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The most feelings put into words!

In a lifetime of reading, I have only felt this way about a authors work very very few times. I can honestly say your stories play my emotions as if I were there in the story. My thanks to you for this gift you share with me the reader, thank you please keep it up an let me know if there is more you can share with those of us who only wish for the talent to move the heartstrings you seem to be able to captured in words.

Darrell Dillon
Feel free to honer me with a contact or not thanks so much.

Great story!

You made us care for the characters, and teased us the whole way: when were Cole and Zafira finally going to fuck? And when they finally did, it fulfilled all expectations. Well done! :)

Great start!

I love it so far! Can't wait for more!

I need more

keep going baby !! i love it

Got to say, I was surprised.

The only two criticizing comments I have is: 1: Grammar. 2: The ending.

You really do need to get an editor. I think you start getting turned on by your own stories and don't proofread, which i definitely can't blame on you because your stories are very hot and sexy. I love your stories.

The ending, I felt you took the cheap way out.
I have read almost every story you have wrote and I'm always wanting more. The reason is I think you need to elaborate on the after-effects of what happened. I know you usually do taboo stories, which you do very well at, but this was a great story I read in 3-4 hours. I loved it. But I can't help but think if you stuck with incest and got an editor, you would be "Fifty Shades of Grey" material in no time at all.

Keep progressive, write as much as possible, you can become a great author. But I noticed as I read your story I noticed EVERY SINGLE ERROR. and that's because I was the reader. I was a huge writer of fiction when I was younger, and the ONE thing I ALWAYS did was proofread and least 2-3 times. If you did that, you would be famous.

Ths isn't an incest story, this isn't an erotic story, this is an original story made up by a creative mind that also has passion. With proofreading, you would become the next Stephanie Meyers. You can do it if you have the drive.

Please continue the story

Loved it

I would love to see more of this story, and maybe something a bit darker.

I need a next chapter

It's killing me on the inside, please... mercy me.

Simply put, this is an amazing piece of work.

Not a bad story

This is a good story and worth reading. Are you planning on finishing it?

Great story....

If only it would get going. It's much too short. I would rather wait longer for a chapter that I can get my teeth into, so please make them longer. :)


But, again too short. Hope chapter 5 is longer. :)

Please continue

Thank you for sharing this great story. The plot is arresting, the pace comfortable, and the characters enjoyable. Pronouns seem to be an occasional challenge. I encourage you to ignore demands for sex before it suites your vision.

I look forward to the Spirits' story being revealed.

Good story

Whoever the previous Anonymous was, ignore them. This was a creepy, shivery night-time hayride of a story, and it does indeed work for Valentines Day.

Might I request a Halloween sequel? Or maybe Earth Day?

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