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I'm hooked

Great writing can't wait for the next installment. 5*

How old is she? It said 41? I'm guessing 21.

please continue

I've eagerly waited for this series for 7 years. Please move the mom out of the story line and focus on the both of them. how he masters the teacher and fully matures into becoming her master; a loving one too


Ok im hooked! Im going to have to read more of this. No reason he cant go on to Evansville( which is just some 40 minute drive from my house) then come back for her and the boys and take them home with him.

masius summed it up perfectly.

thanks, masius.
ever more thanks, voltemand.

fcking stalkers.

lol even when you put your stories in another category you get stalked by the dumbass neanderthal's from LW genre raising their ugly heads & talking the same old nonsense .

great story , well written , very twisted & unusual plot , interesting protagonists.

i had no clue as to where the story was going or how it would conclude kudos to the Author for that & also the deft handling of a riot of emotions.



have added the Author to my browser favs.
am looking forward to seeing what other unusual rabbits he can pull out of his writers trick bag.

Hopefully he finds what he is looking for

You're a cheerful chap redlion......

and then he comes back to find her and the baby dead so he takes the boys with him

Too much fluff

If it's not pertinent to the story, don't include it. I find it helpful to keep the fluff in my drafts and edit it out later so I don't lose my flow.

Llano estacado

Good enough tale. The Llano Estacado is located north of the area you wrote about. You wrote about the area generally referred to as the Edwards Plateau. Check out the wikipedia article:


Terrific story with VERY hot sex! Well done and can't wait for more! Reading it got me VERY worked up!

Good story but wife got off easy.

Enjoyed the story. Very well written. Particularly liked the twist in the end regarding the purchase of matoko's contract. However, I think Ruth got off to easy, she now has the opportunity to "trade up" as a trophy wife to Archie, who I might add also deserves some vengeance. Just my opinion, great story.


Well written, but totally unrealistic.

No normal guy would have stayed with her or allowed her to do what she did.

confused and bemused

at dinner he tells her he knows she had been drugged and even the cocktail that was in her system.
the hospital knew she had a drug cocktail in her system, including GHB and an opiate, but didn't tell her or the police!!!, Some how (only) her husband found out?
Supposedly she was only drugged the first four times, and yet three months later (GHB doesn't stay in the system) she is still being drugged?
and no one says or does anything.
so much for participating willingly and "being so pliable"

Great Characters

You do an amazing job of creating fun interesting characters. I would love to see more of this group.

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