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Improbable, but delightful!!

This story is so improbable. Only HDK's Lady In Red is more unlikely. But I am enjoying both even if they are fairy tales. Please carry on.

Thank you.

I don't usually write sequels, but I had such fun writing this one that I feel there is mileage in more with these characters. Once I finish launching the dozen more I have already itching to be released down the slipway, I may well return to these blueprints and lay a fresh keel. Watch this space!

5 stars

I really like this story for the emotional content of this story between the mother and daughter. you are very good about revealing the history of this world you have created. I tried to send you a friend request at fetlife, but I do not know if I did it right. I go by the name of hornyoldbob. I did not notice any editing or other problems with this story which means I enjoyed it to much to get distracted by looking for problems. Thank you

I love fairytales

No way this can be a real life tale but very enjoyable

5 Stars...

Very easily worth 5 stars. This is a gem of a story. Thankyou for sharing it with us.


Weinstein = Rothschild. Good story with a lot of characters and you kept them organized. Plus a little history.

high time!

we expected the next chapter, like yesterday? post it up already, maan!

I agree

Such a well crafted story deserves more chapters--------PLEASE-----------
James UK


From many different angles. One of the best I have ever read on lit. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the editing, I am sure I skipped your first offering due to grammar and spelling. Parts 1 and 5 are very readable. I did manage the other parts after getting hooked by the new part1

Not that it really mattered anyway..

Not that it really mattered anyway..

this needs more to it.this is just toooo good to be left like it is.what happens to the the first 2 kids and cheryl do they have kids and how many?

Excellent story!!!!!

I have just finished Pt. 1 thru 5...could not put it down...anxiously awaiting 6

when will we see parts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, a very good read keep on writing


thought I'd never find anything to match the Boys in Blue. I'm loving this series..

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