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Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 02

 — Saurian seduces an earth engineer. by Patroc05/28/044.44

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 03

 — Why she seduced him, & the next step. by Patroc05/29/044.47

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 04

 — Saurians are overwhelmed by his prowess. by Patroc05/30/044.45

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 05

 — Saurian Female takes command of our engineer. by Patroc05/31/044.29

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 06

 — Breeding beaches engineer is made into Beach Male. by Patroc06/01/044.50HOT

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 07

 — What happened last and tongue strangling his tool. by Patroc06/02/043.80

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 08

 — Have they used the engineer too much? by Patroc06/03/044.71

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 09

 — Saurian plan concludes. by Patroc06/03/044.67

Or Saurian Sex Slaves Pt. 10

 — Technical explanations of Saurian Biology, etc. by Patroc06/05/044.43

Oral Exam Ch. 19

 — The Finale: end-of-the-semester sorority bash. by gradprof07/23/074.88HOT

Orphan Ch. 01

 — Escaping. by JosephBarnosky10/23/124.39

Orphan Ch. 02

 — Rescue. by JosephBarnosky10/24/124.75HOT

Orphan Ch. 03

 — Peace interrupted. by JosephBarnosky10/25/124.70HOT

Orphans of the Storm

 — Tough times in post-Katrina New Orleans. by SEXY G.09/13/064.33

Other Colors Ch. 01-10

 — A D/s romance set in Montreal. by Voltemand01/28/144.86HOT

Other Colors Ch. 11-12

 — A D/s romance set in Montreal. by Voltemand03/04/144.86HOT

Other Colors Ch. 13-14

 — A D/s romance set in Montreal. by Voltemand08/01/144.71HOT

Other Colors Ch. 15-16

 — A D/s romance set in Montreal. by Voltemand12/27/145.00HOT

Our Good Neighbor Policy Ch. 01-10

 — Couples become very close. by kenkx11/13/054.52HOT

Our Good Neighbor Policy Ch. 06

 — Missing chapter 6 from story of Barb and Emily. by kenkx11/18/054.32

Our Good Neighbor Policy Ch. 11-20

 — Other couples join the fun. by kenkx11/18/054.36

Our Good Neighbor Policy Ch. 21-31

 — More neighbors and an amazing reunion trip. by kenkx11/19/054.36

Our New In-Laws

 — A novel about meeting the in-laws. by Novelista03/17/074.47

Our New World Ch. 01

 — Only 4 girls live, and they are doing what they want. by tlmx1803/17/132.94

Our New World Ch. 02

 — It's their first night out, and anything can happen. by tlmx1803/28/133.31

Out of Peoria

 — California, here she comes. by RonRyder05/04/034.53HOT

Out of Peoria Ch. 02

 — Plunging in! by RonRyder05/05/034.68HOT

Out of Peoria Ch. 03

 — Finding a man. by RonRyder05/06/034.63HOT

Out of Peoria Ch. 05

 — An equally kinky night. by RonRyder05/08/034.58HOT

Outlet Ch. 01

 — Patricia has a stressful life, and she needs an outlet. by water_lillies12602/18/154.07

Outworld Asylum

 — Solarstorm 2191- Chapter 7. by martincain07/26/034.73HOT

Over Here

 — World War II story of Landgirls, Yanks, and more. by Natures Gift04/09/054.79HOT

Over his Head

 — He only wished to please her. Told in five parts. by Bakeboss09/15/103.55


 — Pagan and Richard meet after many years. by Moondrift12/23/074.68HOT

Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 01 Ch. 01

 — The title says it all. by julybear705/12/134.56HOT

Pain Ch. 02

 — The pain continues. by slow_n_gentle03/04/094.58HOT

Pain Ch. 03

 — The pain ends for some. by slow_n_gentle03/05/094.54HOT

Pain Ch. 04

 — Pain goes on for others. by slow_n_gentle03/06/094.68HOT

Pain Ch. 05

 — The Pain Ends. by slow_n_gentle03/07/094.56HOT

Painting Sarah

 — Sarah celebrates what she paints by instilling how she feels. by WmForrester03/28/09HOT

Palm Beach Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Layla returns to PB & meets up with her best friend Charlie. by SeductiveXDesires10/17/084.00

Palm Beach Ch. 01

 — Charlie Sees Layla for the first time after a long time. by SeductiveXDesires10/24/084.00

Palm Beach Ch. 02

 — Charlie is seeing Layla in a new light. by SeductiveXDesires06/19/093.67

Palmer Ch. 01

 — Politics. by hal_tee04/11/094.54HOT

Palmer Ch. 02

 — Surveillance. by hal_tee04/12/094.80HOT

Palmer Ch. 03

 — The Shoot. by hal_tee04/13/094.80HOT

Palmer Ch. 04

 — Roxanne. by hal_tee04/14/094.79HOT

Palmer Ch. 05

 — The Kill. by hal_tee04/15/094.85HOT

Palmer Ch. 06

 — Kelli. by hal_tee04/16/094.72HOT

Palmer Ch. 07

 — The Search. by hal_tee04/17/094.83HOT

Palmer Ch. 08

 — Realisation. by hal_tee04/18/094.78HOT

Palmer Ch. 09

 — The Catwalk. by hal_tee04/19/094.83HOT

Palmer Ch. 10

 — The Party. by hal_tee04/20/094.79HOT

Palmer Ch. 11

 — New Beginnings. by hal_tee04/21/094.83HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 01

 — Dubai Fashion Show by hal_tee06/08/144.68HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 02

 — Things develop in an unexpected direction. by hal_tee06/09/144.91HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 03

 — Jenn has her photoshoot by hal_tee06/10/144.76HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 04

 — Nikolay takes care of a problem. by hal_tee06/11/144.73HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 05

 — The Aftermath throws up different options by hal_tee06/12/144.57HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 06

 — Volkov throws a party. by hal_tee06/13/144.77HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 07

 — Formulating Plans by hal_tee06/14/144.68HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 08

 — Plusses and Minusses by hal_tee06/15/144.55HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 09

 — Matters take an unexpected turn by hal_tee06/16/144.59HOT

Palmer: Fashion Week Ch. 10

 — Blood on the Tracks by hal_tee06/17/144.80HOT

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Arell finds his Heart's desire. by turtledove04/23/053.97

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — Arell meets Ker tu. by turtledove04/24/054.22

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 03

 — Arell's induction as Were-Panther. by turtledove04/25/054.43

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 04

 — Re-united. by turtledove04/26/054.43

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 01

 — The Giantess and the Dwarf have to decide. by jeanne_d_artois01/08/044.42

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 02

 — They decide to rehearse the Pantomime. by jeanne_d_artois02/19/044.07

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 03

 — They start the read through. by jeanne_d_artois04/13/044.33

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 04

 — The read-through continues with revelations. by jeanne_d_artois04/14/044.33

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 05

 — Andrea regrets action; Alan kisses pussies. by jeanne_d_artois04/15/044.10

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 06

 — The final chapter. by jeanne_d_artois05/31/134.25


 — Mother & daughter have a similar day. by Laurie09/15/044.74HOT

Parkers Progress Ch. 01

 — Slut loves being used. Or does She? by tiggerlilly11/08/104.06

Parkers Progress Ch. 02

 — Slut bites off more than she can chew. by tiggerlilly11/10/103.50

Parkers Progress Ch. 03

 — She finally says no, but is taken anyway. by tiggerlilly11/14/103.80

Parkers Progress Ch. 04

 — Quite a lot of TLC. by tiggerlilly11/18/104.00

Parkers Progress Ch. 05

 — Rough sex: rough justice. by tiggerlilly12/04/104.50

Pasha on the Playa Pt. 02

 — Mountain living and loving. by SierraSprite11/18/144.77HOT

Passing Glances

 — Erotic circumstances take place after a shocking tragedy. by RedHairedandFriendly09/14/064.76HOTEditor's Pick

Passionate Revenge

 — She meets her enemy. by Darkhaired_Princess12/23/074.23

Passions and Battles - 321 BC

 — A story of an ancient Indian warrior prince & princess. by mattbalcknaki02/09/124.41

Pastor Sarah Ch. 01

 — Nympho pastor is assigned to country church. by mix and match01/18/034.31

Pastor Sarah Ch. 02

 — New Pastor find sex rampant in town by mix and match01/22/034.36

Pastor Sarah Ch. 03

 — Pastor uses sex to get what she wants. by mix and match01/27/034.45

Pastor Sarah Ch. 04

 — Pastor uses hidden camera to control her mission. by mix and match01/28/034.43

Pastor Sarah Ch. 05

 — Sarah and Walter on his Yacht by mix and match01/28/034.55HOT

Pastor Sarah Ch. 06

 — A sexy new van for the church by mix and match02/02/034.48

Pastor Sarah Ch. 07

 — The spider tightens her web. by mix and match02/05/034.45

Pastor Sarah Ch. 08

 — Seduced by the foreman. by mix and match02/07/034.46

Pastor Sarah Ch. 09

 — Candice uses her old profession to close deals. by mix and match02/12/034.49

Pastor Sarah Ch. 10

 — A night of sex on the yacht. by mix and match02/16/034.42

Pastor Sarah Ch. 11

 — Sexual activity continues to build church membership. by mix and match02/26/034.49

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