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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Brianna Meets Jack

 — Hot cyber lovers finally meet. by Pyro01/19/024.64HOT

Bribe In The Dark

 — Teachers pays students for her own explicit photos. by mista_saxman08/21/054.40


 — A professional woman comes to terms with her sexuality. by coldsteel09/26/114.47

Bride of Christ

 — Nun finds her calling. by quietgirl3308/18/033.82

Bride's Maid

 — Is she a bitch or an angel? by maanmathan_playboy02/19/072.72

Bridesmaids Are Easy Ch. 03

 — Sunday Morning the breakfast of champions. by bigcarl79606/30/104.53HOT


 — He wants her. It's her last day on campus. by 12xalt02/20/033.92

Bridge Work

 — He teaches her boyfriend a thing or two. by AnonAndAnon03/04/074.57


 — He fucks his sister's best friend. by adsfghjkl12310/29/094.27


 — Day at the beach turns into a steamy night. by ishouldbeworking07/19/064.44

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 01

 — A sexy redhead's sexual adventures. by Bridgette Anderson01/23/044.43

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 04

 — Bridgette and Mr. Harrison fulfill secret desires. by Bridgette Anderson01/28/044.55HOT

Brief Encounter

 — A silent, sexy seduction. by ozmolly06/17/053.92

Brief Encounter

 — Train stops in a tunnel and the lights go out. by VPDrifter03/04/034.43

Brief Encounter

 — Two strangers meet on a railway station. by Pussyrider01/26/074.14

Brief Encounter

 — Strangers meet on a train. by istanbulnoir01/26/084.00

Brief Encounter Ch. 01

 — Things get hot when they get home. by Kitty_Senpai09/16/074.59HOT

Brief Encounters:...

 — Their eyes meet across the room. by Badger11/25/004.33

Brigadier's Wife

 — Thrill is always worth danger. by dreamer11712/11/123.56

Bright Red Juicy Apple

 — College grad repulsed by reality finds unlikely salvation. by VladimirKnockoff07/30/094.25

Bring It On

 — She's in charge of this chance encounter. by anselsgirl11/16/093.90

Bring Me Lunch

 — Wife surprises her husband with a fantasy during his lunch.. by KymmieQuinnell06/13/104.44

Bring Me to Life

 — A song to story. by Sassiwolf703/07/124.00

Bring Sally Up

 — Mya takes on a lawyer from the Big Apple. by HexingGirl07/10/144.53HOT

Bringing Back My Laptop

 — The most embarrassing evening of her life. by expressiveness03/10/093.98

Bringing Her Back

 — Unexpected passions rise through the haze of grief. by SofieCo09/16/104.53HOT

Bringing Home A Toy

 — Husband finds that bi-girl that they've talked about. by LetsHaveFun12/12/014.30

Bringing In a Marine

 — Monica loves a cyberlover in uniform. by lovergirl2101/14/014.60HOT

Bringing It Back

 — Chelly has a bad day. by rainyday1904/27/034.13

Bringing Out the Woman

 — Small penis helps woman overcome fear of sex. by boyd_ick03/30/054.51HOT

Bringing the Wife to the Games

 — Introducing my wife to the life of the games. by m_storyman_x06/10/094.70HOT

Brink of the Storm

 — Dinner on a screen porch heats up for you. by TNRkitect2b03/19/034.46

Brit Cars Are Fun

 — Girl gearhead finds a limey good with tools. by Pappageno09/12/044.40

Brit Has A Plan

 — Brit decides she wants all her boyfriend's attention. by britbaby1901/18/054.10

Britt's Neighbor

 — I make a secret rendezvous in the dark. by demonboy2712/06/084.12

Brittany the Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Daddy makes out with the babysitter. by Chucky190204/21/124.30

Bro Ray Counseling Ch. 02

 — Deep counseling with Jean's friend Amy. by revbroray06/26/034.33

Bro Ray Counsels

 — Counseling Mildred after the meeting. by revbroray06/30/034.18

Bro Ray's Counseling

 — Bro Ray deeply counsels young christian wife. by revbroray06/23/034.31

Broadway Bump n' Grind

 — She needs it now! by ZombieGirl8609/05/103.31

Broadway Video Club Ch. 1 1/2

 — Scott and Cindy come back for more. by Schwingprose09/10/014.43

Brock and Judy Ch. 01

 — Husband's reaction to cheating wife. by mikoli576308/22/133.40

Brock and Judy Ch. 02

 — His dark side comes out. by mikoli576308/28/133.92

Brock and Judy Ch. 03

 — Married couple continue to grow. by mikoli576309/05/133.96

Brock and Judy Ch. 05

 — Surprise visitor. by mikoli576309/18/133.79

Brock Comes to Visit

 — Online chatter makes fantasy a reality. by Felysa02/25/094.00


 — I wasn't strong enough to resist his roommate. by Netorare_Mindbreak08/28/133.95

Broken A/C

 — Only one thing to do when the air conditioner breaks. by Dahlia1508/29/094.28

Broken Arrow Ch. 01

 — A new bouncer intrigues the bartenders and patrons alike. by scandtx09/16/144.46

Broken Arrow Ch. 02

 — A voyeur watches unseen, & coworkers pair up on the bar. by scandtx10/04/144.47

Broken Arrow Ch. 03

 — Dani pleasures herself at home; Nathan has a sexual first. by scandtx10/27/144.62HOT

Broken Bikini Sunset

 — Sunbathing office girl gets the guy & a surprise. by ronde07/24/024.58HOT

Broken Days

 — A Short Story. by QuirkyK12/18/034.17

Broken Dishwasher

 — Jessica needs to be told what to do. by fishgullet09/08/044.78HOT

Broken Down

 — Stranded driver lusts for Heather. by Whispering_Wolf5705/10/054.32

Broken Down

 — Quiet stranger offers his help on a wet night. by bigeorgie0903/21/074.24

Broken Heart Finds New Love

 — Brokenhearted girl finds love in her friend. by footlover2k404/19/043.93

Broken Plumbing

 — She found how this plumber could fix anything. by aryelofthenight07/03/094.50HOT

Broken Rules

 — Sometimes rules need to be broken. by angeloflove12/02/073.00

Broken Vows

 — A young woman is seduces her priest. by Dirty_Deeds06/08/044.52HOT

BrokenWill Amateurs: Courtney

 — Courtney becomes the first victim. by Dream Greed02/08/024.16

BrokenWill Amateurs: Tonya

 — Tonya can't believe she's getting paid for this. by Dream Greed02/09/023.89

Brook & Renee

 — Southern gentleman teaches Yankee girl about passion. by mascaife03/08/024.28


 — A first encounter with a lovely lady. by aurgyman0212/09/013.91

Brooke's Naughty Request Ch. 01

 — Teasing her BF all night leads to racy sex and a request. by Nightmare8703/28/094.15

Brooke's Rage

 — Brooke gets mad, but not for long. by gmg31102/22/114.20

Brooklyn Party

 — Bonnie gets trapped at a party. by sysedit1000310/01/023.47

Brooklyn's Boyfriend

 — Cheating redhead teen is corrupted by older boy. by GideonLee02/21/143.96

Brooklyn, New York

 — After a long lesbian relationship, Brooklyn tries men. by Enjoy.11/08/054.39


 — A woman takes on two men, on her terms. by cherrychocolate01/27/154.21

Brothel Lover

 — Madame tends to her rogue cowboy's needs. by BobbieJean07/24/074.24

Brother Love Ch. 03

 — Sex, baby, sex. by qhml105/11/134.65HOT

Brother Samuel's Wife

 — Bisexual black writer looks for a wife. by Samuelx05/17/092.00

Brother's Girl

 — I looked ordinary. by 50shadesofblues01/13/143.07

Brother's Girlfriend

 — Flirting begets need. by Shhh01/31/024.22

Brother's Girlfriend Ch. 2

 — what do we do? by Shhh02/02/024.58HOT

Brother's Sorority Girlfriend

 — An innocent mistake turns out in Marc's favor. by marcus30007/06/063.80

Brother/Sister Tickle Slaves

 — Brother and Sister become tickle slaves to an elderly couple. by Carbonz10/16/143.20

BrotherFuture Part 4

 — Hakim gets a sort of revenge. by Liclovely10/10/014.79HOTEditor's Pick

Brown Eyed Girl

 — He meets a special girl on European trip. by ericviking6908/28/024.11

Brown Out in the Elevator Ch. 01

 — Two people are caught in elevator during power outage. by techsan02/08/064.55HOT

Brown Out in the Elevator Ch. 02

 — Encounter develops into an ongoing relationship. by techsan02/09/064.53HOT

Brown Out in the Elevator Ch. 03

 — Relationship takes an "interesting" turn. by techsan02/10/064.58HOT

Brown Paper Bag

 — Reach between your v-shaped legs. by dolly_handle03/20/044.00

Brown Sugar

 — Falling in love with a wonderful sex partner. by simcock04/16/044.26

Brown Sugar

 — Lonely Native American wife finds fulfillment. by Lucky Mann01/14/054.51HOT

Brownout in Malate

 — Power failure in an urban town. by putingtikbalang01/20/053.00

Bruce: The Good Samaritan

 — Would you have stopped? I bet you would of. by caprine11/10/094.30

Brunette with Tattoos on Her

 — Blonde wife fantasy about new waitress while husband enjoys. by desireexperienceit02/18/153.69

Bruno Magli Presents: A Shoe Thing

 — A story of magic, shoes, and romance. by Leetah04/03/074.83

Brush With The Law

 — She gets out of ticket the fun way. by Jain04/12/024.23

Brushing Off a Long Day

 — The best way to end a day. by BlushingRose01/30/133.56

BtB: Becca's Bench Press

 — Will tries to stop neglecting Becca. by Edge2311/22/054.60HOT

BtB: The Call

 — A call, a surprise and happy happy phone time. by Edge2302/21/064.58HOT

BtB: The Pickup

 — Underwear that's fun - to wear? by Edge2302/16/064.17

BTL: How the Rabbit Won the Argument

 — Straight version of the story. by Maximillian_Excaliber11/19/074.29

Bubble Bath

 — You have some fun in the tub while waiting for more. by MissNDecisve04/29/044.29

Bubble Bath

 — Secretly seeing a co-worker turns out to be good clean fun. by Toolmo07/17/084.14

Bubble Bath

 — After a bubble bath, husband ravishes her. by FaithLove11/01/074.07


 — Hubby comes home to find wife started without him. by Qwitecontrary08/09/014.30


 — Adults sneak away for a walk on the beach. by 1sneakthief08/05/104.40

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