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have read all you stories here. i do like your writing. thanks


I read your sequels before seeing the beginning part both great can't wait til your other stories.
Thanks Roger

I worked in a grocery store in my youth, and had a really sexy and flirty (but married) manager that worked nights with me sometimes. This wasn't exactly my fantasy back then, but it easily could have been. I'm almost tempted to look her up and send a link to your story!

Well written, very hot, and pretty accurate description of the grocery biz!


Your story really made me like your characters--Lottie seemed like such a darling girl. You took just long enough to buildup the basis of the relationship, too. I would enjoy reading more about her.


Can you say "RUN ON?" You should stop while you're behind - WAY behind.

So that was....something

First, this was probably in the wrong category. Second, I simply got lost in the words. I think, in an attempt to be clever, you tried too hard. I simply didn't enjoy reading and re-reading passages to make sure I knew what was happening. In the end, I simply didn't care what happened. Maybe next time less words and a better plot.

Can't wait for part 2!!!!

PLEASE!!!!! Get part 2 on the net!!!!! My cock is so hard from reading part 1 I will just have to stroke it until cum squirts all over my computer screen! FUCK!!!!!!! You write very convincingly and make me want to look you up!!!!

I am so sorry this dream never came true.
Well written, really fresh and real. Please go on.

Nice Job

I'm taking my time. Reading your stories spaced out for maximum enjoyment.
Nicely done. Thoughtful, building character traits, slightly suspenseful, but always making sense.
You're one of my favorite authors.


i absolutely loved your story, your way of writing made this so hot

I was a C.O. for over 25 years and that kind of thing does happen. I got a blow job from a coworker on night shift years ago. The only fucking I ever got at work was from management.

She must stay

You can't have her quit. The fun is just starting

What's with all the weird commas?

Please avail yourself of a proofreader. I bet even Word would smack you around. It made the story, which is actually pretty hot, almost unreadable.

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