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A good story but...

Your craft for writing is very good. However, I felt the pace at which the story progressed seemed slow at times. Very detailed, but oftem TOO detailed. Also there is little to no "horror" to be found in the story for it to be catagoried in erotic horror.

wow incredible

you have stepped up the game.

Creepy and fun!

This included enough sex and carried a good if a little vague storyline.

I do like the ending but also feel that more chapters to the story would be great.
Thanks for writing and sharing!


You are the best author on this site. The story is beyond amazing.

Thank you for that


That was absolutely amazing!!!! You are a very talented writer. I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. BY FAR one of the best I've read on literotica.


Please say it is not the end!


I enjoyed the story quite alot, and I also enjoyed that the girl was given a choice in the fun, (im not a fan of rape even in stories) but the ending didnt make sense. You told how she came over and over until she finally passed out from the pleasure, so why would she hope that the creature never came back?

Howling good story

Enjoyable read that is perfect for Halloween.

more ?!

im sad there isnt more :(

please update soon


please keep writing! i love this story!


A large portion of this story did not post when I submitted it. I'm currently working to fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ummm........I assume there are more chapters coming?

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