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awesome read!!!!

It wasn't my usual kinda read , turns out to be one of the best stories I have read so far. I read one chapter after another did not put it down till I was finished. Good job!!

loved it

Amazing! Great plot ,engaging style and interesting material.

wonderful story but...

You really need an editor. Really. Also either write in the third person or first person or do if in multi first person perspective like GRRM but make it clear. The multiple misuse of pronouns absolutely kills the flow.

Never fear....

...Sue the company whore will soon have her bed filled with hard cocks, one and two, possibly more at a time!

I'm sure it's much like losing your virginity and you can't go back to holding hands. In this case however, Sue will need her cock by the two's and three's.

I put off cocktail hour to finish the last chapter

That should let you know how much I enjoyed it. But I don't feel that Tim was totally unredeemable. I have been in a couple of situations when I got caught up in events where I acted in a manner that I truly regret to this day.

Good God

Poor poor little ol' me, I didn't know I was being targeting by a man so he could fuck me. I was just an innocent little girl and didn't know that a man other than my husband would want to stick his cock in me. Boohooohoooo. Stupid cunt.

"Ashamed at myself I knew that I was lucky that we had been in that accident when we were or by now I would have been the company whore."

No Sue, you WERE the company whore. A real true, pay the client off with you cunt whore.

First, kill Bill, volume 1

Second, Sue became the company whore. She fucked her boss AND a client. Therefore, she became the company whore. She admitted they got the contract. The company was well paid by her cunt.

Men don't want to marry a woman and then find out they have a whore on their hands. Her husband should NOT take her back, for any reason.

take her back

But never touch her. Whore her out. Let guys come over and fuck her, then charge them $50 or something. Just never ever touch her again.

thank you!!!

Thank you and ...BRAVO!! BRAVO!! BRAVO!!


Not sure what to rate this?

I thought I would like this story anticipating it was building...but these short story snippets are losing my interest. Give the chapters some more substance and include a prelude to the next one.

love it

Though i hav read alot of erotic novels none hav been as sweet and romantic as this

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

For being an anonymous nonentity I have surely made some inroads here and with another author as well. That was not my intention but, whatever happens does so for a reason, I guess, or so they say...

I have loved every chapter of this story so far and I am sure to stay with it for as long as it lasts (should the quality maintain, of course). I personally like the banter between characters and appreciate the put-downs--intelligent creatures need to learn and appreciate a semblance of humility. Plus, trying to respond accordingly can keep the mind active and also helps with fitting in with those around you. Not only that but some of the comments are downright hilarious and I find myself laughing out loud at very inopportune times.

I'm glad you have decided not to remove any more comments in the future. For posterity's sake I feel they need to be there. Newcomers need a sense of what has gone before, if nothing else than to give them an idea of what they may or may not want to add that might just cause something new to appear out of nowhere. Perhaps I am being overly-optimistic...

Yes, there are still some blatant punctuation and spelling errors and a proof-reader would be a great idea. But don't let that deter you from still putting out the best read that you can. Nothing is perfect, no matter how high you strive.



Soldiers don't get to decide who to fight that's not there job. I know a lot of soldiers none of the ones I know like killing. If they never had to fire a weapon in anger it would be fine with them. Yes there are plenty of people here in America who need taken care of but I can guarantee you don't want the military to do it. The military is a tool in the tool belt of the President. Country's without strong military's don't have as much leverage at the international level. One of the biggest problems recently is that soldiers are being used as cops. Soldiers make lousy cops they aren't trained as cops so when they are used as cops FUBAR happens. If the war is unjust blame it on the people who sent them blame it on the bosses not on the workers.

glad you're back

i'm glad that you decided to continue this story and that we get to see simone and samuel's side can't wait to read more specially nightwalker's woman and aegir's captive those are my two favorite

Thank you

After the first part of the story, where she ended up submitting so readily to the kidnapper's rape, I had serious doubts about this story. Thank you for laying those doubts to rest. You can definitely tell it was a woman who wrote this, because most male writers on the site would have had her "suddenly realize that all she wanted was to belong to this masterful man" after she orgasmed...or somesuch similar garbage. It's always nice to read a story where a strong person stays strong and an educated woman isn't protrayed as a doormat or a manipulative bitch.

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