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don't lessen to the others bull shit , all things are possible , in this world and others , good short story PS lightning can does travel throw buildings all the time ..


gr8 story

gr8 read mate you did well for your first story look fwd to reading more


You have the gift. Thanks so much for sharing it.

dont even need to finish the first page

Its all turning to the fact she is a cheating no good for nothing slut
One thing I absolutely detest,,, cheating sluts
They are right down there below the bottom of the barrel with CUCKs for hubbies, fucking dispicable


Please see typo in "She slowing removed her bra releasing her large firm breast."

Good groundwork, now write the story!

Good groundwork, now write the story! It is much easier to do the setup, and frequently that is as far as we get. The difficult part is the followup and then the ending, and they are the more important parts of the story least to the readers.


It was a good beginning. Sorry you lost interest.

It is easy to start a story, and dream of many directions it can take; but to stick to it until you have a good ending is much more difficult. I hope you return to it someday, and after refreshing everything in your memories, pick up the story where you left off until you can come to a good stopping point.

Been there

Done that! AA H wing

WAS half decent

Was worth maybe a 3 till you brought in the fucking drugs,,, now worth a MINUS - 5

Great story, great writing, great theme

Bully stories are always so good to read with justice is meted out. BRAVO!

More than 1% I think

My first wife could climax from breast stimulation, I used to get a kick out of her nursing our son, same thing happened. That might sound great but it isn't, she finally had to switch to a bottle. She didn't find any humor in it at all.
Even dancing with someone she had to be careful, because if they pulled her close it could set her off. Trust me when I say that isn't a good thing either.
It bothered her so much she went so far as to often use a type of tooth numbing spray on herself, that helped but of course all of those are scented.
My 2nd wife didn't want to be touched at all and nothing much happened if I did. Oddly she didn't seem that way until we got married.
Now I am in my 3rd marriage, this gal can also climax from playing with her nipples but it takes a LOT more effort than with my first wife.

1%er Here, Too! ;~D

Statistics show the following:

Only 1% of women can achieve orgasm as a result of nipple stimulation only (absent any genital stimulation).

Only 1% of men can perform true self-fellatio (A higher percentage claim it, but further investigation found those beyond the 1% to only be able to lick the tip and/or possibly take just barely the head of their cocks into their own mouths. True self-fellatio being defined as the subject's lips reaching to at least the 3" mark, or, in subjects with shorter than 3" in hard length, to the base of the cock [according to data collected via subjects' self-reporting. And no, subjects were not informed of the definition established. Why burst their bubble? ;-)]).

Damn! Now I wish I'd kept my copy of that research study! I've brainfarted the reference, but retained the above info... Ah - my AD(H)Dled mind! Anyway...

Happily, I am a female 1%er! However, I must say that I'm insanely jealous of your character's ability to make herself cum that way! Despite having tits large enough (42DDD) that I can easily suck them for myself, I can only reach breastgasm when it's someone else doing it to me. :-(

Thanks for a great story; it's the first I've found concerning this particular phenomena counted among my blessings!

Hmmm... Perhaps I'll write my own... The story of the first time it happened might be an appropriate topic...?
E-mail me and let me know what you think!
cocorox1818 at what some cowboys holler dot... Well, you get my hint, I hope!


Chapter 2 is already in the works, and I'm outlining a much longer story.


I enjoyed this moving, sensuous tale immensely! Your syntax is a little different than I am used to ("American" is definitely not "English") but I do enjoy reading your work. I also enjoy listening to Brits speak too. Keep up the hot, hot stuff!!!

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