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Great story. Love to see a few more chapters.

Good Story But Ended To Soon

I really like the story but it seems like it ended to soon, not rushed, but the could have been more

i enjoyed it

Interesting and erotic, well written, hope to see more.

Great neighbor

I've always had a thing for blondes. Especially blondes who would give you a blow job and fuck you afterwards

deux ex machina

BR, out of all the Modern Fabulism of this story, truly a Joseph Campbellian erotica.

However, the most unbelievable fantasy portion is:

"...By utilizing the valve Ben had designed for the nuclear power plant in place of the standard valves the entire system was safer and five times more efficient. Output would be five times higher meaning five times more cost effective and five times the revenue..."

I could actually suspend disbelief for how this storyline has developed. However, I must apologize for dashing a bucket of ice-cold reality across the above paragraph. Sorry, but real-life cost-savings do not work that way.


Oh, the power of Jeannie's imagination! Oh, the power of two young peoples love!

Thanks so much for the images.


Always a pleasure to find another chapter in this epic chronicle. Another five stars for one of the best on the site.

love it

So hott... I wish I had more experiences like this.

clever. very clever

And literate too. I'm loving the originality of this, so completely out of the ordinary boring porn flic choreography that occupies so many of the stories on this site. For once I really do want to see what can happen next.

Good job describing the war of her feelings. The idea of 'what if' is a strong turn-on for many women. Men, if they're good, learn how to fulfill those feelings in the perfect way, just as Kevin did. Nicely done.

2nd Time Around

I came back. It was just as good the second time, perhaps even better. I do agree with some of the other comments, you do get names confused and your editor does not seem to pick it up. Hopefully that will improve. Your gift of writing about emotions and situations is excellent. Keep up the good work. Doctime

where the fuck IS the revenge!!!!!!!!????????? WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!

oh my god what a turn of events

And I thought this series couldn't get any steamier....Want to read so much more.. what detail...

hot hot hot

She had a great time at the party, and then got so much more. Looking forward to the next installment thanks so much

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