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Wow, Loved it.

stupid story

An absolutely idiotic and pointless story

Very well written

Originally this type of story is not why I started reading stories on this Web site, but it is why I continue to do so. When I found this site I was interested in one thing only, but writers like Tall Tx, who write the more involved story's with good character development and good plot line and the essential sex, to be called erotic literature is why I will continue to stay. Keep up writing these great stories.

Oh God that was so sweet, and perfect. Didn't expect the ending..but love it all the same

thanks anon

I guess you have broken your own rule then?

Breaking the rules is good, I reckon, it takes you out of a comfort zone!

Fair comment

Yeah sorry about that one, I was kinda going for the dread thing...but I will splash them together more in my later ones, give you guys some breaks!

Why so abrupt?

After such a fascinating build-up, it just ends with outrageous ambiguity.

Please continue

Still write well. I can't find fault with anything which is a very good thing trust me given some of the things that are written on this website.

You have an interesting storyline and I am curious to see where you take it. Of course this does sound a little like an episode of Supernatural but I'll ignore that for now.

Loving this story...

You write exceptionally well and I cannot wait to read the next instalment in this series.

I feel slightly disturbed

A couple of the things she can do wouldn't bother me that much, such as the clothes modeling or swapping bodies during sex, but I can't help but feel that Celia is abusing her ability to make him do what she wants. I feel you should write a sequel where the tables are turned and he has control of Celia and show her how it feel to be at the complete and utter mercy of someone else's whim, such as him making her learn more French to expand HIS vocabulary.


I can NOT wait anymore!! please write chapter 6, 7, 8 and all the chapters! I check every day for it! It is such a good series!

Very different

I love this story. This is the first real roman a clef I have read on Literotica, and it was totally true to the concept. I liked looking at everything from her distorted, deranged point of view and the ambiguous ending was the icing on the cake.

All in all, I will definitely have to keep an eye out for anything else you might write, if they are going to turn out to be like this.

I wouldn't EVER dare send

anonymous anything to any author.

But I'm addicted to writing--

4 stars

Odd, yet strangely erotic. I enjoyed it. Very original take on the sleepwalking theme.

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