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please continue

Great start to the story. Looking forward to what happens downstairs. Also looking forward to a potential 3 some with the bank manager as well.

Thank God and you.....i have been waiting for a Christmas 🎄 present. Then this shows up. GREAT start as usual. Thank you....

Cannot wait for pt 2 :)

You have amazing writing! :) I'm soooo excited for the next part!!


I am really enjoying this series! I just wish that Melissa wasn't so awful haha. Really hot.

Holy cow

One of he best stories I've ever read on this site. Didn't expect to find one with this much depth, and still be hot and sexy. Keep up the good work!

a request...

I'm so happy you picked this story back up. Please finish it! It's a great read and, minus a few typos, very well written!

This should have been published in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

I love May/December stories, but some rather glaring inaccuracies and fallacies kept me from enjoying this, at all.

First, there is absolutely no such thing as "black anatomy." Utterly ridiculous and beyond false; there is only HUMAN anatomy. Period. There's absolutely no difference in anatomy or physiology between races--we are all of us Homosapiens Sapiens.

Second, I can accept that Pop's could have some psycho-sexual dysfunction (sometimes only associated with massive head trauma) that might cause his failure to ejaculate (most commonly the guy can't get it up, not try to keep it down), but that's it. Unless he has nerve, spinal cord, or brain injury there's no physical reason he couldn't ejaculate, unless he doesn't have a penis.

Unless they have priapism (or a type of brain injury), no one stays that hard all the time. You can't fuck it away--you need serious medical intervention 'cuz your in trouble.

Lastly, men don't store cum that long or in near that quantity (or ejaculate in those quantities). Out with the old, in the new; males who don't ejaculate with great frequency will secrete/expel it passively (usually at night--wet dream). Further male ejaculate is measured in teaspoons or tablespoons, not cups or pints. That he could be saving nearly two years worth of sperm to drench this girl with -multiple times- is... ludicrous.

Awesome knocked her sails down

What is your twitter name?

building block review

Great kick off lets see what is ahead

Great future ahead

It is so good to see a GOOD writer here. I am sure you will benefit from the experience, it is a great training ground. Writing here certainly helped me get started and gave me confidence enough to carry on and I am about to publish my fourth book. I am sure I am not the only one thatis looking forward to reading more of your work, but taboo or incest does not float my boat. Good luck.

Arty Kay.

So hot!

Want to see video of that ;)

Thank You

This is one of my favorite stories on the site! The ending is more than I could have hoped for..I'm glad they both found happiness after a long time of tragedy and Gina was able to realize her worth in the process. But PLEASEEEE do not have Ian and Gina in any kind of incest relationship. The story was perfect and adding that element to the characters might ruin the magic of this story!

An Excellent Composition

This is an amazing story. You have a great writing style. And it sure makes a person horny. A job well done!

Similar thing happened to me.

Same scenario happened to me but it was not a text, it was my wife's email. I found emails and a video of her fucking and sucking another guy. I saw my very proper wife down on her knees wearing only her panties swallowing her boss's cock. It wasn't great quality because it was taken with a single stationary camera. Then I watched as he pulled off the panties and gave her a good fucking. She is a very attractive slim blonde with C size boobs with a great ass and legs and I would have loved the video if it had been any other woman. I admit to being turned on, but I was also furious. When I confronted her, she told me everything. I told her if she wanted to stay married, I wanted to know everything. She told me in detail what she had done with him. It had been going on for a long while and she had fucked him several hundred times. She started every day down on her knees in his office sucking his cock and almost every afternoon he either bent her over his desk or fucked her on his couch.

I gave her boss a pass, I didn't beat the shit out of him. I called him and told him if he fucked her again he was toast. One of the things my wife told me was that he like to wear women's underwear. Sometimes they would both be in panties and bras when they fucked. He liked her to lick and suck his cock through his nylon panties. She had a video of them sucking and fucking with him in panties and bra. I had a friend hide my wife's face in the video and sent dozens of copies to his friends, co-workers, his wife and the president of the company. Fuck him, he got off easy.

As for my wife, she has been making up to me ever since. We fuck many times with her telling me of things she did with her boss. While I do get off on what she tells me, I'll never completely get over her cheating.

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