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Erotic Horror Stories

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The Lilitu

 — Two women encounter a demoness from an ancient desert past. by Nightcool10/04/043.85

The Line Never Crossed

 — What does a vampyre fantasize about? by KT Pinto12/12/054.25

The Listing Appointment

 — Be careful of lawn ornaments in strangers lawns. by angel_in_disguise08/14/053.55

The Little Mermaid

 — A twist to the classic tale. by Spearsis03/10/073.38

The Living Sex Toy

 — Sex toys come alive and ravish a coed. by calx8604/30/083.64

The Living Sex Toy Ch. 02

 — Liz's transformation. by calx8612/25/083.99

The Living Sex Toy Ch. 03

 — The immortal lover. by calx8601/09/094.14

The Log Cabin Ch. 01

 — Two guys on the run get lucky, or do they? by CharlieB411/27/133.95

The Log Cabin Ch. 02

 — Tim enjoys his dinner and Sue. by CharlieB412/11/134.30

The Log Cabin Ch. 03

 — Kev meets his maker. by CharlieB401/15/144.09

The Long Kiss of Night Ch. 01

 — Knight meets love & death in forest. by James Cody07/21/044.52HOT

The Lottery

 — Sometimes, it does pay to be a nice guy. by Azuldrgon08/17/05

The Love Talker

 — Lust, dominance, and obsession. by Morrighan114304/19/134.74HOT

The Machine

 — Evil spirits and demons torment Duchess Elizabeth. by Hannibal Ravencraft11/11/054.13

The Mad Doctor Whitaker Ch. 01

 — Jessica & the reporter, Dad & Smuckers. by dukehumpington06/16/033.55

The Mad Monk's Progeny

 — The new house was too good to be true; it was haunted. by RogueAlan10/03/104.58HOT

The Magician's Assistant

 — Young woman becomes magician's latest assistant. by Penelope Street10/21/054.71HOTContest Winner

The Making of Vampire Slaves

 — Two sisters become the playthings of a Wolf. by NotWhatSheSeems06/12/094.06

The Making of Vampire Slaves Ch. 02

 — In which an unusual friend comes to visit. by NotWhatSheSeems06/17/093.80

The Masked Ball

 — Tina spends night in a haunted house. by LitRiter01/09/044.39

The Masquerade

 — Hot treats & lots of tricks on Halloween. by Extreme Bohunk10/03/054.46

The Masquerade of 1900

 — The Halloween ball to end all. by daniwilliams10/19/134.26

The Masterton Covenant

 — Safe sex with a succubus? by manyeyedhydra10/31/074.68HOT

The Messenger in Black

 — Why did it have to be on Valentine's Day? by PrincessErin02/06/103.63

The Michelin Man

 — Even after death a man's wife cuckolds him. by rikkitampa201412/15/142.57

The Mill

 — Two will win one million dollars. One will lose it all. by patientlee10/07/114.60HOT

The Mime and the Pussycat

 — Going home with a fellow Halloween party guest can be Hell. by YourLittleAngelle12/30/073.81

The Mirror

 — Rebecca is seduced by the man in the mirror. by sun_sea_sky08/28/124.19

The Mirror of Dorian Grey

 — A twist on an old story. by Gethelred10/15/094.27

The Missing Ingredient

 — There's something about the taste... by TE99911/22/064.41

The Monster Under the Bed

 — Danielle's got a monster - and it wants her. by Goldeniangel02/10/054.29

The Monster: From Bridget's Nights

 — Just once she let the demon inside run wild. by patricia5112/05/084.69HOT

The Moth's Song

 — What's inside Faith? by dr_mabeuse10/10/044.58HOTContest Winner

The Mummy

 — What will wake the dead? by TamLin0107/11/124.25

The Nature of Getting What You Want

 — Girl get all her wishes from a hot genie. by vrosej1001/02/113.82

The Necromantrix

 — A gothic tale of online sex. by Aurens01/25/124.10

The Neighbor

 — The neighbor wore black, inside and out. by DreamCloud10/19/144.62HOT

The New Slave

 — She uses corpse to make another woman a slave. by BloatedCorpse10/04/053.56

The Night Crawler

 — A woman, a rapist, and something else. by GeneralBethlehem06/08/094.80HOT

The Night Louise Left the TV On

 — British girl Louise learns why you should turn off your TV. by RetroFan09/22/144.04

The Night She Ran

 — A chance encounter changes everything. by Purple_Raihne02/25/124.11

The Nightmare

 — Sandra & the demons. by lilith197910/17/043.93

The Nightmare

 — A woman mourning her lost love has a disturbing dream. by Jdeau05/21/134.19

The Nunnery

 — Can I sell a damaged house? The ghosts think I should buy. by oggbashan10/03/104.38

The Object of His Affection

 — How a girl becomes a perfect object of love. by H Dean04/28/074.32

The Object of His Affection Ch. 02

 — The story of a woman becoming a perfect sex toy. by H Dean05/13/074.30

The Object of His Affection Ch. 03

 — Woman becomes a perfect sex toy. by H Dean05/14/074.23

The Object of His Affection Ch. 04

 — The story of how a girl becomes a perfect sex toy. by H Dean05/21/074.17

The Object of His Affection Ch. 05

 — How a girl becomes a perfect sex doll. by H Dean05/27/073.77

The Object of His Affection Ch. 06

 — How a woman becomes the perfect sex toy. by H Dean06/06/073.69

The Object of His Affection Ch. 07

 — The stor of a woman who becomes a perfect love toy. by H Dean06/16/073.58

The Octopus

 — A Lovecraftian Horror sex story. by ChrisPerridas04/15/053.66

The Oily Man

 — Two young American women meet the demon Orang Minyak. by horrorotica08/01/14

The Old Coroner 01: Age 19 Red Haired Female

 — Red head teenager spends the night in a creepy morgue. by cowboy10902/22/113.55

The Old Coroner 02: Age 22 Red Haired Female – Alive

 — Young red head haunts the old coroner. by cowboy10901/21/114.17

The Old Coroner 03: Age 25 Female

 — The old coroner tries to summon a red haired female demon. by cowboy10902/21/114.12

The Old Coroner 04: Age 19 Red Haired Female – Reborn

 — The coroner makes a pact with a red-haired demon. by cowboy10902/25/114.29

The Old Coroner 05: British Wankers Unleashed

 — Red haired demon wreaks lusty zombie apocalypse. by cowboy10902/23/113.36

The Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 01

 — When housesitting becomes a threat. by sarah_siddons12/19/073.65

The Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 02

 — When house sitting becomes a greater threat. by sarah_siddons01/01/083.60

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 01

 — Lucifer finally gets his chance at having a queen. by Kindasortacrazy09/16/124.72HOT

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 02

 — Michelle gains her crown. by Kindasortacrazy09/30/124.77HOT

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 03

 — New rivals and old enemies. by Kindasortacrazy10/22/124.81HOT

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 04

 — Michelle gets her revenge on Leyna. by Kindasortacrazy12/02/124.85HOT

The Old King and the New Bride Ch. 05

 — Michelle's hellish journery comes to an end. by Kindasortacrazy01/31/134.80HOT

The Old Mill Ghost

 — An old Haunted House proves to be just that. by Many Feathers10/15/084.32

The Orgy of the Pink Flesh

 — A strange guest arrives at an End of the World party. by manyeyedhydra04/12/103.81

The Others

 — Invitation was for Shannon, but 'the others' went instead. by Green_Gem10/23/034.58HOT

The Paper Demon Ch. 01

 — A drawing gains a life of its own. by EelunPhetmoore08/14/124.41Editor's Pick

The Paper Demon Ch. 02

 — the Demon introduces herself. by EelunPhetmoore12/31/134.51HOT

The Party

 — A Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. by madengineer310/04/103.70

The Passion of Angie

 — Angie creates a rapacious spirit lover. by epiphany6507/31/074.03

The Pearls of the Mediterranean

 — A group of lads find a nudist beach with a sinister secret. by manyeyedhydra07/12/094.43

The Pearly Yearning Ch. 01

 — Susan has become a vampire - of a rare and particular kind. by RabbitPrince03/09/124.42

The Pearly Yearning Ch. 02

 — Susan feeds again. And again. And remembers before. by RabbitPrince11/02/134.68HOT

The Pearly Yearning Ch. 03

 — Susan's continued predation, and how she was turned. by RabbitPrince11/26/134.71HOT

The Perfect Perfume

 — Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. by MSTarot05/29/124.39

The Perfect Plan

 — A witches vengeance. by Chaotye03/13/134.07

The Pier

 — A short erotic chiller. by MaledictdeSanguine08/13/084.54HOT

The Pit of the Nine Sisters

 — Man meets his deadliest desire in a pit. by mjm20203611/16/013.95Editor's Pick

The Porcelain Soul

 — He has a ghostly encounter that changes his life. by E.P.M.10/06/054.67HOT

The Portal

 — What lets the demons in? by SistaShakespeare02/11/044.53HOT

The Portrait

 — A young man discovers love from an unexpected source. by darkseraph01/29/094.60HOT

The Possession of Vivian

 — Mary's Mistress is possessed by her late husband's ghost. by Allybear08/04/103.87

The Power of Pamela's Predator Ch. 01

 — A strange women who "sucks" the life from her victims. by beastboy4202/15/144.12

The Preacher's Wife

 — A new version of 'The Mothman Prophecies'. by RedRam08/10/074.55HOT

The Predator

 — A budding serial killer learns about tradition. by kromen10/14/094.06

The Predator Strikes

 — A Vampire is surprised! by madengineer308/18/094.24

The Prey

 — Sometimes a lover just sucks the life out of you. by Fatwa_Morgana06/22/084.24

The Price of Heaven

 — Is loving a vampire worth the price? by slinkas_Master04/29/084.33

The Promotion

 — Greg's thick, callused hands perspired with anxiety. by juniysa09/12/114.19

The Pumpkin Patch

 — Never trust a witch. by TamLin0110/23/134.50HOT

The Puppet Master

 — It's not Howdy Doody time. by oneiria02/01/113.60

The Puppeteer

 — Desperate collegiate finds alternative to study. by flyer3312/12/044.33

The Queen of Darkness

 — Young woman is seduced by a demon. by dark_poet4308/06/054.07

The Race

 — A man's dream catches up with him. by madengineer305/16/074.00

The Rage

 — Something possessed him... the rage surfaces. by doormouse05/26/044.43

The Rage of the 50-Foot Woman

 — Giantess goes on a rampage in Los Angeles. by HungryGuy12/11/043.59

The Rainbow Tree Haunted House

 — A Halloween virgin sacrifice. by jolinesleepless10/02/114.29

The Reaper

 — Even Death deserves a good time once in a while. by horrorotica01/05/13

The Red Masquerade

 — A party where anything goes, and no one leaves. by TamLin0110/30/114.47

The Red Shoes

 — A magic pair of heels begin to control Amber. by Alex45108/01/114.21

The Red Velvet Cloak

 — Little red riding hood has an x-rated adventure. by PrincessErin10/03/094.19

The Red Velvet Suite

 — Parapsychology experiment goes terribly wrong. by SweetWitch10/27/084.51HOT

The Reflection on The Other Side

 — Is it plausible for the 'wife' to be the 'fatal attraction'? by darklover0704/15/072.80

The Rendezvous

 — He crosses paths with a woman. by primowalker12/24/033.00

The Requital - Dark Gods

 — The sequel to the Exchange. by Kileka10/16/094.71HOT

The Rightful Heir

 — A young woman claims her destiny... by fantasywriter02/12/124.47

The Ripper And The Breast

 — The story of Christine Gull by DarkDuchess08/13/043.27

The Ripper's Legacy

 — Jack the Ripper leaves his nemesis an unexpected present. by SEX_VAMPYRE08/22/074.11

The Rise of Alex

 — A vampire dominates by MadDwarf10/03/063.94

The Rise of Alex Ch. 02

 — New vampire takes his former mistress. by MadDwarf11/11/064.00

The Rise of Alex Ch. 03

 — Alex takes a sexy lawyer for a new slave. by MadDwarf01/06/084.38

The Road

 — Father and daughter on a lonely road meet someone/something. by sarhad12/22/112.88

The Rose Garden

 — Mysterious stranger awaits Hala in her rose garden. by Brandi244909/04/042.80

The Rose Garden Ch. 02

 — The mysterious stranger tells all by Brandi244909/05/042.25

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 01

 — Her foray into occult role-play leads to... by hotchkiss06/13/043.84

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 02

 — The ritual begins. by hotchkiss06/13/044.37

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 03

 — Gemma is given into perverse pleasures. by hotchkiss06/14/044.04

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 04

 — It's a feast of desire. by hotchkiss06/15/044.43

The Sacrificial Lamb Ch. 05

 — The feast of desire continues. by hotchkiss07/03/044.70HOT

The Sad Demise of H. Hattlefield

 — Lovecraftian tale of woman stolen from another dimension. by 100 Angry Bananas08/23/044.63HOT

The Scarecrow's Revenge

 — Vengence is patient...very, very patient. by TheBigandBaldGuy10/02/103.78

The Seahorse Inn

 — Amorous co-workers investigate a haunting. by epiphany6509/03/104.64HOT

The Seductionist

 — A succubus who seduces men in their sleep. by Lola4907/03/10

The Seeder

 — Serial criminal is on the loose. by SEX_VAMPYRE07/11/034.20

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