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Yeah, right

Profile says gay female. Poem says "looking for a dick." And oh, look - you favorited your own poem, too. The whole package screams teenage boy. Back to MySpace with you.

Your muse should be euthanized.

Excellent, just excellent.

Romance, eroticism and gentle humour at their very best.
I'm not usually into poetry, but that was a pleasure to read. A well deserved 5.

Betjemen on prozac..

...and viagra. Witty, sexy, well observed Britishness gone by. Excellent work.


not for aging our life. TK U MLJ LV NV

naked they jumped in Lake : clear'n cool

he ogled her tits : she leered @ his tool !!!

for me' Mom'n Dad taught me t'behave
so I take me virginity to me grave ..............sigh .....

Killer lines , Androgyn !! 5-ed & fave-ed !!

Read the author's bio.

It's about a brother/sister relationship.

Blowjob sucks

This was terrible.

Pel , of course she's Indian :

she's even written a Hindi story Bada Bhai in the Incest section of Lit !!

wos reading ds once again..

Il just go out on a limb here and say ds is my best poem in this site ...thank Yu..d essence,the myth,the balance and the strength of it all...a pure bliss to read..very well done.

I agree with Ash, fine poem, but are you Indian, painedlove?
5ed whether you are or not!

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