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I'm not a bad writer. I can string words on a sentence like pearls on a necklace. Spin 'em around, make 'em shine. I ain't half bad, if you know what I mean.

Rarely do I say this.

This story is beyond my ability as a writer. It is nearly perfect. Backwards, forwards, from every angle, it makes sense. It flows. It is so neat and so tidy. I would barely take out a sentence.

It's original, soulful, gorgeously and vividly rendered. What an intelligent, thoughtful, magnificent little piece.

I'm sort of blown away.

It's one of the best stories I've ever read here. Needle sharp. Couldn't be more impressed.

amazing story.. waiting eagerly for next chapters

Given 5 stars .. best story I've read jn horror section

Loved it

This is definitely my favorite out of all your stories! Would love to see a story about Julie and Pathos or even Beezlebub and his new bride! Keep doing what you are doing! You have a great talent on your hands :)

Sheer perfection once again

New Orleans is the only town for vampires ... except Paris, of course. Wonderfully told tale with the feel and taste of a very fine cognac and the rustle of silk and the sighs of velvet. I am loving this story and can't wait for the next instalment, but hey, you know, no pressure ;)


This was such a hot story thank you.


Easily one of the best stories on the entire site! I love finding these rare gems...


Interesting. This is the kind of shit real parasitic insects get up to all the time, especially the Spider Wasp and the Jewel Wasp, and a bit more realistic than the usual story you get from the likes of Homealone_447, whose story usually end with some variation on "and then they happily kept breeding and orgasming for the rest of their lives".

You had your five stars.. the time the chicory coffee and beignets showed up. Enjoyed the take on the song, it's one of the few my vocal range works well on. Very nice atmosphere in the setting and the feel of old New Orleans.

Critique: I always pause now days when a vampire shows up in a story. There are so many stories, novels, and series where they are the main focus. So many they are becoming overused in a very extreme way.

Given the setting one of the Loa might would have worked. Or you could have linked "rising sun" with some of the demi-human creatures of the Japanese mythology. Jorogumo would have fit spectacularly.

Enjoyed it and will be waiting with the rest for the next story to be bribed out for bourbon or dances.


Amazing story

Just reread it again. Wish I could give it another five stars. Truly a well-crafted tale.

Very good start....

Loving it already. Cannot wait for chapter 2. :)

Nice story

I for one didn't find the story difficult to follow. I could see how the girl started out as an incorporeal ghost, but materialized once she got a "purpose" in her afterlife.

(I'd say the hints are sufficient: the girl suddenly chokes on a blowjob, gets her sense of taste back, and other customers were pointing and laughing).

Besides, as you say: no body, no orgasms. And what good would a literotica story be without them?!? :-) So to the ones missing the transformation: next time you read about a ghost or whatever that can't cum, you need to do a better job of actively watching out for the... thing.... that allows him or her to do so!

Ah, I see I'm not the only one who had happy memories of V:tM on reading this. If I've read that right, we really were channeling the same muse this month, Freya - my "Wasp" had its seeds in an old Changeling game.

Dark and Delicious

The true essence of horror is tragedy...and there is something tragic and beautiful about this story, and very sexy too! I love your big, powerful women and their nasty intoxicating stench...and your poor helpless boys ;) Another excellent effort, look forward to more from your pen ^_^

*narrows eyes*

That's a lovely cardboard box you have there...and such comfy towels.

This could be in a White Wolf game manual, except that it's too well written. There are clear nods here to tumbling ten-siders and late nights. I'm a sucker for werewolves, vampires too, in the right context. This is a loving recreation that manages to surpass its influences in skill and creativity. It is a piece of my childhood, restrung and playing a new but somehow familiar song.

My father told me a story about House of the Rising Sun, a little different than this one. It was the first song I ever learned to play on guitar, and the first song he ever learned to play as well. Same with his uncle, who taught him. I will tell you about it sometime...maybe...for a price.

He was getting dirt thoughts about her naked

While she is in agony and in need of medical attention? Has he never seen a fucking pussy before? Is this his first time with a naked woman? Seriously, just because she's attractive and naked doesnt mean a guy would be aroused. I don't find a woman in pain to be a sexual turn on.

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