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Engrossing tale!!!

I hope you continue this story one day and I get to read through a conclusion. It's interesting and well written.


The vindictive banter of Delicious is now tiresome. I didn't even make it to the third page of this story. She has supposedly been with Even for three months now and she still hasn't learned? IQ 207? More like 27.... So done with the story. You do have a good plot line but I'm not going to be reading any more of your work.


You often write "and I" when it should be "and me". For example "It took Ann and I a few days...". Would you say "It took I a few days..."? I hope not.


This final chapter ties up the loose ends other commentators had criticized. And to repeat, as I said before this storyarc is a fine addition to all the Summer Camp universe by Scorpio and cooperating authors.

Now I need to google J. Strickland and Nick Sorpio and see what has been published the last couple of years since I last looked.


....if I understand the previous comments correctly? That this story series should have been categorized as "ScienceFiction or Fantasy"?

Well, OK.

I gave this talentless prattle 1* and moved on.

nice surprize...

...when I found this story series. This is an interesting addition to the Scipio works. There is always a integral quality to the writings of the several authors using Nick Scipio's storylines.


forward to so much more of this awesome tale...just...WOW!

Continues to be great!

Impressed at your ability to maintain the unique personality of each character as the story goes on. Glad you made the 'lost in the woods' sequence brief, spun out of it well. The introduction of the Lisa character was a good surprise. And the underlying storyline of the bear suits provides a nice balance. Nice to see the level of sexual interaction taking place increase, and not every male hung like a horse or every girl with EE size tits. Maybe next chapter will include a scene where Lisa's parents get a glimpse of all this action and have their own session in their room, etc? Just sharing an idea. Can't wait til the next chapter!

trollers please stop

I find this author's stories very enjoyable. Just because it is not your cup of tea, doesn't mean you should be mean. Constructive criticism on the writing style or grammar, ok. Storyline takes a deviation from what you expected, and perhaps even disliked, please share what you wanted. Keep searching for a story that excites you. But it is such a shame that so many of you want to put down an author or story just because it didn't fit into your brand of kink this evening.

Doing so discourages all authors from sharing. Even those that you are seeking.

Harold Robbins "the Storyteller" is very similar

Other than a couple of name exchanges and some poor grammar (nothing disasterous) I loved it and it only took just under thrty hours to read (I ate a couple of meals and slept {a little}). This was a page turner and I just hope book 2 is the same. I was hoping Steve and Gwen would at least get engaged before she went to California and he went to Annapolis. Great read.

funny coincidence

Your hitting my heart strings with this chapter. The ending between Zach and Lisa kinda had me teary eyed. And the relationship lines are like "Mid summers night dream" proportion. It's irritating and annoying in the best way. Like I'd say I'm masochistic in the respect. Great story. :)


It is surely a good thing you warned the readers about typos and errors 'cause I'd be hitting down on you like gangbusters. Story/plot are pretty good thus far. Cheers!

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