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Over My Head Ch. 01

 — He became a gungeslave to a married couple. by wamslave108/18/054.50HOT

Overflowing with Happiness

 — Husband and wife try watersports for the first time. by LaceyBaby09/16/113.86

Overtime Ch. 1

 — He works overtime with femme boss. by beaverhunter7602/17/024.46

Overtime Ch. 2

 — Boss takes the office work home. by beaverhunter7602/21/024.58HOT


 — A happily married mother is owned by well hung black man. by 62_goo12/07/143.08

Owned by The Boss and Her Gay PA Ch. 01

 — I'm owned by a Dominant woman and her gay PA. by labrysuk06/04/114.31

Paddle Party

 — Horny wife tells about her first party. by drsalt05/19/053.94

Paddy's Pub

 — Peeking bar manager gets an eyeful and then some. by dukemantee10/28/034.27

Pagan Love

 — Her inhibitions are swept away with bloodplay. by sweetrapturedlight02/08/043.59

Paid By The Foot

 — Keri and Sarah use their feet to make the rent. by lovecraft6808/08/144.75HOT

Pain and Punishment

 — Slave Nathan endures the most exquisite torture. by Misty Angel 7707/30/003.52

Pain in the Shower

 — A Mistress makes him in the shower. by bliss10103/11/084.00

Pain Loving Cum Slut

 — The dirty slut describes her nastiest session ever. by theprince03/22/044.43

Paint a Picture

 — A uniform, submissive fantasy. by Ratsel05/11/083.38

Pam's Public Penalty

 — Lady is tickled on a game show. by Quillman11/09/043.78

Pam, Jim and I

 — A friend comes over. by JustJimColo06/08/074.50HOT

Pammy Submits Ch. 01

 — Pammy needs help. She offers herself as a slave to get it. by lawn08/03/134.00

Pammy Submits Ch. 02

 — Pammy continues to submit, this time with pictures. by lawn08/07/134.23

Pammy Submits Ch. 03

 — Pammy models business suit and pantyhose. by lawn08/12/134.35

Pammy Submits Ch. 04

 — Submissive Pammy makes a mistake. Dirk is not happy. by lawn08/17/134.30

Pampered Chef Party

 — Women share their lesbian foot fetish. by nunya_damnbidnezzz06/28/053.86


 — In celebration of a fetish. by Redhipple09/01/043.74


 — Author admits his fetish for panties. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/16/073.43

Panties & Lingerie Do Make the Man

 — New panties in Vegas Lead to more lingerie fun for husband. by jennycnnn07/25/074.65HOT

Panties After Practice!

 — Conrad breaks out the dirty laundry for his bored friends! by kebbyman05/07/094.31

Panties and My Wedding Day

 — How a pair of wedding day panties started the day right. by Anna Maria_2510/14/074.36

Panties Dot Cum Ch. 01

 — She discovers a delicious way to earn money. by JustPlainMerrie05/22/054.42

Panties Dot Cum Ch. 02

 — She continues her business. by JustPlainMerrie05/24/054.40

Panties For Sale

 — She discovers a way to supplement her income. by sallultie08/26/014.31

Panties for the Ladies Ch. 1

 — Son models panties for mother's ladies club. by megan01/11/013.87

Panties for the Ladies Ch. 2

 — Megan takes a bubble bath. by megan01/21/014.05

Panties Galore In Scotland.

 — Submissive guy gets a nice suprise when his whore turns up. by RBE198812/05/104.21

Panties, Bras, and High Heel Shoes

 — A man has a fetish for panties, bras, and high heel shoes. by SusanJillParker10/02/143.62

Panties, Panties, Panties

 — One of the first times with a female. by chuckp786006/18/144.19

Panties, Panties, Panties Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by chuckp786006/20/144.39

Panty Bandit

 — American guy tries something he saw on the Internet. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/09/073.41

Panty Boy

 — 18-year-old guy likes panties, his Mom and his sisters. by 32B_minus10/15/104.18

Panty Boy and the Landlady's Daughter

 — A young man with a nylon panty fetish moves into a B&B. by Mag5811/29/144.42

Panty Boy Ch. 01

 — Sean is caught with his pants down. by AussieKev107/23/134.47

Panty Boy Ch. 02

 — The panty games continue. by AussieKev108/17/134.22

Panty Caresses

 — An email to wife involving panty play. by UnknownAuthor05/07/143.93

Panty Consequences No. 01

 — Caught washing my panties in the laundry. by PantiesAndPies09/16/134.54HOT

Panty Consequences No. 02

 — Twin older women catch him in panties. by PantiesAndPies01/16/144.50HOT

Panty Consequences No. 03

 — Personal Assistant to a slut! by PantiesAndPies01/24/144.68HOT

Panty Consequences No. 04

 — I discover the lingerie in my best friends suitcase by PantiesAndPies06/09/144.41

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 01

 — A panty sissy's sister comes home for a surprise visit. by eliasrotica303/29/133.86

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 02

 — Sister's confessions and Kyle tries to hide his sissy things. by eliasrotica303/30/134.23

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 03

 — A little glimpse into Lin's point of view. by eliasrotica303/31/134.17

Panty Fetish

 — Girlfriend knows how to please. by Graham5412/31/094.36

Panty Fetish Exposed

 — She gets a glimps of my pink panties. by gothic_noir07/21/044.68HOT

Panty Games Ch. 01

 — Wife finds a panty freak at a local bar. by SpacegirlLynn05/28/054.49

Panty Games Ch. 02

 — Woman has a second encounter with a Panty Lover. by SpacegirlLynn06/04/054.61HOT

Panty Games Ch. 03

 — She goes out on the town with Bob's wife. by SpacegirlLynn06/28/054.62HOT

Panty Games Ch. 04

 — Bob comes over for the promised show. by SpacegirlLynn07/14/054.59HOT

Panty Games Ch. 05

 — Bob & Lynn share another night of fun. by SpacegirlLynn07/22/054.45

Panty Games Ch. 06

 — Bob's office fantasy comes true. by SpacegirlLynn09/17/054.51HOT

Panty Games Ch. 07

 — Lynn and Nikki's relationship changes forever. by SpacegirlLynn10/09/054.53HOT

Panty Heaven

 — A hot sexual encounter with his wife. by GeorgeoftheJungle07/22/044.09

Panty Husband and Wife Share

 — Professor and wife shares there sex life with a student. by DrLit07/11/134.26

Panty Husband Fulfills a Fantasy

 — Panty Husband;s wife gets a threeway as a gift. by DrLit11/20/134.58HOT

Panty Husband Fulfills Fantasy

 — Panty Husbands wife wants anal for her. by DrLit07/21/134.52HOT

Panty Husband Gets Another Threeway

 — Panty husband's enjoys a surprise a threeway. by DrLit12/07/134.32

Panty Husband Gets His Wish

 — Panty husband gets a strapon from his wife. by DrLit05/30/134.46

Panty Husband Thanks His Wife

 — Lots of orgasms for my wife. by DrLit06/14/134.31

Panty Husband's Wife Adds Lace Top

 — Panty Husband's wife gives him lace top stockings. by DrLit11/26/134.57HOT

Panty Husband's Wife Takes Over

 — Husband gets fucked with strapon in Key West. by DrLit06/08/134.50HOT

Panty Husband’s Nipples are Only for Pleasure

 — Panty Husband's wife teaches him a new pleasure. by DrLit11/14/134.42

Panty Husbands Wife Goes Crazy

 — Panty husband gets strapon. by DrLit06/08/134.51HOT

Panty Inspection

 — My fantasy to have four women submit to my inspection. by Trialbasis08/02/093.91

Panty Klepto

 — Some bad habits are really fun. by Krazy3505/28/112.96

Panty Love

 — He makes a shy confession. by Trialbasis08/21/034.66HOT

Panty Love Ch. 02

 — The next panty filled day. by Trialbasis08/27/034.50HOT

Panty Lover

 — I am more than willing to admit I love panties. by DrLit05/07/134.41

Panty Man Ch. 02

 — Norman asks his question. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/15/084.26

Panty Man Ch. 03

 — Norman finds his perfect panty girl. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/25/083.75

Panty Moments

 — How I become a wearer of women’s underwear and love it. by london_james201011/24/134.36

Panty Parade

 — A panty fetish begins. by andyp741412/05/104.23

Panty Party

 — Fun with 3 girls and their panties at a party. by stac291803/07/054.33

Panty Passion

 — Teasing with panties leads to a kinky expedition. by SheLeppie08/05/104.25

Panty Patrol: First Taste

 — Left alone, he entertains himself. by lickinyou05/26/013.74

Panty Perversions

 — Two hot chicks cater to panty perverts. by kinkyjill01/20/114.49

Panty Pleasure

 — Wife shows husband in panties to friend by DrLit09/17/134.48

Panty Pleasures

 — Her sister's panties enhance couple's sex life. by mandm_bc07/27/054.51HOT

Panty Power

 — Strange super-power makes women lose their panties. by Bakeboss06/02/123.48

Panty Power Ch. 01

 — She uses her filthy panties for her benefit. by black saphire01/12/064.30

Panty Power Ch. 02

 — More adventures with my filthy panties. by black saphire01/13/064.42

Panty Power Ch. 03

 — Learning the full meaning of Panty Power. by black saphire01/23/064.60HOT

Panty Power Ch. 04

 — Panty Power leads to a well deserved promotion. by black saphire01/30/064.67HOT

Panty Power Ch. 05

 — A Japanese twist to Panty Power. by black saphire02/10/064.60HOT

Panty Power Ch. 06

 — Panty Power leads to an African Experience. by black saphire03/05/064.61HOT

Panty Power Ch. 07

 — Panty Power is really a family affair. by black saphire03/08/064.43

Panty Prowler

 — He's looking for fun, not loot, and he finds it. by Boxlicker10110/17/103.69

Panty Purchase

 — Austin offers to buy Brooke's panties, and it leads to more. by longhornmike06/30/134.68HOT

Panty Raid

 — Many girls get revenge on a panty raid pervert. by george3408/18/074.09

Panty Rush

 — Desperate need to sniff panties get the better of him. by stac291807/16/054.11

Panty Shopping for JJ

 — First time panty shopping for my lover. by jjvixen05/15/123.71

Panty Shopping Surprise

 — Shopping for lingerie leads to some very satisfied customers. by amorepanties04/13/114.29

Panty Show

 — A stranger helps her choose panties. by MinXxX01/24/024.26

Panty Sniffer Gets Caught in the Act

 — Caught and punished for looking at a girl's panties. by GGGrayson05/02/104.26

Panty Sniffing Southerner

 — I indulge the fetish of a panty sniffer for my own pleasure. by Anal_Ally05/27/144.00

Panty Thief

 — Young man with pubic hair fetish is accused of being thief. by Don Grampa05/26/034.48

Panty Thief Confesses All!

 — A quiet young pervert describes his obsession. by CAP81110/13/084.24

Panty: First Dirty Treasures

 — He steals his first dirty panties. by pantyrehab02/01/064.23

Panty: Hello Kitty!

 — He uses hot friend's panties for relief. by pantyrehab01/22/063.90

Panty: Private Party

 — Playing with Asian roommates' panties lead to more. by pantyrehab02/23/064.57HOT

Panty: Secret Orgy Party

 — Asian roommates are away, their panties will be played. by pantyrehab02/14/06

Panty: Spring Break!

 — Very up close and personal with his Asian roommates. by pantyrehab03/27/064.41

Panty: Wedding Day Revenge Pt. 02

 — After the banging, he gets an unexpected souvenir. by pantyrehab03/12/064.01

Pantyhose Feet Ch. 01

 — Fairly standard foot worship. by JakeApathy04/16/063.65

Pantyhose Sex

 — Fun with pantyhose. by ArbyDam01/14/104.00

PantyHose Virgin Ch. 01

 — I had never heard of a pantyhose fetish before. by LucyAnne01/27/104.25

Pantyhose War

 — A continuing story of pantyhose fetish. by PantyhoseSilk07/21/114.19

Pantyhose War Ch. 02

 — Pantyhose fetish. by PantyhoseSilk07/18/134.12

Pantyhose, Girdles and Heels

 — Fetish story about Pantyhose, Girdles and Heels. by Checkmate21507/14/134.32

Panyhose Fetish

 — He loves his collection. by hardstroker4408/04/024.11


 — Out camping with your lover, you awake MUCH smaller. by vaporjaws01/27/153.62

Paradise Lost!

 — Life of female assassin in the late 1920's. by MR. Gibson01/26/043.13

Paradiso Ch. 10

 — We head to the spa and I relive a sexy memory. by SlyKink07/29/144.09

Paramedic Station

 — Insatiable ambulance-chaser fucks her boyfriend at station. by jezebelgrimoire05/12/093.93

Paramour of Pleasure

 — He comes to her seeking ecstasy. by Wine N. Roses11/10/004.44

Parent Teacher Ch. 02

 — A young teacher's lesbian and fetish exploration continues. by djm29812/30/024.42

Parent Teacher Ch. 1

 — A young teacher discovers her sexuality and new turn-ons. by djm29810/14/024.35

Parisian Pictures

 — She develops obsession with watching herself on video. by jon.hayworth04/19/024.33

Park Life

 — Fun in the park toilets. by muckyboy10/28/074.35

Parking Lot Ch. 01

 — Submission. by tadaj08/15/104.14

Parole Board

 — Parole Board member ensures civil safety. by Deadwood08/11/084.18

Parttime Lover

 — She gave him her panties - he stole her heart. by No Panty Girl03/17/064.39

Party Down

 — Cuckold goes to an orgy. by MistyMorgan05/28/034.17

Party Installation

 — The ad had asked for a female party installation. by noomi09/08/134.22

Party Mom Ch. 01

 — Kid and wild mom head to friend's party. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash10/20/103.89

Party Mom Ch. 02

 — Wild mom goes even sluttier with son's friends. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash11/21/104.16

Party Mom Ch. 05

 — The diary entry of sexy friend Sonny in the sex resort. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash07/03/123.78

Party time

 — Marie enjoys the party goers more than the party. by wyldechylde07/10/063.52

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