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My Secret Love Ch. 06

 — She makes dinner for Lauri. by Deann Laws10/14/004.86HOT

My Secret Love Ch. 07

 — Lauri plans night of seduction. by Deann Laws10/14/004.62HOT

My Secret Love Ch. 08

 — The girls go out. by Deann Laws10/14/004.75HOT

My Secret Love Ch. 09

 — Lauri's husband steps in to the picture. by Deann Laws10/14/004.75HOT

My Secret Love Ch. 10

 — Lauri makes her choice. by Deann Laws10/14/004.12

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Will her guilt drive them apart forever? by Cheleste02/01/084.33

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 03

 — A quickie behind his back. by Cheleste06/27/084.32

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 04

 — A rendezvous by moonlight. by Cheleste06/29/084.41

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 05

 — My son finds out. by Cheleste06/30/084.39

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 06

 — A picnic in the buff. by Cheleste07/01/084.35

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 07

 — My best friend calls at the wrong time. by Cheleste07/02/084.25

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 08

 — Discovering female ejaculation. by Cheleste07/03/084.02

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 09

 — A stormy blow job. by Cheleste07/04/084.31

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 10

 — A foursome in the house, almost. by Cheleste07/05/084.25

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 11

 — Groping in the dark. by Cheleste07/17/084.31

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 12

 — Food for love. by Cheleste06/12/094.43

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 13

 — She drops her rose red petals. by Cheleste09/21/094.44

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 14

 — Taking things public. by Cheleste12/25/093.83

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 15

 — Getting dirty in the garden. by Cheleste12/29/094.16

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 16

 — In his room with his mother at home. by Cheleste02/15/104.26

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 17

 — Does he want to replace me with a younger girl? by Cheleste06/15/104.15

My Son's Best Friend Ch. 18

 — He moves in-- way in. by Cheleste01/23/113.78

My Stranger Fantasy

 — My first ever erotica. by Nibbler2202/25/133.71

My Summer Vacation Ch. 01

 — Childhood friends reunite. by bardsy01/18/154.25

My Summer Vacation Ch. 02

 — Childhood friends reunite. by bardsy01/20/154.24

My Summer Vacation Ch. 03

 — Childhood friends reunite. by bardsy01/22/154.24

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 01

 — Candy comes into his life. by BilyumQ10/22/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 02

 — He's your what!? by BilyumQ10/27/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 03

 — Candy & Jocelyn; Very Good Friends. by BilyumQ11/01/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 04

 — An Impossible Task by BilyumQ11/14/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 05

 — Candy, Jocelyn & Samantha: A Sapphic introduction. by BilyumQ11/26/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 06

 — Richard gives me something to think about. by BilyumQ12/21/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 07

 — The Domination of Julie, Part 01. by BilyumQ12/24/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 08

 — The Domination of Julie Pt. 02 by BilyumQ12/29/05HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 09

 — The Domination of Julie Pt. 03. by BilyumQ01/04/06HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 10

 — The Domination of Julie Pt. 04. by BilyumQ01/15/06HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 11

 — A little Latin Spice in Denver. by BilyumQ02/04/06HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 12

 — Candy roleplays Student & The Professor. by BilyumQ02/26/06HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 13

 — Strippers, Showers & Private Dances by BilyumQ03/27/06HOT

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 14

 — Sunset. by BilyumQ04/29/06HOT

My Top Ten Sexual Encounters

 — Author's final story submission highlights his personal life. by walterio04/04/114.75HOT

Mysterious Boyfriends

 — Questions about a sexy internet match. by MJRoberts07/12/144.25

Mysterious Boyfriends Ch. 02

 — Unbeknownst to her, Adrianna has a Match profile up. And... by MJRoberts09/12/144.41

Mysterious Boyfriends Ch. 03

 — Adrianna finally meets the mysterious match and whoa-ho... by MJRoberts09/13/144.56HOT

Mystery Man Ch. 01

 — Trapped in suburbia, lusting after sis. by Sexuality4me02/23/053.91

Nadia's Wanton Weekend

 — Two girls holiday at one's country estate - Some incest. by Paris Waterman12/19/124.18

Naked Portraits Pt. 01

 — She needs to paint nudes and that leads to much more. by eagelwolf06/09/114.73HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 02

 — Sex offering to pagan goddess creates mayhem. by eagelwolf09/17/134.67HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 03

 — Seduction + art + a goddess = a foursome. by eagelwolf09/28/134.80HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 04

 — A threesome and an exorcism. by eagelwolf10/10/134.65HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 05

 — Photo shoot leads to lesbian attraction. by eagelwolf11/09/134.61HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 06

 — Local girl participates in a dream study. by eagelwolf01/02/144.56HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 07

 — Photo shoot takes a sexy turn. by eagelwolf01/18/144.19

Naked Portraits Pt. 08

 — Voyeurism and making love-best of both worlds. by eagelwolf01/24/144.62HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 09

 — Will local girl share her lovers with another woman? by eagelwolf03/10/144.67

Naked Portraits Pt. 10

 — Tall Korean girl seduces local guy. by eagelwolf03/26/144.78

Naked Portraits Pt. 11

 — Tall mixed Asian woman joins the group. by eagelwolf04/01/144.64HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 12

 — 2 women, 2 nude portraits, another dream study. by eagelwolf05/17/144.83

Naked Portraits Pt. 13

 — Gwen and Alyson do it. by eagelwolf08/19/144.60HOT

Naked Vows

 — Laura looks for a friend and finds a lover. by Robin_Maxwell10/14/124.71HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 02

 — Laura and Sarah explore their new relationship. by Robin_Maxwell10/24/124.73HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 03

 — Laura Talks about her relationship with her best friend. by Robin_Maxwell11/20/124.75HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 04

 — Laura goes down on a woman for the first time. by Robin_Maxwell12/09/124.70HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 05

 — Sarah explains her relationship with her ex-husband. by Robin_Maxwell12/31/124.60HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 06

 — The aftermath of Marcy finding Laura and Sarah together. by Robin_Maxwell02/14/134.86HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 07

 — Laura and Sarah confront Laura's son. by Robin_Maxwell02/26/134.72HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 08

 — Sarah sleeps with her husband again. by Robin_Maxwell03/31/134.62HOT

Naked Vows Ch. 09

 — The final chapter. by Robin_Maxwell06/23/134.81HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 01

 — Nancy Dillon can't resist temptation at a convention. by D.C. Roi07/27/034.43

Nancy's Quest Ch. 02

 — Nancy is tempted--and can't resist. by D.C. Roi07/28/034.55HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 03

 — Nancy and Mike go at it one last time before going home. by D.C. Roi07/29/034.59HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 04

 — Nancy recalls her first affair with a married man. by D.C. Roi07/30/034.59HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 05

 — Nancy can't refuse her boss. by D.C. Roi07/31/034.56HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 06

 — Nancy has satisfying evening with her husband. by D.C. Roi08/01/034.60HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 07

 — Nancy wants to stop seeing Lee McGill, but can't. by D.C. Roi08/02/034.49

Nancy's Quest Ch. 08

 — Nancy rebounds into the arms of teenager Benny Morris. by D.C. Roi08/03/034.68HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 09

 — Benny Morris tries to make sense of what happened. by D.C. Roi08/03/034.40

Nancy's Quest Ch. 10

 — Another coworker takes Nancy. by D.C. Roi08/04/034.35

Nancy's Quest Ch. 11

 — Nancy and her husband make love. by D.C. Roi08/05/034.25

Nancy's Quest Ch. 12

 — Nancy fails to remain faithful to her husband again. by D.C. Roi08/06/034.24

Nancy's Quest Ch. 13

 — Benny Morris pays Nancy a visit and... by D.C. Roi08/07/034.50HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 14

 — Benny & Nancy enjoy a fabulous morning after. by D.C. Roi08/08/034.54HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 15

 — Benny takes Nancy out on a date. by D.C. Roi08/09/034.38

Nancy's Quest Ch. 16

 — Nancy's erotic weekend with Benny continues. by D.C. Roi08/10/034.57HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 17

 — Nancy still can't stop seeing Lee McGill. by D.C. Roi08/11/034.10

Nancy's Quest Ch. 18

 — Walt forces himself on Nancy again. by D.C. Roi08/12/033.88

Nancy's Quest Ch. 19

 — Nancy's husband gets frisky after the party. by D.C. Roi08/13/034.53HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 20

 — Nancy fails to remain faithful to George again. by D.C. Roi08/14/034.35

Nancy's Quest Ch. 21

 — Nancy struggles with why she can't stay faithful. by D.C. Roi08/15/034.38

Nancy's Quest Ch. 22

 — Ben Morris shows up at Nancy's house again. by D.C. Roi08/16/034.26

Nancy's Quest Ch. 23

 — Nancy makes an upsetting discovery about her husband. by D.C. Roi08/17/034.59HOT

Nancy's Quest Ch. 24

 — A distraught Nancy turns to Ben Morris for comfort. by D.C. Roi08/18/034.39

Nancy's Quest Ch. 25

 — Nancy begins to make some discoveries about herself. by D.C. Roi08/19/034.33

Nancy's Quest Ch. 26

 — Nancy and her husband talk about their situation. by D.C. Roi08/20/034.44

Nancy's Quest Ch. 27

 — Ben Morris makes up with his girlfriend. by D.C. Roi08/21/034.25

Nancy's Sexual Odyssey Pt. 01-07

 — Navie 18 year old leaves home to learn about sex. by Bakeboss10/22/093.90

Nang Ch. 01

 — Semi-retirement, then admitting my love for Nang. by Paniolo Boy06/21/124.63HOT

Nang Ch. 02

 — A new bride mistaken for a celebrity. by Paniolo Boy02/07/144.56HOT

Natalia's Naughty Daddy Ch. 03

 — Steven meets the reclusive Silvia Anders. by BrettJ08/10/064.59HOT

Natalia's Naughty Daddy Ch. 04

 — Natalia sexes up the ladies whle Steven romps with Silvia. by BrettJ04/11/084.58HOT

Naughty Brother

 — Brad finds passion in his sisters' arms. by genderbender03/25/014.75HOT

Needlepoint 1.0

 — Story of a young body piercer and his affairs. by Slow_Roosevelt11/03/114.64HOT

Needlepoint 1.1

 — Story of a young body piercer and his affairs. by Slow_Roosevelt11/19/114.48

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

 — Lonely woman and lazy neighbor work things out together. by drivigwithnobreaks11/02/124.10

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Young man wants something better. by drivigwithnobreaks11/09/123.71

Nereids Ch. 01

 — A Summer Camp Story - How it all began. by Nick_Scipio10/23/064.64HOT

Nereids Ch. 02

 — A 'Summer Camp' story; read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio10/27/064.64HOT

Nereids Ch. 03

 — A Summer Camp Story: how it all began. by Nick_Scipio11/02/064.73HOT

Nereids Ch. 04

 — A Summer Camp story: read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio11/08/064.72HOT

Nereids Ch. 05

 — A Summer Camp Story - how it all began. by Nick_Scipio11/15/064.71HOT

Nereids Ch. 06

 — A Summer Camp Story - how it all began. by Nick_Scipio11/24/064.78HOT

Nereids Ch. 07

 — A Summer Camp Story - Read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio11/30/064.80HOT

Nereids Ch. 08

 — A Summer Camp Story - Read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio12/08/064.74HOT

Nereids Ch. 09

 — A Summer Camp Story - Read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio12/15/064.66HOT

Nereids Ch. 10

 — A Summer Camp Story - Read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio12/23/064.81HOT

Nereids Ch. 11

 — A Summer Camp Story - Read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio12/28/064.74HOT

Nereids Ch. 12

 — A Summer Camp Story: read how it all began. by Nick_Scipio01/02/074.72HOT

Never Have I Ever Ch. 05

 — Piper gets a taste of life as Noah's sub. by AugustClearwing06/13/124.83HOT

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 01

 — Internet friends meet for the first time. by Tomcatfive08/19/104.34

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 02

 — Enjoying each other. by Tomcatfive08/26/104.36

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 03

 — You and your lover please each other. by Tomcatfive08/30/104.65HOT

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 04

 — The Big Bad Wolf. by Tomcatfive09/20/104.56HOT

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 05

 — Passions re-kindled. by Tomcatfive09/25/104.55HOT

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 06

 — Nice day in the country, hard night in bed. by Tomcatfive10/03/104.60HOT

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 07

 — After a rest, the flames burn again. by Tomcatfive10/06/104.57

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 08

 — First swim in the pool - after a few beers, things get hot! by Tomcatfive10/09/104.50

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 09

 — NIghtime swim in the pool; we find ourselves becoming closer. by Tomcatfive10/12/104.86

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 10

 — Final Chapter - Decicions made; sealed with a kiss and more. by Tomcatfive10/15/104.60HOT

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