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Thank you very much!

Thank you for the feedback i am glad that you enjoyed the story and since it's only my second one i appreciate the suggestions you have made.

Holy ouch!!

That was an amazing read. What a great writer - and a sexy imagination. I love the detail. I was there. I am so going to have to find a massage like that!!!

Really gorgeous

My fingers are tingling!! I need to give a massage after that. Lovely prose, beautiful atmosphere.


Well-written. One of the best written stories here, in fact :)

really good

loved it all the way through, it had me captivated untill the last full stop. could have sped up to the moment of full climaxing at the end, and made that last bit more detailed and longer, but other than that, amazing and a great read 👌👌


Ugh!! I know your stories are usually one shots, but omg I loved this one!! I would totally love to read more of lace and Logan! Probably because this is my wishful thinking of a guy I went to school with and held a torch for him all these years still. Funny enough because I haven't seen him in like 10 years but I keep dreaming of him and then I read your story! Not that I think your story will come to life with me! But it was a cool coincidence! But I would really love to read more about them!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry...

Reading this, I couldn't help but picture Allie and Robyn from your Allie series. Not that it's any of my business, but is that series based loosely on your life? Either way, I'm really sorry for your loss of a lover and a best friend. It sucks that people can be that way, but I hope you're happy in your current relationship.


No one ever thought to ask who was 007's medic. :)

This story has been a great way to spend the day. I lost track of it when. It changed categories. But now that it is over I am instantly hungry for more. Ingradatude after such a good meal but something good to read is a precious commodity I am always scarce on.

I had a fear this new story of yours would end up being dark and depressing. I thought the same thing about One In Ten and waited a long time before starting that one too. Wrong on both accounts. They are clearly premises that could go down that path but you don't intentionally serve up a glut of unhappiness like some writers seem to enjoy doing. The indomitably of your protagonists is I think the key. We as spectators are not placed in the perspective of someone meekly accepting a monstrous fate or walking blindly into the machinations of some two dimensional monster.

That reminds me of another thing about your writing that you do right and others anoy me with. If you have some bad guy character and you paint them as a complete and utter psychotic asshole narcissus, raping and killing for fun and profit, you then don't turn around and try to make us sympathetic to them, or have the protagonist forgive them when they have been insanely and epicly provoked. If you do want us sympathetic you make the baddy multidimensional, with motivations, and character development, and good stuff like that, maybe even motivations that are morally ambiguous or beyond their control. And even then the protagonists does not instantly forgive them, ignore all past crimes and let's bygons be bygone. Justice and injustice. People with more principles than scruples. Good stuff. Rose tinted realism.

I'd do that...

Excellent story! Well exquisited. Caused a wicked smile at the ending. Lovely.

I wish

I wish you had finished this series. It was really hot.


I love the whole series! Although I have to admit, I kind of want to seriously injure Joe's dad.


One of the best stories I have ever read on Literotica!


I can't wait for the next chapter! This story is sexy

Awesome sex

Fuck this is hot. The raw sex. Arousal for me was immediate.
Your writing is beautifully crafted. Please tell me that Ch 3 will cum soon?

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