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Erotic Horror Stories

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Mary-Lou's Big Halloween

 — Ghoul's bites give Mary-Lou what she wants - at a price. by Egmont Grigor10/04/063.39


 — An eerie, but sexy encounter at a Halloween party. by ajthomas10/10/134.23


 — A haunting tale of a Halloween party and a strange tryst. by jwebster052710/09/11

Mating Season

 — It's mating season. Watch out! by SecretlifeofAL03/22/133.62

Mating Season Ch. 02

 — Samantha starts a new family by SecretlifeofAL04/27/133.95

Mating with the Priestess

 — The coven watches as Lucius takes Astrid. by Abdulbenthere11/24/093.83

May Pole

 — May Day celebrations conceal something. by oggbashan05/01/053.61

Me a Machination

 — I am lost and confused not knowing who I am. by Thotherum06/12/102.00

Mea Culpa

 — Celibacy takes a dark turn in an English village. by Lucita02/06/154.06

Meet Joe

 — A bit bloody vampire story. by tigcub08/20/074.09

Melanie & Me in the Haunted House

 — Female ghost's strapon gives him night of his life. by Boxlicker10110/15/044.63HOT

Melvin & Morgan vs. the Demon

 — Heroes must battle a diabolical daemon. by 100 Angry Bananas05/10/064.63HOT

Memoirs of a Madman Ch. 01-02

 — A trip to erotic madness. by charliewilder09/23/133.50

Men's Room

 — After last period, Joanie Salinger is going to Hell. by HuckPilgrim10/02/144.15

Michelle's Episode

 — Voyeuristic situation turns interactive, then twisted. by sex slave02/18/064.00

Midnight Hunger

 — A man becomes intoxicated by a night at the bar. by Maverick325403/31/093.88

Midnight Snack

 — Extreme nocturnal appetites. by VanMarrick08/01/053.04

Midnight Snack

 — A notorious slayer has the tables turned on her. by GothiqueSukkubus07/14/083.89

Midnite's Magic Ch. 08

 — Boyfriend is saved from sinister sexy witch. by blindjack09/05/054.72HOT


 — An evening of passion. by TE99910/01/093.89


 — A young vampire chooses her mate. by Aliyahlovinsex10/05/054.06

Mine Ch. 02

 — Aurelia and Tavon are joined by two new vampires. by Aliyahlovinsex10/23/054.48


 — Druid sacrifice to a vampire. by secretme01/07/084.71HOT

Mira Ch. 02

 — Rillan and Mira getting to know each other. by secretme01/16/084.73HOT

Mira Ch. 03

 — Rillan comes to a realization & a conclusion. by secretme02/08/084.76HOT

Mira Ch. 04

 — Coming to an understanding and an incredible night. by secretme04/09/084.75HOT

Mira Ch. 05

 — Elizabeth's room; ghostly memories. by secretme06/02/084.80HOT

Mira Ch. 06

 — An assignment, and help from a pretty prostitute. by secretme06/11/084.75HOT

Mira Ch. 07

 — The true nature of the vampire. by secretme06/12/084.71HOTContest Winner

Mira Ch. 08

 — The homecoming and a surprise visitor. by secretme07/09/084.66HOT

Mira Ch. 09

 — Things get worse. by secretme08/28/084.65HOT

Mira Ch. 10

 — A marriage proposal. by secretme08/29/084.59HOT

Mira Ch. 11

 — A coming war, wedding plans, and a new sacrifice. by secretme10/08/084.75HOT

Mira Ch. 12

 — The new sacrifice. by secretme10/11/084.69HOT

Mira Ch. 13

 — The guard marches on the Circle. by secretme10/15/084.67HOT

Mira Ch. 14

 — Another vampire. by secretme10/25/084.68HOT

Mira Ch. 15

 — The End... by secretme11/04/084.78HOT

Mirror Image

 — The mirror never lies. by kinky shy girl10/03/054.49

Mirror Images

 — The son becomes the image of his father. by Paul4401/31/054.44

Mirror Mirror Ch. 01

 — A twist on the original German classic tale. by Domwoolf04/20/114.35

Mirror Mirror Ch. 02

 — The Princess and the Dwarfs. by Domwoolf04/22/114.33

Mirror Mirror Ch. 03

 — Kings, Queens, Princes, and Dwarfs. by Domwoolf04/26/114.38

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 01

 — A wicked queen rules through sex, terror and intimidation. by Silken_Steel03/31/104.28

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 02

 — A wicked queen uses sex to rule Snow White's stolen kingdom. by Silken_Steel04/05/104.10

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 03

 — A wicked queen rules through terror, pain and sex. by Silken_Steel04/06/104.56HOT

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 04

 — A wicked queen uses sex to rule Snow White's stolen kingdom. by Silken_Steel07/10/104.41


 — When good mirrors evils. by oneiria06/24/104.24

Mistress's Creature

 — The vampiress needs a new slave. by MoreEdgarGerafalo10/01/103.73

Mistress's Creature Ch. 02

 — The vampiress and her slave get naughtier. by MoreEdgarGerafalo01/22/114.80HOT

Mlle Duchamps

 — A French horror story set in post Revolutionary France. by Teela10010/06/083.79

Modern Day Princess Ch. 01

 — A girl who has everything, loses it all. by amanda1612/20/084.47

Modern Day Princess Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by amanda1612/29/084.33

Modern Day Princess Ch. 03

 — Why did she scream? by amanda1612/30/084.67HOT

Modern Day Princess Ch. 04

 — Her new life. by amanda1602/03/094.26

Molly Meets the Baron

 — A woman who survived a vampire's bite meets a Voudoo god. by Abdulbenthere04/30/094.00


 — It is all in her head. Or is it? by Munachi12/02/064.38


 — She is not what she seems, but then again, neither is he. by SinisterLittleGoth06/20/124.17

Monster Breeder Ch. 01

 — Chelsea becomes a victim of something beyond words... by Artemishuntress2906/06/143.74

Monster in the Closet

 — A girl's childhood fear becomes a real nightmare. by Dugfunny10/11/093.95


 — Google it. by mary_is_boy_crazy07/06/123.94

Moon Children Ch. 03-04

 — The Feast commences... Praise Themal. by PurpleThread12/15/104.57HOT

Moon Children Ch. 05-06

 — Subduing the Beast... or Succumbing to the Beast? by PurpleThread12/16/104.58HOT

Moon Children Ch. 07-08

 — Airuhmm enforces his dominance. by PurpleThread12/17/104.71HOT

Mortal Lust

 — Jonathan meets attractive woman. by crypticwriter02/16/123.35

Mortem in Nocte Ch. 01

 — Darwyn has a dream. by jdjdishere10/11/134.55HOT

Mortem in Nocte Ch. 02

 — Darwyn drinks her milk and a terrible fishing trip. by jdjdishere11/21/134.64HOT

Mortuary Murders

 — Sex demon Isis seeks new disciple. by ctemple04/15/113.52

Moth Ch. 036

 — Its game. by ellynei09/20/104.69HOT

Moth to a Flame

 — The old house consumed her. by endeavour05/03/053.73

Mother Kraken

 — There's something in the water. by TamLin0101/13/134.09

Mother Mary

 — The last thoughts of a dying man. by Dstep04/20/103.50

Mother of the Swarm

 — The insect woman must reproduce. by al_Ussa10/23/093.95


 — The truth is out there. by TamLin0102/06/154.79HOT

Motor City Gumshoe

 — A private dick searches an urban wasteland. by oneiria10/21/144.00

Moving On

 — Karen loved her step-brother to death.... and beyond. by LaRascasse01/09/124.05

Mrs. Santa Claus

 — Man meets interesting lady at company Christmas party. by MR. Gibson11/30/033.23


 — She was a werewolf hunter. by HotScribe205/21/044.27


 — It's not a good idea. by oneiria10/12/133.95


 — Seduced by a rock star apparation. by apathykiss05/07/084.28

Murderous Tricks, Erotic Treats

 — In midst of a mystery, old schoolmates hook up. by Aliyahlovinsex10/08/054.38


 — We feature bits of the best lingerie designers in the world. by Algonquin Twit05/11/103.80

Mushrooms from Outer Space

 — A culinary delight. by oneiria06/16/104.12


 — New female vampire has her first. by LenNeal07/08/134.48

My Beloved. My Dream. My Vampire

 — A vampire stalks his future love interest. by darkmagik6907/11/114.12

My Deepest Secret

 — A Legend and a Confession. by Julie2008/16/113.73

My Halloween Visitor

 — A surprise visit from Wilmena? by nighttimestories10/02/064.35

My Incubus

 — It came in a dream from the pages of a book. by not_so_innocent_flirting08/27/033.45

My Mother, the Succubus

 — Alex is captured, moms plans begin. by take4405/05/144.34

My Sleeping Sister

 — Cassie dreams her sister's horrible death. by Cassie00707/09/074.32

My Undead Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — A comedy about love, lust, & the walking dead. by ZeroDarkside07/02/084.19

My Vampire Lover

 — A paranormal love story. by Trisha_Jones08/04/113.56

Mysterious Pleasures

 — Melanie is drugged and taken by a strange, erotic creature. by antonia_pleasures02/01/113.92


 — A take on urban legends. by kellycummings02/07/043.83

Naga Massage Review

 — A massage parlour reviewer encounters an unusual masseuse. by manyeyedhydra10/01/114.55HOT

Naga Nightmares

 — A young hunter finds delight in terror. by intriguess07/31/074.45

Naga Special Massage

 — Ken receives a sensual massage from a creature of myth. by manyeyedhydra01/08/104.66HOT

Naked As a Jailbird

 — A penal colony becomes a penile colony. by oneiria04/08/144.21

Naked Fear

 — The unknown sends shivers through her soul by shandal11/28/094.11

Nature's Revenge

 — Even trees avenge their lovers. by icey_hearted05/04/114.40

Naughty in the Kitchen

 — A couple has fun in their kitchen but not everyone enjoys it. by MSTarot10/03/144.02


 — A girl tells her crazy story to a security guard. by StrangeLife07/19/134.30

Nerfheti’s Brew

 — An African Water Spirit finds a man to bear her child. by dsoul09/08/104.00

Netherworlds: Night of the Hallowed

 — Blood, werewolves, and lesbians. by SlaveMasterUK10/19/044.60HOT

New Arrivals

 — No one can live a lie forever. by TamLin0101/17/123.80

New Blood

 —  A gorgeous man, a locked door, a strange ritual. by starrkers12/07/064.50HOT

New Member

 — An actress is seduced by a pair of female lycanthropes. by Scott_Harper08/01/084.42

New Moon Pt. 01

 — Family moves into small town inhabited by werewolves. by GrimmsOtherBrother02/23/054.42

New Moon Pt. 02

 — Family saga of lycanthropy & lust continues. by GrimmsOtherBrother03/01/054.44

New Moon Pt. 03

 — Our hero, his mom, and a sinister party. by GrimmsOtherBrother03/08/054.47

New Moon Pt. 04

 — He must save his mother from the Werewolf infection. by GrimmsOtherBrother04/05/054.51HOT

New Moon Pt. 05

 — Son watches in horror as his mother is infected. by GrimmsOtherBrother05/20/054.47

New Moon Pt. 06

 — The mother is changing - and so is his brother. by GrimmsOtherBrother07/03/054.63HOT

New Moon Pt. 07

 — Mother becomes one of them. by GrimmsOtherBrother08/31/054.71HOT

New Moon Rising Ch. 01

 — Story of Katrina and Donovan's daughter. by AmbrosiaBlood11/30/094.73HOT

New Moon Rising Ch. 02

 — Next chapter of the new generation, what's to come of Wulf? by AmbrosiaBlood04/12/114.46

Nice Kitty

 — Pets are such a comfort. by TE99910/10/064.29

Nick and Rebecca Two at Once Ch. 03-04

 — Becca did as she was asked. by Nickkazama05/13/124.40


 — She's Taken. by jesstoyou05/27/094.50HOT

Night Demoness

 — Succubus who hunts in a hospital. by destodes77709/06/124.15

Night Demoness Ch. 02

 — More adventures of Mina. by destodes77709/28/124.35

Night Demoness Ch. 03

 — More Adventures. by destodes77709/30/124.38

Night Falls: Whitechapel

 — The hunt for Jack the Ripper. by IronDragon06/04/144.62HOT

Night Hunters Ch. 01

 — One vampire, one human out to save mankind. by poisonpen09/20/084.18

Night Nurse

 — Injured football star becomes sex toy for a vampiress. by Bacomicfan07/23/044.50HOT

Night of the Wolf

 — Dogging on Halloween. by Corpse_rider10/22/144.61HOT

Night of the Worm

 — Terror visits a Halloween hating girl. by Corpse_rider10/23/113.98

Night of the Yakuza

 — American coed finds passion in Japan. by VampireKing11/16/054.39

Night Predator Ch. 01

 — The Predator finds a victim in the parking lot. by coach_M03/05/094.52HOT

Night Shift Ch. 01

 — Man wakes up as a vampire after a party. by millennium_bard10/07/044.41

Nightmare in the Gallery

 — Is a security guard really secure? by ejls10/02/123.95

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 04

 — In the FBI office, drama and scandal occurs. by Kileka10/10/104.50

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 05

 — Zoe rescues Alessa, only to have to go to the cursed church. by Kileka03/21/125.00

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 07

 — In the FBI office, Zoe's story come to end and hell comes. by Kileka06/17/133.60

Nightmare Squad: Devilwoman

 — Squad seeks another evil. by TonyDowse11/28/064.11


 — Young man finds himself trapped. by khabaal03/09/053.96

Nightmares Become Reality

 — Steffi moves into her new home. Something strange happens. by TheNaughtyWife09/21/143.68

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 02

 — Steffi starts to get more history behind the house... by TheNaughtyWife09/22/144.33

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 03

 — Her pussy gets assaulted in her sleep, Steffi begins to worry. by TheNaughtyWife10/16/144.27

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 04

 — Steffi swallows a load of cum, Hank learns the truth. by TheNaughtyWife10/17/144.18

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 05

 — Steffi gets and exam from the Doc. by TheNaughtyWife10/19/143.82

Nightmares Become Reality Ch. 06

 — Steffi reveals all to Hank. He stitches her up. by TheNaughtyWife02/18/154.15

Nightshade Ch. 01

 — Enter twin sister bounty hunters Bella & Sage Reece. by bella_de_los_muertos04/04/074.07

Nightshade Ch. 02

 — Bella wounded; Dante & Sage torment Rose, then each other. by bella_de_los_muertos11/04/074.36

Nightshade Ch. 03

 — Demons attack; enter Ciro of the Shadow Warriors. by bella_de_los_muertos11/07/074.88

Nightshade Ch. 04

 — Ciro & Bella get close; Enter the Highborn and his Council. by bella_de_los_muertos12/06/074.89

No Real Monsters

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowl11/13/113.90

No Real Monsters Ch. 02

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowl11/14/114.30

No Real Monsters Ch. 03

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowl11/15/114.51HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 04

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowl11/20/114.61HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 05

 — My mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowl11/28/114.75HOT

No Reservation

 — Mysterious Inn adds two more guests to its residency list. by lauralevot10/18/134.05

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 01

 — He's made them slaves - & they can't get enough. by noxiousblonde01/22/06

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 02

 — He's made them slaves & they can't get enough. by noxiousblonde01/30/06

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