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Tongue in cheek?

...and I ain't talking butt cheeks Ash. Who made HIM the boss?
Sexquisitely written though!

Hands on my ass

Behind me
takin' me
more please ....... sweetest sin
spank my ass red
pull my hair ......
......I surrender
......Ambrosia to a Spankophile's eyes 'n ears, Sweetcaress !!!5-ed ..

Loved it

Funny and poignant and close to the bone.


Not much more to say other than the images and language rolled sweetly off my tongue. 5

Liked this! It's got a sharp edge to it. Still trying to figure out the apostrophes/question mark, although they do slow you down so "Wrong" and "Chicken" feel like they're being shouted.

Smart poem.

I envisioned being the object of your affection and could tell that you really love your man and get turned on by consuming him like this... your controlling him is a reversal as he is a powerful man. in bed, you are the powerful one.


depending on the viewer. TK U MLJ LV NV

As one who pencil sketces as a hobby, nicely done.

Though, 'add and subtract' could probably be swapped with more relevant lingo.

lazy, luscious Sunday

I wish all Sundays were like those in your poem... so nicely evoked.

Even this old bear

Knows what a daisy chain is. Hey wait, maybe I shouldn't be proud of that. Loved it, Trix, and very brave of you.

Has it been done before?

Hasn't just about everything? I dunno, I guess the difference is how well was it done.
This one is done beautifully, thoughtfully, erotically.

I liked this a lot.

But I would ask you - how can you be sure which you are, what you are capable of, what do you want? Life is short. But please be careful and set real expectations for both of you.

I really liked this

being in a simular situation. Very well done.
"I'll relish my affair whilst keeping you happy
Life feels complete
When I have you both"


at rhyme pattern, you may be missing something IF the lead is to who/yahoo
a possible reestablishment of 4 in the last stanza.

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