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true story

I am a 22 year old male. I met a 42 year old lady who has a hubby with parkinson's disease and he is unable to get an erection. I make love to her twice a week and now she is expecting our child,


I'm loving every part of this story, especially the dancing with both Elliot and Alex. So fucking sexy! I want Alex and Erica to become official so badly.

I'm so excited for chapter 8. Please don't make us wait too long.

Well done!

Waaah! I wanted more dog shit!

Boo. I was hoping this was going to be a story about being forced to clean up dog shit for a woman with big tits who makes you wear a sissy faggot pink dress while you clean up pile after pile of filthy smelly dog shit with your little pink faggot shovel and faggot bucket. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

:) wonderful description of events

I really enjoy stories that have some background knowledge on a particular skill/subject (the details you poor into the re enactment scene). I ask truly enjoying this story and have more comments to make but I decided to comment here first.


Spouses cheating while their loved ones wither and die, pure crap.

It's really not easy to be

a sub with another sub?

In fact it's made me a very tiny

Bit tiny

You do something--

No-- You Do!


No! I'll beg!

No! It was my idea!

By Sweet Little Rabbit from The City of Lit in I. C., IA

You haven't--------

---------- lost any ability to keep an old man hard! I'm in love!

Well played

Very nice surprise... Glad that you didn't want to return it. Also the perfect size.. Really enjoyed this story good detail... Arousing

Hubby deserves to be humiliated

Well good for this cheated upon wife. Hubby got to kiss the evidence and that was incredibly hot, and I really liked that she took his phone call in the taxi and spoke with him right before the blow job. That was so very hot. They must hook up again! Robyn

Hot read!

Aside from some benign grammar issues that can be cleaned up ("loose/lose") this is a hot story. Thank you so much. Some of the description is electric (e.g., " His eyes were glazed but glowing hot like two pieces of coals just tossed into a raging inferno"). You are highly gifted, and your words reach a level of eroticism that is absent in most stories on this site. Five stars.

I wish I was in what court room

What was one Super Hot Story you have writen.

Cool story

A needed story I am sure there are many ladies out there like this, as well as men. Thank you for writing a very much arousing story..

bored on the first page

She described herself entirely too much for my tastes. And it was so class cliché. She was so beautiful the boys just couldn't help themselves. I hate those kind of stories with a passion. So I stopped reading it immediately. I didnt even finish the first page. I want to read about a girl who isn't flawless. Someone I can relate too. Not fucking Beyonce. Who's been in pageants and one homecoming queen. You need help with character development.

Story line is good, but you need to keep the names straight.


A fucking idiot that can't masturbate to ejaculation, born to a 12 year old girl. What did I really expect?

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