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Pie and a Pint?

 — First time cuckold drinks from his wife's pussy. by Aladylover07/12/064.22


 — A girl gets pierced all over. by spoonbender01/03/034.31


 — She gets a clit piercing, and gets the guy who does it! by AriannaKing08/26/094.30


 — Piercing leads to horny. by JenPB12/07/104.08

Pierced by Cupid's Arrow

 — They find love at the end of her strap-on. by honey2801/20/124.72HOT

Pierced Ch. 02

 — Getting your pierced nipples is great. by JenPB01/18/114.23

Pierced Ch. 03

 — The final chapter: My last but best piercing. by JenPB07/08/114.60HOT

Pierced Girl's Drunken Face-fuck

 — One-night stand gets freaky for curly-haired cutie. by fakename122102/15/103.16


 — A man realizes a long held fantasy with the help of his wife. by drsalt08/10/044.27


 — Finding the right place to pierce and play. by loorslady12/12/104.34

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 10

 — Monday to Wednesday lead to Gala Opening. by Gussie10/12/044.68HOT

Piercing Virgin

 — Girl goes in for a piercing, stays for more. by ZeldaHemingway06/09/054.49

Pig's Night Out

 — You take your pig on her first trip to a strip club. by OwnedbymySir02/05/093.84

Piggy Tails Oh My!

 — Two fetishes juxtapose at the river. by Joseki Ko04/04/043.76

Piggy To Share

 — Piggy slut used by two strangers. by NYCbbwSUB10/10/134.45


 — She dresses up like a schoolgirl. by English Lady03/19/054.39


 — Outrageously dressed blonde selling herself outdoors. by XXXerxes3702/21/064.29

Pimping Ch. 02

 — He's fooled by lover's twin sister. by XXXerxes3704/12/063.86

Pinball Action

 — Nan is busy playing in her friend's game room by nancyallen02/13/094.08

Pink Panties

 — Cindy recognises her neighbor from Internet panty pics. by Trialbasis01/08/064.43

Pippa's Story

 — First time out as a full blown sub TV. by Pippa11/02/014.30

Pippa's Story Ch. 5

 — The saga continues with a new twist by Pippa12/19/014.00

Pippa's Story Ch. 6

 — Pippa's transformation continues. by Pippa04/27/024.12

Pippa's Story Ch. 7

 — Pippa's saga continues. by Pippa04/28/024.13

Piss & Ice Cream

 — A woman waits for her lover while getting feverish. by Pearl_Chambers02/10/134.40

Piss City Ch. 01

 — 3 coeds & a secretary: pissing on the monorail. by leaky_one10/05/064.34

Piss City Ch. 02

 — Model pees under the table in a restaurant. by leaky_one08/06/084.20

Piss Drinking Tranny Whore

 — Tranny has a wild night out at the adult movie theater. by nolimitstoryteller03/05/153.81

Piss Games In Public

 — An Englishman gets a surprise in a German car park. by geronimo_appleby03/02/054.39

Piss Girl Pt. 01

 — Emily likes to pee in public by M_Sirk12/24/094.47

Piss Holding, Gay and Lesbian

 — Bi Holding Contest. by richfun04/23/123.89

Piss In The Park

 — Watching and drinking girls pee by k1kop07/16/033.93

Piss In The Park Ch. 02

 — Watching and drinking girls pee. by k1kop07/28/034.30

Piss On It

 — Hot tea leads to water sports with Mrs. Big Tits. by sirhugs03/05/044.39

Piss on the Bride

 — A male stripper puts on a crazy show for a bachelorette. by lfullback05/09/134.58HOT

Piss Party

 — Six pee lovers have fun pissing everywhere. by steve2580501/02/144.14

Piss Pour Family Ch. 1

 — A family that goes together... by Royal_Prince05/02/014.21

Piss Slave's Night Out

 — Desperate pee and bondage games. by Fluidpleasure06/11/104.26

Piss Slave: Awaiting Freedom

 — My bladder felt like it was about to explode.. by DesireToRelease07/24/103.64

Piss Whore

 — A piss whore's 21st birthday. by kimnormundie07/11/083.47

Pissed Off

 — Birthday quickie turns into full day wet sex affair. by peebudy07/18/104.47

Pissed Off Boss Ch. 03

 — Rick is invited to boss's house for more filming. by TwistedPlayr08/07/054.54HOT

Pissed-Off Neighbors

 — Three hot women punish the peeping guy next door. by F.M. Cary01/02/024.17

Pissing Around The House

 — A guy's first experience with piss play. by CanadianForLife02/06/083.63

Pissing at the Local Gym Ch. 01

 — Naughty peeing gets more fun when you're not the only one. by leaky_one06/25/074.41

Pissing at the Local Gym Ch. 02

 — Three girls pissing after hours in naughty locations. by leaky_one12/08/074.39

Pissing Away a Weekend Ch. 01

 — Friends are introduced to something new. by Jerrycurious08/02/134.35

Pissing for Aunty Nikola

 — She calls him and he goes to visit ... by geronimo_appleby02/02/134.59HOT

Pissing On A Pavement

 — Watching leads to tasting the golden nectar. by TheDarkCloud01/03/074.02

Pissing on Craigs List Ch. 02

 — Gay and bisexual threesome with pissplay. by westvme01/31/134.22

Pissing on Patti

 — Butch gets a straight suburban girl. by SuzySuburbanite10/13/024.18

Pissing on the C.E.O.

 — An unexpected encounter in the gents! by leekeyone01/28/094.20

Pissing on You

 — I peed on you, and you took my ass in the shower. by bawidgetcoms04/29/134.24

Pissing Practice

 — He finds girl partner for beer pissing contest. by HungryGuy05/10/033.19

Pissy Face

 — A romantic story of love, piss and a little humiliation. by Raveboy8811/18/124.14


 — Guy orders a pizza - and ends up getting a lot more. by hots4bbws06/27/083.26

Planet Alpha-Aleph Needs Your Help

 — Alex gets beamed up...and knocked up? by Ozytron09/21/134.10

Planet Pretty Sissy

 — A world dominated by women turns men into sissy girls. by Hayleykim09/30/092.89

Play Misty for Me

 — Cindy is begging for a lickin' from 'Daddy'. by artbrujo07/10/013.87

Players of the Game

 — Competing for the right to orgasm. by Decadent Switch07/26/034.39

Playing at Work is Dangerous Ch. 05

 — Michael fucks Jen's feet, and Randy schemes to get Jen. by xleglover09/14/084.18

Playing Inside

 — A couple's erotic encounter with cervical sex. by DarknessRising04/16/134.20

Playing Nurse

 — Carol played Doctor, now she's in charge. by shambles03/19/074.57HOT

Playing The Naughty Schoolgirl

 — The Training of a Sissy Whore Part 2. by davidhtm05/18/024.33

Playing with Dolls

 — Sometime big dolls are more fun. by paragonrisen10/13/094.11

Playing with Her Pet

 — A Mistress enjoys using her pet in deviant ways. by malstroem04/23/123.88

Playing with Kay

 — Kay get an unexpected answer. by ruthless bastard03/01/103.41


 — You have been a bad boy...go to her room. by DarkDreams03/07/01

Plaything of Fate

 — A story about a pair of crutches. by Heel77805/17/083.80


 — She receives enema domination from older woman. by mstrnick06/03/044.07

Playtime For babygirl

 — babygirl get a surprise from Daddy. by babygirl5002/25/104.38

Playtime with Pets

 — Miss Alex has her pets switch roles. by subfellow11/08/144.33

Pleasantly Surprised

 — Ex-girlfriend's story of getting laid leads to phone sex by iluvred02/01/034.22


 — After I please you, I beg you to make me cum. by thisgirlistrouble11/24/134.34

Please Don't Stop that Music

 — Horny underground band groupie on a night out. by lazy_liza05/03/124.12

Please, Don't Call Me Renie

 — Oscar's wife finds a lover. by beesol09/06/143.31

Please, Make Me Eat It

 — She gets him to admit that he wants to eat his cum. by Jay Richards04/26/134.53HOT

Pleasing His Mistress

 — Sub pleasures his demanding Mistress. by monte01/09/014.00

Pleasing His Ponygirl

 — They find a new and exciting way to have more sexual fun. by Boxlicker10109/23/104.40

Pleasing Sara

 — Her spanking fantasy is fulfilled. by Saras Cowboy07/05/044.27

Pleasure in Paradise

 — Two larger ladies catch the eye of a married man on holiday. by Nomean_feet11/01/124.61HOT

Pleasure in the Bathroom

 — Malay girl has an underwear fetish. by famela04/27/064.03

Pleasures of the Flesh

 — Two busy lives return to what makes them Them. by bodaciousbarbie12/18/014.00


 — Lauren makes appointment to have daughter's rear hole plugged. by margaret_jenkins09/25/054.36

Plumbing Job

 — Married couple in a rut relives excitement of pee play. by peebudy07/07/104.58HOT

Plus-sized Fun

 — A chance meeting with a BBW leads to some big fun. by HerLittlePiggy02/04/104.65HOT

Poachers and Puddles in the Dark

 — An adventure in the Africsan bush that ends in wet sexy fun. by kaele1gh01/14/114.66HOT

Pocketbooks Ch. 01

 — The designer pocketbook as a symbol of domination. by JakeApathy04/15/064.04

Pointy Patty

 — Hot, steamy sex with enormous nipples. by wandwiz1211/20/123.69

Poker Face

 — Paola's first bukkake. by kotori07/17/114.45

Poker Night

 — A slave under her Master's table. by Kristen Dixon06/06/054.12

Poker Night at College

 — Blonde is spanked by sexy guy at poker party. by pinkbunny111005/20/064.09

Polly Ferburgers Fast Finger Bang

 — Women gets Gyno-Exam, fast food style. by freindlyphysician01/31/033.22

Pony Girl

 — There's something fishy about this story. by HungryGuy07/07/062.78

Pony Up

 — Frontwoman of a rock band is turned into a rubber ponygirl. by Nate_Walis04/20/124.13

Pony Wants To Please The Mistress

 — Pony play, erotic coupling, group sex. by marla_gillis03/13/123.97


 — A ponyback ride arouses her, and they love what happens next by Boxlicker10111/06/124.50HOT

Pooh Ch. 01

 — Weird shit happens at summer camp. by VirtualScott07/24/114.19

Pooh Ch. 02

 — Camp counselor stumbles into some weird shit. by VirtualScott07/25/114.18

Pooh's Perceptions

 — Pooh describes his experience with Mary. by erotic_pen03/24/024.50HOT

Pool Fun Ch. 4

 — Amber's hubby comes home, with wild results. by MsGoldenGirl10/28/003.41

Pool Pictures Turn Exciting

 — Taking pictures of roommate turn interesting! by Spikedflb01/08/133.91

Poolside Perversions Ch. 01

 — Getting more than a little wet in the pool. by Dragonman_6906/09/063.70

Poopsie's Second Tail

 — "Dog" slaves are forced to eat cum coated food. by Sean Renaud07/23/054.18

Poor Baby, Come to Daddy

 — My Baby girl needs some tender loving. by Sugarsmax06/18/134.50HOT

Poor Pussy Game

 — They play a cat game. by ArrowDel07/19/083.38


 — I love it this way. Wet and hard. by MonetAA04/24/114.37

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 01

 — Adult bookstore owner's first gloryhole experience. by Sinful_whispers04/08/064.39

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 02

 — Syn becomes a GH slut for the first time. by Sinful_whispers04/20/064.70HOT

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 03

 — Syn's first visit to a ' Private Gloryhole'. by Sinful_whispers04/30/064.62HOT

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 04

 — Joe introduces a new young cock to the local GH booths by Sinful_whispers05/01/064.28

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 05

 — Syn meets a cop with a love for kink and BDSM. by Sinful_whispers05/31/064.33

Pornographic Mind

 — His sexual autobiogaphy. by M_Sirk11/09/044.64HOT

Pornography Punishment

 — Porn stash "poses" a problem. by adoration11/06/054.34

Pornography Punishment Ch. 02

 — Porno collector comes in the end. by adoration11/19/054.38

Porphyria's Pursuit

 — One woman's more unorthodox pursuit of her desired lover. by justifiedmedea04/17/074.64HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 05

 — Bella meets with the Pet Masters Guild. by xelliebabex04/17/144.71HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 12

 — Gorean training brings unexpected situations. by xelliebabex11/13/144.84HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 13

 — Bella experiences a Gorean Life. by xelliebabex12/20/144.80HOT

Possessing Bella Ch. 14

 — Her time in Gor ends abruptly. by xelliebabex01/13/154.81HOT

Potty Training

 — A wife gives her husband a lesson. by Naughty_Misty08/24/104.22

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A cum tasting pleasure that he receives from his wife by Anal Slave12/11/034.27

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 02

 — He obeys wife's every whim. by Anal Slave12/12/034.23

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Fucked with a strap-on for the first time. by Anal Slave12/14/034.41

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Sharing wife with a she-male. by Anal Slave12/16/034.39

Pre-employment Screaming

 — Woman is subjected to humiliating physical and more. by Dyrtytailz10/06/023.96

Pre-natal Classes

 — Classes with my pregnant wife take a twist. by rheineck111/17/094.24


 — VR hookup gone wrong. Or very, very right! by Ragnaroking11/02/144.04

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