10

After School Lessons

 — Special sex in a school room. by papadog03/01/044.36

After School Punishment

 — Cheerleader is held after class. by Lolita10/08/004.54HOT

After School Rewards

 — Nerdy student gets rewarded by sexy teacher for good grades. by ConejoMonstruo08/01/074.03

After School Session

 — She comes home after a hard day. But he has a surprise... by goshawk4211/26/143.53

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