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no words. that was both terrible and amazing. wow. just wow. deservedly won


I wonder what it says about me that I was so caught up in the tales of fairies and Arthur's perverse view of what he was doing that the murder itself barely registered on the first read through. I was entranced by the fairy tale theme, especially as he related it to both his forms of work and i think for that reason i never felt that sense of dread or scariness that others reported.

When he met the little girl i was ready to name her little red riding hood and found it confusing that once their conversation began it didn't go the way i had expected or wanted. Instead i got Arthur's tale but in this case i was able to make the change unlike some of your faster paced stories.

I can see how someone not in the right frame of mind to read may have stopped after the initial murder and labelled it torture porn. I feel that other's may be looking too deeply for meaning into a story that is blatant in what it is saying about fairy tales and that people usually get what is coming to them. This was a cautionary tale itself. Arthur actually references this point about himself and we all know what happens to the big bad wolf.

For once my criticism is minor. I was a bit put off by the taboo feel of pedophilia or taking advantage of a "special" girl that teased through the dialogue between Arthur and Rowan at times. It was very easy to forget you had given her an age when he first got to the playground, The slow/special stuff was a tiny bit of squik for me in what was otherwise a fabulous tale.

Where is it?

This is AMAZING! All I have to ask is... Where is the rest of it?! XD There HAS to be more somewhere! :P

One of my favorites.

I hate the fact he dies. I was rooting for him the first time I read it.
Still a great story, and I like the fact Capramendes had gigantic breasts. That was a turn on.

I love your other stories as well. Please keep writing.

Looking for more...

So far I love this story. This would fit very nicely into a paranormal romance genre if you considered writing a full book. It is one that I would buy and follow a series of. Please consider continuing the story, or offering it to another writer who might be able to do it justice.

Possible inconsistencies - Protagonist's intelligence?

The uncle is easy to hate and easy to imagine as a character. However, it was difficult to get attached to the 'protagonist' for me. It seemed conflicting that she should sound smart/intelligent in the very earliest part of the story and yet seem... less clever later on.

On a semi-related note, does it take a degree to become a librarian in England? I know in the states librarians in general require a degree. An assistant librarian would make more sense if so for her age and formal education. (That is assuming this is not an alternate Earth timeline, by which then go right ahead. I didn't catch specifically what era the setting was or what war specifically the story was referring to other than the "historical" tag.)

What was on that shard? Am I wrong thinking it was:

Phil turned. There was a naked girl with long green hair standing next to his bed. She beckoned to him with one index finger while the other slipped down between the plush lips of her labia.
Oh fuck.


Please finish this it is amazing

"A Crusade in Crimson" is now Live on Amazon! Check out the Link on my Bio Page! Enjoy the ride, folks! :)

A grim fairy tale

Though the imagery in the story was disturbing, as all good horror should be, I found it telling that the majority of the comments on this story are from some of the more accomplished authors on Literotica.

While reluctant to include myself in that group, I just wanted to let you know that I, for one, am not afraid to admit that I envy the twisted language, dense descriptiveness and rich, layered characterizations that permeate this and all of your stories.

Good luck in the contest! ~ Seanathon


Really dark but love it!

well written

I enjoyed it. I really liked how you used characters from dexter.

Exposed: What all men know, (or privately hope)

A soul is bared, a carefully crafted life of moderation and 'behaving' is demolished. The devil inside is given free rein, and the result is nothing less than fantastic. Two lives will never be the same. If only it were true, if only there was a way to break free, to let go, to become that unbridled beast, that whirlwind of sexuality and sensuality.

All women have that devil inside, yearning to break free. Don't they? Please?

Rozalin triumphs once again. I'm in awe of her ability to craft so much emotion, so many truisms into such a beautifully crafted, hellaciously hot tale.

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