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The Rest?

Where's the rest? I'd like to read more. Where can I read more?

Just a scientific FYI..

I know you took some liberties with some scientific information, and it doesn't detract at all from my complete enjoyment of this series. But, just know that there is no such thing as negative 77 degrees Kelvin. 0 K is absolute zero, the point at which all atomic motion stops, and therefore there can never be a negative anything on the Kelvin scale. That being said, I can't wait for Chapter 10.

another hot chapter

Really enjoying how erotic and yet realistic this story is. Very well written!++

This is for Long Winded "Anonymous Roger"

Hi, I wish you weren't Anonymous, Roger. Your comment was priceless. I can tell you are in my age group(70), because I grew up with the Cramden's and the Mertz's. Some young people call it arguing, others fighting; I call it communicating. It doesn't matter who, when, where, why, or how, as long as you get your point across, and you go to bed at night, no longer upset, and are happy with each other. I have a "Tag Line" I use very often in this story, and 1 (ONE) yes, only 1 of my readers has a problem with it. " I think I don't Like You, and variation of the same.' He wants me to stop using it because he thinks it is Trite. I have to disagree vehemently. Many established, well known authors use the same tactic including: Patterson, Ludlum and Cornwell. I do not like using four letter words to express indignation. The only four letter word I use regularly in my stories is 'LOVE.' You are correct it is Dale Arden, it was a typo. You mentioned Gray and "Ming the Merciless. You didn't mention 'FLASH' Gordon. Without him there would be no Ming. Please keep writing I loved your comment, Anonymous or Roger. Bob

Another Fine Job

Let me first say that the people who are complaining about the bickering between the characters in this story really have it wrong. Have you seen any of the sitcoms that have been produced on television for the last few years? Even the Cramdens and the Ricardos/Mertzes bickered. I find that banter between husband and wife to keep our minds fresh, especially as we continue to get older. There is nothing wrong with playful joshing as long as both sides agree not to get angry--and there is always time for intimate discussion later on if something does cross the line.

I like where this story is going. I'm just wondering how many people are going to be on that ship when it is finally ready to go. The cast of characters is already very large and almost unwieldy--but, again, I guess I'm just nitpicking because I am too lazy to read some of your other series so that I can learn more about each character's background.

Anyway, I grew up reading Robert A. Heinlein ("Stranger in a Strange Land" when I was in sixth grade and very impressionable and naïve). If you haven't read some of his later novels ("Time Enough for Love" and "The Number of the Beast" especially) I must say that where this series is going reminds me a lot of that. And his characters bickered, too. But they came together when they needed to and the universes were better for it.

Wasn't she Dale Arden in the Flash Gordon serials, but I could be wrong? Gray getting the Ming the Merciless jacket is priceless.

Sorry, I've rambled on long enough--you probably get tired of my comments at the end of every chapter. But I love these stories and want to continue reading them for as long as you continue to write them. Take care and have a great afternoon.


The second chapter is up! =) Hope you enjoy. I have submitted others, and they are awaiting approval.

Where's the rest of this wonderful story?

Amazing. I love the way Hades is so powerful...bossy...and sensitive all at the same time. Also, Persephone is such a fighter.A match made in heaven! Gosh, you can't leave us hanging. Please continue!!! :D

Anonymous Editor

It's not me, but find him/her. You are badly in need. See if you can figure out then/than on your own. This has been a fascinating story, repititous in spots, but fun. Don't kill the computer. Keep up the good work.

Relationship types

For those of you who complain about the back and forth among the couples and friends...if you look at the various types of working relationships there is one that used to be called conflicted. These folks thrive on the give and take of the kind that is in this story an for those couples it really and truly works.

High Time

I was checking this site 2 and 3 times a day, every day, looking for this new chapter. In case you didn't notice it, it did not follow your usual weekly (approximately) cycle.
This is cruel and unusual punishment . Please be more considerate of us older folk.
Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love this series.

good start

I am looking forward to see how your story develops and your characters.


The dialogue gets a bit too much sometimes....can we have a bit of normal conversations between the characters without the constant riposte between them.

A Note From Prolonged_Debut10

Hi, Many of you have asked, "What has happened to Chapter 1, I wanted to read, or re-read it, but it isn't there." You are correct. Literotica took it down. They said there was "Inappropriate Sexual activity by a Female under the age of 18" in Chapter 1. I contacted them and said, "There was 'No Sexual Activity in Chapter One, at All, " Please review your decision and place the story back on top of my list." They are in the process of reviewing it now, and it should be available for your reading pleasure within 5 to 7 days. Bob

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