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Just What the Doctor Ordered

 — She cuckolds him with a doctor while he's away. by cuckytoher02/25/093.15

Justified Payback

 — A son deals with his bully father. by Nebic02/26/153.50

Justin's Starring Role

 — What Candace likes to see. by escriterra08/05/104.74HOT

Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 7

 — She faces her final test. by AerinThomas10/28/004.36

Kala and Kitty are Punished

 — Kala and her kitty get punished for Kala's disobedience. by kchappell7602/17/113.72

Kansas City

 — A little bit of teasing goes a long way. by KingWebster05/25/034.24


 — Kara wants to be a sex doll. by songwriter50312/01/133.74

Kara Calls Bill for Rod

 — Rod gets a toy. by PinkDelphi08/15/074.00

Kara Plans Rod's Surprise

 — Rod's lust wish is about to be realized. by PinkDelphi08/21/074.34

Kara's Seductive Thong

 — Her thong makes a guy resort to control. by Glacierjack12/22/083.82


 — Friends meet again. by Mr James10/04/103.89

Karen Brings Rod Further Along

 — She learns how his mom had punished his sister, too. by lesliejones02/20/143.78

Karen Ch. 01

 — Eileen's story: one man's journey to find the one. by seat54204/04/084.48

Karen Ch. 02

 — Chloe's story; one man's journey to find the one. by seat54204/05/084.68HOT

Karen Ch. 03

 — Karen's story; one man's journey to find the one... by seat54204/06/084.77HOT

Karen's Feet

 — Karen doesn't like foot fetishes but that changes suddenly. by Atgod10/20/134.40

Karen's Office Legshow

 — Office girl with incredible legs in stilletos is stalked. by legmaniac02/02/084.04

Karen's Toes in Silky Wet Hose

 — Her toes in silky hose drive Tom over the edge. by Bacomicfan04/19/044.79HOT

Karla Returns

 — A sequel to "Spanking Karla". by Goldeniangel02/21/054.63HOT

Karla's Final Visit

 — A sequel to "Karla Returns" - the finale. by Goldeniangel02/28/054.66HOT

Karyn Delivers My First Creampie

 — Karyn & her lover provide husband with a birthday pie. by Lyks2BTeezd05/06/064.15


 — She has a thing about catsuits. by Mortice01/27/044.53HOT

Kate and Her Four Male Slaves Ch. 01

 — Her cum coated nipples was only for him. by Pornolicious09/25/123.90

Kate's Heavenly Hell

 — Kate finally gives me a threesome, but with conditions. by Duke56701/20/154.36

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 02

 — The threesome turns into a foursome, and I need to cum! by Duke56702/10/154.19

Kate's Knee High Boots

 — He sniffs friend's leather knee high boots. by stever1207/29/023.61

Kathleen's College Revenge

 — Kathleen gets her own back on an old High School acquaintance. by DBoon11/04/113.80

Kathy (White Trash Whore)

 — Kathy explores her extremely kinky desires. by jon47m08/10/114.52HOT

Kathy's Smelly Stains

 — A dirty, smelly encounter with a friend's stained panties! by Paradiggler02/26/143.91

Kathy's Smelly Stains Ch. 02

 — Caught out on camera with my friend Kathy's dirty knickers! by Paradiggler01/01/154.24


 — Two girls meet & enjoy food together. by Theif_0011/06/003.77

Katie Does Sex Wrestling

 — Making an appearance in a sex wrestling league. by KatieTay09/12/124.12

Katie in College: Battle of the Sexes 01

 — During college, she met an arrogant jock. by KatieTay05/13/133.13

Katie the Whore Ch. 03

 — Katie turned into an adult baby for a day. by Mixedwritings199302/21/114.07

Katie's Bathroom Experience

 — Wife has her first bathroom sex. by Dan Andersom02/24/064.21

Katie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 02

 — Katie & her friends discover bathroom games. by Dan Andersom03/03/064.24

Katie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 03

 — Katie becomes a real bathroom slut by Dan Andersom03/04/064.26

Katie's Love Ch. 03

 — The playroom. by Tnewbie03/20/104.59HOT

Katie's Mess

 — Watersports and a bite to eat? by Aladylover03/01/064.01

Katie's Muscle Journey

 — Katie must regain her muscles to win back her boyfriend. by KatieTay08/23/104.31

Katie's Muscle Journey 009

 — Public humiliation at a seedy strip club. by KatieTay11/06/113.98

Katie's Muscle Journey 010

 — She gets a chance for revenge against Edna, and more. by KatieTay12/02/114.00

Katie's Muscle Journey 011

 — The Final Contest Part 1 - Katie's Team vs Ryoko's Team. by KatieTay02/18/124.19

Katie's Muscle Journey 012

 — The grand finale... and an epilogue. by KatieTay04/05/124.38

Katie's Story

 — We finally meet to fulfill her desire to be spanked. by Authorman196908/27/144.42

Katie's Valentine's Day Gift

 — Wife gets a bukkake party and more. by BigMeanie02/14/103.97

Katie, HJ Expert

 — A slavegirl's attempts to be a better slut. by katiewhore05/10/064.30

KatieLynn & Tucker

 — The discovery. by KattieLynn03/28/074.64HOT

Katrina and Rose

 — Work colleagues discover an interest in panties and pee. by Mareus11/29/114.05

Katrina's Experiment Ch. 2

 — Katrina spends time with friends on saucy site. by SensitiveSuccubus04/04/013.42

Katy Masturbates in Public

 — Katy masturbates through her panties in public places. by MichaelandKaty06/29/094.03

Katy Pees Her Panties

 — Katy and I enjoy some urination fun. by MichaelandKaty06/29/094.19

Kayla and Her 10 Perfect Toes

 — He has fun with best friend's sister's feet. by Ebolaone12/07/074.44

Keep On Truckin'

 — Long-haul driver gives a hitchhiker a lift. by VeryDirtyMind05/17/144.69HOT

Keeper of the Legjail

 — She dominates a man using nothing but her legs. by kandor10/12/023.80

Keeping the Romance

 — A date ending with foot worship. by BhamDomme05/20/123.54

Kelli Gets Even Ch. 3

 — Kelli gets back at evil Erin. by Kelli Bleu10/12/004.32

Kelly and Lara

 — A story of an orgy gone wrong. by uppishcarrot07/01/103.30

Kelly's Bukkake

 — Woman is intrigued by Japanese sex ritual. by stockinglover11/06/004.35

Kelly's Release Ch. 02

 — Kelly takes the relationship with the women further. by Harrowborg09/29/023.77

Kelsey Needs a Ride

 — Kelsey takes teacher home and gives him a night to remember. by Midnight_Man01/08/104.19

Kelsie the Puke Slave

 — Kelsie disobeys her master, and is forced to puke violently by CJPorter07/14/143.22

Ken & Annie

 — They enjoy golden shower fun with another couple. by Wes9907/25/024.61HOT

Kendra and Rob

 — Wedding night, honeymoon, and creampies. by rick_oh08/13/124.59HOT

Keri Wants To Get Pierced

 — The only option is to do it herself. by opklompen02/05/154.47

Keri Wants To Get Pierced Pt. 02

 — Keri, Aunt Helen and their piercings. by opklompen02/07/154.56HOT

Kerry and Sara Go to the Movies

 — Sara discovers her new girlfriend likes dirty panties. by powerpanties06/20/104.27

Kerry's Undies Ch. 01

 — An amazing sexual encounter with Kerry and her undies! by Paradiggler03/04/144.15

Kevin's Hurt

 — Rapist's mother is used for revenge. by andromon07/13/144.11


 — A teacher is kidnapped and made to submit. by indianmotherfucker07/22/073.82

Kidnapped to Become a Foot Slave

 — Two lesbians turn a man into their foot slave. by femdomwriter11/06/123.60

Killing Time at a Head Shop

 — The product demo the cashier was giving caught my eye. by Madabouthair01/03/104.45


 — Kim is a very good girl. by songwriter50311/28/134.04

Kim & Kate Ch. 01

 — A man has sex with his submissive wife's student. by cuckoldwishes08/21/144.48

Kim & Kate Ch. 02

 — A wife is tormented while hubby enjoys affair. by cuckoldwishes09/04/144.42

Kim & Mark

 — Kim and her hose finally get a chance to have Mark. by Drakon6603/20/114.26

Kim Ch. 01

 — Disabled dating site lets two wheelchair women meet. by rmlooker05/01/144.59HOT

Kim Ch. 02

 — Kim meets a man on the disabled dating site. by rmlooker05/10/144.50HOT

Kim the Cheerleader and Me the Jock

 — My best girlfriend and I finally become fwbs. by personman202/20/143.88

Kim's Surprise

 — Kim's boyfriend surprises her with gloryhole fun. by A_Kefka12/29/054.34

Kim, Danny & Mark

 — Final chapter with horny Kim, hose, and her partners. by Drakon6603/22/114.53HOT

Kim, Mark & Janet

 — Janet joins in with Kim and Mark and the pantyhose. by Drakon6603/21/114.27

Kinkiest Request

 — Perfect-bottomed lifeguard discovers kinky key to cumming. by Hornyman69WithU04/06/073.62

Kinky Adele Mummy Fucker

 — A kinky affair with Adele and her family. by Sissy Adele Howells12/31/053.71

Kinky Adele Mummy Fucker Ch. 02

 — Fucking Mummy, Daddy and Virgin Francesca. by Sissy Adele Howells02/12/063.69

Kinky Afternoons & Cum-Filled Nights

 — Wife teaches husband to suck cock. by Anal Slave05/23/024.29

Kinky Black Love in Our World

 — Black woman straps it on for her Black man. by Samuelx08/21/103.14

Kinky Boots & Leather Suits Ch. 02

 — A mature woman is dressed to the nines. by mshsrfc06/24/124.29

Kinky Boots, Kinky Sex!

 — He gets hot with a very kinky MILF. by mcspunky200607/08/064.28

Kinky Boss Pt. 01: A Finger In...

 — A fat envelope from his quirky boss keeps him going. by freeman6408/08/143.96

Kinky Boss Pt. 02: Under the table

 — Boss wants to be tongued as she works at office. by freeman6409/03/144.35

Kinky Camping

 — An adventure of pegging, peeing and anal play while camping. by zydrateaddict06/21/134.54HOT

Kinky Coeds

 — Amy and Trish get kinky with Jay. by rick_oh12/02/124.37

Kinky Dentist Sian And Sissy Rachel

 — Sissy Rachel aged 18 and dentist Sian Harris my kinky Mummy. by Sissy Adele Howells02/27/073.30

Kinky Dentist Sian And Sissy Rachel Ch. 02

 — Shagging Sian, Susan, Rose, Hayley, Barbara & Cheryl. by Sissy Adele Howells05/07/073.45

Kinky Experiments 01

 — Two bi boys discover dirty pleasures with a chav girl. by bigothboy06/22/124.21

Kinky Experiments 02

 — Bi boys continue their experiments with a delicious BBW. by bigothboy06/29/124.25

Kinky Experiments 03

 — Our adventurous boys meet a sweet, hairy, dirty hippy girl. by bigothboy07/05/124.38

Kinky Experiments 04

 — A full-on bisexual scat orgy goes on backstage. by bigothboy07/21/124.43

Kinky Foods Catering

 — Danny gets a job he never expected. by Microwave0ven08/10/084.30

Kinky Girlfriend

 — Man gets tangled up with a sex-crazed cum junkie girlfriend. by Anal Slave07/19/024.35

Kinky Girlfriend First Encounter

 — A man who likes bondage finally has an encounter. by spandexman01/20/114.15

Kinky Jenny Ch. 01

 — My gf plays a messy game with me. by skinnypom11/05/143.73

Kinky Kiki

 — Kiki delivers for the right price. by sweetnpetite08/03/044.29

Kinky Older Mistress

 — PVC-clad mistress teaches him a lesson. by alanc05/30/024.41

Kinky Saturday

 — Bored girl has fun with webcam online. by lustfuldesires03/07/084.32

Kinky Time at Strip Club

 — Man has a cum-covered time at strip club. by fun4all696909/16/054.16

Kip and Salina

 — Devotees meet. by rmlooker08/26/144.50HOT

Kip and Salina Ch. 02

 — Kip remembers back to their early years together. by rmlooker10/01/144.83

Kip and Salina Ch. 03

 — Cricket joins them. by rmlooker10/14/144.88


 — A pregnant woman wants sex. by kayakkid11/21/103.98

Kirsten's Pregnant Adventure

 — Kirsten is five months pregnant & horny. by polomoche05/09/024.07

Kirsty Mia Puts it all Together

 — More of Kirsty's life experiences. by SplendidSpunk06/04/114.73HOT

Kiss Kiss

 — Makeup fetishists indulge. by violettadeltoro12/26/014.16

Kiss My Toes

 — Salesman learns to love feet. by Paul4404/23/054.08

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 01

 — In the country house, (pit)kissing was the game. by revol10/22/043.88

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 02

 — Their enjoyment continued in each other's arm(pit)s. by revol10/26/044.22

Kissing in the Countryside Ch. 03

 — Their enjoyment reached its peak. by revol12/22/043.08

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet

 — He kisses girl's feet while his friend fucks her. by writemarksmith06/10/133.88

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet Ch. 00

 — Mike is humiliated by Emily and her sister in public. by writemarksmith03/27/144.12

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet Ch. 02

 — Mike is humiliated further at the feet of his friend's girl. by writemarksmith11/11/134.11

Kitchen Duty

 — Arthur & Sandy share roles & holes before lunch. by giveandreceive806/26/054.30

Kitchen Fun

 — D's punished by loving Master armed with tape & tacks. by Mastrkink10/18/003.40

Kitchen Wrap

 — They'd never tried wrapping themselves in plastic wrap. by oggbashan08/05/054.05

Kitten Ch. 01

 — Pregnant Kitten takes erotic shower. by MasterofManyFaces07/29/064.21

Kitty and Wulfe

 — Kitty and his home invader. by CommunistCrab09/30/143.86

Kitty's Debut

 — Jade wants Kitty's first time to be just right. by emmakaufmann06/20/013.88

Klean My Cunt (Quickie)

 — Wife returns home to feed and water husband. by Aladylover03/22/064.15

Kleaning Katie

 — A special delivery is made. by Horny-Boy206/13/044.36

Knicker Chick

 — A young woman and her fetish - sexy underwear. by sammican112/31/104.46

Knicker Sniffing

 — Sniffing dirty panties. by mingeeter05/24/143.82

Knicker Teen

 — Porn producer makes flashing girl a star. by Carpe Diem 200008/11/044.66HOT

Knicker Teen: Anna On Camera

 — Porn producer makes knicker-flashing girl a star. by Carpe Diem 200008/10/064.60HOT

Knicker Teen: Anna's Debut

 — Porn producer makes flashing 18-year-old a star. by Carpe Diem 200010/31/044.10

Knobs, Tubes and Halfmoons

 — Sparks fly when electrician checks out ladies wiring. by shoeslayer10/10/113.86


 — It’s about to be a girl fight. by cowboy10911/24/133.44

Kodiak Jack: Heroine Blood

 — Retired detective turned heroine hunter goes for final job. by DarkLordPriapus01/02/144.67

Korean Slut in the Club

 — Korean girlfriend cheats with an Indian man. by amslvr11/23/133.76

Krestan: Ride Home

 — What she gives him for driving her home. by kristen11/06/023.52


 — I tie up Kristi and do nasty things. by BonViv07/24/103.64


 — A young girl's venture into pornography. by TN_Vixen07/26/013.79

Kyla and the Heavy Machines

 — A trainee shows her love of anal dildos and pissing. by RabbitPrince06/22/124.67HOT

Kyle - A Moneyslave's Morning

 — Kyle is a favored moneyslave. by Kalista09/19/034.12


 — The story of one woman's love affair with stockings. by EmeliaBell08/16/064.55HOT

La Leche League Pt. 01

 — Mother's milk flows again. by StrongMaster712/26/094.43

La Leche League Pt. 03

 — How Elise Got Her Groove Back. by StrongMaster701/03/104.43

La Playa Ch. 15

 — Spa hangover cures with a bisexual twist! by Fog4312/05/134.29

La Rose

 — A chance meeting with a courtesan changes their worlds. by Artemis_Daniels11/01/143.86

La Rose Ch. 02

 — The continued story of Rose and Charles. by Artemis_Daniels11/03/143.88

Labor Day

 — He helps his very pregnant sister-in-law have a good holiday. by RejectReality09/07/114.59HOT

Labor Day Panties

 — Dan and Mischa bring new meaning to "Labor Day". by Bad Mischa Bad09/05/054.55HOT

Lacey Learns

 — Lacey begins to learn submission from her new Papa. by Cupcakee10/13/134.18

Lacey's Arrest

 — Lacey's first time as a hooker doesn't go as planned. by Gudzinya06/20/144.25

Lactating Jane

 — Jane puts out for her best friend's man. by taboodada11/11/044.33

Lactating Mom's Warm Milk

 — Mom 'nurses' younger neighbor. by Hot Italian Beef01/07/063.95

Lactation in a Lift

 — Trapped in an elevator with a lovely lactating beauty. by exfireman01/09/124.05

Lactation Surprises

 — A lactating mother is in need of some help! by jimjim12308/12/134.55HOT

Ladies Smoking Fetish

 — His first sexual experience is with a sexy smoking girl. by fantasyboy07/19/014.39

Lady Bird

 — A man is ordered to present his charms to a wealthy woman. by N_Deavours03/03/154.49

Lady Darkness' Toilet

 — New Bathroom Fittings, continued. by istanbulnoir09/29/074.24

Lady Diana

 — A man submits. by fix8ion10/13/114.26

Lady Liddy

 — She learns a secret about her husband--and herself. by Rockinworld12/13/124.16

Lady Liddy Ch. 02

 — She loans her husband to her needy neighbor. by Rockinworld12/22/124.43

Lady Next Door

 — Older woman helps 18 year old boy with his strap-on fetish. by straponlad05/04/104.35

Lady Owns Me

 — Susan takes control of the bedroom games. by lapitup10/29/104.35

Lady Owns Me Ch. 02

 — Susan continues to lead Joey down her own path. by lapitup10/30/104.33

Lady Owns Me Ch. 03

 — Susan continues to lead me down her path. by lapitup10/31/104.29

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