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Hello There Stranger Ch. 01

 — Sandra bumps into Will, who she hasn't seen in a while. by HotJRabbit01/15/094.03

Hello There Stranger Ch. 02

 — Sandra turns the heat up a notch. by HotJRabbit02/05/094.00

Hellsgate Prison

 — Her own fantasies create her prison. by Julie2001/05/123.75

Helping Helen Ch. 02

 — He helps his girlfriend's sister to another orgasm. by bluelamp12/28/07

Helping Helen Ch. 03

 — They spend a night together with kinky results. by bluelamp01/02/08

Helping Sasha

 — A friend with a broken breast pump asks for help. by Arkasha11/05/114.52HOT

Helping Sela Has Surprise Benefits

 — Their friend's story makes them hot for strapon man-fucking. by escriterra09/11/104.67HOT

Helping The Intern

 — Bob gives intern her first enema & more. by Grey Beard12/14/024.41


 — Young woman gets revenge for her girlfriend's betrayal. by Warriorsgirl465703/17/153.74

Hen Party

 — The girls have a ball. by oggbashan07/27/023.05

Hentai Fight Girl in New Metro Ch. 01

 — Man tries a video game with very unrealistic breast physics. by Uniracer10/09/134.37


 — I could not say no to Her. by St_eve05/17/133.84

Her 21st Birthday Present

 — Couple celebrates her 21st birthday in style. by biggun7609/09/043.77

Her Assignment

 — She is assigned to make a pair of fragrant panties for him. by PKong12/08/043.86

Her Auckland Feet

 — Giving her feet the blissful attention they desire. by exquisitelifetime09/15/124.21

Her Best Friend's Panties

 — Wife wears her friend's panties. by channellboy03/20/154.23

Her Box Ch. 01

 — A man ensnared by a manipulative woman. by mobyCock09/02/143.94

Her Box Ch. 02

 — A man ensnared by a manipulative woman (continued). by mobyCock09/04/143.88

Her Corset Revenge

 — She loves her own tiny waist, but he needs teaching a lesson. by Learningfast09/11/083.94

Her Dominate Night

 — How to take care of a husband. by redheaddom12/03/104.39

Her Fantasy: His Fetish

 — Primitive village lady enjoys girdled sex the first time. by Learningfast06/23/104.62HOT

Her Feet

 — Emma's bare feet lead to Jim's growing desire. by Nomean_feet03/02/044.68HOT

Her Fetish

 — Young slut gets tickled and loves it. by rissanick02/12/053.12

Her First Erotic Spanking

 — Domestic discipline turns erotic. by Dolltony01/18/034.07

Her First Humiliation Experience

 — A woman is introduced to humiliation play. by boundarypusher12/10/134.44

Her First slave

 — Helen puts her knowledge of foot fetishism to work. by defiant_103/17/044.56HOT

Her First Stocking Slave

 — A stocking lover discovers the joys of being the boss. by laurenlegs09/13/054.43

Her Fresh Cream Pie

 — His creampie fantasy comes true. by Art07/18/034.65HOT

Her Full Return

 — Lover brings him a hot and wet treat. by underthestars6904/11/064.56HOT

Her Hair

 — Dom asks His submissive for a gift. by MasterTouch08/30/054.26

Her Hair

 — An absolute goddess stepped into the bar. by Decayed Angel11/08/064.39

Her Heels Are Her Weapon

 — I try and fail to get revenge on my boss. by Mr_Tamarind03/25/123.97

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 01

 — She start training him on their honeymoon. by Bernie5411/07/134.23

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 02

 — First time. by Bernie5411/07/134.46

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 03

 — Discipline for the first time. by Bernie5411/07/134.27

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 04

 — Blue balls. by Bernie5411/08/134.17

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 05

 — He confessed. by Bernie5411/09/134.27

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 06

 — Enjoying the sights. by Bernie5411/10/134.58HOT

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 07

 — Going home. by Bernie5411/12/134.11

Her Inner Domina

 — She plays domina to steal her sister's slave. And loves it! by kingkeywriter05/20/104.27

Her Inner Slut Ch. 02

 — Wife discovers kinky desires in his favorite porn sites. by ldlarry5203/08/064.37

Her Inner Slut Ch. 03

 — She gives hubby what he wants and more. by ldlarry5203/18/064.62HOT

Her Lips Were Not Sealed

 — She gives him his best surprise, bring a towel. by Lovepotion6909/16/034.50HOT

Her Little Cheat Code

 — Hot girlfriend tricks her small bf into cuckoldry. by twiddershins05/28/143.59

Her Magnificent Toes & Mouth

 — Massage therapist treats man to unforgettable night. by Kessler04/26/014.57HOT

Her Majesty's Creampie

 — A BBW sovereign has a little job for a loyal soldier. by conroy3909/26/114.05

Her Monthly Celebration

 — Oral worship for my Mistress. by biatlguy4u06/11/114.36

Her Name Was Alice

 — An encounter at the gym. by Myths06/08/144.08

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 02

 — Alice agrees to a regular supply. by Myths06/13/144.30

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 03

 — Continuing story of Bob's panty fetish. by Myths07/16/144.37

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 04

 — Pure fiction about an evolving knicker fetish and more. by Myths08/16/144.47

Her New Whip

 — She's achin' to break it in. by X11/06/004.24

Her Panties

 — Sammy lets her boyfriend use her panties to jerk off. by PrincessErin12/02/124.28

Her Panties Ch. 01

 — I find her panties while doing laundry and have fun. by RonanTheAccuser09/28/094.20

Her Panty Obsession

 — She's driven wild by soaking wet panties. by Stories06/02/024.45

Her Pink Quilted Coat

 — She makes me understand how useful she finds it. by oggbashan03/13/034.53HOT

Her Punishment

 — She is punished for questioning Him. by LilKitten02/08/013.67

Her Revenge Was Sweet

 — Wife shrinks her "cocky" cheating husband's manhood. by smally10/21/063.56

Her Special Bear

 — She takes comfort in her favorite teddy after a bad date. by Sillyman08/09/024.13

Her Special Wedding Night

 — Mary's wedding night after a year of celibacy. by rick_oh11/25/133.53

Her Story Ch. 01

 — Wife Tells of her Husband's Dildo Fetish. by lucky_guy_4902/25/144.45

Her Story Ch. 02

 — Wife tells of her husband's strapon fetishh by lucky_guy_4902/26/144.61HOT

Her strapon: The Friction of Fiction

 — She makes him feel like her bitch. by MrJimJim08/01/074.10

Her Submissive Spanking

 — Female sub gets her ass spanked hard. by BostonDom5507/05/133.96

Her Sudden Transformation

 — Jan flaunts her new look. by hornet4u08/03/143.78

Her Toy Ch. 1

 — Sexy babysitter puts him in his place. by Alex Valentine10/10/004.34

Her Toy Ch. 2

 — Brandi brings a friend. by Alex Valentine10/11/004.48

Her Toy Takes My Cherry

 — The wife shows me the joys of pegging. by zydrateaddict06/18/124.52HOT

Her Version

 — Two colleagues' illicit encounter - written by her. by radiogir102/22/153.12

Her Vibrating Panties

 — An awesome night out teasing her. by want2bfree07/09/144.15

Her Wild Oats

 — He sees a glimpse of her hinted past. by Darkinside10/17/124.35

Her Will Be Done Pt. 01

 — Husband is used by his wife before a gallery of onlookers. by IndyML12/30/143.06

Here Kitty Kitty

 — He loves petting his kitty-cat. by sfcitydom01/14/074.12

Here Kitty Kitty

 — He gives Melanie some milk for being a good kitty. by missperception12/30/034.39

Here She Comes

 — You squirt. He drinks. by Outlaw6b04/16/034.53HOT

Here to Help Ch. 01

 — I get an unusual visit from my internet provider. by susurrus05/12/134.71HOT

Hide N Seek Ch. 02

 — He does to her what the kid did to his wife. by fluidline103/28/044.61HOT

Hiding in the Woods

 — Clare gets punished for spying. by naughtybessparker07/02/134.51HOT

Hiding under Her Desk

 — A secret footjob. by AnaTG11/01/144.23

High and Low Ch. 01

 — The dark side of sex and the fast life. by bisexualsmoker05/02/083.69

High and Low Ch. 03

 — Straight sex for kinky minds. by bisexualsmoker12/08/083.69

High Heel Club Ch. 1

 — Jenny turns 18. by Dragonia06/23/024.27

High Heel Club Ch. 2

 — Jenny joins the club. by Dragonia07/07/024.37

High Heels

 — He tries on some sexy heels. by Flip197810/06/024.12

High Rise Exhibitionist

 — Allen & Kay have fun 12 stories above the street. by R_U_Romantic06/30/074.54HOT

High School Dilemma Ch. 04

 — Kiss the wrong girl and her boyfriend may turn out a nightmare. by LaurenWestley05/30/114.52HOT

High School Dilemma Ch. 05

 — Kiss the wrong girl and her bf may turn out a nightmare. by LaurenWestley06/05/113.93

High School Dilemma Ch. 06

 — Kiss the wrong girl and her bf may turn out a nightmare. by LaurenWestley06/11/114.27

High School Scat Loves Ch. 01

 — Jimmy discovers the allure of a young pooper. by JLitM09/25/123.80

High School Scat Loves Ch. 02

 — Jimmy and Stephanie meet the cheerleader. by JLitM10/08/124.03

High School Scat Loves Ch. 03

 — Jimmy continues his relationship with Stephanie and Sarah. by JLitM03/03/133.57

High Stakes Test Ch. 01

 — He seeks a promotion...and risks much more. by wild_at_heart03/28/104.52HOT

Higher Education

 — One of my housemates tells her story. by mrtinymeat12/22/123.24

Hippity Hoppity

 — Maybe Kate shouldn't have egged on an odd-looking stranger. by Namazuros05/08/114.37

Hired for Halloween

 — A job interview gets her more than she bargained for. by buzbybdsm10/04/064.39

Hired Help

 — Greedy boy gets unbirthed. by Pili09/21/064.25

Hirsute Hilde

 — Volunteer plumbing leads to an exploration of new frontiers. by 4eyedbrit01/16/104.27

Hirsute Rebecca

 — What she was ashamed of excited me. by MisterNatural11/25/144.64HOT


 — A master decides to impregnate his pet. by SubmissivePregnantPet03/01/144.33

His Bad Hair Day

 — She ties & torments him with her glossy black hair. by oggbashan10/31/024.25

His Bully and Himself Ch. 02

 — Pleasure deepens; and a decision wrought for greater purpose by Apocryphus09/09/142.67

His Burning Desire

 — He forces himself and she lets him. by Purpleguy181204/15/073.72

His Ch. 02

 — The pet discovers her pregnancy by SubmissivePregnantPet03/03/144.35

His Ch. 03

 — Her Master discovers her pregnancy. by SubmissivePregnantPet03/07/144.47

His Cock vs Her Cock

 — He plays a dick compare contest with an interesting bet by bawdybloke07/07/144.25

His Daughter's Best Friend

 — Snooping teen wants to show Jill's Dad something. by Madabouthair01/13/144.22

His Desire

 — An incident in the past leads to fun for both of them. by superfetish10108/29/123.47

His Fetish Discovered at Work

 — He discovers his taste for creampie. by Parklife10/15/034.58HOT

His Fetish Discovered at Work Ch. 02

 — Brenda wants to take things further. by Parklife11/02/034.61HOT

His First and Largest Encounter

 — College guy and mature BBW meet online. Go for a ride. by bored1nhomer11/02/103.73

His First Taste of the Real Thing

 — She watches her boyfriend suck another man's cock. by 2easy212/03/084.48

His First Time

 — Wife gives him the punishment he deserves. by Hoop7710/08/004.39

His Foot Goddess

 — Becoming a foot slave isn't as easy as this man thought. by stryker5304/16/113.87

His Goblet

 — Dry Rhine wine from a very special cup. by claretwine02/10/064.19

His Goddess

 — Submission. by peachiekini06/14/094.20

His Life With Lingerie

 — Kinky guy discovers women's lacies. by lingerielover02/07/043.96

His Mistress

 — He masturbates at his Mistress' command. by ImmortaleAmante08/22/033.99

His New Panties Lead to New Things

 — New panties set the mood for hot sex. by jennycnnn02/11/114.66HOT

His Night In The Park

 — A continuation of the story 'My Night In The Park'. by bingochalice01/30/094.00

His Pet

 — This is a story of submission. by naughtygirl_6209/09/143.68

His Pet Ch. 02

 — A story of submission. by naughtygirl_6209/10/143.91

His Problem Solved Ch. 01

 — Hubby agrees to go to wife's doctor about his problem. by jollyrancher10/19/054.53HOT

His Problem Solved Ch. 02

 — New experiences & new plans as wife spreads her wings. by jollyrancher10/24/054.71HOT

His Problem Solved Ch. 03

 — A fun flight & then things heat up. by jollyrancher10/30/054.68HOT

His Problem Solved Ch. 04

 — The Doc's plan works, & the unthinkable happens. by jollyrancher11/04/054.57HOT

His Problem Solved Ch. 05

 — Roles are reversed, then the adventure ends. by jollyrancher11/08/054.85HOT

His Slut

 — She worships a very fine cock. by Kalista10/24/044.48

His Special Fetish

 — Wife discovers her husband's clothing desire. by Ladywriter02/25/014.44

His Special Fetish Ch. 2

 — His fetish uncovered, she's dressed for sex. by Ladywriter03/09/014.55HOT

His Taboo Fantasy

 — You submit to his taboo "anal and asphyx" fantasy. by alteredego52402/01/094.46

His Turn

 — She turns the tables & uses her strap-on. by MirageLM06/15/014.46

His Version

 — Two colleagues' illicit encounter - written by him. by radiogir102/23/153.83

His Wife's Whore

 — A man learns to be careful what he wishes for. by InYo03/29/014.38

History of CFNM Ch. 01

 — Coed discovers clothed females, nude males. by Zoltar10/31/034.34

Hitchhiker Play

 — Very loose girl has fun with a stranger on the highway. by Aaron31008/23/083.65

Hitchhiking Preggo

 — Lactating pregnant woman explores her fantasies. by Xploremyworld01/04/054.56HOT

Hockey Camp

 — Ethan gets a physical for hockey camp. by jallen94404/24/064.31

Holding It For Anal Ramming

 — Pee-soaked wife must take anal punishment. by amypussy10/31/064.11

Holding It In

 — She enjoys her bathroom ritual. by lesliejones04/24/054.48

Holding It In Ch. 02

 — I complete the saga of my putting off excretion. by lesliejones04/03/144.00


 — A weekend to fulfill all of their fantasies. by Kinky_kinky09/01/054.45

Holiday Adventure

 — My wife and I enjoy a glroyhole adventure. by misteradelaide08/23/124.61HOT

Holiday Encounter

 — Incredible meeting with a girl who also enjoys pissing. by leekeyone08/28/064.41

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