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this made me so horny, great writing

Really looking forward to Part 3

This is beautiful. Thank you for the lovely read - I find myself being so fond of both Andrea and Brian after the first two pages, and really hope part 3 turns out well for them. Looking forward to reading more of your work!


Neither of your characters have any likeable qualities. So, your readers do not care for, or are interested in, either of them. Besides, your are not e.e. cummings and should not ignore the need for quotation marks, etc.

What a lovely story

Full of raw emotion that makes you feel for both of them.
Just loved his send off in the car park...That never happened to me lol
5 well deserved stars

Cardboard cutouts

I've read two of your stories now and still know nothing about the characters.

Wow. One of the worst that ever made it onto Literotica

I realise that in this modern age of laziness and apathy, most people cannot be bothered to learn how to use language properly. Even with that in mind, you must at least learn what a full stop is for.

You cannot write. Please learn a little before you try again.

That was fun!

Nice to meet some open-minded lesbians. Usually they are such bores.


I liked it

very plaintive, with realistic characters. Her husband wasn't really in the story, so we can't judge (or I don't remember) if she and he were still connected.

Still an affair is a crap shoot, and while it could have been 'true' love, maybe not so it was probably for the best that it petered out.

It's a shame how hard, (impossible?) it is to have lust within a mature marriage.


Thank You !

Thank you for writing the second chapter of this story. The way the first chapter ended there were so many unanswered questions. In real life, most (if not all) of the people would have been executed. At least this story had a rather happy ending. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


This was great! I hope there's going to be a third chapter where the science experiement reaches its conclusion? You know you want to...

Sorry, I misspelled Goddess in the title, hopefully I can get it changed.

Does someone know how I can edit it? I sent a comment to Literotica. you can email me.

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