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are all the cats gray, if so, they hide among the mouses" TK U MLJ LV NV

sad and hot too

Very good. Lots of emotions

Love and passion beautifully combined

"I know what I want, what I need, what I have," - sounds like you've found the perfect union and you've told us about it in a wonderfully sensuous way. Gorgeous.

Dear Sir

thank you for sharing your poem. I'm most impressed. I'm delighted by it's quality and excellent entertainment value whilst finding myself thoroughly turned on by the content. The formal language used for such filthy suggestions is highly original and makes a fascinating read. Brilliant as ever x
Yours most faithfully,


Really wonderful erotica

Agree with Jwren completely

Excellent erotica, loved how she wants to show off, and the restraint imposed on her.

Simply brilliant!
Thanks for sharing


Another enticing, enchanting sample of erotica. Stockings concealed, the inner whore hidden - the two mix seamlessly. What is it with stockings? The sheer feel of the nylon, or the exposed flesh of the upper and inner thigh? Or both?


Warm, gentle and comforting phrasing from a talented writer. Feel the protection and snuggle down to hear more soothing words.


Great contrasts: dirty, wicked, filthy against sweet, delicious and juicy. Bad girl does good (or vice versa). The pleasure is ours, Saucy.

Arousing image

Boot fetish, pain, pleasure - it all fits (except for stray ? in penultimate line). Arousing image of naked woman wearing only leather boots. Well done.


What a delicious treatment of a fetish.

Wonderful poem. I read it 3 times and picked up some new gems each time. Eg,

"Whose sweetness

Is going to surround me..."

Even though the above are in two separates stanzas, the way the short lines were structured, I wanted to put an exclamation point after "Glory," and the resulting image seemed compatible with the assertive seductive dancer. It made me smile.

"Make Angels cry
To sin again."

The line of the month as far as I'm concerned.

Quibble: Although "Entrance" is a perfectly good word, I was predisposed to place emphasis on the first syllable as in entrance to a building, rather than an entranced lover. The dance stopped momentarily for me at that point. I wondered if there might have been a better word used.

Magnetron recommended others read your poem over in Poetry Feedback & Discussion. I hope they too.

Seductive as always

A gentle poem, peaceful and caring. 'as I adore you through the night' - oooh, shivers! Lovely x

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