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"you've known me always"

Who can that be but a son and his mother, about to bust the old outmoded "taboo" wide open. A boy's penis and his mother's vagina--the perfect match.


no two ways about it

This excellent poem has got to be about a son coming back to revisit the wonderful hole between his mother's legs, the same hole he came out of. His dad and sister are in surrounding rooms asleep. Mom's awake, her thighs spread wide, waiting for her darling baby boy. He's given his mother gifts in the past, now he's giving her the best gift of all--his hard young cock and all the warm creamy semen in his hot young balls. jack knows better than any other author--up his own mother's warm wet ever-loving cunt is where a boy's semen belongs.


Much thanks.

Without your reading it, it doesn't matter.

Thank you.

These are seldom recognized.

Appreciate it.

okay, I'll bite

I love your stories and poems, dear jack, because they're well-written accounts of hot motherfucking, the best kind of fucking there is. A boy's penis and his mother's vagina--made for each other.

an erotic poem about a son and his mother

Nothing could be better. I love how mom shows her boy her voluptuous body--the breasts that nourished him as a baby, and the wonderful magical hole between her legs that he came out of as a baby.

nice, I enjoyed this

Erotic and sensual

Concise words creating a complex story. Hot stuff x


A truly creative and insightful piece of writing. Deserves a much wider audience.


the turmoils deep within. TK U MLJ LV NV


why not a fantasy. TK U MLJ LV NV

with Poems like

Mistress 'n Accept today the BDSM poets are havin' a field day !!!


finds her muse. TK U MLJ LV NV

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