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I would think that with all the "great" minds working here , is it so far out of the box that a cure might be found.
And by putting him in stasis for an extended period would allow more time for a discovery.

Put your story is good, and I will trust your judgement.

Thanks for this chapter.


luvin it

but you can't screw it a sauna it will kill you, I tried and had to stop, little thing but still stupid. T

The end...

... of this chapter I hope. While it is a stopping point, it surely isn't the end of the story.

But you could always hand it off to one of those anonymous commenters that thinks you're doing such a lousy job... LOL

Oh, another great one!

Almost a year since the last chapter, very excited to see a new one and can't wait for more!

I keep wanting to see more of the squid, that was an entertaining bit, maybe worthy of it's own few stories...


You almost had me incredibly interested, except for 2 bits early on:

1] I highly doubt any chance the Niners would make the Bowl, let alone any season it'd already been announced to be played in San Fran. (They'd probably change that, the same way they do for weather & things.)

2] Sports connections run in my family, & I've never heard of anything happening (romantic, athletic, or erotic) "in the football field".

Another Nice Chapter

I understand now what happened to the Congressman...and here I thought the Vice President did it (I should have known better--you got me). But what happened with the Vice President was even better--you have a wicked mind and I like that.

So Even has pancreatic cancer. I expected as much ever since he received the message from his dead sister. Since he is narrating his parts of the story it'll be a damned shame if they can't find a way for him to go on the flight. He has been the centerpoint of all the action and will be sorely missed--alas, sometimes life can be hell.

I appreciate the mention in your introduction. I have been with you since the first chapter and have stuck by you every chapter since. You rarely disappoint and, when you do, it isn't anything major that might louse up the rest of the story. I still chuckle at some of the typos and flubs in grammar but nobody is perfect and I don't expect you to be. But as long as you can maintain my interest I will be along for the ride--you can't ask for any more than that.

Things are proceeding apace. Keep up the good work.



They can't leave him behind! Maybe they can put him in stasis until it's time to leave and then he would at least have the chance to go with them! He should stay with his family for as long as he can.


This work has names of a lot of my friends in it. A good friend Heather.
A lover Victoria
A "good friend" Brandon
A complicated ashley
A Gavin (Roosterteeth)
Kurt, cousin
Zach is actually a sibling of aforementioned person
Taylor a past lover
Hannah a lover to another aforementioned person.
Events like these have happened within our group, with different ties formed.
... Stop stalking me :3

Keep going

I have to agree that this story must continue. I wait for your updates and spend the time in between re-reading this story. Don't listen to those who think that it has to end.


It's been a while since I've read this amazing story. It's better now than a few years ago. Enjoyed enjoyed.


On one hand, it's true that in the last two chapters (2 and 3) the story doesn't seem to progress much, instead getting sidelined with the games and mom's stories.

On the other hand, there are hints of sexual tension between the sisters .. and while the story wouldn't have made it into this category if it did go there (yeah, LE categories are major spoilers..).. at this point, that "maybe" is very tantalizing. I keep thinking - Ellie has a girlfriend, but she's far away and doesn't always pick up. Kevin seems real enough, but no one but Abby ever met him. Meeting Traci was short and painful. So what else is left, but... no, probably not that.. going there would be too much.. but .. maybe.

It's so intriguing, I almost wish the story didn't go there (and, looking at publication dates, I'm not sure if we'll ever know).

You always leave us wanting more!

Even though I don't enjoy the BDSM aspect of your story, the rest more than makes up for it. I have been a sci-fi nut forever starting with the Freddy the Pig stories in grade school up to the true masters of the art. You, my friend, are a definite contender.


At times the story line has become long, but it is about life and life speeds up and slows down. I agree that there are possibilities about spin off stories..

Keep on, you are great.

Fantastic as always. Keep up the good work.

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