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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Wake Up

 — For Rachel, morning comes with a hand to the throat. by Fennel11/17/083.60

Wake Up Call

 — A morning not to be forgotten. by HotD8909/25/023.76

Wake Up Call

 — She has a better idea to wake up her lover than the phone. by _aris_07/14/044.47

Wake Up Call

 — Boyfriend wakes up aroused. by clownxxxdust02/19/074.30

Wake Up Call

 — Your eyes flutter open... by sexyblonde3610/04/114.00

Wake Up Call

 — Waking you up leads to hot passionate sex. by naughtyschoolgirl9301/29/123.65

Wake Up Call

 — Girlfriend wakes him with his favourite treat. by SkylarFalling07/30/124.33

Wake Up Call

 — The best way to wake up a woman. by Chewie0706/09/134.17

Wake Up Call

 — Man finds his girlfriend sleeping and decides to have fun. by kaykay021412/21/143.74

Wake up Sex

 — Another fantasy installment, from Jenna to Kyle. by cheshire_kitten06/13/013.96

Wake Up!

 — One good turn deserves another. by Crafty_Linguist05/22/114.12

Wake Up, Honey... A Present 4 U

 — Your next time is even better. by eagent11/09/044.36

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

 — Could a lady ask for a nicer wake-up call? by mark_mann6502/14/124.25

Wake You

 — Is it his dream? by chimerra01/27/013.92

Wake-Up Call

 — The way you wish you could wake up every morning. by LightWing01/20/044.05

Wake-up Call

 — There's only one way to wake up--with her. by BatsandGlamour06/04/064.59HOT

Wake-Up Call

 — The best way to start your day. by ppks00703/01/083.50


 — She's awake, why should he have to sleep? by Transitional_Man08/16/094.27

Wakening in Love

 — You wake with your lover. by RichardCypher12/05/054.00

Wakeup Call

 — Lovers try different ways to wake each other up. by SexKitten91908/02/064.46

Wakey Wakey

 — Dude wakes up to a very pleasant surprise. by cowboy_witch06/30/064.00


 — The best way to start any day. by HankSpard04/23/044.35


 — A memory awakens more desire. by GrnEyedLucky12/30/044.53HOT


 — She wakes him with her mouth. by DavidsDream08/18/094.38

Waking and Dreaming

 — In the darkness of night I awoke to find ecstacy. by Erotican09/07/124.29

Waking Beauty

 — Waking to her lovers secret manipulations lead to even more. by RomanSteel09/29/123.80

Waking Ch. 02

 — It's his turn to wake her from a dream. by GrnEyedLucky01/18/054.50HOT

Waking Ch. 03

 — A new feeling awakens. by GrnEyedLucky02/10/054.17

Waking Dream

 — Is it the best you can wake up to? by anawhite04/28/094.00

Waking Early

 — You wake me early for a great fuck. by Kiwilass02/03/144.35

Waking Her

 — He wakes you in the most delicious way. by lakesailer_mi02/28/104.27

Waking Her Up

 — A morning surprise. by redrider4u05/29/034.40

Waking Him Up

 — Amy wakes Jack up in the most delicious way. by Beezwacks01/06/104.50HOT

Waking Me

 — Sweet, slicking, licking, stroking wet fingers... by Rain_Lover08/12/133.89

Waking My Prince

 — She finds him deeply asleep & must wake him. by Zoeeee06/05/024.41

Waking to Sarah

 — Woken sweetly from slumber. by SailorJerry11/29/114.19

Waking Tom Ch. 01

 — Didi wakes up her boyfriend. by SassiSoca11/13/124.13

Waking Up

 — He loves his mornings next to her. by Tarrzan02/23/014.23

Waking Up

 — A morning to remember. by Ekserb06/30/024.20

Waking Up

 — You awaken her to sensual morning sex. by BeachGurl212/08/054.53HOT

Waking Up

 — The best way to start your day. by briansboobear01/18/064.50HOT

Waking Up

 — The cross between waking and dreaming. by dreamr6605/25/074.47

Waking Up

 — The morning after. by PnkOcelot03/27/104.21

Waking Up

 — How a man decides to wake his wife up. by Searchin199107/12/134.19

Waking Up

 — Waking up leads to a passionate encounter for two lovers. by rsbrennan08/21/143.93

Waking Up Angels

 — Lauren wakes up to the best dream ever. by redronin03/18/064.06

Waking Up Before the Alarm

 — What happens when she can't sleep at night. by Rescue32509/17/083.53

Waking Up For Work

 — Young couple starts their work day off the best way possible. by evil evil man04/15/144.16

Waking Up from a Dream

 — This story is about being woken up in a very pleasant way. by yuna198102/25/114.26

Waking Up Hard

 — Regaining trust, and holding on to pleasure, is never easy. by Kittiwake05/08/054.74HOT

Waking Up in Austria

 — You find yourself waking in an Austrian winter palace bed. by Stolennight06/10/123.17

Waking up Next to You

 — Morning sex and breakfast.. can a day get any better? by brokenangelwings10/07/104.54HOT

Waking Up On Sunday

 — Bad Friday turns into a great weekend. by Hg Dragon12/12/044.77HOT

Waking Up to a Dream Come True

 — Guy wakes up to find his fantasy realized. by playn4fun12/25/084.26

Waking Up With Char

 — What a lovely way to wake up. by gentlelady11/12/024.62HOT

Waking up with Harleigh Starr

 — In the middle of night, Thomas awakes to more loving. by jasonbondshow07/30/054.55HOT

Waking With Cock

 — She wakes to discover something in her face. by Sash_UK03/30/034.16

Waking with Him

 — An erotic dream becomes reality. by SweetMystery10/13/104.76HOT

Waking You

 — He wakes you from your sleep the way you like best. by sweetHotGuy11/07/014.38

Waking You Up

 — A reply to Tulip's Poem 'Wake Me Up'. by IrishWolfhound04/25/024.40

Waking You Up

 — Ansel wakes up horny in the middle of the night. by Unity1711/28/143.55

Waking You Up

 — Your Cock + My Mouth. Good morning! by queenoftheamazons08/11/144.44

Waking You with My Tongue

 — Late night snacking turns into Bliss. by HerrMitty07/04/144.51HOT

Walk in the Park

 — Woman's morning exercise awakens her. by Seductive_lover02/09/034.43

Walk In The Woods

 — Story that reads like poetry. by jbop06/20/024.06

Walk in the Woods

 — Fantasy of the mind or is it reality? by SpiritRider02/15/073.64

Walk in the Woods

 — He surprised me deep in the woods. by bawidgetcoms05/05/133.58

Walk on the Beach

 — First date turns into a hot ride.... by NurseChrysanthymum07/09/123.91

Walk the Dog

 — Helping the lady dog walker. by packinaloaded04/06/083.98

Walk the Plank

 — The gym's private training room. by audaciousred05/06/143.26

Walk This Way

 — You walk past an open patio door... by Cleo7409/24/113.59

Walking Girl

 — I always saw this woman, but I never knew we'd meet. by wantsomefun195109/09/104.55HOT

Walking In

 — Couple meets his friend out for drinks & gets a surprise. by want2watch200406/07/084.35

Walking in the Rain

 — He helped her stay dry? Or not... by summaswine11/25/064.28

Walking In The Woods

 — They have a little fun in a nature preserve. by Soul Siren06/08/044.33

Walking The Dog

 — What happens when a couple meet up walking their dogs by WilliamShakespear10/17/134.45

Walking to Work Ch. 01

 — Young professional accidently starts working the streets. by kimbelina06/06/104.44

Wallflower Boogie

 — Seducing a woman untouched for a long time. by chrislick01/24/103.79


 — They get hot against a wall. by Borntointrigue08/20/024.18

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 02

 — Walt gets seduced after Rhonda goes home. by toomuchinmyhead02/26/114.45

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 04

 — Walt gets the business from the supplier's wife. by toomuchinmyhead03/13/114.46

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 06

 — After a few months, they are ready to start again. by toomuchinmyhead08/27/114.41

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 07

 — Rhonda needs help to take the edge off. by toomuchinmyhead09/02/114.49

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 08

 — Walt makes some moves. by toomuchinmyhead09/18/114.35

Walter's Alignment

 — Walter's chakras are aligned by a special masseuse. by Flashlight7.511/10/074.67HOT


 — Writer and his agent come together. by steamer513910/27/064.00


 — Wanda meets a guy. by SuperUnreal200002/20/073.60

Wanda and Me

 — Two people meet thanks to the wonders of technology. by rogtom_6912/14/074.62

Wanda's Story Ch. 04

 — The rest of the weekend. by rpwilbur09/14/044.21

Wanda's Story Ch. 18

 — Wanda's winter break, Part 2. by rpwilbur11/13/044.50HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 21

 — Wanda & Astrid's spring break, Part 2. by rpwilbur11/22/044.60HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 29

 — Wanda plays matchmaker. by rpwilbur02/05/054.60HOT


 — He comes as he pleases. by Rustii06/21/113.00

Wandering Ch. 01

 — Newly divorced, a man wanders looking for a new life. by oldviking4002/07/084.72HOT

Wandering Ch. 02

 — The continuing travels of a newly divorced man. by oldviking4002/14/084.78HOT

Wandering Ch. 03

 — The continuing journey of Lee Stephenson. by oldviking4002/18/084.72HOT

Wandering Hands

 — Fingers were made to roam. by arbenitre08/20/094.44

Wandering Musicians Ch. 01

 — He finds a warm bed after a night performing. by Thom_the_gleeman02/24/103.62


 — A young woman's escape to a quiet beachside town. by hambone8302/11/064.53HOT

Wanderlust - The Indonesian Massage

 — Sophie goes on sex adventures across the world! by ForeverInfinite05/04/144.11

Wanna Bet?

 — Lucy collects on her bet with Peter. by PurelyInnocent10/05/084.31

Wanna Bet?

 — He helps his friend get his marriage back on track. by fubar76909/23/104.13

Wanna Bet? Ch. 02

 — Lucky Lucy wins again. by PurelyInnocent10/11/084.67HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 07

 — He loses bet & gets sex- but also a creampie. by Goldeniangel06/22/054.72HOT

Wanna Bet? Ch. 09

 — The conclusion to the betting. by Goldeniangel06/28/054.71HOT

Wanna Lick?

 — Ever have a friend that suddenly becomes more? by Rodrigo Santeria02/23/064.25

Wanna Ride?

 — For those who enjoy office romance - outside the office. by Sinful Pleasures02/08/054.65HOT

Wanna Ride?

 — Brie gets a ride home from work, and the ride of her life. by sexichick6902/13/094.10

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 01

 — Sexy Sarah seeks to avenge parents' murders by any means. by BMB12/19/054.35

Want A Massage?

 — A most erotic massage. by HellCas10/25/034.20

Want an Experience?

 — Hooking up 28 years later and it feels good! by Paladin17811/26/093.75

Want Ch. 01

 — A dream becomes reality with you. by MidgeMidget09/04/034.47

Want Ch. 02

 — Your morning after. by MidgeMidget09/11/034.56

Want To

 — You're sitting down when she walks in. by justachicky12/05/074.62

Wanted: A Man For Me

 — Her advertisement for a man who loves sex. by AnaLeePleasured01/24/084.33

Wanted: A Real Man!

 — Well baby, you’re definitely not a phony. by kandie05/18/104.22

Wanted: Friend for Sex?

 — Sharon gives test to friends; winner gets her. by makemewet4uplz09/13/054.57HOT

Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 02

 — Jake and Laura meet face to face. by Fantasealor01/14/044.63HOT

Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 03

 — Laura is amazed by him. by Fantasealor01/15/044.58HOT

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