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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Déjà Vu

 — A co-workers problem sounded just like my own - 20 years ago. by BenLong03/12/074.78HOT

De Sauveterre Mansion

 — A passive man, his abusive wife, and a woman who freed him. by JackTheCrackAttack10/30/144.61HOT

Driving Desire

 — A more interesting way to pass the time as one drives. by stunninwomin209/02/023.84

Driving Exam Blow Out

 — Curvy Daisy will do anything to pass her driving test. by DriftWood7508/15/134.17

Driving Jackie Ch. 01

 — Car hobby brings new friends together. by wallcleaver04/08/114.71HOT

Driving Jackie Ch. 02

 — Cold at home, things heat up in the tropics. by wallcleaver04/09/114.66HOT

Driving Jackie Ch. 03

 — Home for the Holidays. by wallcleaver04/09/114.70HOT

Driving Lessons

 — A student driver learns more than she expected. by beckettsbride10/17/104.20

Driving Me Crazy

 — Road trip takes an exciting turn. by greywal02/17/123.81

Driving Ms. Nadia Home

 — A quickie in the car, a first for the author. by wifesubmissive03/04/153.78

Driving School

 — He meets dream girl at driving class. by Darien Angst10/15/004.13

Driving the Distance

 — Old flames on the road again, & on each other. by redroze01/19/024.25

Driving to Lexie

 — Vacationer is rewarded after a long drive. by AngelTyrael06/09/114.31

Droit de Seigneur

 — One of life's truly wonderful incidents. by ol_stud10/30/024.29

Drop By Anytime

 — A neighbour takes up her offer to drop by anytime. by ccleia06/06/134.23

Dropping Jenn Off

 — Jenn's sexy talk crosses a line. by eisbehr07/11/114.02

Drought Breaker

 — Elissa find new hope during a bikini wax. by pleasemeplease05/03/074.06

Drucilla's First Time

 — It should always be this good. by prettykat10105/05/024.61HOT

Drug of Choice

 — Depressed student gets a second opinion. by kromen05/07/064.38

Drug Store Cowboy

 — A biker meets a really fun girl. by Bigr185607/27/034.27

Drugged Encounters Ch. 02

 — Paul catches stacey before her shift. by guy_on_the_train07/04/054.37

Drugged Encounters Ch. 03

 — Assisting a patient. by guy_on_the_train08/29/054.39

Drugged Encounters Ch. 04

 — She has a morning surprise for her husband. by guy_on_the_train10/25/054.58HOT

Drugged Encounters Ch. 05

 — The day her husband finds out. by guy_on_the_train09/10/063.86

Drum Beats

 — Standing quietly in the half-light, watching her undress... by Sleepystories04/11/124.64HOT

Drummer Girl

 — The drum was missing. by Edana05/30/103.83

Drummer Love

 — How it all got started. by Edge2301/07/054.58HOT

Drummers Do It In Rhythm

 — Drummer gets lucky with hot redhead. by Drummer7605/12/044.22


 — A sensuous dance leads to more. by soliloquy06/10/024.10

Drunk Half-Naked Woman...Ch. 2

 — The creamy details of a sex-filled night. by angeldev04/11/013.14

Drunk Neighbor

 — Stroke story by Redbone211204/15/143.88

Drunken Fun

 — College couple drunkenly have sex. by FuckAndChuck6212/12/103.96

Drusilla & Sean Ch. 01

 — Sean returns to a warm and wild welcome back from Drusilla. by Iron_Viper04/18/103.80

Dry Spell

 — A story about seduction and the fun of reconnecting. by bbwpeach04/18/114.16


 — Milf gets a clean home inspection. by chici05/04/114.17

Dual Desires

 — A couple detail their passions. by eroticbr02/27/104.40

Dual Orgasm

 — Two perspectives, from husband & wife, of an overdue orgasm. by Looney06/20/014.09


 — Pain or Pleasure. Love or Hate. Make a choice. Or don't. by Margin Walker03/21/044.61HOT


 — Their positions, their roles, were reversed... by LenNeal11/24/103.90

Dubious Hero Ch. 01

 — Time and circumstances make a hero out of a stranger. by techsan02/07/064.64HOT

Dubious Hero Ch. 02

 — Circumstances move the hero to his reward permanently. by techsan02/08/064.67HOT

Duck and Cover

 — Skeeter Bates Great Escape Chapter 4 by mikey2much01/25/124.14

Dueling Duets Pt. 01

 — Don's Erudition. by adamgunn12/17/094.34

Dueling Duets Pt. 02

 — Lisa's Hobby. by adamgunn12/18/094.38

Dueling Duets Pt. 03

 — Dave's Education. by adamgunn12/23/094.47

Dueling Duets Pt. 04

 — Judy's revenge. by adamgunn12/25/094.30

Dumped & Found

 — Jilted man finds love with his best friend. by Xander01/13/014.23

Dumped at the Dance Club

 — Flash story. by chilleywilley08/16/144.30

Duncan & Lily Ch. 01

 — A weekend to remember starts with a meeting. by DuncanShipley01/10/154.16

Duncan & Lily Ch. 02

 — A weekend to remember continues the next day. by DuncanShipley01/17/153.50

Dune What's Right

 — A harem of abducted women is saved, as is their hero. by clinton0909/26/104.27


 — He watches you from across the courtyard. by davekoko09/01/004.09


 — Thinking of you. by lewdandlicentious02/15/044.00

During and After My Bath

 — She enjoys a sensual bath then her lover's attentions. by Crystal_L_Veey09/04/083.60


 — Two lovers enjoy the privacy of their room in the waning sun. by Soojagoddess09/09/09

Dusk In Eden

 — Tivona will dance at twilight. by GoddessOfSouls10/28/043.64


 — She watched the lone rider approach in the dust. by jthserra12/27/043.84

Dusti's Road Trip

 — Dusti and Greg visit a motel by Dr. Dusti Lee12/16/033.82

Dusty Bar Room

 — A bar maid and a rugged guitar player go a few rounds. by stikiniki11/02/134.25

Dutch & Dr. Lamouerux Ch. 01

 — Dutch gets much more than treatment when visiting the Dr. by Paris Waterman12/06/104.32

Dutch & Rosa: The Next Day

 — Rosa wakes Dutch up the best possible way. by Paris Waterman01/29/114.04


 — Phillip's game of sexual pursuit yeilds unexpected demands. by Payson03/19/064.39

Dyana: Starting Over

 — After a miserable split, Dyana needs cheering up. by BrettJ07/31/054.08

Dyke Conversion

 — He converted a lesbian. by mick60a05/10/103.81

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 01

 — Stuntman meets the drummer. by westerntiger11/24/064.33

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 03

 — As female guitar player uses phone, stuntman gets busy. by westerntiger12/10/064.44

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 05

 — Stuntman does the Lead Singer again. by westerntiger10/01/074.47

Dylan's Desires Ch. 01

 — Dylan and Jason play at the airport. by BobcatPounce06/03/083.84

Dylan's Desires Ch. 02

 — Dylan and Jason and the hotel coat room. by BobcatPounce06/23/083.93

Dylan's Desires Ch. 03

 — Dylan and Jason in the hotel gym. by BobcatPounce06/28/084.57HOT

Dylan's Wager

 — His first employee takes charge. by BobcatPounce05/31/084.22

Dynamic Duo

 — No rest for the wicked. by Dhc00033303/11/143.70

E-mail Come True

 — Philip receives an unexpected gift. by Jeneric07/17/093.80

E-Mail Fantasy To My Husband

 — Wife gives her husband a sexy cyber experience. by soft and sexy lover07/27/013.84

E-mail From Home

 — He receives an e-mail at work. by simplyme03036804/11/044.00


 — Online affair goes wrong, or does it? by parts guy02/15/044.21


 — Guy helps sexy webmistress read her email. by zspot03/26/084.00

E-Train to Queens

 — A subway dream is hot. by frank11101_200408/09/044.00

Eager Student

 — The dance teacher invites to changing room. by kris_1201/30/144.13

Eager Susan

 — Everybody needs a friend like this. by Irish Moss10/07/034.39


 — It is not morning yet. by JackDeveraux01/04/102.27

Early Afternoon

 — He finishes work early today. by Convict180201/16/133.10

Early Arrival

 — The torturous joy of coming home unexpectedly. by sheepthinksaswolf05/12/013.93

Early Arrival

 — Her date arrives while she readies herself. by DreamerKitty01/23/103.39

Early Arrival

 — Meeting for the first time in person. by Lord_Consort11/02/103.27

Early Birthday

 — Surprise! by mattimeo06/04/114.00

Early Closing

 — English girl goes wild for American gentleman. by Sally C10/11/004.42

Early Fall Bow Hunting

 — Hunting for bucks is fun, but a doe can be better. by m_storyman_x05/04/094.50HOT

Early Morning

 — A newly married couple enjoy a morning together. by evanlee01/01/104.18

Early Morning Chat

 — While wife sleeps, Calvin's innocent chat turns into more. by DirkWonder09/14/094.61HOT

Early Morning Coffee

 — He provides her with more than the winter firewood. by ham7507/19/094.13

Early Morning Encounter

 — He thought the party was over until Beth woke him up. by Irish Moss04/21/044.40

Early Morning Fun

 — Jake and Laura's adventures continue in the shower. by throwaway_198607/12/104.44

Early Morning Lovers

 — A pleasant way to wake up. by BlueStarGrrrl09/22/114.05

Early Morning Luck

 — She takes advantage of her sleeping mate. by sassy8111/09/064.19

Early Morning Mmmm-ing

 — A sleepily erotic start to the day. by JennyWren09/01/113.42

Early Morning Passion

 — Pre-dawn fantasy leads to hot sex for couple. by celticlass02/20/064.08

Early Morning Penetration

 — Teenage girlfriend is dominated and inseminated. by naughtysexmouse08/24/144.21

Early Morning Phone Call

 — You call early in the morning. by Emaresse01/14/074.33

Early Morning Pleasure

 — All this fun, and so early. by dragondawn02/17/024.34

Early Morning Pleasure

 — She wakes you in a very sexy way. by bunny337401/30/084.00

Early Morning Quickie

 — Her lover gives her early morning treats. by 75corner04/25/064.31

Early Morning Shopping

 — An early morning shopping trip brings a surprise blow job. by jthserra07/27/043.93

Early Morning Wake up Call

 — An encounter between two lovers. by Henry07/07/114.00

Early Morning Wakeup

 — A hot time in the morning before work. by tedsgirl01/25/154.45

Early One Morning

 — She awakens before you. by Nicola3106/18/023.62

Early One Morning

 — Girlfriend gets a wake up call. by devlinhugh09/10/044.38

Early One Morning

 — The coffee shop was almost deserted. by burninglurv01/29/103.85

Early Signs Are Good...Ch. 01

 — It was to be Dave's last attempt at a web-based date. by ScorpioExec11/15/044.33

Early Summer Play

 — Fun sex in the back yard. by felady0205/15/103.86

Early Tales: Jackie

 — Girlfriend's sister had something for him. by GToast04/16/083.69

Early to Rise

 — Some morning gardening turns into hot loving. by GrowlsLikeATiger05/03/074.05

Earning Beads Ch. 01

 — A sexy exploration game. by naughtyaura804/17/134.10

Earning Beads Ch. 02

 — The game continues. by naughtyaura805/01/134.47

Earth Day Celebrations

 — How he spent earth day while in college. by DG Hear03/29/074.23

Earth Day Encounter

 — A professor and coed connect at a Earth Day event. by Stacy46903/28/133.96

Earth Day Up Up and Away

 — A sexy balloon ride for Earth Day. by dreampilot7904/07/054.49

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 02

 — Naked Earth Day celebration is a sexual Surprise. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/29/084.21

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 03

 — "Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy..." by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/30/083.81

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 04

 — 'Ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy, ass, tits, pussy...' by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/31/084.00

Earth, Wind, and Desire

 — A couple has some fun at an outdoor concert. by OpalEssence04/11/134.61HOT

Earth-Loving Mother Earns Orgasms

 — Hot mom learns ancient Earth Day lessons. by LoveArchitect04/05/044.50HOT


 — Will Kylie still live in dreams & deny her love for Ridge? by moonbladem12/06/054.76HOT

Easily Distracted

 — Getting what he wanted from busty lover overwhelms him. by Tdisk05/02/144.06

East Meets West:...

 — Internet lovers unite in person. by Javagirl12/06/004.14

Easter Vacation

 — Easter vacation goes better than planned. by SirAerus06/01/113.70

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