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Get well soon.

Bob, I could say that I know what you are going through, but even though I had Colon Cancer I do not know what you are going through. I was lucky by having a great Surgeon that got all of my cancer the first time, which meant no Chemo or radiation. Hang in there and do as your Doctors & Nurses tell you to do. I have really enjoyed all of your stories and looking forward for when you are able to submit your next chapter.

Love it!

LOVE hearing the continuing tales of these good friends! We play with some of our best high school friends to this day here. This series always brings back such good memories! This lady really knows how to write a HOT sex scene!

Ariesgirl it may seem like that but this is different she had actually fallen in love on her human side but her wolf side has established a mate in lucien and this is tecnically not cheating because werewolves actually have almost 2 people in them their wolf and their human

I would buy the book!

This story was spellbinding. One of the best I have read!

U rock OPELS!

I have read this story 21 times and still counting.
Please write more stories...they are so romantic and pull at your heart!!!

take care of yourself

good to know you are not retiring and leaving us hanging. understand being stressed as lost the love of my life after 60 years. consider arobics and a weight routine for and hour and half three times a week. does wonders for the mind and body and mine are old. ha. the lose and stress wlll always be there but use the excerise to help cannel it. I even have a dammit doll.

I really hate when the person that is cheating says they don't want to hurt the person they are in a relationship with but cheat anyway. Vera need to stop feeling sorry for her selfish self and make a decision.

his dad

Always did wonder what happened to his dad

A simple thank you to

all of you that have read this series and especially to those that send emails to me and commented on it. I do find it odd that at least one reader apparently took the time to read the entire series and leave negative comments and low votes on every chapter. I respect the fact that many people do not care for my story, but to read thirty some chapters and comment how bad it is after every chapter seems a bit pathological, at least to me. I leave up all comments and allow voting. I write this because I enjoy it, and to entertain those that also like this sort of story. Thanks to all of you that take the time to read it.

Great Story

Quite an ending. You almost had me lured to sleep there with Christmas. Really good characters, good plot. Just a solid 5. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Anthony, thanks!

Thank you Anthony, for for finally introducing us to Ms. Adanno, the sexy teacher. I've been waiting patiently for her, and now...WHAM!!! Thank you for your gentleness with this 'amazing woman'. I was not sure how you would handle the coupling of the teacher and her student, but bravo for the way you did. Since this tale seems to be already written, and finished by the time I wrote I this comment, I won't even bother telling you where I want to see their relationship go in the future, but suffice it was to say, you did a great job describing it for me!

Have been looking forward ... this chapter for 2+ months. I love the story and the writing. Looking forward to chapter 12.

Really good writing. Unnerving

I feel like I am strapped to a guillotine and waiting for the blade to fall.


so they are making porn now... come on!
I agree with some other comments, this is just too stupid!

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