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Girl Fur

 — A hairy young woman discovers her erotic job. by JonathanStone04/29/074.35

Girl Power

 — Forced foot worship and foot smelling. by byronbgeo04/05/143.75

Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

 — She discovers a strapon fetish with enthusiasm. by keithdavis101001/26/044.47

Girlfriend's Mum's Panties

 — His fetish develops in his girlfriend's mother's bed. by champ1on11/12/084.57HOT

Girlfriend's Special Surprise

 — His girlfriend takes him away for the weekend. by Stillherer02/28/133.96

Girlfriend's Surprise

 — She tricks boyfriend into an afternoon of cock. by Stillherer10/08/123.99

Girls Night Out

 — Her lust for cum drives her to extremes. by Many Feathers09/08/084.46

Girls Peeing in the Office

 — After-party piss-up (literally). by leaky_one04/26/074.02

Girls Ride On Boys

 — In a feminist world, all the men are recycled to motorbikes. by cowboy10912/01/104.15

Girls' Night Out

 — Three friends go out, and end up in a lesbian piss-orgy. by CHARLOTTEOZ09/16/024.64HOT

Girls' Sports

 — He's a big fan of women athletes. by Alex Finch11/05/003.18


 — A woman's obsession with thick cocks. by heminway02/15/063.86

Give the Girl a Helping Hand

 — A man brings a woman's dream to life with his own two hands. by Smokey12508/18/12

Giving Her All of Me

 — Husband tries to show wife how to enhance their love beyond. by wifeownseverything12/18/143.45

Giving Him What He Wants

 — She gives gay roommate a special surprise. by goth-girl11/27/024.48

Giving In Ch. 03

 — Denise's secret is out, and there's a price to pay. by linkznut09/21/034.59HOT

Giving of Self

 — Voluntary servitude. by Irish187602/19/123.88

Giving the Boss a Present

 — Shannon decides to give her boss a present with a secret. by Brookell01/07/093.98

Giving What She Needed

 — She cums for a good spanking. by thick909/04/054.00

Gloria's Panties Ch. 01

 — Stolen Panties. by murphybrown53701/01/154.44

Gloria's Panties Ch. 02

 — New Panties. by murphybrown53701/05/154.43

Gloria's Panties Ch. 03

 — White Panties. by murphybrown53701/14/154.60HOT

Gloria's Panties Ch. 04

 — Forced Panties. by murphybrown53702/16/154.50HOT


 — Breath play excitement while reading a story. by WFEATHER02/18/084.52HOT

Glorious Rendezvous

 — You follow Ian's instructions... by Tantaluschained05/26/094.27

Glory Girl

 — Madison loves the glory hole. by laserdick01/03/12

Glory Hole Confession

 — Confession of a man's journey to glory hole cocksucking. by twistedthoughts1978207/06/134.03

Glory Hole First Timer

 — Straight guy discovers glory holes. by yourtoy05/01/014.20

Glory Holes

 — 18-year-old girl makes first trip to adult book store. by piekna04/20/044.46

Gloryhole Gas Station

 — She sucks ten inches through a gas station gloryhole. by croat7912/05/104.02

Gnarly Toes

 — She had such nasty feet that they were beautiful. by mick60a01/28/093.60

Go Get Me One

 — She sends him to get what she wants. by Darkinside09/26/124.05

Go Green

 — A man humiliates a litterbug to save the planet. by smilingatthedarkness08/11/123.52

God and the Cum Dump

 — She discovers new appetites. by Serafina121011/08/144.71HOT

Goddess Cana in Training

 — Clive gets a date with Cana but falls for Faye. by suckurtoesies10/08/144.14

Goddess Helena's Wealthy slave

 — Goddess meets and turns wealthy older man into her slave. by cigarashslave07/05/123.84

Goddess Within

 — Madhuri will bring out your Sexual Goddess. by dr_mabeuse01/18/084.67HOT

Goddess, Sir and the Cuck Bitchtits

 — Cuckold gives up everything for the perfect couple. by slavebitchtits12/19/143.08

Going Down In The Streets

 — My fictional exploits with a femdom lover by Cwjbeast09/08/144.30

Going Down Under

 — Lit brings a couple closer than thought possible. by drab_man11/01/064.64HOT

Going Down Under Ch. 02

 — Couple become even closer in Aus. by drab_man11/21/064.29

Going Home

 — He goes home and live out a fantasy. by hairy413503/14/064.03

Going in the Garden

 — Houseparty and dying to pee. (sequel to Desperate in the Lift) by lunaswift04/09/134.21

Going Public

 — Alessio is used as the ladies' toilet at a fetish party. by womensToilet12/14/143.77

Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 01

 — Bi guy finds a club for cum eaters. by turbocs3704/29/104.52HOT

Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 02

 — Bi guy gets to go to the club again. by turbocs3704/30/104.42

Gold Lounge

 — A slutty wife plays out a smoky fantasy in Vegas. by missjoy310/06/10HOT

Gold Rush Ch. 01

 — Shy girl's wetness sparks his imagination. by Krystian05/02/033.60

Gold Show

 — A couple's first pee experience. by Maverick161201/23/024.17

Golden Dreams

 — Elle witnesses a sleeping young woman wetting her bed. by eroticgoldenfiction08/01/114.34

Golden Girls

 — Young widow is introduced to kink by her sister-in-law. by Gina_B_3310/24/144.79HOT

Golden Rules

 — Ready for University, Gabriella is in for a big, wet surprise! by peemypanties12/01/114.28

Golden Rules Ch. 02

 — Gabriella continues to make new discoveries every day. by peemypanties02/14/124.35

Golden Rules Ch. 03

 — You get what you ask for. by peemypanties06/13/124.37

Golden Rules Ch. 04

 — A new fun discovery changes things a little... by peemypanties05/30/134.19

Golden Shower

 — Pissing. by wetguy4201/31/154.21

Golden Shower Pt. 02

 — Story of golden showers and wetting. by wetguy4202/04/154.19

Golden Shower Pt. 03

 — Continuing story about Golden Shower Partner. by wetguy4202/11/154.35

Golden Shower Pt. 04

 — Wild wetting sex with a dirty woman. by wetguy4202/14/154.22

Golden Showers in Black and White

 — White male and Asian student experiment. by bigrimmstales08/13/054.34

Golden Showers My Addiction

 — She whispered, “I want you to piss on me!” by solitarys_one12/18/094.43

Golden Waterfalls in the Woods

 — Pissing contest leads to fulfillment of fantasies. by Lalenya Love08/10/044.11

Goldenrod Ch. 01

 — College guy's pegging adventures. by rlmmike01/12/144.46

Goldenrod Ch. 02

 — More pegging by rlmmike01/13/144.50HOT

Goldenrod Ch. 03

 — More pegging for Tom by rlmmike01/14/144.47

Goldenrod Ch. 04

 — Pegging again by rlmmike01/15/144.47

Goldenrod Ch. 05

 — Pegging for Tom by rlmmike01/16/144.21

Goldenrod Ch. 06

 — Tom gets pegged by rlmmike01/17/144.43

Goldenrod Ch. 07

 — Pegging continues by rlmmike01/18/144.31

Goldenrod Ch. 08

 — The pegging adventure ends by rlmmike01/19/144.28

Goldenrod Extended Ch. 02

 — Another stand-alone story by rlmmike03/20/144.48

Goldenrod Prequel

 — Explains why the rest happens. by rlmmike02/06/144.40

Goldenrod Prequel Ch. 02

 — More set-up by rlmmike02/10/144.81HOT

Goldenrod Prequel Ch. 03

 — More set-up. by rlmmike02/13/144.29

Golf Gets Nasty

 — A panty boy discovers how mean random golf partners can be. by Stillherer01/01/134.19


 — A girl and her devoted 'pet'. by Cerri05/25/013.82

Goliath Ch. 2

 — Her 'pet' gets a bath. by Cerri05/30/014.17

Good Boy

 — She dresses him up, and has her way. by skyeomalley10/14/144.41

Good Doggie Ch. 1

 — Joe finally hooks up with Emma, & gets a bonus. by AmourousOne04/23/013.95

Good Girl

 — John & Melanie play dress up again. by missperception01/05/044.33

Good Girl

 — An office quickie. by SqueezeBabe06/26/124.00

Good Morning?

 — Sex and more sex and peeing, too! by Lloyd200408/20/104.43

Good Neighbors

 — She used him as a toilet for the first time. by Bernie5408/03/133.91

Good Student Ch. 02

 — Pregnant teacher needs more of him. by lovingfingers09/19/114.53HOT

Got a Hairy Story For You

 — An avid reader recalls a day from the past. by Madabouthair12/24/134.43

Got Milk?

 — Breast milk - it's not just for infants anymore. by adoniss08/05/034.60HOT

Got Milk?

 — A lactating mother gets some help from the babysitter by Labyrinth04/22/034.53HOT

Got Milk?

 — Sexual arousal through lactation. by Mickiluv06/02/084.22

Got Milk?

 — Tit Man gets more than he bargained for. by theo_minor03/03/114.46

Got Pierced?

 — Hot and horny bisexual housewife pierces nipples. by LeslieRose10/28/063.78

Got Plaid?

 — Ask and you shall receive........ by Arianna Lee08/31/054.18

Grab a Groom

 — Never keep a diary with scores, if you want to stay clean... by tarred09/19/113.80

Gracious Grace

 — Straight guy licks out a lesbian. by usemytongue05/06/144.51HOT

Grading Submission

 — A prof submits to the outrageous demands of a BBW student. by HaddenIndustries04/18/103.20

Graham the Nude Waiter

 — Anal dreams of rubber hoses (clothing optional). by V.Rich03/20/044.26

Grandma and Father Ch. 01

 — Incest, crossdressing, watersports, oh my! by JhMcKn01/07/104.13

Grandma and Father Ch. 02

 — Adult Fetish. by JhMcKn01/15/104.14

Grandma Changes My Life

 — I was sitting in the kitchen casually eating my breakfast. by JhMcKn12/14/093.91

Grandma Gets Pierced

 — Grandma gets wild. by JhMcKn02/09/103.93

Great Pain

 — Mistress uses Big Toe. by Spar04/07/083.88

Greek Girl's Plaything

 — Getting a quiet girl to exhibit her dominant side. by SavageGrace05/09/123.97

Green Eyes Ch. 01

 — Office daydreams of a pornstar secretary become flesh. by assco02/21/084.26

Green Eyes Ch. 02

 — He falls deeper into the control of Jane and her kinky ways. by assco03/03/084.58HOT

Green Eyes Ch. 03

 — Jane's got a filthy mind - be careful what you email for. by assco03/10/084.33

Green Eyes Ch. 04

 — He has two of his three wishes granted – not bad. by assco03/24/084.40

Green for Go!

 — Jason discovers a new foot-worship website. by davidmuleguy07/30/123.53

Greenhouse Emissions

 — Roger and Alyson discover love amonst the flowers. by HotScribe203/08/074.17

Greg's Secret Fetish

 — Supper is on Rose, literally. by SouthernSeductress06/29/034.55HOT

Greg's Surprise

 — Foot fetish abounds. by SensualCurves09/27/044.38

Greg's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of the foot fetishist. by SensualCurves06/21/054.79HOT

Gretel Steals Her Lover

 — Sexual dominance for fun and profit can pay other dividends. by kingkeywriter08/20/103.78

Grocery Store Creampie Ch. 01

 — Wife brings home a creampie for husband. by lovestosuck200712/31/074.31

Grocery Store Creampie Ch. 02

 — This time the wife gets bred. by lovestosuck200702/21/084.04

Grocery Store Surprise

 — Fact or Fiction? by JustMel04/05/113.61

Gropes of Wrath

 — Wife enjoys being groped by strangers in public. by tonysnow02/03/084.18

Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 01

 — A couple learns to please each with chastity devices. by lauramks08/26/114.28

Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 02

 — Second chapter of chastity training series. by lauramks09/03/114.00

Growing Romance

 — A woman describes the changes in her girlfriend's body. by sugarspice0106/15/134.39

Guest House

 — Jeff loves stockings, high heels, and missing legs. by PeggyBuxton03/30/114.67HOT

Guiding Natasha

 — Acting on his compulsion to see his fiancé with a friend. by rnumbers12307/22/134.17

Guido's Cock Whore

 — She gives you the best oral sex ever. by dirtynastygirl206/07/064.55HOT

Guys Like Me

 — Peter is blessed with oral delights. by alexcarr12/31/104.30

Gwen & Sarah: The Pissmop Sisters

 — Two hotties are craving the amber liquid. by TheDarkCloud01/11/054.45

Gwen Becomes A Pissmop

 — Revenge, Humiliation And Piss. by TheDarkCloud11/08/044.19

Gwen The Pissmop Sinks Even Lower

 — More video humiliations for Gwen. by TheDarkCloud11/22/044.26

Gwen The Pissmop: A "Golden" Wedding

 — The Stag Night. by TheDarkCloud03/12/054.51HOT

Gwen The Pissmop: The End

 — A piss-drenched bridal shower. by TheDarkCloud06/12/054.19

Gwen: The Pregnant Pissmop

 — Love blossoms from watersports. by TheDarkCloud02/13/054.10

Gwenny's Puppy Boy Ch. 01

 — Back in touch with her, after months... by atrickofthelight06/17/093.96

Gym Domination

 — Footjob, legs, and a handjob. by Kessler02/23/054.56HOT

Gyno Fetish Fulfilled

 — Krista has always wanted to, but can she go through with it? by kinkidusti06/11/064.00

Gyno Imposter

 — Jenny's regular doctor isn't available.. but Dr. Ryan is. by pocketjenny10/08/124.38

Gyno Visit

 — A visit to the doctor turns passionate. by bigmama71710/13/034.22


 — A young man's journey to the hairy woman of his dreams. by Edwarlife04/23/054.42

Had To Go

 — Urgent need to pee leads to interesting reward. by SirHardalot02/03/074.54HOT

Hail Mary

 — Virgin nun is shown a new world. by likestoplay12/04/023.85

Hair and Years Off

 — She shaved her head and unleashed her inner slut. by dr13bone08/08/124.55HOT

Hair Apparent Ch. 1

 — A search for a hairy secretary. by belab06/24/024.31

Hair Apparent Ch. 2

 — The selection of a hairy secretary continues. by belab06/25/024.13

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