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Shave And A Hair Cut...

 — They play barber with each other. by Ed061309/16/074.45


 — She wondered if he would let her shave his genetalia? by kandie02/15/124.28

Shaved Crotch

 — Chalice shaves his crotch. by sex slave06/06/063.62


 — How I got a new job. by catchercradle05/14/124.27

Shaving with an Audience

 — He shaves his balls in front of six female friends. by zeke8111/12/034.21

Shawna's First

 — A young 'girl' meets her teacher in a bar. by Oli11/15/014.55HOT

Shawna's Fourth Ch. 1

 — Shawna becomes a Lesbian. by Oli12/08/014.67HOT

Shawna's Second

 — Shawna falls in love. by Oli11/19/014.52HOT

Shawna's Third

 — A friend helps Shawna get over her lost love. by Oli12/02/014.67HOT

Shawna's Wedding Night

 — Shawna takes charge in the bridal bed. by rick_oh05/22/124.32

Shayla's Nursing Massage Ch. 1

 — Horny pregnant woman escapes to Carlos's magic hands. by shayla_star10/15/01

Shayla's Nursing Massage Ch. 2

 — Carlos fulfills breastfeeding fantasy with needy Shayla. by shayla_star10/16/014.58HOT


 — She reflects on fetish party. by Janebabe12/24/003.96

She and I

 — He fulfils long held fantasies. by sweetscented08/23/104.49

She Caught Me...

 — Stocking-wearing cocksucker has to do it. by LuvStockings06/20/034.39

She Ch. 01

 — Dom and Domme share pleasures together. by Scorpionic04/12/094.23

She Ch. 02

 — Dom and Domme share pleasures together. by Scorpionic04/13/094.06

She Ch. 03

 — Dom and Domme share pleasures together. by Scorpionic04/14/094.14

She Ch. 04

 — Dom and Domme share pleasures together. by Scorpionic04/15/094.33

She Didn't Have To Lie

 — Sore-footed streetwalker finds foot fetish client. by DeniseNoe07/21/084.00Editor's Pick

She Didn't Seem To Mind

 — She's not the 'ho' he thought she was. by hisigorness11/21/013.64

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 01

 — A perfect world. by k80s03/22/104.66HOT

She Dreams of Cum Ch. 02

 — A perfect world. by k80s04/19/104.65HOT

She Gets Bored And Takes Control

 — He thinks he is in control but she has a surprise for him. by Une_Erotique12/19/133.81

She Kisses Me Where It Matters

 — His girlfriend lets the new blonde blow him. by Gotrootsucked08/14/064.41

She Made Me Eat My Own Cum

 — My wife mistress fed me 6 loads of my frozen cum. by SlaveToHer05/14/094.26

She Makes Me Pay

 — He hated kissing after oral, till she taught him. by Brian110/09/014.54HOT

She Male Cum

 — Learning to eat cum and suck she-males by Anal Slave02/25/034.38

She Me and My Gun Ch. 01

 — Oral, psycho domination, cop. by wolftras04/23/133.00

She Owns Him

 — ...and a chastity belt proves it to him. by Bruno102705/13/064.31

She Pees

 — Man who enjoys Golden Showers finds his perfect match. by SpankerSam05/02/014.62HOT

She Pees Freely

 — A couple's adventures in public pissing. by daddykins07/16/144.10

She Pleases Him

 — sub has date with new Dom. by cthomas12/19/034.56HOT

She Told Him No Fucking... Ch. 02

 — ...and then they explored dom/sub. by Scotsman6907/11/084.25

She Wanted Fish

 — He finds them naked, dripping in urine. by jthserra05/19/043.60

She's Early

 — When her friend comes to visit, it’s an unexpected surprise. by Levon07/15/114.70HOT

She's in Charge

 — April takes control over boyfriend Eddy. by Eddy_Bort06/18/054.17

She's Really Just a Whore

 — All she wants to do is be used. by NYCbbwSUB04/04/064.34

She-Male Chronicles Ch. 1

 — Couple takes on sexy she-males. by Anal Slave05/14/024.28

She-Male Chronicles Ch. 3

 — Husband submits to gay sex for disobeying Mistress. by Anal Slave05/18/024.12

She-Male Cream Ch. 1

 — Man has his first encounter with she-male. by Anal Slave05/16/024.22

She-Male Hookers

 — Man gets education in life of shemales. by Anal Slave07/29/024.37

Shear & Piercing Love

 — She submits to his work of art. by shear playzur04/18/044.35

Shearing the Sheep

 — Submissive pays price as her hair is taken. by milfhouse11/18/054.12

Shearing the Sheep Ch. 02

 — Submissive gives all of her body function to Master. by milfhouse11/18/054.09

Sheeba's Cat Therapy

 — He learns to be a cat lover. by dowd_elwood_p03/05/044.69HOT

Sheila's Workout

 — She teases neighbour with private masturbation. by jaques07/14/024.38

Shelacta Tales Ch. 14

 — Fashion Faults. by oggbashan07/05/124.60

Shelby Strode's First Spanking

 — Shelby gets her first spanking at school. by Totzman02/27/133.64

Shemale Adventure Ch. 1

 — Bootsie meets Chris in gay bar for first gay experience. by girlboybootsie03/18/024.42

Sherry's Test

 — School Teacher spanked for leaking test. by PolyVoyeur08/26/094.35

Sherry's Test Ch. 02

 — Sherry's next punishment session. by PolyVoyeur09/06/094.26

Sherry's Test Ch. 03

 — Sherry's second punishment session continues. by PolyVoyeur09/17/094.28

Sherry's Test Ch. 04

 — Friday - nude in school, surprised at the principal's house. by PolyVoyeur09/24/094.35

Shift Swap Ch. 02

 — Sequel to 'Shift Swap'. by oggbashan12/08/064.00

Shit Eating Maid.

 — A female Maid who ate Waste Matters by girlloverrekha12/29/023.82

Shivani! The Hot Bhabhi

 — A frustrated bhabhi seduces her loving devar. by sunnyboyz10/18/074.31

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 01

 — He tells the story of kinky sex. by TabooTeller02/20/064.52HOT

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 02

 — More kinky sex with some romantic sex. by TabooTeller02/21/064.52HOT

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 03

 — The shock and a surprise fantasy fulfillment. by TabooTeller02/22/064.15

Shock Therapy

 — A little bit of electricity never hurt anyone... by LadyAyden07/14/144.19

Shocked by Neighbor

 — Bully learns of his shortcomings and their effects. by smally11/12/063.71

Shoe Salesman

 — Widow rediscovers lust at the shoe store. by Swamp Rebel11/15/004.27

Shoe Shopping

 — She finds a shoe salesman with a foot fetish. by hissecretdream09/20/074.45

Shoe Shopping

 — What a lady and her slut can get into in a shoe store. by Mzelement10/08/123.71

Shoe Store

 — Couple discovers a New York shopper's delight. by Trubbycat02/25/054.56HOT

Shoe Store

 — A shoe salesman gets an unlikely visitor at closing time. by DanielleQ05/24/084.21

Shopping for Latex

 — An unexpected encounter with owner of a Latex store. by Mooseman51602/24/094.19

Shopping Spree

 — He gets more than he bargained for. by stateofdenial03/20/114.19

Shopping Spree Ch. 02

 — Looking for the disc leads to more trouble. by stateofdenial03/23/114.57HOT

Shopping Spree Ch. 03

 — Her intentions become clear. by stateofdenial04/28/114.40

Shopping Trip For His Own Panties

 — He goes for his own panties at the mall. by jennycnnn05/29/074.61HOT

Shopping with Milk

 — He helps a woman pick out a new breast pump. by morningchica10/04/084.35

Shopping with Sophie

 — Sophie is undressed by Claire. by Paul Fleming06/20/033.95

Shopping with Sue

 — Sue and James go shopping . by pantie_fan09/27/044.38


 — An erotic look at head shaving. by TheBriarRose03/31/074.00

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Hearing a woman masturbating in the next stall. by Sodomite01/29/094.07

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Pee desperation in an elevator leads to fun. by Sodomite03/11/094.25

Shorter, Just Shorter

 — A tale of mastery, submission, & haircuts. by cliper204/05/024.26

Show and Tell

 — Teacher does sex ed class differently. by Sharina_Stone09/10/064.56HOT

Show and Tell Ch. 02

 — Schoolgirls practice putting on rubber. by Sharina_Stone09/20/064.53HOT

Show and Tell Ch. 03

 — Principal fulfills fantasy with students. by Sharina_Stone10/01/064.63HOT

Shower Fun

 — Fun discovering water sports. by notnice6611/02/034.61HOT

Shower Time

 — Introduced to the world of golden showers. by AussieKev109/24/064.51HOT

Shower Time

 — One in a series of stories written for my wife. by RichardScott09/19/114.09

Showers Of Ecstasy

 — Sex between these two is very hot & wet. by wet_pussy_4u09/25/024.10

Showers Of Ecstasy Ch. 2

 — Hot wet fun with a couple of dripping girls. by wet_pussy_4u09/30/024.18

Showing Off For My Wife's Pleasure

 — A good Catholic girl discovers what she likes. by HotJennieh04/09/084.27

Shown Off At The Beach

 — She does period pee for the boys. by PLJ01/28/043.95

Shown Off To Friends

 — She is shown off during her period. by PLJ09/21/034.29


 — A night well spent with my Toyboy and a friendly helper by lillmimi09/14/143.70

Shrilia’s Slavegirl Outfit

 — Girlfriend dresses for fetish club. by Matt Nelson12/23/002.54

Shrinkage Ch. 01

 — An unusual contest with friends at a cabin. by runtz404/29/134.34

Shrinkage Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of small penis humiliation and swapping partners. by runtz405/05/134.19

Shrinkage Ch. 03

 — Friends share more than expected at a winter cabin. by runtz405/17/134.23

Shrinkage Ch. 04

 — Small penis humiliation and wife swapping fun. by runtz406/12/134.26

Shrunken Situation Pt. 01

 — Oblivious mum squashes her tiny son. by 003_hunter09/11/143.97

Shrunken Situation Pt. 02

 — He gets trapped inside his sister's panties. by 003_hunter09/21/144.37

Shy Janine and Mr Smith

 — Pantyhose fetish helps Janine during tight times. by JayCross06/21/104.65HOT

Sick and Wrong Ch. 03

 — She wants Justin to spank, whip and torture her. by Goldeniangel09/07/054.60HOT

Side By Side

 — Siamese twins start a family. by Karen Kraft01/27/093.96


 — Sadie has a big surprise for Robert. by roswalien04/13/134.65HOT

Silence is Golden

 — Former Seal finds a reason to go on. by owengreybeard10/04/104.72HOT

Silent Slave Chronicles 01

 — Humble slave pleases Mistress. by jimbean48501/29/114.00

Silent Slave Chronicles 02

 — Mistress/Slave adventures continue, from Her perspective. by jimbean48501/30/114.23

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