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Crazy story! We found some stirrups online that we now incorporate into our love making that fit on any bed or portable massage table. They are called economy exam stirrups.


there has to be at the least two parties. TK U MLJ LV NV

Love it!!

I love how descriptive you are of the moans and screams!!

He's back!

The Face-Painter is back in business! It's been a long time to wait for this story to continue but it was definitely worth it. I've re-read previous chapters several times and this one will be no exception.

SO erotic

Made me want to be Miko.

Hell yeah

Got me horny as hell. Extremely well written. Shared a girl with a frat bro once. Hot scene.

What a lucky lady!

Thank you for sharing these great ideas for how to pamper a lady on valentines day :-)

Waiting for

More of the continuing tale of these two. It sounds like it could be very interesting.

hotel massacre (2)

meant to say before: sorry for the mess ;-)

I definitely want Kate's perspective to be believable so keep the constructive comments coming. Thanks again.

Port or Pussy

Nice little story. One thing I see a lot in stories, you take or catch your 'breath' and you strain to 'breathe'. It doesn't change the story but it does make it easier to read.


A great chapter and a fantastic return to the series. Quite the fuck-fest in the second half, I loved it. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the amazing work. ^__^

Great story

Very very good , enjoyed it and love the ending

A few anachronisms don't matter!

The '74 Ford I owned had a factory-installed 8-track player and was still chugging along faithfully (albeit with horrible gas mileage) in 1995. 'Mail' within isolated UNIX (or VAX) islands and university- or company networks was commonplace but unthinkably expensive for home use (so we set our PCs up in BBS nets to dial each other at midnight and exchange mail in batches). Danny, however, is privileged and can expense his infrastructure costs on his business. The rest of us had to wait until 1997 or so before broadband via TV-cable offered an affordable option.

Another bracket on 'when' is the availability of affordable CCTV, home cams and video cassettes. But I distinctly remember participating in home porn shot with a cam that connected via an umbilical to a VCR, before the 'Handycam' came along. That was 1985!

Cell phones with analog modulation took off in the early 90's. So far, everything in this story arc fits in a window 1990-1995. By 1996, the notion of a cell phone being something exclusive had begun to fade, and with Windows 95, "everybody" had E-mail via AOL or MSN (still via dial-up modems, though).

But even if it didn't all add up, the stories are STILL fun and captivating to read. I remain hooked!

hotel massacre

Thanks for that point. Not nitpicky at all. Hope you still enjoyed the story.

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