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I thought that this story is AMAZING. Thanks for sharing it with us, the readers, thank you. Take care of yourself. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS. GOOD LUCK with the publishing houses.


You are ratcheting it up nicely. Love the humor!

We want more - please

This story is going so well you can't leave it hanging time this!


smokin hot story and no one was a slutty whore or anything like that great reading keep up the good work hope theres more cumming to this story

Good Pace

I prefer longer chapters but that's a quibble. Nice opening tempo.


Coastal is an excellent writer, but not a particularly good story teller. Very predictable and not very exciting. A sweet tale earns 4 stars at most.

Starting to lose cohesiveness

I wish I had gotten this comment in in time. Husband is giving way too much control of the situation back to his wife. That might be the reason for what she did. I still don't believe that she didn't know that blow jobs were sex. I think she was miffed at hubby and since he gives in to her on everything that she just did it and figured he would be hurt a little and then forgive her, which is what he seems to be doing. Make him do penance for not doing what she wanted, sex wise. Also, he took Kelly in and paid for everything, but now she is taking Wendy's side and pressuring him. He had every right to be upset at her going to a hotel, stripping to her underwear and then tricking the guys into paying her. She obviously touched Tom right back in the same old place. If touching his cock and balls was wrong when she blew him, it was wrong when she tried to extract her revenge. And yeah, the MIL went from perpetually pissed at him to getting naked with him? Hard to believe, even though this is a fantasy story. I guess it reads so much like a first line novel that when TTT tries to put in the sex we are all waiting for, it seems far fetched.

Very good story, very well written, editing is much harder than it looks, so no complaints on that.


I have loved this story since chapter 1. Please tell me you will continue!


Hey mjroberts,
since you ask for different kinds of comments: I didn't like this one. Too much strangeness. I felt I was more trying to understand what they were and what was happening and what was implicated then I could sink into the characters and story. No flow for me there.

But no tears, others of you I love!


Just fabulous. Erotica at its best.


I just don't understand.....BUT in ALL of your stories the women are ALWAYS hitting, kicking & screaming at the men. REALLY????

The men ALL seem to have a fetish for spanking their women.

I like your stories but all the hitting & screaming gets more than a little tiresome & tedious after a while.

I guess it's just me.

Worst piece of crap I have read on Literotica

I have read approximately 3500 stories (counting multiple chapters stories as a single story). This is the worst, most disgusting piece of junk I have read! Please stop writing.

This a great...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter. It's so well written. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Sorry, but you kept emphasizing Dylan being trained in MMA and parkour, yet he and his mom was struggling, she was working, he was school/working, exactly when is he supposed to have been 'TRAINED'. You really need to watch continuity, what I just said is the reason, never before was it mentioned about any of that til this chapter, and it seems in this chapter it was just to big note himself to make himself seem tougher than his arrogant self is.

You also need to watch the dialogue, it was VERY stilted, no 16/17 year old talks like that.

Its never mentioned but did Dylan train himself in MMA and parkour? He and his mom were always short on money so how was he able to get training if he didn't do it himself? And if he self trained who is to say he performed his techniques correctly. I'm just trying to better understand Dylan's character. He said more than once he is trained in these areas and could beat others with his expertise. Just curious because it makes him sound arrogant even though I know he isn't that type of person.

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