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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Cheerleader Coach Ch. 02

 — Another young lady is added to the squad. by WriteTighter12/03/024.14

Cheerleader Coach Ch. 03

 — More HiJinks at the High School. by WriteTighter09/09/034.33

Cheerleader Test

 — Coed must pass an unusual test to be a cheerleader. by Shanbabe4u01/06/024.09

Cheese and Old Friends

 — It started with cheese. by CeriseNoire06/23/074.26

Cheese Danish

 — He noticed the top two buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned. by Middleagepoet12/19/093.77

Cheesebox on a Raft

 — Officer on board Civil War Monitor marries southern belle. by clinton0901/25/114.09

Chelsea Ch. 01

 — Friendship turns erotic. by jqma197806/23/084.15

Chemical Messenger

 — Unbearable tension escalates as she meets her weed dealer. by narcotic09/14/104.57HOT


 — They take their partnership to the next level. by Texas Tease06/19/053.50


 — She can't help it, and he can't resist. by abekast09/23/064.50HOT


 — First date yields big rewards. by bassbelly11/17/084.28

Chemistry 101

 — Young college girl falls for a nerdy guy. by ladybutterflybbw08/24/053.30

Chemistry Class

 — Student is "tutored" by hunky science teacher. by Honey10/15/003.32

Chemistry Class

 — From a boring lecture comes an exciting meeting. by footlover2k409/07/043.75

Chemistry Teacher Ch. 01

 — A good teacher can change your life forever. by smaster05/09/074.36

Chemistry: Just Add Alcohol

 — Dave sneaks a peek at James with Sheila. by X-Factor05/09/024.44

Cherished Memory

 — She & Mark experience each other in the wilderness. by Shag_Net06/05/023.70


 — A Thai massage. by harryr4u07/31/083.34

Cherry Blossom Day

 — A daydream of making love on a deck. by Fionavar12/25/083.33

Cherry Boy

 — A sailor new to the Philippines gets his fill of girls. by geordischmidt02/16/154.02

Cherry Cola

 — Waitress serves customer & gets what she wants too. by footshrimper07/19/024.15

Cherry Covered Leather

 — A leather teddie and some cherry lube... by Chelle3605/25/014.32

Cherry Pie

 — She turns table on boyfriend. by Poisynangel05/08/044.31

Cherry Tongue Twister

 — Simple storyline; easy-read; classic good oral sex. by tiffnhoney01/31/094.44

Cherry's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Cherry falls into the arms of her ex's best friend. by mightypinkdms08/27/074.15


 — Man lost in the woods saves a beautiful girl's life. by lovemeplease07/11/064.73HOT

Cheryl's Prize

 — She rocks his world. by bluesbydaze08/04/054.33

Cheryl's Probation

 — Attorney falls for girl in trouble. by Shamus O Duffie10/15/003.50

Cheryl's Probation Ch. 2

 — Her lawyer arranges a rendezvous. by Shamus O Duffie10/15/004.11

Cheryl's Secret

 — Bringing in the New Year on South Beach. by bluesbydaze08/17/054.35

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 16

 — Fucking with strangers in the dark. by sarahloveitt10/15/054.33

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 17

 — Rites of sex in deepest African tribes. by sarahloveitt10/29/054.42

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 20

 — The bride finally loses her virginity - three times. by sarahloveitt11/16/054.50HOT

Chevrolet 55

 — Forget the library books, she's getting other lessons. by Rain_Lover08/26/134.20

Chevy in the Barn

 — Salesman find some trouble along the road. by MKnight11/01/123.79

Chiara and Annie Ch. 03

 — Post party revelations and a surprise ending. by Chiara2309/16/104.40

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A Girl Named Chiara - Third person narrative. by Chiara2302/10/134.61HOT

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 02

 — The Training of a Tart. by Chiara2302/11/134.33

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 03

 — A Horny Halloween. by Chiara2302/16/134.05

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 04

 — A revealing situation. by Chiara2303/04/134.90HOT

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 05

 — Revelations and redheads don't always mix. by Chiara2303/07/134.60HOT

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 06

 — Budding romance & first proposal. by Chiara2303/15/134.57

Chiara Chronicles Ch. 07

 — Thanksgiving and an official proposal, Part One. by Chiara2304/03/134.86


 — You meet your on-line lover for the first time. by gapster712/17/074.53HOT

Chicago Blue Panties

 — Two lovers miss each other and fantasize across the miles. by luvsvraj07/12/10

Chicago Goddess

 — Small town boy meets his goddess in the windy city. by ShadowReign12/28/024.62HOT

Chicago Hotel Adventure

 — Two shy students open up, way way up. by Lothario the Great01/14/044.75HOT

Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 02

 — Wes and Sylvia grow less shy, if that's possible. by Lothario the Great02/04/044.79HOT

Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 03

 — Date night for the lovers. by Lothario the Great02/16/044.80HOTContest Winner

Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 04

 — The romance ends as it began – hardcore. by Lothario the Great07/17/044.80HOT

Chicago Hotel Adventure Ch. 05

 — Love, final details, & lots of friendly screaming. by Lothario the Great09/08/044.81HOTContest Winner

Chicago Love Doctor

 — I pay a visit to you, a reputable hypnotist. by luvsvraj02/15/114.29

Chicago Love Story

 — She falls for her friend & winds up in a love triangle. by AngelPoet07/12/084.53HOT

Chicago Love Story Ch. 02

 — Josh gives his point of view as his feelings grow for Izzy. by AngelPoet08/06/084.50

Chicago Love Story Ch. 03

 — Izzy goes to New York for a new adventure. by AngelPoet09/09/084.75

Chicago Love Story Ch. 04

 — Isabelle makes her choice! by AngelPoet12/24/084.58HOT

Chicago Pussy

 — Kitty cat gets out and I risk embarrassment to find her. by luvsvraj02/06/114.09

Chicago, My Kind of Town

 — Cap Cod's lead to Close Encounters. by bcamer04/27/024.33

Chicago/L.A./Alamo Town Rhythms

 — You and I have a friendly chat with Jose Cuervo in L.A. by luvsvraj02/13/115.00

Chicago/San Antonio Layover

 — You come to my hotel room to do lunch. by luvsvraj11/25/103.00

Chiche in the Morning

 — Sgt. Pole has Chiche in the morning... by AJFaber12/22/124.65HOT

Childhood Crush and Family Friend

 — Dawn catches the eye of her crush. by NakedBella12/22/124.50HOT

Childhood Friends Ch. 01

 — Jenna and Mike Discover their feelings. by twoboredfriends12/02/124.06

Childhood Sweethearts All Grown Up

 — A guy reconnects with his childhood sweetheart, all grown up. by FerdGerfel09/19/114.53HOT

Children of Sin Ch. 1

 — Introducing Leslie, 18 year old child of Lust. by JohnnyPsycho02/22/024.62HOT

Children of Sin Ch. 2

 — Samuel & Leslie's fun continues. by JohnnyPsycho02/25/024.56HOT

Children of Sin Ch. 3

 — Pamela, child of Pride, makes her entrance. by JohnnyPsycho03/01/024.46

Children of Sin Ch. 4

 — What happened to Leslie after party? She met Greed. by JohnnyPsycho05/03/024.58HOT


 — Cooking can get very hot. by Toolmo09/15/054.62HOT


 — Oh, the deceit, but it was so real in the moment. by helena_snow_renn09/07/023.14

Chinese Doll

 — Asian woman watches forbidden action. by diego_bandido06/19/063.81

Chivalry is Overrated

 — What happens when a woman *wants* to be taken advantage of? by ScreamngInfidelities07/30/054.59HOT


 — I had to do something about my crush. by dark_horse7402/04/124.03


 — A journey of discovery for you both. by justyone106/02/144.12

Chloe & the Cowboy

 — Young woman on her own meets a stranger. by the lost angel11/05/023.93

Chloe and Mathew's First Night

 — An unlikely coupling becomes true. by Mated09/03/113.93

Chloe and Mathew's First Night Ch. 02

 — An eventful day and night. by Mated09/11/114.17

Chloe in the Boy's Room

 — One night of hot, drunken, bathroom sex. by lorimadison07/24/074.37

Chloe the Homewrecker Ch. 01

 — Bored husband meets up with the very hot Chloe. by londonjack07/07/114.63HOT

Chloe the Homewrecker Ch. 02

 — 40-something lawyer Will & uber sexy Chloe, 19, meet again. by londonjack10/15/124.39

Chloe's Daydream

 — A night to remember. by lorimadison11/16/074.40

Chloe's Pen Pal

 — Chloe's new ring entices her to act on her naughty desires. by addictedtonylon12/20/134.19

Chloe's Sunday

 — A barbecue ends in sizzling fun. by ChynaBright02/09/084.36

Chloe, My Love

 — Girl gets what she wants. by Radagast09/15/034.55HOT

Chloe, My Love Ch. 03

 — Throat fucking at its finest. by Radagast10/08/034.65HOT

Chloe, My Love Ch. 04

 — The throat fucking odyssey continues. by Radagast12/12/034.59HOT


 — Love can be bitter and sweet. by hayalet01/26/104.27

Chocolate Covered Cherries

 — Valentine's Day isn't always a happy occasion by Desdmona02/13/034.26

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 — You and your lover in an RV. by Size1310/23/114.10

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 — A chance meeting with a past lover. by Just_Ella02/21/154.24

Chocolate Fantasy

 — They have a bit of fun with food. by Dana Gallagher09/03/034.03

Chocolate for Supper

 — He comes home to find chocloate dripping down her body. by barrysturgeon10/14/094.14

Chocolate Kisses

 — He's rewarded for being there for her. by chylo11/12/044.57HOT

Chocolate Loving

 — Getting a sexy dessert. by bunny337401/08/084.29

Chocolate or Mint?

 — Fun with flavored latex. by Chocolatemint02/19/034.06

Chocolate Sundae

 — Neighbors consummate a long time relationship. by odlum02/02/084.52HOT

Chocolate, Raspberry, Caramel Treat

 — A late night snack turns into much more. by themarquise02/20/074.61HOT


 — After a woman finds a lover, she has to choose. by sara2play03/11/084.08


 — She meets someone new, & makes choices. by entrare10/25/034.52HOT


 — Right or wrong, always ours to make. by imsally10/27/084.35


 — Young woman meets a man from her past. by redgryphon01/08/104.19

Choices Ch. 02

 — Change of lifestyle. by imsally11/05/084.33

Choir Girl

 — He has oral fun with wife's friend. by ninja-mon07/15/024.43

Choose Your Costume Wisely

 — A hastily thrown together costume gets a surprise treat. by Bethyboo10/05/134.18

Choose Your Own O

 — For ladies. by RC_of_Doom02/18/144.56

Choosing My Prey

 — Woman seeks unwitting partner. by SausageEater05/24/034.17


 — It's rock & roll and I like it. by PaulUK02/01/063.80


 — Cleaning the house doesn't have to be boring. by Cc_wants_ls08/20/104.00


 — The only consistant thing in life is that it changes by Droch07/15/093.33

Chris & Sylvia - Jason & Blair Ch. 01

 — Two guys looking to pick up women. by Paris Waterman04/12/104.24

Chris & Sylvia - Jason & Blair Ch. 02

 — Taking the ladies to bed. by Paris Waterman04/13/103.94

Chris and Cathy in the Mountains

 — Online lovers share hot sensual sex in a mountain lodge. by Bobbygn12/28/024.57

Chris and Kelly

 — Strangers cum together to find carnal delights. by Geniuswithapenis09/19/054.21

Chris Dunn Ch. 06

 — Chris gets permission to do Paul. by Ginopikken06/10/104.32

Chrissie's Roommate

 — College student takes ex-girlfriend's roommate. by hume_jonathan02/18/024.02

Chrissy Ch. 01

 — Friendship slowly leads to more. by 2fast2quick08/02/144.57HOT

Chrissy Ch. 02

 — Friends become even closer. by 2fast2quick09/02/144.46

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