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Well written

Not especially my cuppa but truly did enjoy it.

Glad people seem to be enjoying this

Thank you very much for your support. I wish I could get these posted faster, but there's seems to be a one-chapter-per-day speed bump in the approval process. I'm sure the Lit mods are very busy, so all of us will just have to be patient.

Just to reassure people, the story is finished! I have submitted every chapter to Lit for approval and posting. This will not be one of those stories that you get into and the author never posts the final pages!

I have also gone ahead and started the process for getting it made into an eBook through Amazon, so it will be available on kindle/kindle reader soon. As soon as I figure out what Literotica's policy is on posting links to ebooks, I'll make it available, either as a header in the first chapter, or on my author profile page (probably both!)

Anyway, please keep the comments coming, even the simple ones, I read and love all of them.

A two week abstinence

Finis, thank you so much for sharing what appears to me to be a great story. Unfortunately, I will be in a no computer/IPAD zone for two weeks and I can't wait to rejoin your excellent characters then. Please keep posting!


really nice to see you back on this story. I thought there is a tad too much technical discussions and lesser plot/sex/character development going on.

Better proofreading needed

So far, I've refrained from joining the several other commenters who have lamented the numerous word errors in this story, but this installment contains a factual error too egregious to let pass. The phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" does NOT appear in the Constitution, but rather in the Declaration of Independence. I realize that this is a common misconception, so I probably could have overlooked it, except that the author, on his biography page, claims to hold a master's degree in history! I won't accept the argument that the author knew better, but was speaking in the voice of the character, because the character (Even) is the sort of person who is absolutely precise in everything he says and does. I can't believe he would ever make such an error.

Please understand, my intent is not to criticize the story. Quite the opposite, actually. It is holding my interest, and unlike some other commenters, I enjoy the banter between the characters, although I agree that the dialogue is occasionally a bit stilted. I just think it deserves better proofreading and editing.

I don't like to make continuous comments on a multi-chapter story, but will say that I am loving this so far.

Truly enlightening!

Of course I have been reading this story series all along but this chapter explained so much to me. Your emotional and intellectual descriptions have opened doors of understanding for me. We have PLAYED with S&M but never really understood the appeal. Your clarity of thought has helped me to see the beauty of this,thank god, without the normal cliches. Your writing is very thought provoking so I am waiting with baited breathe for further installments. Love how you are spinning this story. Please keep it up.

Your health is most important.

Your stories are addicting and I'm shocked to see you writing another chapter so soon. This connective universe that you have created has a wonderful myriad of characters and potential scenarios. They give me insight and inspiration for my own writing. Diabolical is your mind, great is your storytelling skill and hooked is this fan !

Please keep writing!

This is my favorite story on this site!

Just a question

I hope you have considered that light-years means that we are looking at the past when looking at the galaxy. If they travel faster than the speed of light, they will come out at a different place then they aimed. Stars and clusters move. I am really enjoying your story. Get better and take care.

Fully understood....

If she does it may be considered "justifiable homicid"...... LOL
This has bee a fantastic story so far...

Interesting turn

I have been looking for some thought provoking prose on this site for some time. I believe I have found it. I like how you explore the dark side of the mind while also giving your characters mind blowing experiences. I love where you have taken this. Keep it coming!


Getting really good. Like the other guy said lit needs to hurry it up


Getting good with passing chapters. Hope to read it all in once without waiting for lit to update chapters.

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